Chapter one

Everyone still at Hogwarts was still celebrating, even the people that lost loved ones were celebrating because they realised just like everyone else that now Voldemort was dead, their world was safe, the safest it had been in a long time. Harry, Hermione and Ron watched everyone either laugh or cry. After a lot of food and some hot tea, Harry got up and stretched.

'I'm going to see McGonagall about somewhere to sleep, I'm completely knackered.'

'I'm not sure if we're heading home or what, but we'll let you know.'

'Yep, I'll visit in a day or so,' Harry hugged his friends then made his way down to a very dishevelled Professor McGonagall. Just as he reached her, Neville ran in and started panting heavily, but couldn't talk so he grabbed her arm and pointed.

Harry ran the rest of the way, 'What is it Neville?'

Neville shook his head and pointed, then pulled Harry towards the doors where Hagrid was carrying someone with long black robes.

'Blimey, he's a live,' Harry stared up at Snape, 'Um Professor, there's a lot to explain, but he really was on our side. Now's not the time to go into that though.'

'Alright Harry, I'll go see if he's going to be alright. Will you be around somewhere?'

'Yeah, I was going to see if you could find me somewhere to sleep.'

'I'll do that as soon as I've seen to Severus,' she hurried away with the two young men staring after her.

'We thought he died, he gave me a memory, but then Voldemort told me to go to him.'

'But what about Dumbledore Harry?' Neville panted.

'It was planned between them. If you give me a few days I'll explain.'

'Sure, I think you need to explain a lot of things now it's over.'

'I will, can you go let Hermione and Ron know about Snape, I want to talk to Aberforth.'

'No problem Harry,' Neville stood straight, took a couple of calming breathes then walked off.

Harry stared at the door of the room that was being used as a temporary hospital before he found Dumbledore's brother. He spoke for a few minutes, then Harry went back to the door. He couldn't work out what he felt for the man now, the man that had loved his mother, but also helped protect Harry for years.

'Harry,' Ginny said as she walked over to him, 'I heard about Snape and Neville said something about him being on our side.'

'Yeah, there's too much to go into right now though and I'm exhausted. I just want to find out if he's going to be alright.'

'I mainly came over to find out about us.'

'Look Ginny, right now is not the best time. I haven't had time to think of anything and I need to rest.'

'But when you've had time, will we be together?'

'I can't say yes or no, not right now and probably not for a while. Too much has happened to think about relationships.'

McGonagall stepped outside the door, 'He's going to live. Now I know you're tired Harry and probably need to see Madame Pomfrey yourself, but I do need a couple of questions answered. So I'll show you a room you can use then you can explain.'

'Yeah, I can give you the basic rundown until later.'

Harry and McGonagall walked off why Ginny stared after him, 'You will be mine Harry, I'm determined for you to see that,' she turned and went back to join her family with the thoughts of being Mrs. Potter in her mind and she wondered if Harry knew everything about his heritage.

Harry stood just inside the doors of a large living type room, he explained what Dumbledore and Snape had planned, everything that Snape had been doing since Voldemort first found out about the prophecy.

'If you give me a few days, I'll show you and Kingsley the memory. That's proof of what Snape was doing and also what Dumbledore asked him to do.'

'Alright, the minister will need to see proof of this because of what Severus seemed to be doing over the last few years. Now why don't you get some rest, then you can see Madame Pomfrey.'

'I will and professor, thanks for believing in me. You never wasted time with questions even though I knew you wanted them. I really appreciate that.'

'Albus always said to trust you and we all know he gave you a job. We didn't know how important that job was, now we do. Now rest, you look like you can barely stand.'

'I'm forcing myself to stay standing,' Harry gave her a smile before she left, then headed over to the large bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, took his shoes off, then his stained and ripped jumper and jeans before climbing under the covers. The moment his head hit the pillow he was snoring softly.

The Weasley family along with Hermione all arrived back at Muriel's place, 'Why are we here dad?' Ron asked.

'We've been in hiding for months Ron, there's no food at the Burrow plus we have to make sure the death eaters never cursed the place. So we'll do that in a day or two, Muriel has been kind enough to let us all stay here.'

'Oh, okay, sorry, I haven't had much time to think about all this. I knew you lot went into hiding, Bill told us when we stayed there.'

'Now why didn't Harry come with us?' Molly asked.

'He wants to get his own place now he can, so he's staying at Hogwarts till he sorts a few things out.'

'He's much too young to be living alone, he should be here with his family. Then he will need to sit down with Ginny and work on their relationship since you three have been gone for so long.'

'He's an adult Mrs. Weasley and that's one thing Harry told me, he wants his own place and time to himself now he can.'

'I'm sure when I talk to him he will see sense and listen to me,' Molly said then started to bustle around the kitchen with Ginny beside her.

Hermione watched as Ginny and her mother talked quietly why they got everyone's breakfast ready and for some reason the looks they were giving each other made her feel very uneasy, so she pulled Ron aside and into another room.

'You know Harry won't be talked into anything wrong, but what's going on with your mum and Ginny?'

'Oh those two, for years they have been talking like that. I did overhear them once, all about how Ginny will be Mrs. Potter one day, but something I never understood, was something Ginny said. I was walking past her room one day and she was staring at herself in the mirror, she had this paper thing on her head, sort of cut out like a tiara, like Muriel's. Then she said lady Potter, what's that?'

'Lady Potter, I have no idea. But you know what Harry told us about what he wants.'

'Yeah, he's not getting married and he won't have a normal relationship. At first I was hacked off because he had been with Ginny, but after he explained, I suppose I get it. I'm still hoping he changes his mind though.'

'If he does, it won't be for a long time. Let's not mention any of this to Harry, he's probably trying to forget everything for a while and I can't blame him. But I'm tired, do you think we could find somewhere to sleep.'

'I'll work it with dad, come on,' Ron took Hermione's hand and they spoke to his father before heading up the stairs and into a room ready to have a long sleep.