Dry Bowser's Bone Squad

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, looking at my Sonic fanfic entitled "Sonic The Hedgehog", I figured that since I have plenty of ideas that I'm messing around with, I decided to place them all in one convenient place. You know, like my other all in one fanfic amply named "Seaside Hill". So basically, the ideas I would have for one shots, but am too lazy to make into their own stories. And I wanted to use Dry Bowser in my fanfics, so now I have an excuse. Heh. Enjoy!

Edit: I wanted to do Dry Bowser more justice, so I had this renamed. Hope you guys understand.

Dry Bowser woke up from his long slumber within the main volcano in the volcanic Grumble Volcano area, the hot magma spewing causing the area to remain forever hot. Dry Bowser emerged from the very bottom of the volcano, jumping from wall to wall as he made it to the very top of the crater, overlooking the racetrack just south of the main volcano. He narrowed his yellow eyes as he clenched his skeletal fists.

"That rest managed to allow me to recover to full health," Dry Bowser muttered as he rubbed his chin with his right skeletal hand, "Now that I am fully charged, I can challenge the world and proof my superiority to everyone. I'll show them not to mess with the undead!" He let out a bone chilling cackle as he looked up at the dark sky, jumping down from the top of the main volcano and landing on the race course.

An Undead Goomba, a Dry Bones, and two Undead Piranha Plants emerged from within the main volcano, watching as their boss snatched a nearby unused Flame Runner and sped into a nearby blue warp. The skeletal enemies all looked at each other as they wondered what their boss was up to...