Chapter 1

Mari looked over at Jowee, who was sitting next to her. They were at the secret beach. It was night time. "So, did you think about it?" Jowee asked.

"Think about what?" Mari said with a smile.

"About, going to Navy J's concert. Will you go with me to dance?" Jowee replied.

"Oh, that question…" Mari said, but she already remembered the question. "I guess…"

Jowee chuckled. "What do you mean you guess? You say it like you don't really want to go."

"Well…" Mari trailed off. "I had something else on my mind when I answered your question just now."

"Oh…" Jowee thought a minute, then thought of what it was. "Oh. Oh. You mean the, uh, kiss…"

Mari looked away from Jowee. "Yeah…" Mari whispered.

"Well, I'm sorry. If it bothered you. I mean, it was a while back when Wilfre was still alive. Well, and maybe I shouldn't have. But I…" Jowee mumbled on.

Mari looked at him. "No, no, no, no. It's not that it bothered me, I mean because, it actually was, um…" Mari trailed off again.

Jowee smiled a little. "So you didn't mind?"

Mari rolled her eyes. "It was just a peck. A little kiss."

"Oh. So you did mind…" Jowee said, disappointed.

"Jowee!" Mari hit him a lightly on the shoulder. "I didn't say that."

"Oh. Sorry." Jowee said. Then they sat there for a minute. "So. You liked it but it was just small, so it didn't really matter that much…"

"Jowee! No, that's not what I said it's just that…" Mari stood up. "I have to go." she began walking away.

Jowee jumped up, "Wait!" he grabbed her arm. "I'm sorry, I'm just not really used to this sort of thing and I-"

Mari pulled him to her, and then she kissed him. Not a very long kiss but not just a peck. Mari let go of him, and stepped back. She giggled.

"Uh, uh…" Jowee stammered. "I guess this is the part where the hero walks up."

Mari giggled, "Well, Jowee, I gotta go."

"Uh, bye Mari…"

Mari walked away leaving Jowee shocked and standing on the beach.

On her way back Mari smiled and giggled every once in a while. Jowee's so cute, always stammering, but good at talking. He just touches my heart in a way that I've never felt be-

There was a cracking noise in the woods along side the path way. "Hello?" Mari asked. "Jowee is that you?" she thought a second, "If you scare me I'm gonna hit you."

"It's not Jowee." a familiar raspy voice said from behind her. Mari turned around and gasped.

Her heart beat went faster and faster. "Wilfre." she uttered, then there was blackness.

Mari lifted her head because she was unconscious. She was tied to a chair. Hands behind the chair. She squirmed, trying to get loose.

"Are you not comfortable." Wilfre said from behind her.

Mari made a mad face. "I'm tied to a chair. I guess you could say, I'm 'comfortable'."

"Oh, Mari." Wilfre said and then walked his way around the chair to the front. "You could have told me, you had feelings for him…" Wilfre turned away from her.

Mari looked up at him, "What?"

"You know what I'm talking about." Wilfre said briefly. "Your friend. Jowee."

"So what? What does this have to do with you?" Mari said trying to hold her anger.

Wilfre turned back to face her, "The point is it'd be shame if something terrible happened to him."

"What do you mean?" Mari asked.

"I'm going to make a deal with you, and if you don't agree, he will become just, like, your father." Wilfre said with and evil look and tone.

A tear rolled down Mari's face, she closed her eyes. "What do you want?"

Wilfre smiled, "What I want is… You."

"Me? What do you mean?"

"Ha. The deal is I marry you, and no one cares. I make your town so miserable, that most everyone leaves and thinks the creator brought this on them."

"I think that rapo's are going to care because it's obvious that you are suppressing them."

"They won't know if I take the form of someone's body, a made up person of course. Let's say I take the form of a guy named Nathan, and he hits land at the beach and he comes from a different island. So you, the mayor, is attracted to him. Completely in love with Nathan. And you better, I mean you must do your best to act like you like me, if you don't someone is getting something bad happen to him." Wilfre explained.

Mari stared at the floor, "So I'm supposed to forget about, Jowee, and pretend that I am in love with, Nathan. You."

"Yes, and if you tell anyone, your going to regret it, for the rest of your pathetic life." Wilfre stated. "And I'm going to make sure that the pain haunts you forever. Trust me on this."

Mari's face streamed with tears, trickling down. "Well, when do we start, Nathan?"

"Tomorrow, I'll see you later, my love." Wilfre answered and walked away.

Mari sat in the clock tower, all she could do was wait and stare at the floor. She had been dropped of there by Wilfre last night. She couldn't sleep so didn't bother going to her house. All she could do was wait. Wait for Wilfre to show up as Nathan. Wilfre had shown her what Nathan would look like, he actually looked pretty handsome, Mari had to admit. In her head of course. Mari had been staring at a tear puddle on the floor for quite some time now. She had to let Jowee go, let him go, to make him live. The only way was to listen to Wilfre. Listen to the betrayer. The raposa that wasn't even allowed to be called a raposa. He was pure evil, completely. But now for a whole new reason. He wanted to take her love away from her. Her love Jowee. Jowee…

"Mayor Mari, there's a ship docking at the beach. It's a ship we haven't seen before." Pirate Beard said from the doorway. "It's not me ship, it's someone else's."

