Hi, it's percyjackson'stwinsister here. The only reason i'm writing this is because my mum told me to. Oh well, here's the disclaimer.

Me: Wait, actually, somebody else is going to do the disclaimer. Let's give it up for... Linden!

Toby: Hey! What about me!

Me: Toby, you are an egotistical guy who picks on Max and also has a crush on her. Go flirt with Ella instead of barging into my story!

Linden: Yeah, she asked me, not you, to do the disclaimer.

Toby: Whatever. But I'm staying here!

Me: * kicks Toby off the Harbour Bridge*

Toby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh hhhhh *Splat*

Me: There. *With satisfaction* He won't be bothering us anytime soon. Now Linden, do the disclaimer or do you want the same thing to happen to you?

Linden: *Gulp* percyjackson'stwinsister does not own Max Remy.

Me: Thank you. Also, please watch 'Detentionaire'! It's kool with a K!

Maxine Remy-

Max: Hey! Don't call me that!

Me: Fine, fine, just shut up. Let's try that again

Max Remy was right now perched on top of the Sydney Opera House. She was surveying the area for Blue because he had been spotted here.

Then somebody said "Hi!"

She turned around and came face to face with...


"percyjackson'stwinsister, what are you doing here!"

"Sorry, just thought I'd drop in" I admitted sheepishly.

"But you're the Author, so shouldn't you like, be writing the story?"

"Yeah, but I am writing the story as well. See?" I reveal my laptop.

"Now, since I'm the Author I'm can do anything! In fact, I'm going to type something right now!"

While I was typing, we heard a voice behind us,

"Hello, Ladies...

Guess who it is? If you can guess, I'll give you cookies! Yeah, I know, the chapter was super-short, but I really want to go back to watching 'Detentionaire' so this is it for the chapter! Oh, and also, click on that really cool button labeled 'Post Review'. Thank you!