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Chapter 22 – Happy Birthday, Kurt

"So according to Seventeen Magazine's 'Who's Your One Direction Love Match' quiz, your perfect match is Harry Styles," Kurt rolled over from his stomach to his side to look at Blaine at the head of the bed; their legs tangled together, "I totally called it Blaine. You owe me the FaveReds pack of Starburst."

Blaine looked to the foot of the bed where his boyfriend laid long ways, smiling as he strummed his guitar. "Blarry, huh? I ship it."

Kurt bit his lip and smiled as he glanced back down at the magazine, "Yup. But you can't come in the way of Larry shippers like Mikey or you won't live to see tomorrow."

"Oh please," Blaine watched Kurt reach for his cell phone as it started to vibrate. "He's such a multi-shipper. When I was in New York and we spoke on the phone, he told me he ships you with me, him, Tom Daley, and Stiles from Teen Wolf. I don't even know who let him watch Teen Wolf to begin with!"

"This is why I tell you we're never leaving our kids with Nick and Jeff, babe." Kurt said as he read the text message on Blaine's phone.

"Yeah," he smiled. "What's it say?"

"Justin wants us to hurry up and get to Ohio because – and I quote 'Kurt's friends are driving me mad'." Kurt began to type out a reply with a smile, "I don't understand why you thought it was a good idea to send the poor boy there alone, or why you thought hiding it from me would actually work but—" he mumbled the latter and started to laugh when Blaine interrupted.

"Firstly, Mr. Hummel, someone needed to be there to supervise for me. I wanted your SURPRISE birthday party to be special," Blaine glared at his boyfriend as he spoke and Kurt giggled again, "and I would've gotten away with it if—"

"If it weren't for those meddling kids?" Kurt said with a smile.

"Shut up," Blaine untangled their legs and kicked Kurt in the butt, "I was going to say if Justin could actually keep things quiet. He's like an 18 year old Mikey."

Kurt hummed, rubbing his butt and going back to reading the magazine. "You're just mad that I found out."

Blaine nodded obviously. "Of course I am. I put a lot of thought into this. It was supposed to surprise you."

"Well if it makes it any better," Kurt turned and looked up at him, "I'm very happy to be spending my birthday with you and my best friends in Ohio. It's a gift so great that I wouldn't have even thought to ask for it, and believe it or not I was very surprised that you'd planned something so incredible… the surprise factor was always there, even if it was a bit earlier than you'd hoped…."

Blaine was quiet, but after a moment he smiled and nodded. "You know I just want you happy."

"I know, baby." Kurt smiled and looked back down, reading an article in the magazine. "So you've been back in California for what," he looked up at the alarm clock in the guest room at Don and Pam's where the two were, "two and a half hours? And all we've done was cuddle and read Seventeen. Tell me about New York!"

Blaine started to strum a familiar tune as he heard Mikey shouting something to Diesel in the hallway. "You know, as beautiful as New York City is, it just isn't special if my cutie pie, snookums, angel face, royal prince, cuddly bear Kurtsie-Wurtsie isn't there."

"Aw," Kurt laughed as the sole of Blaine's foot moved up and down his bare shin, "you're too sweet but that can't be true."

Blaine smiled, singing softly. I should ink my skin with your name…

Kurt blushed and looked up. "You've already done that, Mr. Sheeran."

"It's definitely true, though," Blaine stopped playing the guitar for now as he sat back and looked at the muted television across from them, "You'll probably laugh but it physically pains me to be away from you."

Kurt looked over at him after closing the magazine. He propped himself on a pillow and smiled softly. "Why would I laugh at that?"

Blaine smiled shyly. "Because it's ridiculous, I guess. But NYC was… alright. I went there for work. Got everything done. Managed to stay out of trouble with my uncle. Nothing special."

Kurt nodded. "You said you wanted to tell me something about the photo shoot for Colony…"

"Oh, yeah," Blaine looked at his boyfriend, "the company wants to use a photo of me in their ad where you can clearly see my tattoo. It'll out us to virtually everyone of course, and it'll probably make more of a statement than they initially intended, but I think it's a great idea."

Kurt's face changed a bit as he heard it. "A-Are you sure?"

Blaine nodded quietly.

"I love the idea of seeing you on a magazine with my name on your chest, don't get me wrong… that's awesome—"

"But?" Blaine supplied, beginning to strum again as he waited for the inevitable "but that's a terrible idea" from his boyfriend.

"But," Kurt licked his lips and resumed, "I want to make sure they have the right intentions… they're practically using you to gain some headlines and publicity, and on top of that you'll be out as gay whether you identify with the 'label'" Kurt air quoted, "or not, because other people will label you, and while I totally love that you're this beautiful, badass kid who doesn't give a shit what people think about you being with me, the world is a scary place, baby. I've lived it and experienced it, and once that makes headlines—"

Blaine held a finger to his lips and smiled as his boyfriend rambled on. When Kurt saw him, he stopped midsentence and took a deep breath.

"Relax, Kurt." Blaine maintained eye contact and spoke, "the photographer had only good intentions. He was very supportive of the both of us and preached to me about having courage because a lot of kids don't… not only in the LGBT community but in general. And I don't know," Blaine shrugged, "Maybe that'll end up giving the company a ton of publicity and sales, but it'll be good publicity, right? A stupid kid like me falling in love with a kid like you and wanting to tell the world about how happy I am, and how right this is, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It's ok for us to be us, and it's ok for other kids to be themselves too, and to be proud of who they are like I am—gay label or not."

Kurt stared Blaine in his honey-golden eyes as he listened. "And what if it gets hard?"

Blaine shrugged. "There'll be hard times, right? Doesn't mean we're giving up on each other."

Kurt nodded, rubbing his legs along his boyfriend's.

"If you don't want me to go through with it then I won't."

"No," the brown haired teen smiled softly and looked up at his boyfriend through his lashes, "Whatever you choose to do, I'll support you 110%. You know that, handsome."

Blaine smiled. "I know. And a little bit of adversity doesn't scare me. You and I are endgame. Forget Blarry and Kurkey and Kiles or whatever the hell—"

"How can you be so sure Kurt and Stiles aren't endgame?"

"Shut up," Blaine laughed and tossed his guitar to the side, getting up and jumping over to where Kurt was. He hopped on top of his boyfriend and laughed when Kurt defended himself by swinging a stuffed animal, "hey!" Blaine laughed and tried to dodge it, "stop that shit."

"Don't you fucking tickle me, Blaine or I swear—mmph"

Before Kurt could finish his sentence, his lips were covered by his boyfriend's; the taste so familiar and welcoming. They stayed just like that for quite a moment; lips pressed firmly against one another's and a stuffed animal smooshed up against Blaine's cheek; their eyes closed tightly as they simply enjoyed the contact and the perfection of the moment. Nothing ever felt more right than the time they spent together, and both boys were grateful for that.

When repetitive barking sounded from somewhere in the hall again, Blaine pulled back and smiled, looking down at his boyfriend. Kurt let his eyes flutter open, unable to stop the smile on his face if he even wanted to, which he didn't, of course.

"I missed you so much while you were gone. I'm so looking forward to this week in Ohio."

Blaine smiled and lay down on top of Kurt; his head resting on the boy's chest. "I don't want the week to end, because when we get back, we'll have school, and capital U capital G capital H, H, H…"

"I think school will be pleasant. Senior year will be extraordinary—"

"Because that TA Liam douche," Blaine teased.

"Besides Liam—"


"There's you and me together for our last year of high school, Nick and Jeff, there will be plays and musicals, recitals of yours that I will be front and center for, maybe we'll have a dance class together and I'll be able to tease you every day with my tight outfits and sensual movements—"

"I don't understand why you're such an evil asshole," Blaine said, laughing into his boyfriend's chest.

"Oh," Kurt carded his fingers through dark, curly hair, "I left out sex."

Blaine's eyebrows rose.

"Sex in the classrooms, sex in the bathrooms, quickies in the auditorium, behind the bleachers if you join the soccer team, blow jobs in the janitor's closet, hand jobs in the back staircase that no one uses..."

Blaine licked his lips and smiled. "You're just teasing again."

"Don't doubt me, Anderson," Kurt sing-songed. "Because I am anticipating giving you head in the backseat of your car during lunch periods. Don't doubt me."

Blaine smiled; fighting off getting any more excited. "Maybe Pace won't be so bad then."

Kurt laughed and twirled his fingers in his boyfriend's hair. "It won't. We'll have each other, most importantly, okay baby?"

Mikey could be heard singing Love Shack in the hallway now and Blaine seriously wondered why the hallway was such a hot hangout spot today. Soon, his aunt Pam joined in and he shook his head, smiling at Kurt's giggle as the sound of the two moved further away, the duet shifting downstairs it seemed. Blaine sat up and smiled at his boyfriend.

"Aren't lazy Sundays the best?"

Kurt nodded as he smiled, chewing on his bottom lip afterward. "The absolute best, though I do need to get up and finish packing a few things, soon. I packed the necessities while you were in New York but I need a few other things for recreation, so to speak…"

Blaine nodded. "I have to do laundry and pack all over again," he yawned and Kurt booped his nose, laughing at the face it got him. "You're silly," Blaine told him.

"And you love me," Kurt leant up to kiss him once and fell back down against the soft comforter. "almost as much as I love you but you're not quite there yet…"

"Mhm," Blaine scoffed and moved up Kurt's body, kissing across his jawline.

"When do we tell Mikey that we're leaving him for a whole entire week?"

Blaine winced at the thought of having to in the first place, wondering if he could just smuggle the little guy on board the plane with them. "Fuck…" he stopped kissing Kurt and looked up at the ceiling dramatically. "This is going to be hard. He's usually able to cope when I'm gone because he has you here, but both of us leaving…"

Kurt frowned at the thought of upsetting his little boyfriend and sighed. "I know…"

Blaine looked down at Kurt and kissed his lips. "I'll think of something to distract him. Don't be sad, babe."

Kurt smiled and accepted another kiss, lacing his fingers in Blaine's hair when the teen wasn't so quick to pull away this time. Their lips moved softly over one another's and eventually when Blaine pulled back, Kurt sighed and closed his eyes. "If Mikey cries, I cry, so you better make sure that doesn't happen."

Blaine smiled and sat up, rubbing the nape of his neck. "Alright, beautiful. I need to get home and ruin lazy Sunday by doing laundry." He stood up and stretched, looking around the room to make sure it looked decent before they decided to leave. "Are you heading back to yours?"

Kurt nodded and sat up too, stretching his limbs as well. "Yeah. I'll come over after, lovely."

Blaine smiled and nodded. "Maybe I can convince my uncle to let us have a sleepover with Mikey tonight."

Kurt grinned, standing up and sliding into his slippers. "That would be incredible." he moved in and wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist. "I love you, Mr. BMX."

"And I love you, future Mr. BMX-Anderson-Hummel."

"Mr. Hummel-BMX-Anderson. We've gone over this," Kurt giggled and kissed his boyfriend, pulling back before it could get too deep. "Walk me next door."

Blaine bit his lip, smiling as he allowed his boyfriend to drag him out of the room. He was so freaking happy to be back, and this week was going to be one they remembered for the rest of their lives.

When they got downstairs, they saw Iron Man luggage lined up at the door. Blaine looked at his aunt for answers, but she was too busy straightening up around the living room as she hummed the tune to Love Shack, so his cousin filled him in.

"I'm spending the week with CJ, Blainey. He's taking me kidney garden shopping and we're gonna go see a soccer game and have lots of fun!"

Blaine looked back at Kurt and smiled. "Looks like someone won't be too sad without us."

"You're aunt likes to plan ahead, Blaine." Pam smiled at both of the boys as she stood up, walking over to the staircase. Blaine and Kurt met her at floor level. "Now I want you two to have a good time in Ohio but I also want you to stay out of trouble," she stared at Blaine a few seconds longer than necessary (in his opinion) before hugging him. Kurt laughed and accepted his hug next, squeezing the woman tightly.

"Happy early birthday, hun. Of course I am going to call you tomorrow but," she pulled back to look at Kurt's face; pushing her blond hair away from her own as she did so, "I just wanted to say it in person. Please keep an eye on my nephew for me…"

"Auntie, I can handle myself." Blaine looked annoyed and Kurt smiled.

"I'll keep him under control, Pam. Promise." he kissed her cheek and smiled. "We'll both behave and we'll both come back in one piece—"

"And those nutcase friends of yours—"

"Them too," Kurt nodded. "Promise."

Blaine picked Diesel up as the two spoke and he ignored the banter about being watched as if he was a child. He could handle himself. His phone rang and then reached for it, answering after walking away from his aunt and Kurt.

"Hey, Nick. What's up?"

"Nothing," his best friend answered. "I wanted to come see you since you're back. Are you free?"

"Meet me at the beach house in 20, I'm on my way there now." Blaine smiled when his dog playfully nipped at the collar of his shirt.

"Ok, see you soon." Nick replied.

Blaine hung up the phone and played with Diesel as he walked back towards his family. He heard Kurt saying goodbye to Pam and took it as his cue that they were finally ready to go.

"Have fun with your idiot uncle, Mikey." Blaine bent over and whispered, kissing the boy on the cheek. He winced at the wet kiss he got back before Mikey ran off to hug Kurt goodbye.

The couple kissed outside Blaine's car and Kurt pulled away before the neighbors could get a show. Blaine bit his lip and watched him retreat inside and smiled, going over to his car and driving away.


"This is how I know you miss living with your mom." Nick hopped on top of the dryer in Blaine's basement. "I mean, of course living in your own beach house in Southern Cali has to be spectacular, pretty much rent and bill free, but you have to do laundry and clean up after yourself. It has to be really hard on you."

Blaine ignored his friend as he added fabric softener to the load. "I'm managing, Nick. And I have to say the pros outweigh the cons, dude." he put the top on and closed the machine, turning to his friend. "So what's up? Are you all packed?"

Nick smiled and nodded. "I was packed on Friday, man. I'm ready to get out of here."

Blaine grabbed his phone and gestured upstairs, leading the way after Nick hopped off of the dryer to follow him. They got into the living room and plopped down on the couch; the younger teen turning on ESPN. "Where's Jeff?"

"Helping his grandmother with something before we leave tomorrow." Nick looked at the baseball game playing. "Both of us are spending the night with David, and we're just going to drive to the airport together in the morning."

"Smart thinking." Blaine popped open a can of ginger ale. "According to Santana, there's going to be a nasty thunderstorm in Columbus tomorrow around the time we land. I just hope the flight schedule isn't thrown off because of it."

Nick nodded.

"And I don't want us to have any trouble driving to Lima." Blaine swallowed a sip and looked at his friend. "What's on your mind, you seem even quieter than usual."

Nick smiled and shook his head. "Nothing really. Tell me how New York was. You know California isn't the same when you aren't around."

"Don't flatter me," Blaine said with a smile. "No, seriously, it was ok. When I went with you guys, fantastic. But the last two times alone with Don, it just wasn't the same."

"All work, no play?"

Blaine hummed acknowledgment. "Pretty much. But… I did have an interesting run in with an old… friend if you will. But I'm trying to forget about that." Blaine thought about Ashleigh, her boyfriend, and the baby and shook it off.

Nick observed his friend for a moment. "An old friend? You sure you don't want to talk about it?"

Blaine nodded. "I'm sure. I'll tell you about it eventually," there was a homerun on screen and Blaine picked up the remote to flip through the channels, "but right now, I just want to focus on our plans for the week and everything." he took a deep breath before smiling and looking at his friend. "I want to focus on Kurt."

Nick nodded too, though he could sense something was up with Blaine. They'd discuss it later "Alright. Well we could do that. So what's up this week?"


"What's up this week?"

"You're not switching the conversation that easily on me, Palmers. You must have no idea who you're dealing with."

Justin shook his head as a slight smile formed at his lips. He tried to focus on hanging the birthday decorations in the hall the group had rented for Kurt's party, but that proved to be harder than he anticipated with a self-proclaimed "all knowing Latina" standing beside him.

As if that wasn't enough, Quinn was on the other side of the room with Rachel, Artie, and a few others. She looked so happy around her friends and Justin thought that happy really looked good on her. Like, really. But he couldn't stare as often as he liked with Santana next to him.

"Earth to blondie! Hello?"

Justin smiled again and looked at the girl to his right. "You know Santana, I'm actually fine over here by myself. I just have a few more decorations to put up and—"

"Yeah, no. You're not getting rid of me." she began, pulling off a piece of tape for him. "Why is it that you came here, honestly? And don't give me that Blaine asked me to nonsense you've been spewing—"

Justin sighed heavily. "Look, I know you are trying to help…"

Santana nodded obviously. "Somebody has to be smart in this scenario."

"This scenario that isn't your business?"

"It's not my business; you're right about that Goldilocks. But I did happen to walk in on you and Quinn this morning and just like Kurt told her, it is stupid." Santana got down from the stepping stool and crossed her arms. "Quinn and I were never the best of friends, but believe it or not, I do care about her. We all do."

Justin stepped back and turned to face her. "Ok. And I don't?"

"You're not exactly acting like it." She picked up more of the decorations and started to walk to the other end of the hall, closely followed by Justin who rubbed the nape of his neck. "You do realize that after this week, you go on a nationwide BMX tour thing and Quinn starts her senior year of high school right?"

Justin took the things from her and started to hang them.

Santana sighed. "Look, Jeremy. I'm sure you're a great guy and I know that Quinn likes you—"

"So what's the problem?" he looked at her, "We both like each other, we're both consenting, and we both don't see a problem."

Santana was quiet before shrugging. "I don't want to see anyone get hurt of course."

Justin was quiet.

"What time are you guys going to get the others from the airport tomorrow morning?

"At 11. Their flight is scheduled to land a bit after that."

"Good." Santana glanced back at Chandler helping Quinn to blow up the balloons. "I can't wait to get drunk at this party tomorrow night. Drunk and slutty."

"You know, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to spend time with her." The elder teen turned to face Santana and put his hands in his pants pockets. "I'm going to be travelling for a couple months while everyone else is together. You all here have one another. The guys back home… Kurt and Blaine are going to spend senior year with Nick and Jeff. David is going to a brand new University… one that I couldn't even dream of attending, and then after that most of you have dreams of New York and all of this achievement—"

"Justin," Santana sat down on one of the tables. "Look—"

"I only have a few things that make me happy. It's my friends, BMX, and her. And it isn't like I don't know that she'll move on during senior year while I'm on the road. I know there are so many guys here she has history with, one she even has a kid with," Justin stared at Puck and Sam laughing at something, "but all I have going for me is this tour, and while I do have the time to spend with someone as important to me as her and my friends, just let me enjoy that, okay?" he picked up the Happy Birthday Kurt banner as Mike Chang walked over to help with it. "Just, just let me enjoy the last few days. If she gets hurt, which I swear I would never do intentionally, you have full permission to pull out a razor blade and slice me to pieces."

Santana smiled as Mike gave the both of them a bemused look. "At least tell me before you do that, Tana. I don't want to be an accessory to anything…"

Justin laughed at Mike's reply as Santana shrugged. "Alright, pretty boy. I was just looking out for the both of you but like you said, not my business. You're a good guy anyway."

Justin smiled at her before looking at Mike. The two of them focused on hanging the banner afterwards.


Blaine towel dried his hair as he stepped out of the shower. Standing in front of the mirror over their sink was Kurt, still completely naked and playing with the long chestnut brown locks that fell over his forehead. Blaine threw the towel over his shoulder and stepped onto the bath mat; his body still dripping wet. He looked into the mirror and his eyes found Kurt's as the boy smiled, staring back at his reflection.

"Yeah, you smell a lot better."

Blaine laughed, watching while Kurt ran his hands through his hair and measured the length. "Does that mean I can touch you now?" he looked into the beautiful blue eyes in the reflection and gave his boyfriend the charming smile Kurt often said made his knees weak. "You know, since I'm not stinky anymore…"

"Mm," Kurt smiled, looking down at the products lining the sink and grabbing a little bottle. "I guess… baby," the teen laughed as Blaine wasted no time wrapping his arms around Kurt's bare waist, "wow, you could've dried off first you know..."

Blaine kissed the nape of the boy's neck and rested his chin on Kurt's shoulder. "I couldn't wait. I missed holding you like this."