"I'll go check it out." Mari got up, and Pirate Beard walked away and headed for the beach. It was time.

When Mari got there the whole town was there. Including Jowee, along side him Heather. Mari fought back tears. She walked onto the dock and watched as the ship parked next to the dock. A wooden ramp came down, and there was Nathan walking down it. With all his evil looks gone and his shadow body gone. He looked like a regular raposa. A regular attractive raposa. But no one accept Mari knew what lied beneath this new rapo.

Nathan walked down to the dock, smiling a grin that said he was handsome. He looked at Mari. "Hello my name is Nathan."

"Argh, ye an enemy? A pirate?" Pirate Beard asked Nathan.

"No, no. I'm not a pirate, I'm just a rapo looking for a new home. If you'd let me stay, that would be great. Um, is there a mayor in this town?"

"Argh, ye be looking at her. Mayor Mari." Pirate Beard pointed to Mari.

"Well, can I stay here in this town Mayor Mari?" Nathan asked in a soothing voice.

"Of course, there's always room for more raposa in this town. The more the merrier." Mari forced a smile, surprisingly none of the townspeople noticed.

"Thank you." Nathan said, then he brushed passed her, and he whispered. "You'd better make your act better, now."

Mari closed her eyes, then opened them. She sighed and turned around. "Well, Nathan here," she pointed to him. "is going to stay."

"Thank you, Mayor Mari." Nathan said then looked at the crowd. "I would like to get to know you all. It's very nice to meet you all."

"Well, um, I'll have to show you to your house your going to live in." Mari told Nathan. "Right this way."

"Okay." Nathan said then Mari walked away down the pathway, and Nathan followed.

When the group of people were far away, still on the beach, Mari and Nathan talked as they walked away, but slowly the crowd started to follow.

"Get me a house close to yours." Nathan told Mari.

"There isn't a house that's vacant around my house." Mari said.

"Make it work." Nathan said. "Or do you want Jowee to die early? And make your act better, that back there sounded staged. I don't think anyone noticed, because their idiots, but you're coming close..."

"Alright, I'll try and think of someway to get the house free." Mari said. "Oh, what am I saying, they won't leave their house no matter what I say."

"Well, you'd better think of something. Or I could just take care of them…" Nathan stated.

"No, don't. It's Isaac, Mya, and Cindi." Mari said. "Isaac usually never listens to me."

"Well, you need to think of something." Nathan said, frustrated. "Okay, I've got something. How about you get me the house closest to the secret beach."

"What? How do you-" Mari started.

"Just do it!" Nathan yelled a whisper.

They walked toward the house closest to the secret beach. By the time they got there, the crowd was right with them. "Okay, Nathan. Here's your house." Mari said.

"Thank you, Mari." Nathan walked inside.

Okay… Mari thought.

Jowee walked up to Mari, "Hey Mari."

Mari turned around. "Hi Jowee."

"I was thinking, about last night and-" Jowee stopped because Nathan came out of the house. "Oh, hi Nathan."

By now the crowd had left, so it was just Mari, Jowee, and Nathan.

"So, Jowee, is it?" Nathan asked.

"Uh, yeah." Jowee answered, thinking it was strange he new his name, but didn't think much about it.

"Yeah, Jowee, Nathan. Nathan, Jowee." Mari chuckled.

"So, maybe you should go to the concert, Navy J's concert. He's a singer. A "famous" singer." Jowee suggested.

"Hmm, I'd love too." Nathan said.

Mari cringed. "Yeah, you should go. I mean since you are new."

"Well, then I'll see both of you at the concert." Jowee said.

"Um, first I need to know where it is." Nathan stated simply.

"Oh, right." Jowee said. "We'll show you around once you get settled. Right, Mari?"

"Yeah, Jowee." Mari agreed.

"Well, I've got to go." Jowee said. "It was nice meeting you, Nathan. Bye Mari." He turned and walked away. Leaving Mari and Nathan alone.

As soon as Jowee was out of sight Nathan spoke, "Well, well, well. What did he mean about "last night"?"

"Oh, that. He meant, uh, we went to, uh, Isaac's party." Mari stumbled.

"Right. Right." Nathan said, "You know I've been watching you, right? I know that you just lied to me now. I know you kissed him at the secret beach. Hmm."

Should have known. Mari thought. "Okay so I lied. But why are you asking questions, if you already know the answer?"

"Oh, I'm just seeing how well I know my future wife. And I'm seeing how you answer questions, and if I can trust you or not."

"Okay…?" Mari said, then walked away. "See you later."

"Goodbye." Nathan said, creepily. "I love you."

Yeah right. Mari thought. I hate you too.