A couple ran down the beach in Antigua, hand-in-hand, enjoying their honeymoon.

As they reached the blanket where they'd ditched their shoes, the boy said something that made the girl laugh. He pulled out a camera and snapped a polaroid of the girl.

She grabbed at the picture and chased him down the beach, reaching for the camera. He stopped and she crashed into him, then both rolled toward the ocean. They laughed and he snapped a few more pictures.

The girl snatched the camera and pushed him toward the water. She laughingly snapped pics as he stumbled toward the water, barely stopping himself from falling into the surf.

He grinned evilly as he caught his balance and approached the girl. Upon reaching her, he picked her up and spun her around. She giggled as she continued to take pictures.

He carried her back to the blanket, then sat her in his lap. She rested her head against his shoulder as she clicked more pictures of their surroundings.

He grabbed the camera and took pictures of a few funny-looking tourists, then turned the camera back on them.

The girl snatched it back and took off down the beach, turning to take pictures of the boy every few seconds.

The boy burst into laughter when she backed over a sunburned tourist on a towel. She apologized profusely, but the red man turned redder. The girl rushed back to her husband who still continued to laugh. He grabbed the camera, only to find it was out of film.

His wife laughed as she picked up one of the many pictures littering the sand. "A picture's worth a thousand words, Carlton."

He shook his head as he pulled her closer. "No Juliet, a picture's worth a thousand kisses."

"Well then, we'd better get started."