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"My Daddy gave me a name…

Then he walked away…

My Dad he gave me a name"


After the two made their way back down to his parent's room, they arrived to find them both talking slowly to his grandmother and Rowena, though both were stuttering their words.

Neville walked over, his girlfriend's hand in his, making the four look their way and smile.

With everything going on, Willow wasn't sure what her plans were going to be. She figured Molly would welcome her back, but to her surprise, Augusta included her in their plans.

"When we get you home tomorrow, Willow and Neville will be there to help out until after the New Year," she told the two, making Alice look up at her with a smile.

"Really?" she whispered, looking so happy that the only thing Will could do was smile back at her.

"Yes, Neville spent the holiday with her at the Weasley's, so she's going to finish out the rest at our home," the old woman said, smiling slightly.

Alice looked to Rowena, her eyes asking the question before he lips moved.

"Aye, I'll be there too…" the red head whispered. She was intent on helping the two get better, no matter how her heart hurt just looking at them, especially when she looked at her Frankie.

They were interrupted by Smythwick once more, the healer clearing his throat as he came around the curtain.

"I have a few papers for you both to sign," he said, handing over a stack of parchment and quill. "You are still required to come in weekly for the next month or so, and you will be on a regime of potions until further notice." He explained as Frank looked over the papers. He glanced up, cocking a brow slightly.

"I w-want Row to m-make our p-potions," he said, his pattern of speech slowly gaining ground.

The healer looked as if he didn't like the idea, but Augusta eyed him beadily.

"This woman is a potion mistress and has already been cleared by the board years ago. She is more than qualified to administer," she said, her tone daring him to say something.

Smythwick was smarter than he seemed, as he nodded, keeping his mouth shut.

"I will have one of the staff bring you a list then Ms. Windkeeper, with a schedule of dosage times," he said, gathering the papers as Alice signed her name. he shuffled them, nodding t them as he left once more.

Alice stifled a yawn, making Rowena smile slightly.

"I think it's time we left. That way, ye can get some well needed sleep, and before ye know it we'll be here to fetch ye tomorrow," she said, reaching over and taking Alice's hand.

Frank sighed, looking to his mother, then his son and Willow. He wanted to be home tonight, to leave this room and be done with it all, but he knew that they needed to make sure that he and Alice were okay.

Still didn't mean he had to like it though.

He looked up t Row, his heart thumping in his chest. It seemed so odd to him, seeing her again. It also made his heart ache, as well.

As the group began their goodbyes, Alice watched her husband and Rowena, the flame that used to be between them burning brightly once more. A soft smile played at her lips, knowing that this time, she was going to fix things, even if it meant smacking their heads together to get them there.

The arrival to Longbottom Hall was quite a shock to Willow. The place was huge and amazing, making her look around in silent awe. She knew that Neville came from old Pureblood money, but this was – well, she could honestly say that his family would put the Malfoy's to shame.

"You grew up here?" she asked in shock as they stood in the middle of the entrance room, it's three gilded fireplaces gleaming in the lamplight, and not a speck of ashes in sight on the large Oriental rug that lay before them.

He nodded, blushing slightly.

"Y-yeah… Why?"

She whistled softly under breath.

"Because it's bloody amazing..." she muttered. The rest of the manor only increased her amazement, resulting in poor Neville blushing harder than ever. By the time he led her outside to look at his greenhouses, he was groaning in embarrassment.

"Will… come on. It's not that amazing!" he huffed, making her laugh.

"Why're you getting so sensitive?" she teased, making him sober up slightly, causing her laughter to die out.

"I just – I know you don't care about the money, but –, " he broke off, taking her hand in his and leading her towards the back of the green house, "but people I grew up with did…" he whispered, sitting down on a marble pot bench, and pulling her onto his lap.

She straddled his legs, pushing his shaggy hair out of his face, and giving him a look of concern.

"Tell me...?" she whispered softly, placing a kiss on his forehead.

He gave a deep sigh, closing his eyes as her lips touched his head.

"Gran tried to get me into the Pureblood circles when I was a kid," he began softly, hearing the slight pattering of the icy rain that was starting up outside.

"She was trying to get me to come out of my shell, but I just never really wanted to. I was happy spending my time out here, and pretty much hated when she would have small parties and stuff." He explained.

Willow leaned against him getting comfortable.


He shrugged, wrapping his arms around her.

"Because all the of the children that came were more interested in how much the Longbottom name was worth. None of them liked me, they just liked my family's fortune. Gran eventually figured it out when she had a few of the parents come to her, demanding a betrothal contract. She went off but told me later that she should have known it would happen."

With a swift kiss laid on his forehead once more, Willow reached down and goosed his side, making him squeak.

"So, who was bidding for your betrothal, Longbottom? Anyone I should know about?" she teased, finally making him laugh.

