Dry Bowser emerged out of the bluish warp, ending up on the tropical Isle Delfino, being just west of Delfino Plaza, but east of Ricco Harbor. He was in the midst of the island's tropical jungle. A Dry Bones and an Undead Goomba both popped out of the bluish warp, the warp disappearing. Dry Bowser turned around, growling with annoyance as he shook his head.

"You have got to be kidding me." Dry Bowser muttered as he clenched his skeletal fists. "You three clowns followed me all the way here?"

The Dry Bones picked up his head, shrugging as he blinked. "Of course, boss! We skeleton lackies gotta stick together, like sticks and bones!"

The Undead Goomba nodded in agreement. "Yeah, stick together! Plus, we wanna see you kick ass and take names!" This particular Undead Goomba was wearing a blue backpack.

Dry Bowser folded his skeletal arms as he let out an annoyed sigh. "So, you want to follow me all across the world, seeing me in action, eh?"

An Undead Piranha Plant popped out of the Undead Goomba's blue backpack. "Of course! We're loyal subjects to you, to the end!"

Dry Bowser rubbed his chin. "Hmm... well, you're going to need names. I don't want bland, namelesas dronies following me." He then folded his skeletal arms. "And you need personalities. Are you fine with that?"

The Dry Bones, Undead Goomba, and Undead Piranha Plant all looked at each other, then nodded in unison as they turned back to Dry Bowser.

Dry Bowser smirked as he pointed at Dry Bones first. "Good. First off, you will be Drype." He scratched his head. "Drype... yeah, Dry and Type. That'll do." He turned to the Undead Goomba and Undead Piranha Plant. "The mushroom will be Droom and the plant will be Drianha." He closed his eyes as he shook his head. "Ugh, these sound worse, but they'll have to do." He placed his skeletal hands on his skeletal hips. "Are you three all right with that?"

The three newly named minions all stood firmly. "We will stick by your side in stride, boss!"

Dry Bowser smirked as his orange eyes started to glow, turning yellow. "Good... this will go better than expected..." He chuckled.