Kurt looked up at Blaine through the mirror. "I missed you most." he giggled at the scoff and turned around in his boyfriend's arm, taking the towel off Blaine's shoulder and starting to dry his chest. "So should I move so you can shave?"

Blaine watched as Kurt patted dry the skin over his tattoo. "I know you like the stubble."

Kurt only smirked, neither confirming nor denying.

"Besides," the teen continued, "I don't want to mess up your skin + hair care regimen time. You pinched the shit out of me last time I interrupted you." Blaine braced himself with his hands holding onto the sink as he leant in for a kiss. When their lips met, it was chaste and sweet, and Kurt smiled into it as he led the towel down Blaine's abdomen muscles to his navel.

"Mm," Kurt pulled away and looked Blaine in the eyes, "it wasn't so much that you were interrupting me, honey," Blaine moved in for another kiss but his lips were met with Kurt's finger, "it was how you interrupted me. I don't like when people throw their dirty socks at me."

Blaine smiled. "Diesel dared me to so I had to do it."

"Get out," Kurt said with a smile; turning back around and facing the mirror, "you can dry yourself off while I make sure I look perfect for our spontaneous trip mañana."

Blaine caught the towel before smacking his boyfriend square on the ass. Kurt was startled at first, but smirked as he poured cream into his hand. "You know you always look perfect, right?"

"I look amazing. Perfection is something to strive for honey." Kurt blew a kiss to his boyfriend as Blaine wrapped the towel around his waist. They heard music coming from the other room as a ringtone went off.

Look what you're doing, look what you've done
But in this jungle you can't run

"I'm pretty sure that's Nick. He called a couple times while you were doing whatever you were doing in that entirely too long shower…"

"Jerking off."

Kurt hummed acknowledgment, not surprised in the slightest.

Blaine slid into his slippers and jogged over to the bed, holding his towel in place. He made it to the phone just in time to answer before it went to voicemail. "Yo. What's good?"

"Dude, you're taking forever. The tournament is about to start." Nick said in between yawns, "and since you booked such an early fucking flight I need to be in bed soon."

"Santana booked the flights, first of all," Blaine finished toweling himself dry as he reached for a pair of boxers, "second, I need to get dressed and head downstairs, and then I'll be ready."

"So you're on the phone with me while you're naked, Blaine? We talked about this."

"We've taken bubble baths together, Nick," Blaine said, ignoring Kurt's laughter in the bathroom. "It's not like you don't know what I'm working with."

His friend sighed. "Just hurry up, Blaine."

"Yeah, yeah." They hung up and Blaine tossed the phone onto the bed, pulling a pair of boxers on. The towel was tossed in the hamper as he jetted out of the room and downstairs, almost tripping over Diesel on his way down the steps.

"I told you not to sleep on the stairs, boy."

Of course, he was ignored.


"Don't you want to play?"

Jeff shook his head no as he slouched down on David's recliner. Nick and the blonde were staying at David's place so that the three of them could travel to the airport together the next morning. And the fact that they had to go to an airport of course had Jeff on edge. "My nerves are already starting up about having to fly. I'm trying to keep calm, baby."

Nick smiled as he put on the headset for his video game; still waiting for Blaine to sign on to the PS3. "You do know you have nothing to worry about, like I told you last time."

Jeff nodded. "I know, I know."

"At least I'll be there to give you lots of kisses," Nick said, noticing Blaine's gamer tag at the upper right hand side of the television screen.

KurtsDaddy is now online.

"Finally." Nick looked over at Jeff as he reached for more Doritos. The teen still seemed a little out of it. "Blondie…"

"Hm?" Jeff licked his lips and looked at his boyfriend.

"Stop being sad or I won't kiss you." Nick heard a chime and looked up at the screen.

New Message from: KurtsDaddy

"You will." Jeff said simply, trying to shake out of his funk. "And I'm fine."

Sorry, left my phone upstairs. Do you know where Justin left my headset? I don't see it.

"You better be fine," Nick said as he replied to his best friend. "And if you're really fine, you'll play with me."

"Can you two take it to the bedroom?" David came down the steps and smirked at his friends, "No playing with each other on my sofa, please."

"Shut up," Jeff said with a smile, tossing a pillow he'd cuddled up with back at him.

"Can you get us some soda David honey-bear?" Nick blew a kiss and laughed when Jeff tossed a pillow at him too. "Ouch."

To: KurtsDaddy

It's supposed to be in the second drawer underneath your entertainment center but knowing Jus he probably has it in Ohio with him. Just check, though.

"I don't remember inviting you two over here so you could have sex on my couch while I wait on you hand and foot—" David's voice cut off when he went into the kitchen. Jeff smiled to himself, reaching for his cell phone.

"He loves us."

"I know," Nick laughed and read the reply.

From KurtsDaddy:

It was in there. Ok I'm coming into the game lobby now.

To KurtsDaddy:

Ok, bro.

"So where are we staying when we get there, anyway?" Jeff questioned, walking over to the sofa and sitting next to Nick. The brunette started switching ammo on the video game as he thought.

"I think we're all split up. Justin is with Mike now but when we get there, he's staying with Sam. You and I will be with Chandler, David with Brittany, and Kurt and Blaine with Santana." Nick explained. "And in the event that any of us get kicked out because that's typical of us," Jeff nodded along to what his boyfriend said, "then we find a hotel or something. The other New Direction kids' parents won't allow random Californians in their home."

"Gotcha," Jeff said while opening a new text.

To Kurt:


"Yup," Nick licked his lips at the thought of them alone in a hotel as David walked back in the room. He placed the sodas down and carried his food upstairs; hiding it from Jeff who he knew would pounce him first chance he got. "Thanks David!"

"Yeah whatever."

From Kurt:

Just about to go annoy Blaine while he plays Call of Stupid. What's up, Sterling?

"Testing 1-2." Blaine's voice said from the television. Nick spoke into his headset as a response.

"I can hear you, douchebag. You ready to do this?"

To Kurt:

I was thinking that we make their game a little more interesting, Ohio. Y'know. At the same time ;)

"Who are you texting?"

"None of your business," Jeff said with a wide smile, sticking his pierced tongue out at Nick. "Just focus on COD because Blaine's actually gotten better."

Nick scoffed. "Not better than me."

"I can hear your conversation," Blaine's voice said from the video game. "And I am better, Duval."

From Kurt:

Are you suggesting that as Blaine and Nick play Call of the Imbeciles, we both…?

To Kurt:

Suck their cocks? Yes I am suggesting that. And they're entering a tournament so if they exit, they automatically lose. :) They have no choice but to play while getting blown and I think that'd make their game a bit more interesting, don't you?

From Kurt:

Care to make it even more interesting?

"Okay, Blaine. Just pretend our enemies are that Liam guy and we'll win." Nick teased, waiting in the lobby for the actual game to begin. His best friend laughed.

"Don't worry about me. You need to come up with a game plan, bro."

To Kurt:

I'm all ears, Ohio.

"Alright," Nick fixed the headset over his mouth, "Let's go, Mr. BMX."

Nick ran through the course in their Call of Duty game as focused as always. He was determined to get a higher level than Puck and Finn had before the Cali boys boarded their flight. Nick believed he was better at Modern Warfare but he actually had things to do that summer. All that Finn and Puck did was stay home on PS3 and tumblr. He saw one of his teammates fall and quickly fired at the player who did it.

"Hi everyone, my name is Blaine and I'll be your entertainment for the night," the boy's voice rang through the television speakers along with the sound of gunshots as the match began, and Jeff smirked as he listened, "My first song of the night is one I know you're all familiar with."

"If we lose because you're being an asshole, Blaine…" Nick warned as he killed another member of the opposite team.

From Kurt:

The first person to make their boyfriend orgasm wins. I wish you the best of luck because you're going to need it. I know each and every last one of Blaine's pleasure spots. :P

Jeff bit his lip, looking over at his dorky boyfriend rapidly pressing buttons on the controller.

"Die, bitch!" Nick mumbled.

Yeah, this would be a piece of cake.

"I've never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I'm not proud of my addreeeessssss,
In a torn-up town, no postcode envyyyy

Nick laughed. "Blaine, shut the fuck up, please and thank you."

"Please," another player with her microphone turned on said.

"I have the most kills right now so I'll sing if I want to—oh hey, babe." Blaine replied.

Jeff knew that meant Kurt was in the room with him. He smiled and replied.

To Kurt:

Game on.


"Hey," Kurt smiled, pressing send on the message and tossing his phone onto the sofa. "How's your tournament?"

Kurt shook his head at Blaine and the huge headset he had on. He looked like someone who worked in a calling center. Did it really take all of that to play a video game?

"I'm kicking ass so far. Only died once," Blaine ran into an old warehouse and carefully went up the stairs.

"Blaine, there's a camper in that building, he just killed me," Nick's voice said. Kurt shook his head as he sat next to his boyfriend.

"Good lookin' out bro," Blaine went to the top floor but was killed as soon as he stepped in the room, "oh fuck he got me too."

"I'll get him."

Kurt smirked at the two of them chatting back and forth as he rubbed his hand up Blaine's bare thigh. When his phone vibrated with a message from Jeff, he smiled and started to play at them hem of Blaine's boxers.

From Jeff:

Ready. Set. Go :P

"But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,
We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody's like Cristal*, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair

And we'll never be royals, ROYALS"

Kurt slouched next to a singing Blaine, "Aren't you distracting your teammates with that angelic voice of yours?"

Blaine smirked as he threw a grenade. "It actually helps—mm," he bit his lip as Kurt randomly kissed that spot on his neck, "whoa, babe… w-what are you doing?" Blaine asked with a smile, not moving his eyes from the television.

Kurt kissed across his boyfriend's shoulder while his hand moved closer to Blaine's crotch. "You play with your game, and I'll play with you. Don't mind me…" he felt Blaine's cock twitch beneath his palm through the thin boxers the boy had on. Blaine tried to focus on the game, remembering that he had the microphone on.


"Whoa," that was Nick's voice in the video game and Blaine assumed he just made a killer play, all until "Jeff…"

"What the hell is going on?" the girl from earlier asked. She was a really decent player and Blaine assumed if they made her lose she'd hunt them down.

"Nothing, PS3 user LadyPimpin69. We're g-good here."

Kurt giggled as he got on his knees between Blaine's parted legs, laughing to himself at how his boyfriend sunk lower on the couch getting ready. "We have an eager beaver, I see? Aren't you supposed to be playing?"

Blaine took his eyes away from Kurt's lips and back up at the game he was just killed on. "Shit. Okay. Yeah, I'm focused—ohmygod—"


"Holy shit," Nick exhaled heavily as Jeff's hands went up and down the brunette's body. His jeans were unzipped and pulled down a little, and the boy was kissing his hard on over his briefs, "do you think now is… ah is the best time f-for this?"

Jeff nodded. "Yup."

Nick looked at the screen and switched from a pistol, shooting a member of his team. "Oh fuck… sorry!"

"Please pay attention," another teammate of theirs said, rather annoyed. This was the first time he'd spoken all game.

"Sorry," Nick repeated; lifting his hips as Jeff pulled his briefs and jeans down to around his knees, "oh…oh."

"Fuck," that was definitely Blaine's voice. Nick bit his lip and looked at the screen as he felt Jeff start to stroke him.

"Y-You good over there, bro?" Nick asked, running through the course and confirming a kill.

Blaine hesitated to answer but eventually he got a response in an awkward, high pitched tone. "Yep! I-I'm good… real good."

"Good," Nick "respawned" and tried not to look down at what his boyfriend was doing. That didn't mean his toes didn't curl, or that he didn't practically throw his head back when he felt Jeff's tongue ring running down the length of his cock.

Shit, he thought.


Blaine didn't even know how he wasn't a writhing, moaning, pleading mess at this point.

Not only was his cock buried in his boyfriend's mouth, but Kurt was gripping a bottle of lube as he raised and lowered his head between Blaine's legs. It took everything the rider had not to start moaning for all the lovely people playing the video game to hear, and that was saying a lot because Blaine was always vocal.

Kurt pulled off and tongued at the slit of Blaine's cock. He smiled to himself as Blaine's stomach shivered at the action and licked his lips. "How's the game?"

Blaine checked the score before he continued with his game play. "We're down by a couple kills."

Kurt licked his lips and popped open the cap to the lube, pouring a little into his palm. He could hear Nick's heavy breathing and smiled to himself. "If you win, I'll make sure you get that lap dance."

Blaine glanced down at Kurt sliding his slick fingers to his entrance. Kurt looked as calm as ever as the tip of his index and middle finger touched the rim of Blaine's ass, and he softly kissed the head of the boy's cock as he pushed them in.

"Fuckk," Blaine looked back up at the screen and maneuvered around the map, but it was safe to say that he had no idea what was going on at the moment. Kurt started to suck him deeper and pushed his fingers even further, and now Blaine was thrusting up. "K—yeah babe…"

"Can you go back to singing because it sounds like you're having sex and I prefer the Lorde to be honest," the other player said. Kurt hummed around Blaine's cock, trying not to smile as he started to make scissor motions with his fingers.

"I don't mind it," LadyPimpin69 said. "Please continue."

"Blaine…? Is Kurt…? Jeff baby—J…"

Blaine started a four kill streak as he let his hips switch between gently fucking his boyfriend's mouth and riding down onto his finger. "Shit, you too, huh?"

Nick laughed into the microphone until it turned into a gasp, "Our boyfriends fucking rock."


"You got that right," Jeff pulled off and smiled at Nick before pulling off his t-shirt, "now stop running your mouth and cum in my mouth, shorty."

Nick bit his lip as one hand let go of the game controller. It laced into his boyfriend's hair and pulled him back where he was before he continued to play. "Don't stop…"

"Are you two serious right now?" the unnamed teammate asked.

"We're winning aren't we?" Nick replied as he set up a turret, almost shouting when his cock hit the back of Jeff's throat. "Oh my motherfucker—"

Jeff was about to laugh when he heard a low voice from the television screen mumble something about being close. He could tell it was Blaine and that the boy more than like moved the microphone away from his lips.


He started to blow Nick harder and didn't even feel bad when the boy dropped his remote controller; blunt nails digging into his back and fingers pulling at his hair. As he swirled his tongue ring around the length and sunk lower, squeezing Nick's ass while deepthroating the boy's cock, he knew for sure he would cum.

"Holy… fuck this," Nick tossed the headset away and gripped blonde hair beneath his hands. "Jeff, oh, just like that baby—"

"I CAME EVERYONE!" Blaine's voice rang from the television and Jeff's eyes went wide.

"Congratulations! Now focus on the fucking game you horn dog. We're down by 3 kills now thanks to your friend."

Jeff pulled off and wiped his mouth, looking over to where his cell phone was going off.

From Kurt:

LOL I win :)

From Kurt:

I would like Yoplait Strawberry Banana as a reward as well as you being my Pace tour guide during the first week of school. :)

Jeff smiled as he typed out a reply, ignoring Nick's not to subtle way of clearing his throat five times in a row.

To Kurt:

You got it. And congrats but I think this means Nick has more stamina than your boo does :P

"I was literally a minute away from coming," Nick said sadly, "why'd you stop?"

Jeff slid back to where he was, lazily stroking Nick's cock. "I'm sorry. I'll let you fuck my mouth. Go."


Kurt laughed as he read the reply. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, Sterling."

Blaine had a sated smile on his face as he continued to play, better than he was pre-orgasm at that. "I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wre-e-eck me
Yeah, you, you wre-e-eck meeee"

Kurt shook his head and smirked, standing to his feet. "I'm going back upstairs, handsome."

"Ok, beautiful," Blaine grinned as he got another kill, "Nick let's go bro… let's get back in this thing!"


From Rachel Berry:


From David Thompson:

Happy Bornday, young man! I can't wait until you see my gift!

From Chandler Kiehl:


Happy 17th birthday. I would call you, but I don't know if you're with family or friends, so I'll give you a better birthday wish in person later on.

From Blaze Knight:

Baby bro! :P HAPPY BDAY MAN! I am kinda jealous that I can't spend it with you out of state, but I'm thrilled you're going to see your friends again. I'll watch the old man for you. Have a blast. Love you.

From Mercedes Jones:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! It's 3am here so your ass better be awake to read this! I just wanted to wish you well on your 17th (finally!) birthday and thank you for being one of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. We love you and miss you sooo much! See you in a few, baby boy! Mwah!

From Tina Cohen-Chang:

祝你生日快樂!I cannot wait to see you. With love, TCC xx

From Justin Palmers:

Can you hurry up and get here? Puck is driving me insane.

P.S. Happy birthday, Kurtster. I miss you xo

From Santana Lopez:

HBD Killa Kurt. Enjoy the birthday dick that I'm sure Blaine is giving you right this instant.

From Brittany S. Pierce:

Merry Christmas.

From Nick Duval:

KURRRRTTT Happy birthday! You've finally joined club 17! And Jeff says Happy birthday too and he will give you all of your birthday punches very softly on your ass later at the airport. We love you! Goodnight.

Kurt's phone was blowing up every half a second with wonderful birthday wishes from his friends and family. His father sent a lovely message that included a paraphrased 'you better fucking behave yourself across the country' that was probably Kurt's favorite, and not to mention a P.S. You matter. Don and Pam had left a voicemail of them singing happy birthday which was very adorable. Mr. Schuster posted a video on the now 17 year old's Facebook page of him rapping (yes, rapping) a and singing Birthday Cake by Rihanna. Kurt didn't know if the man was aware that it was creepy as hell and completely inappropriate but he quickly closed the tab.

But Kurt was concerned, because here it was 12:07am, California time, and he'd heard from practically everyone that cared about him but the one he thought would've been the first. Maybe Blaine was still downstairs playing that stupid video game, or maybe he'd fallen asleep on the couch. It was possible that time had escaped Blaine, as well. Kurt frowned.

Then, right as Kurt had moved over to get more comfortable in bed, his phone buzzed again. He reached across himself for it, embarrassed at the big yawn that snuck out afterwards. It was only minutes into his 17th birthday and already he was ready to sleep like somebody's grandfather at 7pm.

From Blaine Anderson:

( YouTube link ) Happy birthday, Babe. I hope you like this.

"How did I not see this coming?" Kurt laughed as he sat up and clicked the link on his phone. The link took him to his YouTube app and he saw a video titled A Song for Kurt Hummel—The Love of my Life.

"And already he wins the award for most cheesy birthday present," Kurt said to himself. He watched the video with a blush on his face, smiling as his boyfriend popped up on the screen of his cell phone. It appeared to be shot right in the living room of the beach house where Blaine's piano was, and right away he could tell it was filmed Justin's shaky camera.

"Happy Birthday, Hummel," Blaine smiled into the camera after adjusting it to what he felt was perfect. "This is the first present I have for you and I really hope you enjoy it. I just wanted to do something that you could watch time and time again, sort of like the song you did for me." he pulled back and started to touch the keys of his piano. "This is probably like the 5th take because I have Mikey here with me and he's watching something on Disney Channel that's apparently the funniest thing ev—" Mikey burst out laughing in the background and Blaine laughed, making Kurt laugh too as he watched, "And you see what I mean. But I'm just going to record over him because I really need to go meet Uncle Don and the BMX league for a meeting and now I'm rambling… just… I hope it isn't rushed and that you enjoy it. And I love you, baby. Happy birthday."

Kurt smiled, watching Blaine's face change as he got more into his playing of the piano. The elder cleared his throat and paused before beginning.

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

He smiled as he sang and Kurt found it absolutely adorable. Who thought that this guy who'd been such a ladies' man at the start of the summer and someone who didn't like expressing himself musically to pretty much anyone would be doing something like this now? And for Kurt Hummel at that… Blaine always made him feel really good.

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

Blaine made a silly face at the camera making Kurt laugh. He said "Happy Birthday" once more and sang the chorus.

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

k. k.

Kurt looked up and saw Blaine standing in the doorway of the bedroom. Blaine smiled and pocketed his phone. "I see you got my text."

Kurt smiled and pushed the covers off of him. "C'mere." His boyfriend ran over and jumped on the bed, laughing as he climbed on top of the blue eyed teen.

"Happy Birthday, Kurt. I love you."

"I love the video and I'm happy you kept Mikey in the room. His cackling in the background makes it that much more special."

Blaine smiled and kissed Kurt before taking his phone and fast forwarding to the end of the message. "Mikey actually recorded a message for you too."