"Well, Greengrass was one, and Abbott and Bones. Gran said she honestly thought about Bones, but she didn't want to tie me to a betrothal incase me and Susan hated each other."

Willow growled, tickling his sides, and making him squirm beneath her.

"And you had better hate her! So help me, I'll curse all three of them!" she seethed playfully, making him laugh harder, the stress of the day fading away as she sat perched in his lap, plotting the demise of his almost betrothed, and making him thank Merlin she was there with him.

As the night wore on, Augusta took Willow up to her bedroom, shocking her slightly at where it was.

"I'm putting you next to Neville, dear," the old witch told her, eyeing her slightly.

"I'm trusting you both to be responsible here, as I know you will be."

She showed Willow inside, making her whistle low under her breath at the room. It was as opulent as the rest of the house, but more brightly decorated. The walls were a light lavender color, with a floral English garden duvet covering the full-sized bed.

"This." Augusta said, gaining her attention, and opening a door on the right-hand side of the room, "Is a shared bathroom," she said pointedly, making Willow blush and give a sheepish grin.

"I promise we'll be responsible, Aggie," Willow promised, laughing out right when the older woman snorted in derision before heading out the door.

Willow glanced around before going over and peeking through the other door, seeing Neville's trunk at the foot of the bed, a mischievous grin on her face.

"I just never said how we'd be responsible," she whispered to herself, never knowing Augusta heard her as the old witch was trying to hide her own laughter.

Neville paced his room, wanting so badly to go to Willow, but he didn't quite know if his Gran had spelled anything to keep him from doing it. On one hand, he didn't think she would think him capable of it, but on the other, this was Gran after all.

Squaring his shoulder's finally, he opened the bathroom door, going to the one that led to Willow's room and knocking slightly.

He heard her get up, her soft footsteps getting closer before the door opened, revealing her in a pair of bright orange shorts and an old shirt of his that had mysteriously disappeared months ago. She grinned sheepishly, tugging on the hem slightly.


He snorted, grabbing her around the waist and leading her over to the bed, making her giggle softly as he climbed in, pulling her along with him.

"How quiet can you be?" he whispered, snickering slightly at her blush. She poked him in the ribs, making him squeak.


He moved down the bed, pushing the covers aside and grinning up at her as he slowly pulled her shorts down.

"Because we don't want to wake anyone, do we?" he whispered, making her shiver slightly. She shook her head, clapping a hand over her mouth as his tongue slid inside her, letting her other one tangle in his hair, tightening her fingers in his locks as he moved lower.

His hands slid to the back of her knees, lifting her legs back as his tongue slid inside her, making her bite her tongue to keep from crying out. She watched him, feeling herself being pulled closer to the edge as his eyes landed on her, his smoldering stare making her whimper against her hand.

He moved away, sitting up between her legs as he grabbed the waist band of his sleep pants, pulling them down before laying over top of her.

"Be quiet…" he murmured, sliding inside of her slowly, taking up every ounce of her strength as she tried not to make a sound.

His hips moved slowly, making sure the bed wasn't going to start squeaking as he moved. Willow reached over on the night stand, grabbing her wand, and flicking it, moaning loudly once her charm was in place.

Neville smirked, shaking his head.

"Take it off…." he whispered, making her look at him like he was crazy.


He leaned in, kissing her slowly, renewing her soft moans.

"Because I said so…" he whispered against her lips, grinning when a low moan escaped her. She nodded, taking down the charm and looking at him expectantly. He began moving again, his lips covering hers as she whimpered, his hands tightening in the sheets.

She was shaking beneath him, her hands going to grip his shoulders tightly as he got harder, her nails biting into his skin. He broke the kiss, watching as she bit her lip, her grey eyes closing as his hips snapped forward suddenly, taking all of his control as well to be silent as well.

"Nev…." She whispered, the sound so desperate he almost came from it.

"What...?" he groaned softly, his thrusts turning to slow grinds, his hips curling slowly.

"P-please…." She moaned quietly, "Please… I need to – to ..." she whispered, cutting off as she bit her lip again, her head falling back against the soft pillows as she whimpered.

Neville couldn't hold back any longer, sitting up and grabbing the back of her legs, pushing them forward as he leaned down.

He sped up, not caring anymore about the noise, but the bed never made a sound.

The Longbottom's coming home was front page news the next day. How the news got out, no one was sure, but Augusta could be heard grumbling about "big-mouthed healers who can't stop gossiping" throughout the day. When the two arrived at St. Mungo's without his Gran and Rowena, who had come at six a.m. that morning, they were met with a hoard of press, camera's flashing in their faces as they tried to go inside.

Neville wasn't sure what to make of it. He had never been targeted by them before, and wasn't sure how to go about it all, so when one of them asked who Willow was, he didn't hesitate to tell them.

