Hey you guys, it's me! Sorry about not updating Seeing is Believing for a while. I don't have writer's block or anything it's just that I started up school again & I thought up this story idea that I just HAD to write down. I'm going to do another fanfic about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime too! Remember, I use English names but Japanese plot. All of the Japanese names will be in parentheses. Also, all, if any, English terms said by Momoko will be in italics. SO . . . HERE IT IS! The new Ojamajo Doremi fanfic!

I don't (or will never) own Ojamajo Doremi. All characters belong to Toei Animation and ABC. Thank you! GOD BLESS Y'ALL! (Remember I DON'T believe in witch craft or anything along those lines! Thanks for respecting my opinions)

Good Days with Ice-cream on Top

It all started as your average afternoon. The sun was shining, birds were a chirpin' and all was right. Even things at the Doremi Craft Shop (Craft Shop Maho-dou) were running smoothly. I mean, really, merchandise was selling like hot tarts (Momoko pun XD)! Bracelets, necklaces, and belts were off the shelves in no time. Quilts and blankets were literally being snatched off clothes pins! Add that to the fact that all the merchandise looked adorable, fashionable, well-made, and cheap; you'll have a full set. Especially since it's cheap. People love cheap.

During the frenzy of buying the products, our favorite group of girls was doing their assigned jobs for the day. There was Reanne (Hazuki) at the cash register checking the prices on items that customers were set on buying. Over on the right was the woman in charge of her fellow workers. That's right, you guessed it! Dorie (Doremi) was answering any and all questions that came her way and was helping Caitlyn (Pop) show people around the shop telling them where everything was. Near the back, Hana was working on the womb and thinking on more designs for the quilts. She's pretty good at it (the customers sure think so). At the entrance, Momoko and Mirabelle (Aiko) were standing outside, greeting each new customer with a warm welcome and watched out for anyone with sticky fingers that decided to walk out with items they didn't pay for. Thieves these days; they'll even sink so low as to steal from elementary schoolers (the nerve -). As for the famous pop-star Ellie Craft (Onpu), she was doing what she does best. Bringing in customers by the millions and signing autographs for the greater good (such a snob XD). Yep, everything was going smoothly.

After the final customer left, the girls closed up shop and started to clean. Patina (Majo Rika) flew happily to the back area to count up the day's earnings. The day went off without a hitch. As they were cleaning up shop, Dorie pulled Momoko and Hana aside to tell them they were going on a mission for more supplies. So, as soon as they told the others, the trio departed for the nearest store for supplies in hopes any were open around this time.

"I think we made a fair amount of money off the merchandise today." Reanne commented breaking the silence to start up a conversation.

"You kidding? Patina psycho-giggled all the way to the back of the shop as soon as we closed. I think we made more than a 'fair amount' of money Reanne." Ellie stated sweat-dropping at Patina's childish actions.

"Yeah, that was some cackle." Mirabelle shuddered at the thought.

"I don't think 'psycho-giggle' does that laugh she did justice. I think it was more like a freakish Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Asylum laugh." Caitlyn argued while sweeping the upstairs. Seriously, his laugh is creepy but EPIC!

"Yeah, that sounds about right . . . . wait . . . . how do you know about that game and how do you know what Scarecrow sounds like? Isn't that game rated 'M' for Mature?" Ellie looked at Caitlyn suspiciously.

"Dorie secretly likes game like that, so when nobody's around, or when she thinks nobody's around, she and her fairy start to play to their hearts content." Caitlyn explained.

"That sneak!" Ellie complained with her fairy complaining right next to her. That surprised everyone; Pao just thought it was funny. Ellie suddenly curled up into a ball and started biting her thumb nail saying, "How come she never invited us?"

Everyone just gaped; Pao on the other hand started rolling on the floor laughing. 'I never knew Ellie was into those kinds of games' was going through everyone's heads.

"That was unexpected." Mirabelle piped in. Two minutes later (a grand total of ten minutes in all) the three 'miracle workers' strode in like they came back from wining the jackpot at the lottery, buried to their necks with supplies for the shop.

"You guys are back early; what happened?" Reanne asked the gleaming trio.

"Well, the store we went to was close by to start off. A man there was having trouble with some stuff; so, we dropped what we were doing and helped him out. Turns out, he was the owner of the store we were in; so, as repayment, he said that we could take as much as we wanted free of charge." Dorie sheepishly smiled. Hey, a little act of kindness can go a long way.

"Of course, Dorie here said we would pay for all the items but the guy insisted. And, as an added bonus, we went and bought ice-cream for everyone!" Momoko held up a bag filled to the brim with frozen, ice-creamy goodness. Cheers were heard throughout the shop as everyone, including the fairies, dashed to get their fair share of ice-cream. Due to all the racket, a certain greenling decided to fly in and see what all the commotion was about.

"What's going on out here, a party?" Patina was aggravated that someone (not naming names) disturbed her from her money counting. That's about when she caught sight of Dorie, Hana, and Momoko, "Why are you back so early?"

"Long story short, we helped a guy, he gave us FREE supplies, and we bought ice-cream. WHATTA DEAL!" Momoko exclaimed walking off, proud of their haul.

"Don't worry Patina; we didn't forget you." Hana handed green-mint chocolate chip ice-cream to the greenling. Everyone was chowing down on the cold dessert; perfect for a hard day's work. Mirabelle decided to break the silence once again.

"So Dorie . . . . Batman Arkham Asylum, huh?"

Dorie nearly choked on her strawberry sundae. She didn't have to ask to know who ratted her out. "Caitlyn!" Dorie began to charge at her little sister.

"Ah, today was a good day . . . with ice-cream on top!" Caitlyn bit off the last piece of her cherry popsicle and darted towards the door being careful not to come within arm's reach of her older sibling. The others just laughed at the two sisters running around the store where they can all be themselves.

And that's it for the first chapter. Do you like that Dorie and Ellie video game moment? It was pretty funny to me thinking about Ellie having a video game type; so, why not Batman? Hope you liked!