"Oh," Kurt pulled Blaine down next to him as more birthday messages came through on his cell phone. "Show me."

As Blaine pressed play, a little blonde smiled in front of the camera- his face taking up basically all of the iPhone screen. "Happy Birthday Kurtie! I love you too and you're my world. I wish you many, many, many, many—"

"I think he gets the point," Blaine said in the background of the video.

"—many more! Love you!"

Kurt laughed and took the phone to his lips, kissing the little boy on his screen and then Blaine who was next to him. "You both have gotten this birthday off to the best start possible. Thanks so much."

Blaine wrapped his arm around Kurt's body and they lay back in bed, cuddling close. "The goal is to make sure you smile all day, Hummel. All of us—Legacy and your friends in Ohio and our families… we just want to make sure that you have the best birthday ever."

Kurt smiled and lay his head on Blaine's chest, looking through the new messages that came in, as well as tweets he received and Facebook posts. "So you're telling me you intend to top this? Because it was sweet all around. It wasn't anything materialistic so it'll definitely have the lasting effect…"

"I can top it." Blaine smiled and looked up at the ceiling. In a few hours, he'd have to share his boyfriend with a lot of people for basically a whole week, so this time alone was important to him. "That's a promise. This was light, gorgeous."

Kurt put his phone on sleep and peeked up at Blaine, smiling when their eyes met. "I love you."

"I love you more." Blaine told him, smirking when Kurt rolled his eyes and scoffed in reply.

"Whatever, biker boy. Did you win your game competition thing with Nicholas?"

Blaine nodded. "We kicked ass. The blow job helped, thank you."

"No problem," Kurt laughed and kissed his boyfriend on the chin. "So remember that birthday tradition I wanted to start?"

"The one where you and I watch a marathon of Friends all night?" Blaine reached for the remote and smiled. "Duh! Let's do it, twerp."

"Yes! But actually… that can come after you let me beat you in Call of Duty. It's my birthday." Kurt smiled when Blaine laughed and kissed him on the nose. "Get up, curly."


Flying first class wasn't half bad.

Nick and David were the only two awake. Jeff stayed up all night and took a sleeping pill purposely so he wouldn't be up annoying his friends all plane ride long. It helped. As they were boarding, he felt drowsy, and as soon as he was in his seat, the blonde was out like a light.

Kurt and Blaine stayed up because Blaine had to let Kurt beat him at Call of Duty because it was his birthday, and then a marathon of Friends reruns ensued. They laughed and talked all night, and kissed, and tickle-fought… it was a night where they got to enjoy each other and both of them needed it so much. They needed one another.

Now, the boys were laying down on the white couch on their first class flight. They were cuddled close together; Blaine dressed in purple Adidas track pants and a plain Ralph Lauren t-shirt, and Kurt wearing the purple jacket to those track pants after having gotten cold, a grey Burberry Brit cotton t-shirt and white straight leg Ralph Lauren jeans. Their shoes were off somewhere and their legs were tangled in each other's as they cuddled closely.

David was switching between annoying Naomi and playing Candy Crush on his iPhone. Every once and a while, something interesting would happen on the movie Nick put on, and he'd glance up to watch the scene.

"Did you see that?" Nick asked as he stared at the screen. David nodded from where he sat on the other side of the first class suite; eyes glued to his phone screen.

"Sure did," he lied.

Blaine started to stir after the captain made an announcement that there was only about 40 minutes left in flight. His back was killing him from how he was laying and he quieted his yawn into Kurt's shoulder. As he tried to fall back asleep for the next half hour, he realized he really had to use the bathroom.

"Mm," Kurt moaned, stretching a bit and pulling Blaine closer. The rider smiled and lazily kissed him on the cheek.


"Hm?" Kurt responded, even though he looked to be half-dead.

"I need to pee," Blaine told him. He slowly began to untangle himself and sighed when a very sleepy Kurt only held him closer. "Baby…"

"Shh!" Nick popped a few more peanuts into his mouth as he stared at the screen. "This is getting good."

David fist pumped as he beat the level. "Yes! Oppa Candy Style!"

Blaine looked over to his best friend and then up at the movie screen. "What are you watching?"

"This movie called Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis… it's really good man."

Blaine noticed Jeff stir a little as he finally pulled free from Kurt, stumbling to his feet and kissing the boy's forehead. "I'm going to the bathroom."

Nick nodded. "K…"

Blaine dragged both hands over his face and exhaled before pushing their bathroom door open. He stepped inside and locked it, looking into the mirror before handling his business.

He hoped the trip would be smoother than the one to New York back in June. But back then, it was his first time meeting Kurt's friends, and now they were a little more accustomed to one another. They trusted him more with Kurt and sometimes they even spoke on Facebook. That was big in this generation, right? Things would be better this time.

Blaine yawned as he escaped his thoughts. Thinking back now, going to sleep last night would've been smart. He washed his hands and looked in the mirror before splashing a little bit of water on his face. Blaine liked what he saw now as opposed to the person he was met with at the beginning of the summer. Back then, Blaine was all about Blaine with little thought for anything or anyone else. Now, he felt a little more mature. He was a little more sympathetic to the feelings of others.

As the teen shut the water off and dried his hands, he turned the doorknob to exit the bathroom. He was a bit startled when a messy haired Kurt stood on the other side with a small smile on his face; now only in his shirt and jeans.

"Hey. I hope I didn't take too—okay," Blaine laughed a little as he was pushed back in and the door was locked behind them, "What are you doing?"

Kurt leant back against the door and smirked. "What do you think I'm doing?"

Blaine stumbled back before resting his weight on the bathroom sink. He looked his boyfriend up and down, curious to see if the teen was serious. Kurt's face remained stern as his eyes scanned Blaine's body almost hungrily, if the rider was reading him correctly. "It almost seems as if you wanted to mess around in the washroom of this beautiful plane we're on, gorgeous," he smiled and licked his lips when Kurt's blue eyes seemed to go even darker at the words.

"What makes you think that, honey?" Kurt asked as he stood up straight and placed the bottle of lube on the sink besides his boyfriend's hand. Blaine looked down at it, and then up at Kurt undoing his belt.

"So—are you serious?"

Kurt tried not to blush and stay a hundred percent in charge as he watched Blaine licking his lips. "I'm serious, Blaine." His fingers slid across to his zipper and pulled it down; eyes locked on his boyfriend's. "Unless you're afraid."

"Me? Afraid?" Blaine smiled, almost laughing as he pulled the drawstrings of his pants loose. "You know me better than that, I'm sure."

"Turn around." Kurt lowered his jeans and underwear before stroking his already half hard cock. He saw Blaine smirk at the command before he finally decided to obey.

"This good, babe?" Blaine licked his lips, turning to face the mirror. He looked at Kurt through the reflection and gave almost a sarcastic smirk.

Kurt stepped up behind him. "Like this," his hand gripped the back of Blaine's neck and bent him over the sink. When the boy's eyes went from shocked to excited, Kurt tried not to laugh. "Much better."

Blaine hurriedly grabbed the edges of the sink so that he wouldn't fall forward. "Oh ok… babe…" Kurt's hand was in his pants now, stroking him while he kissed the nape of his neck. Needless to say it didn't take very long for him to get hard. "Shit, Kurt."

"Take your pants off," Kurt instructed as he removed his hand and reached for the lube. Blaine looked up into the mirror and nodded.


"Jus!" Sam called from downstairs. "They'll be here soon man we gotta hit the road!"

"I'll be right down," Justin quickly finished packing after throwing a fresh shirt on. He knew he should've been packed already but he and Mike ended up sneaking out the night before to hang out with a few of the New Directions, which ended up in him hanging out with Quinn.

Not much got done.

"Phone charger. I need my phone charger," the boy mumbled to himself, hopping over the small guest bed and unplugging it from the wall. "Ok, I think I'm set."

Sam came upstairs and double knocked on the door. "Bro, they land in a bit."

"I'm ready," Justin grabbed the larger bag and smiled at Sam when he took the other. "Thanks man."

"Yeah, no problem."

They went down the steps and out to the car where Mike was driving his uncle's Yukon. "The guys were thinking about going up to the park and getting a basketball game later on after everyone's settled in."

Justin nodded his head. "That's fine with me. Hey," they started to slide the things into the trunk, "can I ask you a question? It's about Chandler…"

Sam grinned goofily and looked at him, "You can ask me anything, Pilgrim."

Justin gave him an odd look.

"Oh, forget it. But yeah, what about him?"

"Oh… I was wondering how he's holding up with Kurt coming back and all." Sam slammed the trunk closed as Justin continued, "I know that the last time they saw each other he got his heart broken, and Blaine didn't exactly handle things in a polite manner…"

Sam nodded as he slid into the second row. "I know what you mean. After that he kinda kept to himself. I guess the embarrassment was a lot to deal with." Mike pulled off after Justin settled into the passenger side seat, "but then he started talking to some new guy named Ashton and he seems fine. There shouldn't be a problem."

Justin hummed. "I hope not. I just want this week to be drama free, you know?"

Sam agreed. "I know."

"We're dropping your things at Sam's and then we're going straight to the airport. The others should be about fifteen minutes ahead of us, and hopefully there's no traffic." Mike announced.

"Okay," Justin licked his lips and settled down in the chair. "I'll try not to stress out."

"Everything will be great," Sam told him as he looked down at his cell phone. "There's nothing to worry about."


"There, baby…" Blaine bit his lip as he found himself completely bent over the sink, looking up at Kurt through the mirror. His boyfriend's eyes were focused on his work; Kurt currently had three fingers shoved deep inside of Blaine as he worked the boy open. "Oh, fuck… more, beautiful."

Kurt heard one of the flight attendants walk past outside the door. He pulled his fingers out and started to lather lube onto his cock as she walked by again, going back towards coach. "I thought about us going without a condom…"

Blaine tried his best not to appear desperate even though he couldn't think of anything but cock at the moment. He swallowed hard and turned back to look at his boyfriend. "What about it have you thought?"

Kurt stroked his bare cock and held it to Blaine's entrance. "Do you see me with a condom?"

Blaine closed his eyes and faced forward; fingers white from how hard he was gripping the sink. Kurt slowly and carefully slid into his boyfriend, looking at Blaine's face in the mirror as he did so. He licked his lips as Blaine bit his; exhaling hard as his eyes fluttered open and closed.

"Tell me when I can move, Blaine."

Blaine nodded hard as he got used to the stretch. Please don't scream and get us banned from this airline, Blaine.

Please don't scream and get us banned from this airline Blaine.

Okay. Let your hot boyfriend fuck you as hard as he pleases.

"I'm r-ready, baby."

"Good," Kurt put his hands on the small of Blaine's back and thrust in all at once. Blaine gasped as he pushed back.

"Oh fuck!"

"Shh," Kurt smirked and stopped completely, waiting for Blaine to calm down. Once he did, he started to move in and out at a smooth pace, "Damn, you're so fucking tight, Blaine." he held him at the hips and watched Blaine's ass cheeks clap as he moved a bit faster, "so wet…"

Blaine struggled to stay bent over the sink. He felt like he could collapse and just let Kurt fuck him but that wouldn't be too comfortable in the small space. And then Kurt grabbed his hair, yanking his head and making him watch in the mirror as he practically screwed his brains out. "Ah! Shit…"

Kurt licked his lips and watched as he moved in and out of Blaine, smiling at the sight. His reflection showed that his hair was still a little wild, and he was biting his lip while Blaine pushed back, whining low in his throat. "You can really turn into a little slut when you want to, babe."

Blaine didn't reply with any sound other than a wanton growl. He turned his head to face Kurt, looking back at him. Words couldn't express how hot this was to Blaine; seeing his boyfriend's parted lips and eyed roll back, and how his muscles would tighten as Kurt held him at the waist and moved in and out.

"B-Baby…" Blaine's voice broke but he smiled when Kurt looked down and gave him eye contact. "Fuck me, gorgeous."

"Shit," Kurt bit his lip hard as he felt the familiar stirring in his gut. "Look in the mirror," he told him. "Look at how perfect you look right now, Blaine."

Blaine looked from Kurt's eyes to the mirror as instructed. He couldn't stay focused on himself when his boyfriend looked the way he did; and then Kurt's fingers returned to where they were previously, pulling his hair even harder and plunging even deeper. He connected with Blaine's prostate over and over again.

Holy shit…

Blaine lost all reserve and cried out his boyfriend's name—at least until his voice was muffled by a hand over his mouth.

"Quiet, baby. I got you," Kurt slowly lowered his hand when he had eye contact with Blaine through the mirror. "Just watch me."

"O-Okay," Blaine said shakily; hands still clutching the sink.

Kurt started to massage his boyfriend's shoulders as he continued to thrust against that spot. He went from watching his cock move in and out of Blaine's ass, to the tanned muscular skin of his back that still had scratches on it, to Blaine's darkened hazel eyes that were watching his every move.

"You have to cum for me," he told him, licking his lips at the whimper that left Blaine's lips, "we'll be landing pretty soon…"

"It feels so good, Kurt…"

"I know baby," Kurt started to work his hips quicker, "We'll be able to do everything you want when we get to our room tonight. But right now…"

"Quickie," Blaine stated his understanding, reaching for his cock and stroking himself to the rhythm of which his boyfriend fucked him. "God— just like that, sexy. Please…"

"I'm already close," Kurt looked down at Blaine's ass again and shook his head; leading both hands down the teen's back to his waist, "it's perfect."

"Oh god," Blaine gasped, looking up into the mirror and letting go completely. He came into his fist a few strokes before Kurt did, both of them biting down on their tongues as they rode it out.

Their eyes found each other in the mirror after the younger teen finally opened his. For Kurt, it took a lot not to be loud when he climaxed, and the way his nails dug into Blaine's skin as he came deep inside of him said a lot.

"Kurt… baby that was…"

Kurt smiled and leant over Blaine's sweaty back, kissing his boyfriend's cheek. "So amazing, my love."

Blaine closed his eyes as he struggled to breathe regularly again. "Y-Yeah."

They went quiet for another minute before the younger pulled out. Blaine bit his lip as he winced, looking down at himself afterwards.

"Are you ok, honey?"

"Yes," Blaine waited a moment before standing up straight and slowly but surely pulling up his boxers. "I'm good."

Kurt cleaned himself up and hurriedly fastened his belt. Blaine watched him grab the lube before moving Blaine over a bit and standing in front of the mirror. "Just think, on your birthday we were making love and on mine we're joining the mile high club. How things change."

Blaine smiled as Kurt squeezed his ass before finally getting his clothes up. "We still make love. It's just that there's a time for romance and a time to be fucked."

Kurt licked his lips and looked at Blaine through the mirror after he washed his hands. "I suppose you're right. I'll see you at our seats, handsome."

Blaine watched Kurt squeeze past and exit the bathroom as he bit his lip. He smiled to himself and stretched both hands over his head, wishing he could do the victory dance that he really wanted to. "I fucking love him."

Kurt slid the lube back into their carryon and ignored the knowing look on David's face, and the "Mmmm hmmm," that followed.

It was his birthday and he did what he wanted to.


"This is how you know I love Kurt. I have yet to wake up before noon any day this summer, yet here I am at an airport an hour away from Lima just to pick him and his crazy friends and even crazier boyfriend up," Puck half spoke-half yawned and Mike nodded as he listened. They were sitting in the waiting area of the arrivals counting the minutes as they went by.

Justin probably was the most anxious of the group there. Ohio was lovely but it was so weird going days without seeing friends you've seen practically every day for three years. Sam was busy playing a game on his cell phone to pass time, Finn was on the phone promising his mother that he took the chicken out of the freezer, for serious this time, Puck was complaining about god knows what while Tina, Santana, Brittany and some of the others were standing online at the Starbucks kiosk for the second time. The only person who seemed to be content with the wait was Mike who floated in between listening to his iPod as he shared an ear bud with Mercedes and nodded to whatever nonsense Puckerman was spewing.

"So the party doesn't start until tonight, correct?" Rachel asked as Artie and the others returned to their group. "What exactly are we going to do before then?"

Justin looked up at Sam as the teen stretched. "That's a good question. I say we go to the mall. That's a good time killer."

Brittany put her hair into a bun as Santana took the seat beside her. "I was going to recommend we go camping. I've never been camping and Lord Tubbington bought me this really awesome tent for my fourteenth birthday and I've never gotten to use it."

"Why would we go on a camping trip for a few hours and then come back and party?" Chandler looked up at her. "We should hang out at one of our places and kill time."

"Dude, it's like 95 degrees outside. Being cooped up in a house isn't on the agenda," Puck pocketed his cell phone, "I say we just go to the park or something, throw around the football or shoot some hoops. For cash."

Santana licked her lips after the sip she took from her white chocolate mocha. "That sounds boring. No one wants to watch you idiots on your ego trips all day."

"You can say that again," Tina mumbled as she scrolled the apps on Finn's iPad.

"Well then what would you ladies recommend we do?" Sam asked.

"We could just do something simple like the movies." Mercedes answered.

"But we planned that for Wednesday," Rachel told them.

"I think the park is a good idea," Justin said with a smile, "I mean someone needs to shut Puckerman up."

"You humor me pretty boy…" Puck rolled his eyes, noticing how Quinn rested her head on Justin's shoulder as she read; the blondes' fingers laced together. Santana noticed his reaction and shook her head.

"I know that Matt likes camping because I asked him on Facebook. We should go on a camping trip—"

"Brittany give it up, we're not driving three hours away to go camping for forty minutes and then driving back—"

"Well you can camp out anywhere, Trouty." she answered.

"Who is Matt?" Justin looked from Brittany and then around at everyone for some response. Mike shrugged.

"Matt Rutherford…" Brittany gave them an obvious look. "Isn't that who we're here for?"

Mike shook his head. "We're here for Kurt, Brit."

"And he is taking a long time," Quinn looked at the watch on Justin's wrist and then up at the screen to see if there were any delays, "I wonder what's going on?"

"What if their flight was delayed because of the Zombie Apocalypse?"

Rachel looked back at Brittany.

"I got a text from David so they've landed safely, guys," Justin told them, excited that his best friends were there. "They're just getting their luggage and they'll head over here to meet us."

Puck stood up to stretch his legs and ran his fingers through his mohawk. "It's about time."

Tina rolled her eyes and looked over to Quinn and Justin. The boy held her hand in his as he looked through the Dayton airport in the direction his friends would be coming from. Quinn had her head on his shoulder, though she was browsing through an old copy of one of Justin's favorite childhood books.

"You may as well ask," Mercedes told her. "We're all wondering."

"Here we go," Mike shook his head.

"So what's going on with you two, anyway?" Tina questioned, ignoring her boyfriend. "Are you like official or…?"

"It's none of our business, babe." Mike calmly said from where he sat.

"I'd like to know." Mercedes cut in. Finn looked over at the cozy blondes, curious himself. Rachel was pretty sure she already knew and didn't bother, and Santana felt her Mexican third eye roll because if they were official, that was a stupid fucking idea, just like she stressed before.

"Yeah," Puck finished chewing the last of his fries and tossed the junk in the trash. "What's going on with you two, Quinnie? Are you going to ditch me every time pretty boy here is in town?"

Justin looked up.

"Puck," Quinn said seriously, "do not start."

"I mean," the boy stepped over Sam who took to laying on the carpeted floor, "what ever happened to the two of us trying to get custody of Beth this year? Can we even do that if you're rolling around in the hay with Jus?"

Chandler looked over as Justin stared at the ground, listening closely for her response.

"Do you ever stop being a dick, Puck?" she asked.

"That's funny, I actually don't ever remember you asking me to stop, darling—"

"Watch how you speak to her," Justin stood up and approached Puck. Mike and Finn quickly got up to stop anything from happening. Sam sat up and looked over, shaking his head.

"Puck, c'mon man—"

"I was only kidding," Puck said with a sly grin. "Pretty boy, c'mon. You know me…"

"Ignore him," Mike said. He stood in front of Justin attempting to calm him down, but the boy's blue eyes burned as they stared at Lima's bad boy.

"Have fun with her…" Puck smiled and slid his hands into his pockets as Finn shook his head at him.

Santana purred as Quinn put her head in her hands. "Testosterone is everywhere. Me gusta."

Mercedes shook her head, and Justin did the same before retaking his seat next to Quinn. This time, he didn't grab for her hand.

"The next five days will be spectacular." Chandler said to himself. Of course, Brittany missed the sarcasm completely as passengers started to walk past the crew.

"Really? Is seeing Kurt cozy up with his one hundred percent better boyfriend going to be fun?" she asked Chandler seriously. "I don't know, Tyler Oakley. It sounds like a drag to me."

Santana smiled. It didn't take much to convince her girlfriend that Chandler was Tyler Oakley.

"But at least you got to meet Finn and Jack. That must've been awesome."

Chandler rolled his eyes away.

"It's Finn and Jake," Sam said. "Jake the dog and Finn the human."

"No that's something totally different," Tina said. "Finn and Jack are YouTube personalities."

"Me Finn?" Finn asked, confused.

"No, cute Finn." Mercedes said, "He's Jack's twin and they're cute."

Finn made a face.

"You're very cute," Rachel kissed his cheek, "ignore them."

"Sooo," Artie rolled over with his video camera, trying to distract them from their craziness, "we're all going to break out into happy birthday as soon as—"

"I'll lead," Rachel cut in. Puck rolled his eyes.

"As I was saying," Artie continued, "we're going to sing happy birthday and I'm going to film it as a part of a video journal I'm making for Kurt, got it?"

Mercedes nodded, looking over Sam's shoulder. "Got it. They need to hurry up though, because now I'm getting impatient."


"And it'd be nice if they showed up while no one was fighting," Mercedes added.

Justin sat back and looked at his watch, feeling bad for almost hitting Puck. If Kurt would've showed up then, he would've been disappointed in him for sure.

"I see the blond one," Santana said as she sat up a bit. "The one that skates."

Justin smiled. "Jeff… oh and there's Nick!"

"And Kurt!" Rachel shouted, jumping up and down at the sight of her friend. Everyone cheered; startling the other people who were coming off the flight, but that didn't stop them. "Happy Birthday!"

Kurt dragged his suitcase behind him and looked at Blaine who turned the corner a little bit behind him. Blaine was happy; genuinely happy, and that was no doubt because he knew that Kurt was.

"I love you so much, baby. Thank you." he leant in, kissed him quickly on the lips, and then looked over at his friends. Blaine couldn't help but smile at the wide grin his boyfriend was wearing.

"I got the bags, babe. Go say hi."

Kurt bit his lip and smiled widely, kissing his boyfriend again and running ahead. He laughed when they all looked like they were ready to pounce, but jumped into thecircle anyway.

David smirked as he looked at the group. "They don't look so bad, guys."

"They're good kids," Jeff told him, "but you know, we all have our moments." he watched as Puck picked up Kurt and laughed as basically everyone in the group joined in on a group hug. "Look at those cuties."

Blaine pulled both of their suitcases along behind him, stopping with the rest of his friends as they watched. He smiled at the group as Justin walked over and joined his friends. Blaine took the opportunity to talk to his friends.

"Thank you guys for coming," he told them. Nick gave him an odd look as Blaine turned to Justin. "Even you, Mr. I Can't Keep a Secret."

Justin blushed. "I kept Burt's secret."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Which isn't as epic as mine…"

"A motorcycle? C'mon that's fucking epic—"

"Anyway," Blaine smiled and looked at the rest of the Legacy, "I really mean it. Thank you guys."

"Of course, man," Nick told him, patting the teen on the shoulder.

"No," Blaine slowly started walking again and smiled at the group all singing happy birthday to Kurt, very loudly and obnoxiously, "I had the feeling like I would be the odd man out. Like Kurt would be having all this glorious fun with his friends, and I'd have no one really because…I don't know."

"You're stressing over nothing," David threw his arm around Blaine and smiled. "They already approve, not that you need their approval. But we came anyway because we wanted to spend his birthday with him too, and we love you both."

"Exactly," Jeff nudged the shorter teen as Justin finally did what he really came over to do, and that was hug David tightly. David may have lifted one leg behind him in the manliest way possible, and it really isn't possible. "Let's not go crazy, though. Let's just enjoy Ohio for five days. Okay man?"

Nick smiled at the both of them.

"Alright. Yeah," Blaine nodded. "Welcome to Ohio, boys. Let's do this."

"I missed you so much," David cried into Justin's shoulder as the two held each other.

Meanwhile, Kurt was busy accepting hugs from the friends he missed so much.

"Wow, look at this guy," Sam wrapped an arm around Kurt and pulled him into the group; the blue eyed teen smiling widely at all the love from his friend, "California does a body good!"

Kurt laughed and squeezed Quinn tight when she went in for a hug. "I guess I can't complain, huh?"

"Not with an ass like that, you can't" Santana said, making the group laugh. "It's good to see you, Porcelain. This is going to be the best birthday week you've ever had and you can bet money on that."

Blaine approached the group with Nick close behind, giving them a wary smile. "Hey, everyone…"

"Oh, you can get your short asses in the circle too," Santana pulled them in and all of the New Directions hugged them hello. Jeff watched from outside with Justin and David and smirked.

"Better them than us."


It took a while to get the groups settled, but eventually, everyone knew who was driving with whom. The only reason there was any trouble to begin with was because Santana was the one who grouped everyone. The first car had Mike driving back Sam, Justin, Puck, Chandler, Blaine, and Kurt all in the same vehicle. She quickly lost her job.

To make things easier, Kurt did the work himself. He actually decided drama-free carpools for his friends, and put his friends in Legacy together with the people they were staying with. He and Blaine got the pleasure of riding for over an hour with Santana, Tina, and Quinn. Well, it wasn't so bad for Kurt, but Blaine wanted to rip his ears off.

"David is so cute! Why didn't you bring him last time?"

"We're so happy that you got into Pace! Are the guys hot?"

"You live on the beach with shirtless guys and end up with the hobbit…"


"Cute boys."


And other dialogue similar to the above—all of which annoyed the hell out of Blaine.

It was only about three hours before everyone was settled in, had gotten something to eat, caught up a bit, and then headed to the park— everyone but Quinn who decided to stay back a bit to handle something at home.

But this park… Kurt had a feeling he and Blaine would appreciate a little bit more than the others.


"Get off the bike, show off."

Justin took a shot behind the three-point line and watched it sail in. Mike caught the rebound and threw it back to him.

"And why aren't you playing for a university?"

Justin shrugged, taking another shot.

Blaine continued to ride around the court they were on, spinning around on the bike.

"I think he's scared to get embarrassed in front of Kurt on his birthday," Finn said to Puck. Blaine smirked at him as he wheelied around the park.

"That must be it," Puck said, smirking back. Sam ran up to the hoop and did a layup as he continued. "I mean I know I wouldn't want to be embarrassed by us in front of my significant other on her birthday. She'd probably break up with me."

Kurt licked his ice cream cone as he waited to hear what Blaine would say back. Blaine always had something to say back.

"Are they going to take their shirts off and sweat at some point because otherwise…" Tina yawned and looked at the other girls on the bleachers. "There's a group of kids from Lima City High playing football and they're already topless."

Chandler shook his head. "Thirsty ass."

"I'll play," Blaine told them as he used Sam's bike to do another trick. "Just pick your teams…"

"It's obviously us versus the Cali boys… come on." Puck picked up a ball and started to dribble, "Legacy versus New Directions."

Justin sunk in another three-pointer and Mike looked back at his friend. "Um Puck… are you sure that's a good idea? They have a black guy and Justin. It'll be a blow out."

Sam laughed as he took a shot, and David smirked as he sat down next to Kurt and Chandler.

"Plus, it'll be five against four…" Mike continued. "We only have you, me, Finn and Sam."

"And Kurt," Puck said.

Kurt rolled his eyes and looked in the other direction.

Puck sighed. "Fine. Five against four. We can still kick ass—"

"I'll sit out," Jeff said as he whizzed by on his skateboard. "I'm still exhausted anyway." He kicked it up into his hands and sat besides Santana who had more Starbucks. Because of this, she was disinterested in anything they had to say.

"Perfect," Puck took a mid-range jump shot and watched the ball sail in. He smiled at Justin who ignored him, and then looked over to Blaine. "Now it's four-on-four. We're waiting for you, playboy. Let's go."

Blaine rode the bike over to Kurt and the others. He climbed off of the pegs and sat it down next to Jeff before pulling off his white t-shirt, remaining in only the purple tracksuit pants. Tina smiled as finally the stripping began.

"It's about time."

"I can take my shirt off too, tiny—wait a second," Puck and Finn both noticed the ink at the same time. "Really?"

"What?" Rachel said, standing up and running over. Artie glanced up from his party planning.

"Well shit," Puck laughed, tossing his shirt away. Jeff groaned as it hit him in the face. "I'll be damned."

"Holy…" Rachel looked from the tattoo to Kurt who blushed. "When did that happen?"

Blaine looked down at the tattoo and nodded. "I got it done in New York, and yes it is real. It's exactly what it looks like," he glanced back at Kurt and tossed the shirt over, "I got the name of the boy I love written on my chest. Anyone got a problem?"

Santana walked over too; pinkies locked with Brittany's. "Other than the fact that it's incredibly stupid, nope. No problem here."

Blaine ruffled his curls. "I never said I was smart."

"I think it's really awesome," Finn told him. "It means you're serious about Kurt and I like that."

Blaine took the ball from a smirking Puck and nodded. "I am. Always will be."

Chandler looked over at Kurt and nodded at the small smile on his ex's face. "A tattoo is pretty extreme for someone who's been with you for a couple months but, if he makes you happy…"

"He does," Kurt smiled at him before looking back at the boys. "He does."

Justin tied the drawstrings of his shorts as he walked over to center court with the others. Once he pulled off his tank top, pretty much everyone on the bleachers applauded.

"Okay," Sam began, "We're playing up to 21. We're going full court. It'll be myself, Mike, Finn, and Puck, against Blaine, Nick, David, and Justin. Do not play dirty," Sam looked at Puck who smiled at Justin, "All regular shots in front of the arc are worth one point. Anything behind the arc is worth 2."

Blaine looked at Nick and nudged him in the back. Sam kept talking as the brunette looked at his best friend.

"I need to talk to you about something," Blaine whispered. Nick made a face, but nodded. He knew that I need to talk to you about something generally meant Blaine fucked up, but hopefully this time he was wrong.

"Ok. That's that." Sam said. He took off his t-shirt and Kurt noticed the happy trail that led to his jeans.

"I knew he dyed his hair." he said to himself.

"Whose ball is it first?" David asked as he pulled off his shirt.

"Ours," Puck said before anyone could be fair. "Home state advantage and all."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Alright, whatever. I request five minutes to warm up."

Puck smirked. "Really?"

"Really," Blaine grabbed Mike's old basketball as well as his best friend and walked over to their side of the court. Finn took the other ball from Puck and went to their side, pulling up short and taking a shot.

"So what's up?" Nick asked him. Justin kicked David in the ass as the oldest took his shot.

"Ouch, much?"

"Okay, remember when I said something happened in New York?" Blaine said. "I mean, it's probably nothing—"

"Less talking ladies, more warming up," Puck shouted. "You only get five minutes."

Justin ran over to get David's rebound and passed it back to his best friend. "What's up, B?"

Blaine looked back at him and shook his head. "Everything's cool, man."

Justin nodded and caught an alley-oop from David, slamming the ball in.

"Hurry up before the game starts," Nick urged him, "what's going on?"

"I saw Ashleigh on the R train in New York," Blaine licked his lips and looked over at Brittany sitting in Kurt's lap, shaking his head as he continued, "she had a new boyfriend and everything who was a total asshole, but she also has a daughter."

Nick's face froze for a moment before he swallowed. "Oh… a daughter, huh?"

Blaine found the reaction weird. "Yeah… anyway, the baby looks nothing like him. Plus, she's about to be a month old… I mean I was trying to do the math and it doesn't add up—"

"Alright," the New Directions team walked over and Blaine stopped talking, "come on. You two are just running your mouths. We'll start off the game."

Nick walked off and Blaine looked at his best friend before raising an eyebrow. His behavior was so weird.

"I'll be point guard," Sam announced.

"I'll guard Puck," Justin said. Puck smirked.

"Then I have Finn," David looked up at him, "on second thought this is a tall guy. Justin, are you sure…?"

"Jus," Blaine looked at him, "I'll tell Burt that you're looking for trouble…"

Justin rolled his eyes and went over to guard Finn instead. David went and stood next to Puck.

"Smart move," Puck said with a grin, and Nick whispered something encouraging to his friend.

"Let's go," Mike said. "There's way too much drama going on right now." He inbounded the ball to Sam who Blaine was guarding and they started to move up the court.

"He's a little boy!" Puck shouted across the court to Sam. "He's practically a child! Push him out of the way!"

Blaine reached in and tried to steal the ball but Sam avoided him, passing the ball to Finn and cutting to the other side. Blaine followed after him as Justin locked eyes with Finn, making sure he didn't cut in front of him.

"I know we got off on a bad start because of Blaine and Chandler and everything," Finn bounced the ball as he spoke; looking around for an open man, "but I just want to be clear about Quinn. I'm with Rachel now but she means a lot to me—"

"Don't preach at me," Justin told him. "I'm not that kind of guy and she and I… we're both grown enough to make our own decisions."

Nick stood next to Mike and looked over at Kurt and Jeff, laughing at whatever Mercedes and Santana said on the sideline. He thought about what Blaine had told him a few minutes prior and what Ashleigh had told him all of those months ago right as Mike caught the ball from Finn and laid it up into the hoop.

"It's an easy bucket, folks!" Puck taunted as they ran to the opposite end of the court. Justin looked at Nick and patted him on the back.

"You ok, bro?"

Nick nodded, trying to act natural as he saw both Blaine and Jeff watching him. "Yeah. My bad. I zoned out."

David picked up the ball and inbounded it to Blaine; the four of them running to their end of the court. Finn and the others were waiting; Puck with his stupid smile and Sam in front, ready to guard Blaine.

"No hogging the ball this game, okay superstar," Justin said as he walked by Blaine. Blaine ran to his left and looked for someone open, and Sam realized that the teen was fast as fuck.

"Stay with him, Trouty," Mike said.

Blaine did a head fake and got Sam to jump before passing it to David who sped by Puck and pulled up for a shot.

"Tied game," Justin said, following Finn down the court. Mike threw a pass in to Sam, but Nick stole it and took a shot.

"Who else is bored?" Tina asked.

Kurt finished his ice cream cone as he stared at Blaine's ass; Brittany still on his lap. "This is going to end in a fight. I say we go for a walk or head back to Santana's so I can open my gifts."

"But," Artie looked away from Blaine's ass too, "you can only pick one right now."

Kurt gave him an odd look. "What?"

"The rest we're holding for your birthday party. Not my rules, it's your boyfriend's rules."

Puck pushed David off of him and took a shot that missed, but it was enough to get Blaine and Justin approaching him.

"Hey, hey, hey boys!" Santana stood up on the bleachers and Blaine stopped, pulling Justin back with him too. "Keep it clean! Or at least let me film it so I can sell it to the media."

"Blaine and Justin," Kurt warned. "My father is only a phone call away."

They both backed off and Puck smirked.

"Now about this stupid idea you just said," Kurt turned back to Artie, "what?"

"You can only open one gift today and the rest at the party tonight." Rachel repeated for Artie.

"But that's stupid," Kurt told them. "Today is my birthday and I should decide when I open my gifts. I'll probably be all drunk and out of it at the party and the last thing on my mind when I'm drunk is unwrapping gifts."

"Unless Blaine's dick is in a box," Jeff said with a smirk, fist-bumping Tina.

Rachel rolled her eyes at their crude conversation and simply shrugged. "Don't like it, talk to your boyfriend."

"That'll be easy," Jeff pulled the lollipop out of his mouth, "Blaine is whipped as all hell."

"Foul!" Finn shouted.

Justin rolled his eyes. "He's such a baby! I barely touched him"

"Yeah," Tina stood up and shook her head at the ball game, "let's go for that walk."


From Santana:

We're walking over to the playground now, so don't bother going to the basketball courts.

Quinn said goodbye to a friend as she looked down at her cell phone.

To Santana:

The game is over so fast? Didn't you guys just get to the park?

From Santana:

We got bored. The imbeciles are still playing.

From Santana:

But since your boyfriend is team imbecile, you might want to head to the courts anyway.

Quinn shook her head at the message and decided to walk to the park's playground instead. She didn't think that Justin wanted to see her at the moment anyway. Not after everything that Puck said.

Sure, once upon a time, she and Puck had discussed the possibility of getting custody of their daughter back. Quinn had turned a new leaf, and even her idiot baby's father seemed to be taking things a bit more serious nowadays. But Justin wouldn't understand that. They'd only had one conversation about Beth and had left the topic alone.

To Santana:

He's not my boyfriend.

Quinn quickly walked through the entrance of the park and spotted the group right away. Kurt was riding Jeff's skateboard with the group slowly walking along side; all of them looking as if they had nowhere to be at the pace of which they took. Of course they didn't have anywhere to be, but still—


The girl turned around and her eyes went wide when she saw who it was. "Dave Karofsky... um wow—"

"I know," he tucked the football under his arm as the guys he was with walked by, "it's been a while…."

"Dude," one of his friends smiled as he stepped past them, "she's hot. Good going, Davey!"

He walked off but not before Dave could laugh a little with them to keep up the whole straight façade. Quinn ignored it, not sure what to say. "Y-Yeah, it has. Um," she looked back and noticed Rachel was the only one who saw them. Dave glanced at where she was looking and his heart immediately dropped.

"Oh shit… I did not know that Kurt was here already—"

"Already?" Quinn turned around, "You knew he'd be coming?"

Dave took a few steps back, his eyes moving away from Kurt and to Quinn as he gave a forced smile. "I need to get going, Fabray. It was good seeing you!"

The girl stood there trying to understand what happened for the better part of a minute before the rest of her friends caught up. By then, Dave was long gone with the group of kids she assumed were from his new school at Lima City High. But why did he know that Kurt was coming? There was no way anyone invited him to the party, or even to hang out—

"We really need to talk," Mercedes said with a knowing smile as she looked at Quinn. Tina mirrored that, coming up behind her, "about you and the hottie Mr. Palmers…"

"We need to talk first. Excuse us," Rachel grabbed Quinn's hand and walked to the park's exit as the others watched. Kurt stepped down off the board and looked at the girls.

"So you guys don't know what's going on with those two either?" he asked.

"They're pretty cozy," Chandler answered. "And Puck was giving Justin flack about it earlier."

"Which is why those two have been jawing at each other," Santana supplied. "I'm glad I don't have to deal with men anymore because you all are idiots."

Artie scoffed. "Not all of us, thank you very much." he started to wheel his chair over to the park's pond and the others followed him.

"I just don't want either one of them hurt. It isn't going to be easy having a long distance relationship—"

"Yes, Kurt," Chandler fixed his skinny tie, "we know how you feel about that."

Santana pat the blonde on the back. "Please get over yourself."

Kurt stopped short behind the group and looked up at the sky. Tina looked back at him.

"What's wrong, Kurt?"

Kurt wiped his cheek. "I think I felt a raindrop."

Rachel looked back to make sure that the entire group had distanced themselves for quite a bit before she finally spoke. "What were you doing with Karofsky? Are you crazy?"

"Are you crazy?" Quinn asked instead.

"Do not answer a question with a question, Quinn—"

"Listen, Rachel," the girl smiled a little tiredly before maintaining eye contact, "He was playing football with those guys and on his way out he saw me and said hello. Then he saw Kurt and pretty much ran, so don't think he and I are secretly best friends or whatever you're cooking up in that talented, little head of yours, okay? Can we just go join the others now? Please?"

Rachel looked at Quinn a little longer, probably to see how serious she was. Quinn seemed to be being honest, and she didn't think the girl would lie about something as serious as Dave Karofsky. "Okay, Quinn. Fine."

Quinn smiled at Rachel a little longer before nodding and turning away. "Okay, Berry…" they went towards the group and Rachel wiped a little dampness off of her arm.

"I think I felt a raindrop…"

The confirmation came when thunder sounded in the sky. The girls screamed when the skies opened up and the light drizzle turned into a thundershower.

"Wait," Artie laughed, wheeling behind the running group and trying to keep up. Chandler shook his head at Kurt leading the way on the skateboard as he pushed Artie up the path back to the playground.


