Chapter eleven

'Harry, mate, why didn't you tell me you got married, we're best friends?' Ron asked.

'I'll explain in a moment, but aren't you curious as to who I married?'

'Well yeah, since you never arrived with a girl or wife, so you'll have to tell us.'

Harry lifted Severus' hand, 'That's because I'm married to Severus, Minerva McGonagall performed the ceremony two weeks ago.' Harry and Severus gave her a smile, then they both stood there as everyone gapped at them in stunned silence.

'It's not real, you did that to get your inheritance,' Ginny said angrily.

'I assure you our marriage is real Miss Weasley, sex and all,' Severus put his arm around Harry who leaned into him.

'Oh yeah, I can't get enough of you Sev.'

'Alright, you don't have to tell everyone love.'

'You said it first Snape,' Harry smirked.

'And you had to follow, like always with you Potter.'

Harry punched Severus' arm, 'Not like always.'

'Alright, I need to know something here,' Kingsley said.

'Anything Minister,' Severus said.

'Did you just get married so Harry could get his inheritance?'

'No, we got married because we love each other.'

'And it was the only way Sev would make love, we had to be married first, so old fashioned. So even though I'm Lord Potter, Sev is Lord Snape since there's no Lady Potter. But Mr. Weasley, I need to ask you something. Did you know about my family, the Potters and Lord Potter?'

'No, I never knew anything about that Harry, why do you ask?'

'I just figured it would be something your wife would have told you since she knew and so did Ginny.'

'I heard rumours, that's all Harry, I never knew if it was real or not. You should know more than most how many lies have been written about you.'

'Oh I know Mrs. Weasley,' Harry glanced at Hermione who placed a pensieve on the table, 'I'd like to show everyone a memory before we continue. But first, all you Weasley boys, Mr. Weasley as well, did you ever regret letting me into your family. Being so involved with me which brought more danger onto all of you than you normally would have.'

'No,' all the boys called out together before Arthur spoke, 'I can speak for my family Harry, we don't regret taking you in. We think of you as one of the family. But I need to know why you asked that?'

'This memory will tell you why Mr. Weasley, but thanks for what you said, it means a great deal to me as that's how I always felt about all of you,' Harry took a small vial out of his pocket and poured it into the pensieve then looked at Severus who waved his wand over it. Everyone gazed at Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley talking about Ginny becoming Lady Potter, how she will inherit a fortune and how the family will never go without again. They also heard Molly talking about them having to put up with the danger Harry brought to her family because they were close to Harry, to the point she lost a son. Harry brought that on all of them, so she believed they deserved that money and castles. Finally the memory finished and everyone glared over at Ginny and Molly before Arthur got up and pulled both of them inside.

'Harry mate, none of us feel like that. You know I won't let you give me anything, I won't even let you buy me anything.'

'I know Ron, but we had to make sure. Hermione first overheard your mum and Ginny talking about this. So she told me, even though she wanted to tell you, we thought it was safer not to mention it. There was another memory I was going to show, but I figured that one was enough.'

'What was the other one?' Bill asked.

'Ginny and your mother talking about making sure Ginny slept with me to get her pregnant. If that happened and even if we weren't married, then Ginny and the child would inherit,' Harry stepped over to George, 'I know you suffered by losing Fred, all of you did, but Fred was your twin. You never once treated me any differently when you could have hated me, but you don't.'

George stood up, 'No, I don't because Fred and I spoke about this fight Harry, we all knew it was coming, we all knew we could die. It wasn't your fault in anyway, it wasn't you we turned up for, we turned up to fight because it was the right thing to do,' George hugged Harry.

'Thanks George,' Harry hugged him back then stepped back with Severus, 'I'm not sure if they will want to celebrate here, but if they don't, our place is ready for all of you come there. But we'll leave it up to you.'

'Let me speak with dad Harry, find out what he wants to do.'

'Thanks Bill.'

'I can't believe Ginny would do this, do you know if she really loved you or was it just part of this plan of theirs?' Ron asked.

'The few times Hermione overheard them, no, she never loved me.' Harry leant against Severus who wrapped his arms around Harry, 'Sev loves me, don't you babe?' Harry looked up at him and Severus leaned down and kissed him.

'Yes, I sure do Potter even if you are an insufferable brat.'

'Now that's the Professor Snape we all know,' Ron blurted out, then grimaced as he looked over at Snape, 'Sorry.'

'Weasley,' Snape said in his deep menacing voice, but heard Harry chuckle as he lowered his head, 'How am I supposed to make him frightened of me if you laugh love?'

'Because it's just so funny, you trying to act like Dumbledore told you to. None of that was you, so give it up,' Harry rubbed his backside against Severus' groin.

'Oi, what did I tell you about that,' Snape glared.

'That I wasn't allowed to turn you on in those tight pants, I couldn't help it.'

'Oh gross Harry, we don't need to see it or hear it.'

'Dad said it would be better if everyone leaves.'

'Okay, Hermione you have the information for everyone. So we'll go and set everything up and see you all there, no exceptions,' Harry called.

He walked off with the man he married ready to celebrate with his friends. But they weren't just celebrating Harry's birthday, they were celebrating that their world was finally safe, at long last.

The end: