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Jace's POV:

I was making my way towards the school entrance, winking at girls that were already staring at me like I was sent from heaven and, let's be honest here, with my looks, who wouldn't think that? I could honestly get any girl, any time. They just fell at my feet like apples from a tree. It is quite entertaining but sometimes a guy wants an actual challenge, and this guy, already found his challenge.

Clarissa Fray. That girl was my challenge. Why? Because she hasn't fallen for my tricks, yet.

Clary is the type of girls who is always looking to melt into the background. Much unlike me, with my golden looks and, admittingly perfect body. She hung out with this rat-looking kid named Salomon -yes, I think that's his name- and basically ignores me, because believe me, I've tried to talk to her.

I was walking to my locker when some blond chick 'accidentally' bumped against me.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" She said in an awfully nasal voice, "I didn't see you."

"Well, yeah it's easy to completely ignore the fact that I'm in a room," Notice the sarcasm dripping from that sentence? "It happens a lot actually." That part was actually true. Sometimes girls –and the occasional guy, bumped in to me, claiming that they 'didn't see me' standing there. Pff…Like you could ever miss me. Ridiculous!

"Let me make it up to you," the stranger and unsubtle blond said, "Here's my number," she handed me a piece of paper. "Call me."

I'm not gonna lie, this blondie was hot. She was wearing a long-sleeved sky blue shirt –of course, not forgetting the low V-neck, some extremely short shorts and, to top it all off, six inch hills. I honestly have no idea how girls can walk in that stuff. "I'll think about that." I told her before walking past her.

If there is a thing I've learned over the past few years, was that girls totally dig asses. How did I learned that, you ask? Easy. My first girlfriend. I was fourteen years old and I thought I already was with the girl of my life. On every month anniversary I bought her gifts and treated her like a queen for seven freaking months. I was on my way to her house to give her homework because she had missed school that day, given she was supposedly sick. Turns out the best remedy for her was having the school's swimming team captain's tongue in her throat. I know, ouch.

After that I simply stopped caring. I started treating girls like trash and eventually noticed that they actually came back for more. I basically turned into a player. Had tons of girlfriends, none who I actually cared about and none lasted longer than a week. Funny, how one girl changed my life and turned me into the heart-breaking, sexy beast I am now. Yeah, I'm conceited. No point in denying that. But, Clary… That girl is something I've never met a girl who doesn´t remotely like me, and doesn't try to get close to me. It is intriguing and surprisingly hot. I've never been in a chase this long, almost a year and a half, but this year, it ends, this year I will get her. It is my school years purpose.