The score was 7 to 5, and the Legacy was in the lead when the fight that everyone was anticipating broke out. Puck hit the ground after Justin slammed him down, and he swung wildly at the blonde before Justin returned a few blows himself.

Mike got hurt trying to break it up and was now supporting his bum left wrist with his right hand. "You both are idiots, and that's me being nice."

Jeff stood on the bleachers and yawned. "I felt raindrops just so you all know."

Blaine looked up at the sky and noticed how dark it got.

"You and your cheap shots," Puck winced at the pain in his back as he spit blood out of his mouth. "Next time I don't think you'll be so lucky, Palmers." The teen went to grab his water bottle.

Justin walked over to his t-shirt, ignoring him. His jaw felt as if it was swelling at this point, but he didn't want to be bothered with asking anyone. He didn't even feel like talking.

Nick watched Finn take a few practice shots. It was safe to say that their game was over at this point. While David went to go check on Jus, Nick rubbed at the stubble on his chin. He couldn't stop thinking about Blaine seeing Ashleigh (and the fucking odds of it all, first off) but most important what it meant for him and his friends.

Because this was serious.

"Oh fuck." Sam looked up at the sky right as it started to pour. He mussed his hair and looked at his friends. "This is going to be a nasty storm."

"And here come the others," Jeff raised an eyebrow when he noticed the amazing job Kurt was doing on the skateboard. "Um… ok."

Blaine pulled up his pants and walked over to the bleachers, grabbing their things. "Where are we going?"

"We'll all go back to Santana's for now," Sam said. "Mercedes said Kurt wanted to open one of his gifts before the party tonight and we have them there."

"I hope her sneaky ass didn't open them all." Finn mumbled.

Blaine smiled.

"Yeah," Sam looked over at Justin and motioned with his head, "C'mon, Pacquiao. We're out of here."

Kurt, Chandler, Artie, and the girls all caught up before anyone could leave and Mercedes gasped when she saw Puck wiping blood from his lip. "Oh what the hell—"

"Justin…" Kurt looked at him but the older teen brushed him off. "Jus!"

"Can I just… I don't want to talk right now." Justin looked from Kurt to Quinn and then away. David frowned at his friend. "I don't want to talk."

Sam picked up his bag and led the way. "We're going to Santana's!"

"The fuck you are" she said.

"Puck…" Kurt began, but the mohawked teen was already heading to the other exit of the park. Blaine shrugged when his boyfriend looked at him.

"I don't know about you but I am not one for the rain, so I'll see you guys," Mercedes went quickly to her car, followed by Tina and Mike. "I'll order pizza."

"I'm in," Artie said as Mike and Quinn followed. "Santana's paying!"

"The fuck I am."

"Well," Jeff accepted the board from Kurt before walking over to Chandler, "Nick and I are with you, right?"

"I'm going to introduce you to Lord Tubbington," Brittany told David with a smile.

"Is that your pussy?" David asked with a smile.

Blaine shook his head and took Kurt's hand as they followed behind Santana who speedily chased David out of the park. He threw his t-shirt over Kurt's head so that his hair wouldn't suffer too much.

Jeff walked with Finn, Rachel, and Chandler before grabbing a very distracted Nick's hand.

"You do know you're telling me whatever it is that's bothering you when we get back to the place we're staying, right?"

Chandler looked between the two of them. "Are you two…?"

"He's my boyfriend." Jeff told him. "We're together."

"But," Finn scratched his head, "Didn't you have a girlfriend back in New York?"

"You both had girlfriends," Rachel said, rather confused. "What is it about California that turns all the hot guys gay?"

Jeff looked at Nick. "I'm serious."

"I know, Jeff." Nick sighed. "I know."


The groups all arrived at Santana's place within a ten minute time frame. It was full on raining at this point, so a stampede of seventeen and eighteen year olds stormed her front door as soon as she had gotten it unlocked. They got some very colorful Spanish words thrown their way after she locked the door behind them and followed the large group into her living room. Finn sat Artie down in his chair and then went over to the recliner, grabbing the remote.


"Order the pizza. I still need to go home and get dressed for the party," Tina said as Mike came over and sat next to her. Artie nodded and went to his Pizza Hut app.

Blaine came out of the kitchen with a can of coke and ignored the death glare Santana gave him as he sat on the sofa. Kurt ended the phone conversation he was having with his dad and smiled at his boyfriend.

"Can I open my gifts now?"

Blaine opened the can and took a sip. "You can open one. The rest we'll do at the party tonight."

Kurt sighed. "But I want them now."

Blaine shook his head no. "Not happening. So pick one gift."

"OH!" Rachel jumped up from where she was on the floor with Sam. "Open mine first! You're going to love it."

Blaine smiled at him as Kurt clapped his hands together. "Okay, okay. Gimme."

The brunette ran off to where the gifts were and came back shortly after with nothing in her hands. Everyone raised their eyebrows at her.

"Um actually, my gift to you and Finn's gift to you go hand in hand, so you kind of need to open both—"

"One gift," Blaine repeated, staring at her and then Kurt. Artie turned on his camera to film as Kurt pouted.

"Please, baby?"

Blaine shook his head no. "I know you Kurt. You'll end up opening them all before your birthday party and—"

"Please, daddy?" Kurt looked Blaine directly in his eyes as he frowned. The room went silent and Finn cleared his throat before Puck smiled widely.

"I feel you, Anderson."

Blaine licked his lips and caved in. There was no way in hell he could say no to that. "Fine. Just the two gifts. Finn and Rachel's. That's it though."

"Yay!" Rachel ran off again as Finn bopped up and followed, smiling because he knew Kurt would love the gift he thought of with his own brain. Sam took Finn's spot on the recliner and looked at Blaine.

"Can I have some soda too, daddy?"

A few people snorted and Blaine ignored him, looking down at his cell phone. He scrolled through Facebook and rolled his eyes at a post from Peter before Kurt kissed his cheek.

"Don't be mad because I'm not calling you daddy, Samuel." Kurt winked at him and looked away as the others laughed. Sam smiled himself.

"Here it is!" Rachel returned with a square package covered in gold star gift-wrap. "Open it!"

"Okay," Kurt smiled giddily as he sat on Blaine's lap on the arm of the sofa. Brittany came from the bathroom and ran to see as Kurt tore open the paper and found three vinyl records of Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Chicago. His mouth dropped and his hands went all flaily, making the group smile. Blaine looked up at Rachel as she cheered at her friend's reaction, all until...

"Wait… these are all on vinyl…" Kurt looked at her, "are they meant to be strictly collectibles? Because I don't exactly have the means to play them…"

"Well, that's where my gift comes in." Finn smiled as he handed over the box covered in "It's a Boy!" gift wrap. Mercedes stared at it and then him.

"I picked up the wrong wrapping paper… just open it, Kurt!"

Blaine took the records so that his boyfriend could open Finn's gift. "It's really heavy," said Kurt, balancing the box on his knees. He opened it, and smiled widely. "A record player! Just like my mom had." he smiled at the gifts and then his friends, putting down the box so that he could hug the each of them. "I love it so much, you have no idea. Thank you!"

Quinn smiled at them as Nick clapped softly beside her. "Great gifts, guys."

"Just make sure you clean up after yourself, Porcelain," Santana pointed to the torn gift-wrap on the floor, "Mi madre will not be happy if we leave it looking a mess before she goes on her shift tonight."

Finn released Kurt from the hug and picked up the garbage. "I'm happy you like it!"

"Love it," Kurt smiled and sat back down with Blaine, "and I can't wait to see everyone else's gifts."

Chandler smiled as Rachel skipped over to sit next to him. The group sat and watched Pitch Perfect as they waited for the pizza, and a few of them talked a bit, trying to get to know one another better. David hit it off pretty well with Sam and Mike, and Jeff actually got an aggravated Puckerman to loosen up a bit. Justin was still standoff-ish, sitting in the corner wearing his headphones as Quinn considered approaching, but Kurt let her know he was easier to talk to after he got some space.

Blaine kissed Kurt on the cheek when the Regionals scene was on and the Barden Bellas were performing. He stood up and tapped Nick on the shoulder, gesturing to the kitchen. His best friend snapped out of the daze he was in and took a deep breath, getting up to follow Blaine. Jeff watched them walk away and played with his tongue ring.

If only he could get Nick to talk to him, too.

Blaine looked into the living room before staring at Nick. "What's up with you? Ever since I told you about Ashleigh, you've been acting very weird and I'm the one who should be acting weird. I may have a fucking daughter—"

"She told me before she moved away that she was late…" Nick leant against the counter, "you know…her monthly cycle… her period…"

Blaine nodded.

"I should've said something back then…"

"That would've been nice." Blaine ran a hand through his hair. "I mean… there's no way that kid was the father. And the way Ashleigh was behaving… I knew something was up, but I can't. I just can't be…I can't mess up things with Kurt. We're in love and I know this'll change things but I just don't know if I can do it."

Nick looked at him. "Don't be so quick to assume, man. I mean listen, you said the timing wasn't right—"

"I know," Blaine sighed. "I know. I just don't want to be one of those guys who denies my kid. My father would never. He'd expect so much more from me."

Nick didn't answer at first. He simply watched as Blaine's face grew more somber as his best friend thought about the possibility that he may have a little girl in New York, and what that potentially meant for his relationship now. Nick sighed, "Think about all we have ahead of us," he finally said. "A kid… I imagine she's beautiful," he looked up at Blaine again and the rider's face fell as he listened, "but all of that aside, you aren't ready for that."

Blaine rubbed his jaw. He knew he wasn't ready for a kid, but if he had one he'd be responsible enough to be in her life.

"And if Ashleigh wanted it to be known, wouldn't she have said something?" Nick asked, looking down at his hands. "You know how her family is…"

Blaine nodded. "I know. But that shouldn't be their decision."

Nick licked his chapped lips and sighed, looking up at his friend. "So what are you going to do?"

"I'm not telling Kurt or anyone until we get back to Long Beach." Blaine explained. "I may go talk to my mother and Burt first. Kurt probably won't like that but I just need and want to get my head on straight first."

Nick nodded understanding.

"You two better not be in there eating all of my food!" Santana shouted. Blaine put his hands in his pockets as he ignored her, looking over at Nick.

"And you look like you're taking it harder than I am, bro," Blaine told him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Loosen up a bit. I can tell that Jeff is worried about you and I don't want my problem having an impact on what happens between you two." Blaine nudged Nick when the older teen wouldn't look at him until he got eye contact. "Hey…"

Nick sighed and looked up. "Yeah. I know man."

Blaine eyed him a little longer until the doorbell rang. Someone in the living room shouted out "PIZZA!" and the two best friends fixed themselves before they went to rejoin the group.


After eating and talking some more, the groups finally started to head out and get ready for the party. Chandler drove Nick and Jeff back to his place and then went into his room, dressing as hipster as he always did in hopes that he could impress a friend of his that would be showing up. Maybe, he could even show Kurt that he's not the only one that could move on.

Finn, Justin and Sam ended up transferring all of the presents to the rental space where they would be having Kurt's birthday party. They then headed home themselves, as did the rest of the teenagers, to put on a nice outfit and get ready to celebrate with Kurt.

Blaine sat on the bed in the guest room at Santana's place, watching Kurt change into his outfit. Of course, he was supposed to be going through his luggage and getting dressed himself, but that wasn't happening. Not when he got to see Kurt undress.

The rain had finally lifted. It was growing darker and darker by the minute. When 8pm came, Kurt was almost ready, but wanted to tweak a few things.

Two knocks sounded on the door and then Santana told them that if they were having sex, she wouldn't be waiting and they could walk to the party themselves. After all, it was scheduled to start at 8pm. Blaine told her to hold on a minute as he put on his sneakers.

"Five minutes," Kurt echoed as he sprayed his hair and stepped back to check himself in the mirror. He turned around and smiled at Blaine who was working on his shoelaces. "How do I look?"

Blaine had a far off look on his face as he moved to his other sneaker, not even having heard what his boyfriend said. Kurt raised an eyebrow as he put down the hairspray. "Blaine?"

Blaine looked up at the mention of his name and smiled, taking in Kurt's outfit. "Damn. You look incredible. You know how I feel about you in purple…"

Kurt folded his arms and bit his lip as he looked at the curly-haired teen. "Are you going to tell me what's on your mind?"

Blaine looked at him for a moment. "What do you mean, babe?" He stood up and smoothed down his red polo.

Kurt turned back to the mirror before grabbing his phone. "I know when something's wrong with you. I think that goes without saying. And whatever it is has been bothering Nick too. As the person you called your rock in the past, I just wanted you to know I'd listen."

Blaine faced away from Kurt to pick up his wallet. As he listened, he felt worse for not telling Kurt his suspicions in the first place. Even if Kurt would've been upset by it, he knew he loved him enough to stay in his corner.


But he couldn't say anything to him on his birthday. He wouldn't be that selfish.

"I have a lot on my mind about… the future and my family, and I guess I've been feeling anxious about the changes as of late." Blaine slid the wallet in his pocket and then turned to face Kurt, who was turning to face him. "I've been missing my father more, too, because moments like these are things I'd want him to be here to see… you and us, me getting into Pace and studying music… it's just a lot of different things."


"But," Blaine interrupted him and took his hand, "we can talk about everything later. When we're back—"

"If things are bothering you now, I don't want to wait that long." Kurt cupped his cheek. "I wouldn't put you on the back burner for anything, birthday or not."

Blaine smiled and kissed him. "That's why you're a beautiful man, Kurt. But please, right now I just want you to worry about having a blast." he felt relief knowing that maybe his boyfriend wouldn't press the situation any further. It was up to him to try and enjoy himself too so that Kurt wouldn't see him moping and feel bad. "Is that ok?"

Kurt looked into hazel eyes a few moments longer before replying. "Alright." They shared a soft kiss that helped to relax the both of them. "Let's go party. You look nice by the way. Like I want to rip those clothes off of you nice." Kurt walked to the door after winking at Blaine and his boyfriend laughed as he followed.


A few of his old schoolmates had already shown up. They had their umbrellas high because the rain had started once again, but it was still possible for Dave Karofsky to know who was who. There was Mike Chang and Sam Evans transferring the gifts inside as Tina Cohen-Chang held the door of the building open for them, and Rachel Berry along with Finn Hudson stepping out of the car after just pulling up. Some guys Dave didn't know by name had arrived a bit earlier, but he recognized their faces from being on Kurt's Facebook friends and all.

There was no doubt that Karofsky was nervous. He knew that he was hated amongst these people and that showing up to Kurt's birthday party, not only uninvited but practically warned not to; these were all thoughts that kept swimming around his head. Part of the teen knew that Kurt wouldn't mind—he'd be shocked at first, but now that the two of them had a friendship of sorts, it'd be fine. His real problems were Blaine and his buddies, and even his old football teammates. There was no doubt that they wouldn't approve of him being there. But, Karofsky wanted to do this for himself and for Kurt. Kurt had supported him so much with everything he'd been facing questioning his sexuality and whether or not living this life was worth it, and saying thank you in person and handing over a gift was the leastof what Dave thought he could do.

Still, he was hiding out in his car across the street from the party hall they'd rented, the rain pelting his dad's Nissan as he watched and waited for Kurt to show up.

"Care to remind me why it is that we can't get out of the car yet? I hear music playing," Sebastian looked up from his cell phone and at Karofsky, "so clearly the party has begun."

Karofsky shook his head no and looked out of the window. "I don't intend on hanging around, Sebastian. I'm waiting for Kurt so that I can give him his gift and then I'm leaving—"

"Kurt," Sebastian smiled. "That's the guy you're constantly texting? The one you're in love with?"

Dave rolled his eyes. "You do know you didn't have to come along."

"And you have no intention on commenting on the whole in love part?"

"Sebastian," Dave closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "I am not in love with Kurt. He's my friend, and he's helped me—"

Sebastian reached into the back seat for Karofsky's umbrella and opened the door to the car. He got out as the other boy watched him put the umbrella up with confusion. "What are you doing?!"

Sebastian slammed the door and walked around the car to Karofsky's side, smirking when the teen rolled his car window down a bit. He slid his free hand into his pocket and shrugged. "I don't know about you, but I didn't drag my ass from Westerville to your place so you could take me to sit outside of a party that has hot guy after hot guy walking inside." Sebastian gestured across the street where Tina and now Quinn were watching him. He smiled and faced Karofsky again. "So whenever you decide to come in, I'll get you a drink…if this shindig even has any. Later."

Dave groaned. "Sebastian… Sebastian!"

But of course, the teen continued to walk.

When Sebastian got to the door, he obviously charmed his way past the girls standing there and even Chandler, Kurt's ex, because he'd gotten inside even though Dave was sure nobody there knew him. He got nervous at the thought that the boy would slip and mention he came with him, and then a riot would start. Hopefully he kept his mouth shut.


Blaine parked behind Karofsky's car when he pulled up, ignoring his boyfriend's cries of "this is too far from the building" and "if my hair or outfit gets wet, you won't ever renew your membership at the mile high club again" as he forced an umbrella into his hands and told him to be quiet. He laughed when Kurt swung and hit him with it before he grabbed Santana's umbrella to defend himself.

"It isn't even that far a walk, baby. We just need to cross a street."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "You didn't spend an hour getting ready, did you?"

"I don't think all the times I've gotten ready in my life combined add up to an hour, Kurt," Blaine said with a laugh, watching Kurt laugh too and shake his head. "Now can we go inside? I am excited to see how it looks and I really want to get a dance with you."

Kurt lay back against the headrest and smiled, nodding at his boyfriend. "We can go inside. I'm excited too, baby."

Blaine smiled. "Here goes it, then."


Jeff looked at Nick across the room where the brunette was making himself a drink. Nick hadn't tried to engage him or anyone for that matter since they'd arrived. His behavior had been off after they left Santana's place and went back to Chandler's, and the blonde wasn't sure what to do. Cheering people up was his thing. Everyone had a thing, and causing people to be happy was what Jeff was good at. Especially Nick. They'd faced a lot together and through the years, no matter what, he could get Nick to smile. Now, nothing he said or did would work.

It was easy for Jeff to assume the worst, which really sucked. Rachel came over to him, trying to coax him away from the corner of the room by offering to dance, but the blonde kindly refused. She shrugged and went back over to Mercedes and the others who were staring at Sebastian, wondering what the party crasher was doing there.

"What's bugging him?" Justin asked as he approached. His eyes had been on Quinn since she'd gotten there essentially, but once he noticed Nick and Jeff on opposite sides of the room, he quickly approached his friend to make sure everything was ok. "He seems…sad almost."

Jeff forced a smile that quickly faded. He shook his head and looked down at his shoes, rubbing his bare arm. "I think he misses Naomi. I don't know… maybe a relationship with a guy along with his daddy issues and the stress of school coming back for his senior year and—"

"Shut up, dude," Justin smiled and nudged Jeff's shoulder, "You're never the insecure type. Please don't start being like the rest of us mortals now."

"I really like him, Jus."

Justin looked across the room as he listened to his friend. Nick poured himself another glass of whatever punch was concocted and waved at David as he stepped in with Brittany and Santana.

"I like him and losing him would really hurt; hence the insecurities. And I don't know what's going on with him but," Jeff pushed his hair back and leant against the wall, "but if he would at least talk to me and maybe say he wanted space, I'd respect him more for that."

"Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions?"

"Not really." Jeff told him. Justin sighed.

The two of them stood there quietly, looking around the party. Jeff rubbed the nape of his neck as he tried to focus on anything but the situation at hand. He figured that he was there to celebrate with Kurt. Moping wasn't a part of the plan. Justin watched Quinn dance with Chandler and smiled as she moved her hips; wishing things weren't so messed up. It seemed that the girls he didn't actually want came a dime a dozen, but ones he cared to spend time with—there was always something preventing that from happening.

Just then, the man of the hour walked through the door. Cheering erupted and Kurt took a bow before waving at everyone. Blaine closed their umbrellas and stepped aside as DJ Artie put on a new song. Kurt smiled widely as one of the girls snatched him away and started to dance.

"Yeah," David, Justin, and Jeff walked over to Blaine and Jeff smiled as he stared at Kurt's outfit. The jeans accentuated his… curves… rather nicely. "If you don't give him the birthday sex to top all birthday sex when you people get back to Santana's place tonight, I promise I will never speak to you again."

Blaine bit his lip as they all stared at Kurt's ass shaking as he danced. And then Blaine realized his friends were staring to and cleared his throat, shoving David. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all," Justin said with a laugh.

Jeff smiled and looked away, watching a few of the others. "It looks amazing, man. You guys did a good job with decorating. Now I just need a few drinks and I'm good to go."

"Thanks," Justin nodded at the good job the Ohio crew and himself had done. "Don't drink too much though because I think there'll be a lot of drinking games at the party tonight."

"Who is that?" Blaine stared across the room at a tall, preppy kid who was watching Kurt and Finn dance with a smirk on his face. David looked over first, followed by the others.

"Hm. I haven't seen him before tonight, man." David turned to Blaine. "Maybe one of their friends?"

Blaine stared a little longer. "Excuse me. I'm about to find out."

"No fighting." Justin said.

"You're one to talk," Jeff replied, laughing with David as they dragged their friend over to the 'bar'.


Blaine wrapped his arm around Quinn on his way over to the unknown party crasher. "Go talk to Justin, please."

She held her cup and looked over at the blonde. "I think he's mad at me…"

"Just, go talk to him, ok?" he smiled and took his arm back, gesturing with his head. "You only get to see him for a week. You two shouldn't waste time being afraid to say what should be said. So go, before you both are really drunk and you do something dumb."

Quinn smiled at what was said and bit her lip. Justin looked over at the two of them. "You're right. I'll be back."

"Good," Blaine smiled at Justin as she walked over and then turned around. Only the distance to the guy was much shorter because he was standing directly in front of him. The height difference was noticeable as Blaine looked up.

"You must be Blaine. Anderson, correct?" he held out his hand, "I've heard a lot about you. Welcome to Ohio."

Blaine looked down at the boy's hand before reluctantly taking it. "Who are you?"

He smiled, holding Blaine's hand between them. "My name is Sebastian Smythe. I'm a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers. A friend of mine said he'd be celebrating Kurt's birthday with him and I stopped by… I mean who can turn down a free party on a boring Monday night in Ohio, right?"

Blaine pulled his hand away as Santana looked over. "Who's this friend?" he looked around.

"Oh, he isn't here yet. His name is Robert," Sebastian lied, going with a common name. "Says he hasn't seen Kurt in a while and wanted to drop off a gift." The teen grinned. That was until he saw Santana approaching of course.

"What are you doing here? Where is –"

"Hey!" Sebastian took her hand and led her away, glaring at the girl. Blaine watched, eyes unmoving. Kurt ran over to him though and wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulders.

"Who's your friend, honey? He kinda looks like a meerkat and I didn't know you were into that."

Blaine rolled his eyes, glancing away from Sebastian and Santana whisper-arguing and back to his boyfriend. "I'm not into anything. Just you. And he said he's a friend of your friend Robert or something."

Kurt made a face, trying to remember a Robert. "The Robert from ninth grade who had the unibrow and wore a cape to school? He wasn't really my friend. I don't even think we've spoken a word to each other. We just had this silent sit at the same lunch table because we don't want to be alone agreement going on."

Blaine pulled Kurt closer to him by the waist. "I don't know. Look, he seems suspicious so if you want us to ask him to leave…"

Santana glared at the teen as she walked back over to Brittany and Sebastian smiled, looking back at Kurt and Blaine. Kurt shrugged.

"The more the merrier, right? It's not like you and I have never crashed a party before. Just focus on me."

Blaine looked away from him and back to Kurt, nodding. "Let me get you a drink."

"We're about to start the games in twenty minutes!" Rachel shouted. "Woohoo!"

Kurt smiled and waited patiently for his boyfriend. He saw Chandler talking with a guy he'd never seen before and walked over to introduce himself in the meantime.


Outside, the fear had pretty much paralyzed Karofsky. He wasn't sure what he expected to happen tonight, but being afraid to get out of the car wasn't it. He also found it weird that Sebastian wasn't kicked out of the party yet. That was a good sign at least. It meant his name hadn't been mentioned.

Still, nothing changed the fact that he'd been already sitting outside for about an hour and still he couldn't find the strength to even text Kurt and say that he was there. It was pathetic. It felt like all of the progress he was making, which in his mind wasn't much at all, was in vain.

One step forward, three steps back.

From Sebastian:

We're playing spin the bottle. Sure you don't want to come inside?

From Sebastian:

Wait… did you leave me here? You better had not have left, Dave.

Karofsky sighed and turned his phone off, looking over at the community building rented for the party. "I'll just wait until everyone's too drunk to fight me," he told himself. "It shouldn't be too long.


Blaine shook his head as he watched his boyfriend take another sip from the red solo cup he'd been nursing all night. He had only drank half of a bottle of beer an hour ago before realizing that a few people would need to be sober to get people home, so Blaine decided he'd volunteer. He, Finn, Mike, and Tina's older cousin Jennifer (who showed up just to make sure that there was a designated driver at all) were the ones responsible of the duty. However, Blaine had already watched Sam, Justin, and Jeff strip for Kurt and give him "birthday lap dances" and he really wished he could have a drink, or you know… eight. Kurt was tipsy long ago but he seemed to be enjoying himself—and the silly blonde boys fighting to grind in his lap, and the crowd was eating it up—drunk Mercedes and drunk Tina found just about anything hilarious—and maybe this would be a piece of Kurt's Welcome Back to Ohio video that Burt wouldn't be able to watch, but Blaine acknowledged that years and years to come, they'd find a good laugh from it and thank Artie for the idea.

Most of the partygoers had found a spot in the center of the room to play spin the bottle as Artie lowered the music to a comfortable level. Blaine opted out of playing, knowing he wouldn't enjoy kissing anyone else but Kurt or being kissed by anyone but Kurt. He instead watched Santana whisper-shouting at the kid Kurt donned 'Meerkat-Man', wondering what that was all about.

Rachel picked up the spinner and flicked the dial. It landed on "Nibble Ear" and she showed everyone in the circle. Puck smirked and wolf whistled as Tina smiled.

"I am going to nibble the ear of…" Rachel spun the bottle in the center of the floor and it pointed directly at Brittany. "I guess you're the lucky lady!"

Justin shook his head at how her words slurred as the guys all hollered. Rachel crawled over to Brittany and started to kiss at her ear; Kurt laughing and covering his eyes.

"Ok, enough of that!" Santana shouted from her corner. Sebastian picked up his beer and smiled.

"She seems to like lady kisses from the nose hobbit over there. Maybe you should stop preaching at me and go check on your lady."

Jeff picked up the spinner next after Rachel had finally stopped and the drunken teens applauded. Blaine looked over at Santana and Sebastian.

"You just need to make sure that Dave Karofsky doesn't come in here and ruin my homeboy Kurt's party. I hope we're clear on that," Santana walked towards the circle, not before turning to look at the taller teen again, "I'm not opposed to chopping your dick off if you fuck up tonight, got it honey?"

Sebastian laughed, swallowing his sip and following her over to the circle. "I haven't spoken to Dave in weeks. We only lasted a few nights and then I got bored. If he shows up tonight, J-Lo, it's completely on him." The boy tapped her nose and walked off, sliding into the circle beside Quinn as Jeff read aloud.

"Alright, it landed on Ten Second Massage," Jeff wiggled his eyebrows and showed everyone the spinner. The group giggled as Santana sat in between Puck and Nick.

"I have a little crick in my back," David said suggestively, making Jeff laugh. "Spin that bottle my way, blondie!"

Kurt looked away from Sebastian as he took another sip from his drink, finding Blaine across the room with Mercedes. He gestured for him to join the group, only to be declined.

"Sorry David, it landed on this complete stranger I don't know," Jeff said, looking at Sebastian. "Um… would you like a massage?"

"Do I get to choose where?" Sebastian asked, biting his bottom lip. Nick looked over.

"This party just got a million times better," Tina whispered to Kurt.

"Ok, while you all do that, I'm going to flirt with my boyfriend." It took him a while, but Kurt finally got to his feet and started to stumble away. "Have fun!"

Jeff rolled his eyes at the guy as he started to massage his shoulders. Sebastian smiled as the group all counted to ten.

"So," Blaine looked up from his phone as Kurt sat down on his lap, "you look bored out of your mind."

"I'm going to puke," said Mercedes, who was already a quarter past drunk at this point. Jennifer followed to hold her hair and Kurt smiled, looking back to Blaine.

"I'm not bored, I'm just not drunk or interested in kissing anyone." Blaine held his boyfriend by the waist. "Anyone but you."

Kurt nodded. "Are you upset that I had to make out with Quinn for thirty seconds?"

Blaine laughed and shook his head no as Kurt spilled a bit of his drink on himself. "I'm sure you and Justin were far more upset than I was. I'm just hoping you remember your 17th birthday for the rest of your life so can I have this cup? Thank you," Blaine pried the alcohol away from his boyfriend and shook his head. "By the time you open your gifts, you're going to be so freaking out of it."

Kurt rubbed over his face, feeling hot. "Yeah, I'm going to hate waking up tomorrow, aren't I?"

"At least you'll wake up next to someone you love," Blaine said, kissing his lips. "Not everyone can say that."

They heard more whistling and looked up to see that Quinn and Chandler had to go into the closet for seven minutes in heaven. Blaine smirked and Kurt laughed when he noticed, shaking his head.

"Baby," he turned back to face his boyfriend, laying his head on Blaine's shoulder, "I feel like I should tell you I love you in case I pass out."

Blaine nodded, shaking his head but unable to hide the smile. "I love you, too."

As Finn kept time outside of the closet, Justin got up to go get some air outside. He had a drink or two himself, and knew that he sometimes got carried away. Removing himself from the building entirely had been helping. Plus, he and Quinn were actually talking and even held hands at one point that night. Justin found Blaine and gestured outside with a head movement, walking to the exit after Blaine nodded.

The blonde pushed the door open and was startled when he saw a big, bulky guy with an unhealthy pale complexion standing by the entrance. Justin gave him a bemused expression as he held the door open.

"I'm guessing since you have a birthday gift you're here for Kurt's party, right?" he asked, looking the kid up and down. "I'm actually holding the door open so that you can go inside…"

"You're Justin, right?"

Justin nodded slowly, closing the door after a moment and putting his hands in his pockets. "Justin. That's me. I can't place your face…"

"David Karofsky… I'm the guy that asked you for Kurt's number."

Justin lowered his head and looked away, shaking it. "I got a lot of flak about that." he faced him again, "I'm pretty sure you know you aren't welcome here—"

"I know—"

"Blaine may be a lot smaller than you, Dave, but the kid is psycho as hell—"

"I know he is protective of Kurt," Karofsky sighed and looked down at the small gift, "Someone should be after all he's been through. After all I've put him through—"

"Yeah," Justin said, "so like I said, you should leave—"

"Listen, man," Karofsky shook his head as he spoke, trying to find the words, "Kurt has done so much for me and he probably doesn't realize it…" he clutched the gift, "and I… I needed someone so bad and he didn't have to be that someone. If it were anyone else I know they would've given me a big fat 'screw you', you know? But he didn't do that and I just want to thank him. If you could express that to him and to all of his friends in there—"

"Dude," Justin shook his head no and backed up a bit, "I already got in trouble over you before dude. If you really want to do this, you're on your own."

Karofsky nodded his understanding, though he felt even more alone than before. He thought about just dropping it off at Rachel's place to deliver to Kurt but then that'd mean he wasted time just to be a coward, and knowing Rachel she'd probably keep it for herself. "Alright," he took a deep breath. "I'm just going to get this over with…"

Justin looked at him and nodded. "Best of luck, Dave."

The teen nodded and opened the door.


"So Nick, is it?" Sebastian smiled and leant on the wall next to him. The drunken teens had sort of forgotten they were playing spin the bottle and ended up dancing, or getting more drinks. Quinn and Chandler came out of the closet angry that Finn forgot to tell them the seven minutes were up and Tina giggled as the tall teen cowered in the corner.

Blaine smiled at the fact that he was pushed against a wall on the far side of the room being grinded against by his very eager boyfriend. They were kind of tucked away from the group, and he was having one hell of a time trying to keep his hands to himself. Kurt moved his hips from side to side, purposely grinding back against the obvious bulge he felt as the song switched from something upbeat to something a bit slower.

"I swear I'd let you do me right here," Kurt grabbed Blaine's hands from where they were against the wall and placed them on his hips; one of his hands reached back and played in Blaine's curls as his boyfriend closed his eyes and thrust forward, grinding against him. "Mm, that's more like it daddy."

Blaine sighed. He knew Kurt was still a bit tipsy, though he had been keeping him from drinking as of late. Despite that, he knew Kurt got incredibly horny after a few cups of tequila, and right now his boyfriend was getting him incredibly horny.

"Nick, yeah," he looked up at the tall, preppy, drunken teen next to him. "You?"

"I'm Sebastian. It's lovely to meet you…" Sebastian leant back against the wall and looked out over the party with him. "So, I'm guessing the adorable beach blonde over there is your boyfriend? He won't stop looking at us. Possessive. That's sexy."

Nick shrugged as he looked down at his bottle. "I wouldn't…I wouldn't say he's possessive," it took him a bit to get his words out after the heavy drinking he'd been doing himself. His friends were surprised he could even think straight at this point. "He's a great boyfriend."

"Yet you're over here talking to me," Sebastian sing-songed, moving a little closer to Nick. "Why aren't you over there with him? I mean… he's hot, I won't lie. And I'm sure he wants you over there with him."

Nick shook his head. "He's going to make me talk to him and I just I really don't feel like talking."

Jeff tried to focus on dancing with Quinn as he downed another cup. She poked him in the chest.

"I feel bad for whoever has to clean Chandler's bathroom after you two are done puking everywhere tonight. Can you just slow down, maybe?"

Jeff looked away when Sebastian led Nick to the dance floor. "I just didn't expect the vacation to start off this way." he tossed his cup at the trash but missed, and David picked it up for him. "I don't even know what's going on and he won't tell me."

Quinn looked around for Justin as she nodded. "Yeah, I understand that."

"And now he's all over another guy. He went from telling himself and everyone he isn't gay to being a whore at one of our best friend's party."

"Jeff," Quinn brought his chin to a comfortable position where she could look him in the eyes, "getting more and more drunk and complaining about what the other is doing is not going to solve anything. If you want something to happen, go over there and demand he stop being a little shit and handle it."

Jeff looked at the girl and then over at Nick. Sebastian had his hands on his hips and was whispering in his ear as Nick nodded, dancing with him, and he felt his blood boil. "I'll be right back."

"C'mon, please?" Kurt said softly as he rolled his hips back, rubbing his hand over his crotch, "I'm so fucking horny, Blaine."

Blaine's nails dug into his boyfriend's thighs as he shook his head no. "Not right now, baby. You still have…gifts to-to open and," Kurt moaned as worked his ass slower over his boyfriend's clothed cock and Blaine gasped, "Oh fuck… Kurt please…"

Puck walked over to Quinn after Jeff walked away and smiled, "Finally. I got you all to myself." He pulled her close by the waist, "So where's your new lover?"

Quinn shoved him off and walked away to find the girls. "Go find one of your skanks, Puckerman. I don't feel like it—ow…"

"Don't walk away, Quinnie. I just want to talk."

"We need to talk," Jeff said, standing next to Nick dancing with Sebastian. "Now."

Sebastian smirked as he looked up, glancing down Jeff's body. "I never got to repay you for the massage, blondie—"

"Can it wait until we're… we're back at Chance's?"

Jeff rolled his eyes at Sebastian and then at Nick's name slip-up. "We're talking now, or you can leave with him. What's it going to be?"

Justin walked in behind Karofsky, looking around for Kurt. What he saw first was Blaine with his trying to hide the fact that I have a boner face as he walked with hands in pockets over to Rachel and Finn. He saw Kurt next, leaning against the wall, biting his bottom lip as he stared at Blaine's ass. There was no denying what the hell they were about to do.

But before he could go talk to them and say that Karofsky wanted to give him a gift (he decided to help out because if he were in Dave's shoes, he'd definitely want someone to give him a chance) he heard a slap, followed by gasps. Quinn pulled away from Puck and stormed away, again, only to be followed.

"Did you just fucking hit me, Quinn!?"

Dave's eyes went wide as Justin immediately walked in their direction. Justin saw Santana glance past him at Dave and tense up; her eyes darkening.


"Nick," Jeff ran his hands through his hair, not realizing the music had stopped. "I'm serious. I know you're fucking wasted but you need to get this through your head. We're either talking now or I'm done. I don't have time for your games—"

"Maybe he wants to go home with me, Jeff," Sebastian said simply. "Just walk away before you're embarrassed."

Jeff looked from him to Nick, who tiredly rubbed his forehead.

"Jeff, this can wait."

"So I was thinking we can start opening gifts now because we need to head out of here soon," Blaine told Rachel, wearing his seriously, I have the hugest boner so please don't look down face. "Artie is going to record—" he stopped talking when the music went off and he could hear Justin's voice.

"I believe she said to leave her alone, Puck. Don't make a fool of yourself man—"

"I don't believe I asked you," Puck turned and faced Justin and Chandler groaned when he saw they were going at it again.

"Honestly?" Mike walked over, "can we not?"

Blaine was about to go over there when Santana stopped in front of him. He looked down at her and knew she was furious. "What?"

"Screw you, Nick. I hope you have fun and catch lots of STDs," Jeff smiled and waved goodbye, turning to walk away. Nick called after him but he stuck up the middle finger, honestly not caring.

"Dave is here," she said. "Karofsky. He's right over there," she turned to the door to see he was gone, and Finn went to stand in front of them all, fists clenched.

Blaine looked around the party. "Where? Are you sure?" he looked around for Kurt next, freaking a bit when he saw that he was missing. "Wait, where's Kurt?"

Puck's back hit the wall before Sam pulled Justin away, and he laughed, shaking his head. "You're a dumbass dude. You can fucking have her," he shook his head and went out of the door after Jeff. Chandler and Tina's cousin Jennifer looked at one another.

"Where is Kurt?" Blaine asked again, looking around the party and then back at Santana. She groaned. "I'll go look in the bathroom."

"Stop the violence," Brittany said.

Blaine ran past all of the drama as Nick pushed Sebastian away, stumbling after him. David sighed as he let go of the random girl who crashed the party and followed after them. They opened the door and looked around outside.


"I know, well, at least I feel that I shouldn't have come. Part of me thinks that, but at the same time I… I just wanted to see you to say thank you."

Kurt smiled and nodded, looking at the skinny tie Dave had bought him for his birthday. No, it wasn't Burberry, but it was adorable. "I love this, Dave. You really didn't have to do this, but since you did I wish you would've done it before I got completely trashed so we could both remember this as a classy moment."

Dave laughed, shaking his head as he looked down at his steering wheel. "Well it's a tie with little super heroes on it because you saved me in a sense. I know that's corny but… anyway they're all Marvel heroes. And I just wanted you to know I am thankful."

Kurt looked to his left and smiled at Karofsky, nodding a bit. "I'm happy, Dave."

Karofsky nodded. "You should get back to your party. I don't want anyone to worry."

Kurt quickly hugged him and Karofsky smiled when he pulled away. "Thank you for this and for coming to see me, Dave. I'm drunk, sure, but I won't forget this. It was good seeing you."

"Thanks for forgiving me. Bye, Kurt."

Kurt smiled and got out of the car. He watched Dave pull off after he got back across the street, and that was the same time that Jeff burst out of the door, followed by Puck.

"What? Where are you guys going? The party isn't over!"

Jeff shrugged and started walking, and Kurt was positive he had no clue where he was going. Puck went right to his car and got in, and Kurt sighed, going to follow him.

"Puckerman, stop it."

"Move Kurt."

"You're drunk, Noah. Get out of the car!"

Blaine, David, and Nick all came out of the building next, followed by a few others. Blaine felt such relief when he saw Kurt and ran over, shaking his head. "Baby what're you doing out here? I thought you were with that Karofsky asshole—"

"I was," Kurt turned to him and handed Blaine the gift. "Can you go find Jeff? He walked that way," he gestured, "this party is obviously over. I'll handle things here; just go find him, please."

Blaine looked back at David who shrugged. "Where's Karofsky?"

"He left, baby," Kurt turned to face Blaine as he pulled Puck out of the driver's seat. "He didn't come here to ruin my night or beat me up, or to call me a fag. He came to give me a birthday gift. All of you can go back to your lives, I promise."

Blaine held the small box in his hand as he looked at Kurt. Santana came out of the party hall next, sighing when she saw Kurt was fine. Blaine looked at her."

"Reminder that your best friend and your boyfriend," Kurt looked pointedly at Nick, "is walking around Lima—a place he's never in his life been before, drunk and angry. Can someone go get him?"

David pulled out his phone as Justin walked out with Quinn. "I'm calling him now."

Blaine pulled out Santana's car keys. "Where's Chandler?"

Chandler looked up from where he stood by Rachel. "What?"

"I need your address so I can drop Nick and Jeff at your place. Unless you just come with me."

"As long as you aren't mean to him, I don't see anything wrong with that," Rachel said, staring pointedly at Blaine. Blaine walked off towards Santana's car.

"C'mon guys."

The remaining Californians went towards the car and Chandler said goodbye to everyone as he followed. Sam ruffled his growing hair and sighed as Puck started jawing off at Kurt about being able to drive.

"I'll drop the gifts off at your place," he muttered to Santana. She shook her head at how the night turned out and said ok, holding the door open. Sebastian stood there, seeing Dave's car was gone and shook his head.



Santana fell asleep half on the bed, half on the floor. Kurt opened literally half of one present before he passed out. Brittany had her head on Blaine's lap. It was obvious he wasn't getting any additional birthday sex, but that was okay because the mile high birthday sex was everything he ever wanted. It wasn't even his birthday (Rihanna voice).

Blaine had a lot on his mind, though. Everything from Nick and Jeff and whatever the hell was going on with the two of them, to Justin and Puck constantly fighting since they arrived, to Ashleigh back in New York and how Kurt would react to that. In addition, he knew Kurt would sober up and yell at all of his friends for being dicks on his birthday. His mind was all over the place.

It was 2am on August 2nd. Kurt was officially 17 and 2 hours years old. Blaine sent a few pictures to his mom, aunt, to Burt, and to Blaze back home. After hanging up the phone and ending a conversation with Mikey and Cooper, Blaine noticed he had a few text messages.

From Nick:

So I fucked up.

From Nick:

He wants nothing to do with me.

Blaine sighed and thought about calling but didn't want to disturb his friends. He typed out a reply.

To Nick:

You were being an asshole. You gave all of us the cold shoulder, except for that weird guy who was also a pathological liar, and you ignored your boyfriend with no remorse. I just do not get it, Nicholas. That's not you at –all-.

From Nick:

I'm literally lying on the bathroom floor right now. I was drunk and I don't know. I just need Jeff to forgive me.

To Nick:

You've been drunk before, Nick. To be honest, this whole change happened after I told you about what happened with Ashleigh and I'm starting to think you know her daughter is my kid. You've been acting so weird and if I do have a daughter that is my problem, it isn't yours.

To Nick:

Either you talk to him and get things right, and let me handle my issues, or you're going to lose him. That's just the way it is.

Blaine sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Brittany started mumbling something in her sleep, and Kurt started moaning Blaine's name in his, and Blaine shook his head, smiling. But he couldn't help but be reminded of the situation he'd gotten himself into.

He had to say something to Kurt. It'd probably hurt their relationship, but at least Nick and Jeff would be okay.

From Nick:

I'm going to go sleep. Goodnight.

Blaine typed a reply back and got comfortable, closing his eyes too.


The next morning, a few of the group had found themselves at the mall. Those who weren't hungover out of their minds had found themselves at the mall. Justin and David, along with Quinn and her friend Sugar were strolling through Lima Mall. It was a good way of forgetting the night before and all of the drama that came with it.

"Let's go into Hot Topic," Quinn said, pulling Justin along. He rolled his eyes and David laughed, strolling alongside Sugar.

"When are we going to talk about you and me?" Justin looked at a few t-shirts and shook his head at some of the phrases on them. "Because we should talk about that."

Quinn smiled and shrugged. "We can talk now if you want to. Say what you need to say, Palmers."

Justin smiled, sliding his hands into his salmon colored shorts. "I know that us is a bad idea but all we have to do is make it one year… not even… like, ten months while you're in high school."

Quinn picked up a few bracelets as David and Sugar wiggled their eyebrows at them from across the store. "Oh my god," she laughed when she saw their goofy faces and then turned to look at Justin. "Well, I'm not sure what you're talking about."

"I'm only going on tour for a few months. By Thanksgiving I'll be free and you can come to me or I can come to you, and yes, we'll be doing long distance," Justin followed her through the store as she smiled, "but if we talk and see each other when we can, by the time you graduate things will be back to normal."

"I'm not moving to California for college. I want to go further East. Yale, Justin."

He smiled. "I'll buy that for you."

"And I don't need you buying me things," she put the jeans back on the rack, "it's cute, but you're not my boyfriend."

"We just make out. I understand," Justin picked up a hat and smiled, "and pretty much all of my friends are going to New York so I'll probably end up there too. Just saying."

"Uh huh," Quinn licked her lips and looked up at him. "So you really want to date Lucy Quinn Fabray? Do you know what you're getting yourself into?"

Justin nodded. "I think you're worth it and I like you a lot. That's enough for me. If you're not interested, just say no. It's that simple. Girls. I tell you."

Quinn nudged him and he laughed. "Well, you're like one of the sweetest guys on earth. You're the best kisser ever, and I really like you a lot despite what people say will happen. But…"

"There's no buts, you're my girlfriend." Justin grabbed her hand and shouted into the Hot Topic, "Quinn is my girlfriend everyone! Woooo!"

"You go boy!" David yelled back, and the employees clapped as Sugar laughed. Quinn blushed, hugging Justin and burying her face in his chest.

"You're such a douche."



Blaine sipped from his Capri Sun as Kurt complained about the sound. "Sorry. Why don't you try and go back to sleep?"

"I slept all morning. And afternoon." Kurt opened his eyes, "Ugh, I can't wait for the painkillers to kick in, you have no idea."

Blaine smiled, watching the TV screen. "I have an idea, baby. I saw you putting them away last night, you little alcoholic."

Kurt laughed, wincing at the pain, "Shut up, Blaine. What's everyone doing today? Where's Santana?"

Blaine finished the Capri Sun and started running his fingers through Kurt's hair. "She and Brittany went to Sam's job to bother him and get free shit. I got everyone to leave us alone for the day since yesterday sort of blew up." Kurt smiled as Blaine continued, "I was thinking you'd finally open your gifts because I really want you to see mine, and then we can just relax. We'll take it easy breezy—oh, that had to hurt."

"Well we can start by turning away from boxing," Kurt said with a smile, reaching for the remote. "But that sounds good to me. How's Nick and Jeff and Justin and all those other crazies?"

Blaine sighed at the thought of Nick because that made him think of Ashleigh. "I haven't heard from him today. Last night when we spoke, he felt regretful so I'm thinking maybe he's trying to fix things with Jeff."

Kurt nodded. "He should feel that way and he better be fixing things."

Blaine looked up at the television, turning to something Kurt would enjoy.

"Ok. Wake me up in like 15 and then we can open the gifts. I'll feel better by then."

Blaine picked up his phone and set his alarm for an hour later, knowing his boyfriend would need it. "You got it, boss. Kiss me and then get some rest."

Kurt leant up and kissed him, smiling as he fell back down onto the rider's lap. He yawned and closed his eyes. "Love you, stupid."

Blaine nodded, turning back to boxing. "I love you too, asshole."


Not only was it a long night, but it was an even longer morning.

Nick and Jeff had been arguing pretty much non-stop starting at 10 in the morning. Then, a couple of hours later there was nothing. They'd just stopped. That was better than the cursing, though. The last thing he needed was the neighbors calling the police with his parents out of town. Besides, they'd quieted down anyway.

Chandler hung up his cell phone after explaining to his parents for the umpteenth time that yes, he would be fine at home alone. His stepmother didn't trust him much. She thought that her gay stepson would have boys running in and out of the place as if he were some male prostitute. But that wasn't it at all, he was just gay, and as he explained, not every gay teen is throwing themselves around.

He almost did, but once he told Ashton he wasn't ready for everything, the Warbler seemingly lost interest. He even left the party last night fifteen minutes after that. Rachel was pleased of course, because that meant she didn't have to lose her last gay to a rival show choir, but Chandler was rightfully upset. He actually thought something was happening there.

And Ashton was really fucking hot.

His dad followed behind what she said because he didn't have a brain for himself, but that didn't matter now. What mattered was they were both gone for a whole two weeks and he could feel free to be himself for once in his home.

The teen figured that maybe he could go hang out with Nick and Jeff. They each seemed nicer than Blaine, so hopefully they wouldn't be spiteful or rude and would call him by his actual name. Plus, the arguing stopped and maybe they wanted someone unbiased to talk things through with. He went down the stairs, rubbing at his eyes underneath the wide rimmed glasses and headed towards the basement.


"Nick…Nick—oh fuck, oh fuck," Jeff pulled at the bed sheets as he felt himself getting closer, "oh fuckk… Nick… shit!"

Nick bit hard on Jeff's shoulder as he thrust deeper and deeper. He felt the elder's nails scratching down his back and gasped, quickening his pace. "I'm close, Jeff…"

"M-Me too," Jeff threw his head back and groaned as his boyfriend's lips moved along his collarbone, "I'm… yeah…" he smiled, "I'm close. Fuck me, Nick…"

Nick slammed inside of his boyfriend five more times, collapsing on top of him after they each came, not able to hold himself up any longer. His eyes went wide and he slowly pulled out, rolling over and staring up at the unfamiliar ceiling. "Oh… wow."

Jeff kicked the sheets off of him and buried his hands in his hair, sleepily looking up as well. He had come pretty hard and was still shaking a bit. "We just had sex."

Nick nodded. "We—We did…"

Jeff licked his lips. "It was… really incredible."

Nick nodded again, his entire body numb. It was the best thing he'd ever felt. "I know.

"I don't want to sound like I regret it but—"

"Do you?"

"No," Jeff winced and sat up a little, "no, I don't." he looked at Nick who didn't give him any eye contact. "But I'm confused about what just happened."

The brunette sighed, sitting up pulling the condom off. "I'm pretty sure it was angry sex. It was fantastic."

Jeff was quiet. He couldn't deny that it was hot as hell, but it wasn't right.

"We started kissing, one thing led to another…"

"We did say we were going to wait—"

"But we didn't," Nick looked back at him, "It happened. You could've told me to stop but you didn't. You could've stopped me during the foreplay, but you didn't say anything."

"Wow," Jeff smiled and shook his head, "you're really snappy right now, aren't you?"

Nick faced front again.

"And I didn't tell you to stop because I'm not that strong and you know that I'm not that strong…"

"So this is my fault?"

"I'm not blaming anyone," Jeff said; his voice rising a little higher. "I just want to talk to you about this and as usual you're doing… this!"

Nick licked his lips and reached over for his tank top.

"To me, it seems that you had every intention of getting me off as soon as I told you that we were over for real… like you wanted to distract me—"

"I…" Nick interrupted him but shook his head, "I don't know how to say this."

Jeff froze for a moment, but then he nodded and looked ahead of him. The basement was somewhat dark, and the low sound of the radio playing to drown out their moans earlier was all that could be heard. "You're breaking up with me."

Nick ran a hand over his face and turned around on the bed, now facing Jeff. "Look at me."

Jeff looked over expectantly, and Nick grabbed his hand.

"I swear I am not breaking up with you, though you may want to break up with me." Nick rubbed his fingers over Jeff's hand and sighed. "I… I can't even say it."

Jeff looked at him. "What is it?"

Nick licked his lips and looked down. "Blaine told me he saw his… I don't even know if you can call her his ex," he shrugged, "his ex-friend with benefits, I guess. He saw her in New York."

Jeff looked the boy in his brown eyes and urged him to continue. "Which one?"

"Ashleigh Buchanon," Nick said. "She went to JFK High but moved—"

"The blonde, green eyes…" Jeff supplied.

Nick nodded. "Her. They messed around for a while and got into a big fallout before she moved to New York with her family."

Chandler had opened the door and walked down a couple steps before he heard what the two were discussing. He didn't want to barge in, so he waited a moment until it seemed like they were finished. He didn't know who Ashleigh was, nor did he care.

"Okay," Jeff nodded, "yeah, I remember her. So he saw her and…"

Nick looked at Jeff. "She had a kid… a daughter."

Jeff's eyes went wide. "Wow. That's great for her, I guess…"

"No," Nick shook his head. "She was trying to hide this from Blaine." Chandler's ears perked up at the mention of Blaine's name as Nick continued, "Her boyfriend, some blonde guy with blue eyes, he walked over with the stroller, Blaine told me. And the daughter… she looked nothing like the boyfriend. Blaine said the baby girl had brown hair and green eyes… neither of them do—"

"Oh shit," Jeff's mouth fell open. "Oh shit?! Blaine has a kid? He always wears protection! He swears by it!"

Chandler smirked as he stood up and carefully eased out of the basement, quietly pushing the door closed behind him.

Nick thought he heard something but shook it off when he looked at the stairs. "That's the thing…" Nick licked his lips and looked back at Jeff now. "He really does always wear them—"

"I guess you can say condoms do break but—"

"But the girl is only 3 weeks old and Blaine hadn't been with her in like a year…"

Jeff looked at his boyfriend with a smile. "That's great, right?"

Nick nodded. "It's awesome…"

"You're not telling me something—"

"One night," Nick sighed, "one night Naomi and I were arguing, and I had got drunk with Justin at some party and she was there—"

Jeff let go of his hand and his face changed completely. "You're not being serious with me, right?"

Nick bit his lip. "It was… a Pace party. I think in October… maybe around Halloween, I don't know."

Jeff looked away, still silent.

"I erm," the brunette swallowed hard, "I was drunk. She was still pissed at Blaine. I wasn't thinking—"

"So you got her pregnant."

Nick rubbed his face. "You know it wasn't fucking intentional."

"But you did?" Jeff grabbed his shorts and stood up, stepping into them. "And you're letting your best friend think he has a kid in New York when it's you—"

"She told me that she was pregnant and I freaked out, because of Naomi and because of Blaine," Nick grabbed his boxers and pulled them on, watching Jeff's reaction, "and her family decided to move because they wanted her to have a fresh start, not being judged here for having a kid at 16 and—"

"I don't really want to hear about this," Jeff said. He shrugged when Nick's face fell. "You do realize we just had sex for the first time because you were stressed out about something so you basically just used me to feel good for a few minutes—"


"And if there's anyone you need to talk to about this," the blonde stepped into his sneakers, "You need to talk to your best friends."

Nick sat back on the bed and watched him get dressed. "Where are you going?"

Jeff pulled a shirt out of his luggage and went towards the bathroom. "I'm going to find Justin and David. I'll be back later."

Nick watched him for a moment and looked down at his hands. This wasn't shaping out to be his dream vacation at all.

If he was worried about what his father would think before, it was in vain. Now, Nick had to tell his family that not only did he (hopefully) have a boyfriend, but he also had a daughter out there somewhere in New York City, with a girl who at one time liked his best friend and sort of not really dated him.

Yeah, this was shaping off to be an excellent week.

Jeff stepped out of the bathroom looking a bit refreshed. He looked at Nick and waited for eye contact before speaking.

"I trust you'll do the right thing, Nick. I know your character and you're a lot better than the guy who just fucked me."

Nick looked down again and Jeff slowly went up the steps. The brunette waited until the door was closed before collapsing in the bed and throwing a pillow over his face.

This fucking sucked.


"Are you crying?" Blaine said with a wide smile as Kurt finally got to Blaine's first gift. He'd opened everyone else's after his shower and two hour long nap Blaine let him have. A few of the gifts were kinky as hell and sex related, most were gift cards, there was a Spa day certificate for him and for Blaine, and the rest varied between sentimental gifts like amazing scrap books and old mementos. Now, last but never least, Kurt had just unwrapped gift number one from Blaine.

"Oh my god," Kurt laughed as he hugged the box, already knowing what was inside. "These are the Fendi boots, aren't they? The ones I wanted… I know they are!"

Blaine held the camera focused on Kurt's silly flailing as he laughed, "Just open the gift."

"I can't breathe," Kurt laughed more and opened just the tip of the box, bouncing all over the couch when that's exactly what it was, "I swear you're getting the best sex of your life tonight, I swear."

Blaine zoomed in; laughing as he opened the box for the video he was recording. "My boyfriend is out of commission at the moment but these are the Fendi lace-up trekking boots or whatever they're called, I forget, but—"

"Fendi Zucca Lace-Up hiking boots made in Italy with a rich leather and suede sole—"

"Yeah, yeah, shut up," Blaine joked, turning the camera away from his boyfriend rolling around on the ground to the boots again, "they're pretty awesome though and Kurt constantly talked about them when we first met, like more than he talked about how hot Zac Efron was—"

"I literally need CPR Blaine—"

"So they were on the list for a while." Blaine turned the camera to himself, continuing, "I have to say this is the best reaction, though," he smirked and turned the camera back to Kurt who was crawling on the floor now, laughing at him, "oh goodness silly. You have another gift from me, c'mon."

Kurt wiped the tears away and got up off the floor. "Baby, I don't think my heart can take anymore right now."

Blaine bit his lip, trying not to laugh. "You're the biggest drama king. Come here, baby. Sit." Blaine pushed Kurt into the love seat as his boyfriend wiped at his face. "Ok. Open the box."

Kurt took the box as Blaine held the camera focused on him. He smiled at the black velvet. "If this is an engagement ring, my answer is yes."

Blaine looked from the box in his boyfriend's hands, to Kurt's lips, and then to his eyes. When he saw the beautiful smile Kurt wore, his heart started to beat again, and hard. "R-Really?"

Kurt laughed, before he leant up to kiss his boyfriend. "You look as if you just saw a ghost, love. Don't worry. I've got time before I pressure you to propose to me."

Blaine forced a laugh. There wouldn't be much need to pressure, that was for sure.

"Oh my god," Kurt smiled and looked down at the gift, and Blaine felt his heart swell at the look on his boyfriend's face. "It's… it's a charm bracelet. Oh my god, a Pandora charm bracelet. Blaine…"

"Do you like it?" Blaine walked over and sat down next to him, moving the other wrapping away. "I was thinking about buying one for myself too, because we are the sickening couple everyone hates."

Kurt laughed and touched the beautiful bracelet, looking at the charms. "Oh my god, look at the strawberry charm, and the banana," he blushed, giggling, "this is too adorable."

"And, there's a little BMX bike charm for obvious reasons, and here's a music charm," Blaine pointed to the sixteenth note, smiling at Kurt. "And I think you know what memory this is from," he said, gesturing to the beach ball charm."

"Our first time," he whispered, "It's red, white, and blue, like the fourth of July… your birthday. The day we first made love on the beach," Kurt touched the small charm, "beach ball. You're beautiful, you know that?"

Blaine smiled, "Do you like your gifts?"

"I love my gifts. I more than love my gifts, and I more than love you. Now end that video and put this bracelet on my wrist so that I can kiss you."

Blaine laughed, waving goodbye to the video and ending it. He quickly put the bracelet on Kurt, smiling at the charms. "I left a lot of spaces free so that we can add more charms with the new memories we make in the future. Together." Blaine kissed Kurt's hand.

"You're getting one too, right?" Kurt leaned in and pressed his lips to Blaine's; the both of them kissing softly. "This is like the sweetest thing ever. The best gift ever."

Blaine smirked. "Spoiler Alert. Your dad got you a motorcycle."

Kurt laughed and shrugged. "I know, Mikey told me. But this is just perfect."

Blaine rolled his eyes at the Mikey part. "I'm definitely getting one. Now let's make out and clean up before Tana's parents get here—mmph.."

"Already ahead of you," Kurt giggled into the kiss, tangling his fingers in Blaine's hair. As soon as it got deep, though, his phone started vibrating. Kurt groaned but Blaine pulled away, nodding.

"No, saved by the bell. We should definitely stop before you end up riding me," Blaine stood up and fixed his sweat pants. "I'll clean up."

Kurt pouted but nodded understanding, looking down at his phone. He raised an eyebrow at the message from his ex.


From Chandler:

I just overheard Nick and Jeff talking about Blaine.

From Chandler:

And it's something big. Something that you should definitely know. And I doubt your perfect, hot Cali boyfriend told you this, Kurt.

"Um what?" Blaine picked up gift wrap and tags that had fallen onto the floor as he looked back at his boyfriend. Kurt looked confused. "What's wrong, love?"

"I just," Kurt licked his lips and showed the text conversation to his boyfriend. "I got these messages from Chandler. He says he heard Nick and Jeff talking. About you… and there's something you're not telling me?"

Blaine tensed and Kurt could tell by the reaction that Chandler wasn't bullshitting like he honestly thought he was. Kurt sighed and turned the phone off, grabbing Blaine's hand and pulling him down next to him.

"Alright, Anderson. I'm going to be the boyfriend that I'd hope you would be for me in this situation and I am going to let you explain whatever this is to me."

Blaine nodded, putting the trash back down.

"I have no doubt the only reason Chandler was texting me is to rub whatever it is in my face. So please, be honest. You know that I love you and I'm willing to listen. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me, would you?—"

"You know I would never," Blaine said, sighing and taking Kurt's hand. "This is something that happened so long ago and Nick, he took the news hard which is why he was freaking."

Kurt looked Blaine in the eyes, though his boyfriend looked elsewhere. "Talk to me. Tell me what's wrong, Blaine."

"I," Blaine shook his head and finally looked up, "I think I have a daughter."

The hand that was holding Blaine's tightened a bit as he delivered the news to his boyfriend. He waited for eye contact and spoke once Blaine gave him that. "What makes you think that?"

Blaine shook his head. "It's a long, long complicated story, but there's this girl who I was involved with once upon a time. I um," Blaine stroked Kurt's hand, "I ran into her in New York, this past trip, and she had a beautiful little girl. I—"

There was loud banging coming from the door and Kurt and Blaine both jumped before Blaine stood up, letting go of Kurt's hand and walking over.

"Be careful," Kurt said, "this is Lima Heights Adjacent."

"Blaine? Kurt?" Nick knocked again and spoke, "anyone here?"

"It's Nick," Blaine ran over to the door, kicking wrapping out of the way as he went. Kurt sighed and stood up, watching him open it.

"Hey," Nick stormed in, eyes a little red. He looked at Kurt and sighed, forcing a smile. "Hey, Kurt. Blaine," Nick slapped his friend's shoulder as Blaine closed the door, watching Nick. It was safe to say he'd never seen him like this.

"Hey," Kurt said. "We were actually just talking so if you could give us a minute—"

"This is important," Nick said, looking Kurt dead in the eyes. He had to let him know he was serious, and this wasn't about soccer, or a competition, or something ridiculous as it usually was when he came over. "I need to tell you both something and I really, really need your help."

Blaine walked over after the door was locked. He sat down on the arm of the couch and looked between his friend and lover. "I was actually just telling Kurt about Ashleigh."

Nick looked at Blaine like he was stupid. "Bro…"

"No, I admit that I wasn't going to until I talked to Burt and my mom," Blaine shook his head and looked at Kurt apologetically when his boyfriend looked hurt, "I was honestly scared out of my mind and I didn't want us to suffer because of this…because of something I'd done a long time ago—"

"You had to know I wouldn't leave you over this—"

"I guess in the back of my mind, but surely you know it's kind of a scary thing to realize—"

"Can both of you shut up for two minutes so that I can explain myself?"

Kurt and Blaine both turned to Nick and the boy sighed. "I'm very, very sorry—"

"You've been so snappy, mister—"

"I know," Nick apologized again. "I'm sorry. It's just that I really need the both of you to hear me out. Please."

Blaine, who was extremely confused, called for Kurt to join him. They both sat on the couch and looked up at Nick who nervously began to pace the floor.

"Alright," he took a deep breath, "Blaine, I should've said something to you when you first told me. I really have no excuse but I…I called Ashleigh, on the way here."

Blaine and Kurt both made confused faces, but Nick continued talking.

"I had to make sure first, but yeah… um, one night at a party, long after you and her stopped messing around, she and I did it and… well she ended up pregnant."

Kurt's mouth dropped and he looked from Nick to Blaine, back to Nick. "Wait… you and this Ashleigh girl messed around—"

"We had sex… and before she moved, she told me she was pregnant." The brunette took a seat, "I didn't actually think she was being honest, and if she was, I honestly thought her parents wouldn't let her keep it. I don't know—"

"So wait," Blaine sat forward and shook his head, trying to follow, "You and Ashleigh… what about Naomi?"

Nick shook his head. "She and I were fighting and I went to this Pace party. You both should beware of them. They're like college parties I swear."

Kurt listened, feeling bad for his friend.

"I was drunk and Ashleigh was mad at Blaine for whatever he'd done that time, and we did it. Only the lord knows whether or not we used protection."

Blaine shook his head.

"After you told me you saw her in New York, and that she had a little girl, and you explained how the baby looked… I knew. It's been affecting me ever since, Blaine—"

"I'm not going to act like I'm not even a little bit relieved, but dude," Blaine stood up and walked over to his friend, "you cannot let this ruin everything good you have going for you."

Kurt nodded, feeling relieved as well, but hurt for his friend at the same time. "Nick, Jeff adores you. We all love you, man. You're an A student at a great school."

Nick looked between the both of them as they nodded. Blaine spoke next, "And, I know you're scared but you have a daughter. That's a blessing, man."

Nick stood up and hugged his best friend hard; his face buried in his neck. Blaine smiled and held him close. "Bro..."

"You don't understand," Nick shook his head, "All I've been doing since you told me was trying to discourage you from getting into her life… Ashleigh told me her name is Brooklyn…" Nick looked up, "and you were determined to do the right thing. But I…"

Kurt smiled, looking down at his fingers as the two talked.

"Yeah," Blaine looked at Nick, "I told you my dad would expect nothing less from me if I was a dad and I expect nothing less from you. As for you, Nick… don't be afraid. You have so many of us—"

"You know we're here for you, Nicholas," Kurt said. He got up to and went to hug him, "and thank you for telling us. Chandler overheard you two I guess and he tried to cause a problem where there wasn't one…"

Nick shook his head, hugging Kurt too. "I love you both."

Blaine put his hands in his pockets. "We love you too. Do you want to hang here with us for the night?"

"No," Nick pulled away and smiled at Kurt before wiping his tears. "I'm going to go find my boyfriend and apologize. I did something so dumb today and I just want to make things right. Hopefully he'll be in my corner too."

Kurt smiled. "Jeff wouldn't rather be anywhere else on this earth. Go find him, Nick."

Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand as he looked at Nick. "Go get him, Tiger."

Kurt looked at his boyfriend.

"What? Isn't that what they say in every romance movie?"

"Shut up," Kurt said with a laugh, pulling his boyfriend over to him. Nick laughed too and wiped his face, walking backwards.

"Thanks again, guys. I'll see you tomorrow. Dinner right?"

Blaine nodded. "Tomorrow. Love you, boy."

Nick went out the door and waved goodbye. "Love you too." It closed and a few moments later, they heard what must've been Chandler's dad's car start up.

"I love you, stupid." Kurt turned around and wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulder. "I promise that I wasn't going to get mad about something that happened so long ago but what did upset me was the fact that you didn't tell me right away."

"I was afraid," Blaine said softly, hugging his boyfriend tightly. "And now I'm a little afraid for Nick with his family situation but, I'm just happy I have an understanding, loving, supportive man like you on my side. I love you, Kurt."

Kurt closed his eyes, not realizing how they were swaying a little like always. "I love you, more. And no matter what, I always will. Don't forget that."

Blaine nodded. "Only if you don't." he kissed his boyfriend's cheek, "go upstairs and pick a movie. I'm going to clean up and bring food and join you."

Kurt smiled. "Promise you won't take too long?"

"I promise." Blaine told him. He smiled as his boyfriend reluctantly pulled away and trekked up the stairs.

Forget Blarry and Kiles or whatever, Klaine would always be endgame.


"Where the hell are Kurt and Blaine?" Santana checked her watch and looked around the dimly lit room. Everyone shrugged.

The idea was for the group to gather at Sugar's house since she had a private theater. They were going to watch stupid movies all day and enjoy the last of their time together.

On Wednesday was dinner.

On Thursday, the guys got dragged to the mall to hold bags for the girls. Oh, and Kurt.

On Friday, the group went to play laser tag and found a carnival to crash. Kurt won all of the things for Blaine again.

And today was their last real day together. Only Kurt and Blaine were missing.

"I don't know, but neither of them are answering my texts," Justin said in between kisses from Quinn.

Santana cuddled closer to Brittany and looked back up at the screen. "Oh well. Maybe they wanted time alone."

"Time alone my bum, Blaine will have Kurt every day." Rachel said, pouting as Finn slept in her lap. She looked over to where Mike and Tina were cuddled on their side of the room and Mike looked back at her.

"You and Kurt got to go to a show yesterday, right?"

"Yeah but it was a short show. Like two hours."

Mercedes shook her head. "Girl."

"Everyone be quiet," Nick looked up at the movie, munching his popcorn. Jeff shook his head at him as he ran his fingers through the boy's hair.

"You've seen this at least five times, baby."

Nick shoved popcorn into Jeff's mouth to quiet him.

"I'm sure wherever they are, they're having fun," Sugar said. "Now c'mon, this is the best part."


"I just love this movie so much," Kurt whispered to his boyfriend as they cuddled on the sofa. Blaine held him closely and watched as well. It was his first time seeing The Notebook, though Kurt had watched it several times before. "And I know you'll ask, and it isn't only because of Ryan Gosling."

Blaine smiled, glancing at his boyfriend out the corner of his eye. "You don't have to lie."

"I'm not lying." Kurt said with a soft smile. He turned to face Blaine who was of course looking right at him before leaning in for a kiss. "This is one of the most romantic movies in the history of romantic movies and I just really love romance."

Blaine smiled at his boyfriend in the dark as he pulled him closer. Kurt hummed happily as he lay back against Blaine's chest, throwing the covers over the both of them. They were sitting in the middle of the Lopez family's sofa. It was now 10 at night. They had every intention of going to hang out with their friends but after they had sex three times in a row on her guest room floor, it was hard to move. Besides, they enjoyed the quiet that not being around everyone else brought. Santana's mother worked from 5pm to 2am, so there was no one there to interrupt, and Blaine loved that part.

"If you love romance so much, do you care to explain how you ended up with me?" Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear. The younger teen laughed a little lightly as he watched the movie.

"Don't underestimate yourself, Blaine. We did slow dance in Central Park once. And we also made love on the beach." Kurt smiled at the kiss his boyfriend planted on his cheek as he continued, "And might I add that those were all your ideas? Mr. BMX, the romantic…"

Blaine hummed, tightening his grip around Kurt's midsection. "You deserve that and so much more."

"You know," Kurt reached behind him and started to twirl his fingers in his boyfriend's growing curls, "Don't short change yourself, honey. You deserve nothing less than the best."

Blaine smiled into Kurt's shoulder, but didn't answer. They both quietly went back to watching The Notebook and Kurt would mouth along with the dialogue every once and a while. It was easy to assume he was a fan, Blaine thought to himself.

A little bit of time had passed and Blaine's mind drifted off. The movie was really sweet; don't get him wrong, but there were so many memories from that week with Kurt and their friends. It was what he'd hoped it would be after the drama died down. And, he missed their family. He couldn't wait to get home to them and, believe it or not, start their senior year at Pace.

"Are you paying attention or are you kissing me?" Kurt asked softly; eyes still on the screen. "There will be a quiz."

Blaine chuckled quietly as he placed another kiss to just behind his boyfriend's ear. "Oh will there, Mr. Hummel?"

Kurt smiled to himself as he nodded. "Yup. Mikey aced the quiz, by the way. He knows everything about Allie and Noah." Blaine removed his arms from around Kurt underneath the blanket and the adorable boy frowned. "Why aren't you holding me?"

"My butt is vibrating and not in the good way," Blaine grabbed his phone as Kurt laughed and looked at the screen. "Oh, it's Donnie. He wants to know what time he's picking us up from the airport tomorrow."

Kurt smiled and turned to Blaine, kissing his cheek. "I'm going to miss it here. Thank you for the abundance of memories, baby."

Blaine smiled, replying to the text and putting his phone down again. "You're very welcome, baby."

"You know what we haven't done, yet? Being so busy with everything…"

Blaine smiled at the second kiss on the cheek. "We haven't gone back to the place we met."

Kurt nodded, smiling to himself. "Exactly."

"So," Blaine licked his lips, "What do you say we go now?"

"The park is definitely closed…"

"We won't get caught."

"Says you," Kurt laughed, "and then I'll be calling my dad from a prison cell."

"They don't have phones in the cells, silly."

"Shut up," Kurt poked Blaine and he laughed. "I want to go though, and make you swing."

"I say we go and relive the whole moment. I'll go get my guitar!" Blaine jumped up and ran upstairs and Kurt laughed, looking around for his shoes.

"Can you bring me down a shirt?" he called upstairs, fixing his shorts from where Blaine had been trying to wrestle them open when the beginning of the movie started. "Please!"

"Okay!" Blaine called back. Kurt slid into his shoes and grabbed his phone, smiling giddily at what they were about to do.

Gosh, he hoped they didn't get caught.


From Sebastian:

Hey, Dave. I'm bored and horny and I know you're probably at Scandals. Want to hang out?

From Sebastian:

It's been an hour, Karofsky. Answer or I'll fuck someone else.

To Sebastian:

The best thing about iOS7 is being able to block phone numbers. Goodbye, asshole.


Blaine laughed as he neared the end of the song he was playing, sitting on the same rock in Faurot Park as Kurt stood there watching; arms crossed as he tried not to laugh at the idiot.

"And this is where you walked over with your mom, completely in awe of all that I was and all that I am." Blaine played the Beatles song on his guitar, winking at Kurt.

"And this is the exact chord where you saw me and your six going on seven year old jaw dropped to the ground like a cartoon."

"Pssh," Blaine scoffed, laughing a bit, "We all know that you were the one who was head over heels, okay…"

"Uh huh, whatever helps you sleep at night, big boy," Kurt smiled and looked around the park, making sure there weren't any undercover cops waiting to take them away. Blaine told him the worst they could get was a ticket, but Kurt didn't care. He knew he was going to the slammer.

"Where you going?"

"Monkey bars," Kurt said, smiling. He walked off and Blaine hopped off the rock, following after him.

"Are you going to swing around with me?" Blaine asked once he finally caught up; the nostalgia of where the stood slapping him in the face first and then playing at his heart. "I won't let you fall, promise."

Kurt took his hand and nodded. "I know you won't. Come on, because this is the last time this is happening."

Blaine laughed and put his guitar down, running over and jumping up on the monkey bars. Kurt shook his head and carefully climbed up. He made sure that Blaine's monkey ass wouldn't kick him in the face before hanging upside down, his shirt falling down over his face. Blaine laughed and did the same, the both of them hanging and swinging.

"Hey Hummel."

Kurt laughed. "Hey, Anderson. Care to kiss me?"

The park's light shone down on the both of them as the boy's kissed. Blaine smiled; blood rushing to his head as they hung there. "You taste like Yoplait. When did you have Yoplait?"

Kurt laughed. "I think that's my default taste now. I'm pretty sure it runs through my bloodstream at this point."

"You want to hear something crazy?"

Kurt nodded, kissing him again.

"I'm going to marry you so hard and make you my husband." Blaine said, looking upside down at his boyfriend's smile. "And then I'm going to adopt some children so hard and raise them with you so hard," Kurt started laughing as their noses touched, "It's just going to be a great life."

"With you, a wonderful life." Kurt nodded, kissing his boyfriend again. "I love you so hard, Anderson."

Blaine smiled. "And I love you."

Kurt swung back and then held onto the bar with his hands now, releasing his legs from the one they were wrapped around so that he could jump down. He looked back to see Blaine doing the same; the rider landing on the ground and smiling, a bit dizzy.

"I have something for you," Kurt got down on one knee and pulled out the grape ring pop. Blaine gasped, clutching his chest.

"It's beautiful, Kurt!" Blaine said, smiling at his boyfriend's beautiful laughter.

"Oh god," Kurt shook his head. "Blaine Alexander Anderson, you are the sun, the moon, and the stars."

Blaine mocked cried and Kurt opened the package.

"Your butt is the perfect." Kurt told him, taking Blaine's hand, "And this ring is to show everyone that the butt is mine."

"That is exactly what you said all those years ago. This recreation of our first meeting in 2002 is going perfectly!"

Kurt bit his lip, trying not to laugh at how ridiculous they both were. "So will you show everyone that you're my number one bitch or what, Anderson?"

Blaine burst out laughing. "I'd love to be your bitch. Yes. Yes!"

Kurt laughed as he forced the ring onto Blaine's finger. "This was much easier when you had the finger of a seven year old, I must say." He got up and pulled his boyfriend into a kiss, laughing loudly when Blaine picked him up and spun him around. "I love you." they said at the same time.


New tweet from FendiKurt: He said 'yes'.

New tweet from BMXxSwag: He said my butt was the perfect. Who could say no to that?


"So you boys had a good time, I take it?" Don asked, finally pulling out of LAX airport after all of the boys had their things loaded into his SUV.

"A great time." David said. "Kurt's Ohio friends are cool and I liked being back east. It's been a while."

Don smiled as Nick chimed in. "I think it's good to be back, though."

Justin nodded, looking out the window as they drove. "Yeah. It's good to be back. I miss my girlfriend though."

Kurt smiled, patting his friend on the thigh. "Something tells me you two are in it for the long run."

"So are we," Jeff whispered into Nick's ear. Blaine smiled as he looked over at them. "But you better not ever pull something like that again or those balls are mine, Duval. Brooklyn won't even get to know you."

Nick smirked but nodded. "Yes, sir."

"You're awfully quiet, nephew." Don said, looking up through the rearview at Blaine.

Justin laughed as David spoke. "Because Kurt put him on timeout for disappearing before we had to leave for the airport and almost making us miss our flight."

Kurt sighed. "He knows we have our Pace orientation tonight at the goober pulled something like that."

Blaine smiled, closing his eyes. "I apologized a million times, baby."

"Yeah, yeah." Kurt shook his head. "We were scared, that's all."

"He still won't say where he went," Justin mumbled.

"Probably to get a tattoo," Don said, shaking his head. The group laughed with the exception of Blaine who was remembering where he'd been earlier that day.


He smiled as he put the roses down on the grass and took a seat, reading the words and taking a deep breath.

In Memory of

Elizabeth Sarah Hummel
January 13, 1969 – March 9, 2004

A loving wife, mother, and sister

A smile for all, a heart of gold
One of the best the world could hold
Never selfish, always kind
A beautiful memory left behind

"Hello, ma'am. I'm Blaine… I'm sure you know that and I'm sure you remember me. The annoying little curly haired brat who tried to kidnap your six year old son and take him back to California with me ten years ago." Blaine smiled, thinking about how beautiful she was that day. "I know you're looking down on us always…something tells me you and my dad helped Kurt and I find one another again."

His phone started to ring and Blaine looked down, knowing it was Kurt. He saw the time and sighed. "I have to get going, but I just wanted to come and let you know that everything is fine. Burt, he misses you every day. He talks about you constantly. So does your son. They love you more than anything, and they're moving on with you on their minds always." His phone started again and Blaine sighed. "That son of yours is still a bossy pants."

After putting the phone in his pocket he stood up, smiling down at the gravestone. "I really came here to thank you and tell you that I love you. I wish we had more time to get to know one another, but I know you had to go. All in all, you're always in our minds. Please, tell my father Cooper Senior that I said hello, and that we love him. I talk to him constantly but, please. For me."

This time, Blaine knew he'd better answer. He smiled at the flowers and backed away slowly. "Thank you, Elizabeth. I'll take good care of him for you. That knuckle head husband of yours, too. You have my word." The boy turned away and walked towards the car, picking up his cell phone and hearing Kurt shout all types of things into his ear.

"I'm coming, honey. Yeah, I'll be right there—I'll be… I love you. Yes... sorry, Kurt. I love you… Ok. Yes."

He smiled and turned back to Elizabeth's grave, all before leaving the cemetery.


"I just wanted to say thanks," Blaine said softly to himself, looking up at the sky. "I had to say thanks."


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