"Windkeeper? As in Rowena and Alastair Windkeeper?" one of them asked, stepping forward and eyeing them both with interest. Neville's eyes widened as he looked at Rita Skeeter, tightening his hold on Willow's hand.

"Yes, she's my mother," Willow said, blinking as a flash bulb glared.

"So, the rumors were true…... Is it also true that your father is none other than the Dark Lord?" she asked bluntly, making the others go wild. Willow looked at Neville, who had paled drastically.

"Yes, it is. And since I'm sure you're going to be going straight to the paper and writing about this, rather than the Longbottom's miraculous recovery, you can quote me as saying that my father is the world's biggest jackass, and that he's a piece of shit." Willow said, smiling at them sweetly before the portal opened and Neville pulled her inside.

"Why? They're going to tear you apart, Will! You shouldn't have said anything!" he moaned, dragging her up the hall. She pulled loose, glaring up at him.

"Why? It's who I am, Nev! No amount of lying is going to change that! Might as well get it over with now!" she argued. "Why are you so worried about it? Changing your mind about being with the Dark Lord's spawn?" she sneered, taking off ahead of him.

He caught up with her, grabbing her hand and halting her, looking down at her with a glare.

"No, I'm not! I just don't want them having a go at you and saying your evil! They will paint you in the same light as him, and you know it!"

"Do you think I'm like him?" she asked, pointedly. When he shook his head no, she shrugged.

"Then I'm not worried about it! You're the only person that matters to me, Nev. That's it. I don't give a flying kneezle's ass what anyone else thinks," she scoffed, making him squeeze her hand. "Now, how about we go and see your parent's before they leave us here," she said, grinning slightly, and tugging him down the hall with her.

Frank Longbottom pulled his coat over his thin frame slowly, smiling happily. As small as it was, the fact that he had dressed himself gave him pride and hope that things would get better as time moved on. He looked over at his wife, who was sitting with his Row- no, with Rowena, talking about their children.

It amazed him how much she had changed but was still as beautiful as when they were children.

And that she wasn't trying to kill him this time.

The thought made him smile sadly, thinking back to the last time he had saw her and how much it had hurt to watch her leave again. His heart had ached, and poor Alice knew, but the woman stood by him, doing what she could to help. He loved her so much, but part of his heart still belonged to the woman sitting next to her.

"So, they've been together since she came back?" he heard Alice ask. Rowena shook her head, smiling.

"Not exactly; they've been together since they met, from what Ron, Molly's boy, said." She chuckled. "They've been attached at the hip since then. I know that during the holidays, they never left each other's side."

Frank walked over, sitting between the two, his face set with worry.

"Row… Have they… do you know how serious they are?" he asked her, watching her sigh deeply.

"They're pretty serious… I, well, I caught them coming in late at Molly's a few nights before Christmas and Willow admitted that they had – that they were being intimate…" she said softly, blushing.

Frank sat in shocked silence, unable to comprehend the fact that his son was almost a grown man now, when they were both roused by Alice laughing softly.

She shook her head, wiping tears from her eyes as she chuckled.

"I'm sorry… It's just – It's amazing that those two ended up together….," she tried to explain.

"Y – yer not angry?" Row asked, looking at her in confusion, but Alice shook her head again.

"No! I wouldn't have the right to be! They're both almost grown," she said, smiling sadly, "And you can tell they love each other just by watching them…. And, I couldn't ask for a better person to have my Neville." She said, looking at Rowena and smiling. "If she's anything like you, I know he'll be loved."

The conversation was cut off as the door opened, revealing their children, both smiling as they came into the room.

"Well, I don't think we'll have to worry about the paper reporting your recovery anymore," Neville said, walking over, and sitting next to his mother.

"Why not?" Rowena asked, giving her daughter a look, which sent her into a fit of giggles. Neville just shook his head, unable to hold back a grin.

"Well, Will here was called out about her heritage, and she decided to let them know she was indeed You-Know-Who's daughter, then called him, well," he broke off blushing, making Willow lose it.

"I told them that he was a jackass and a piece of shit…," she laughed, sitting next to Neville, and leaning into him as she laughed.


She looked up at her mother's outburst, her laughter dying.


Rowena glared at her, shaking her head.

"Of all the stupid things, lass! He'll be after ye! I didn't try to protect ye for so long just for ye to go and do something as asinine as this!" she exclaimed.

But Willow just glared right back, sitting up and taking a breath before turning to the Longbottoms.

"Excuse me for what I'm about to say, but it's time my mother realizes some very hard truths," she said, her anger barely contained. She turned back to Rowena, her grey eyes icy.

"For starters, you didn't protect me; you left me and didn't look back. You knew what Albus could do, but you still chose to leave me. While you were hiding out in the Highlands, I was being bullied, treated like shite, brainwashed, and raped. While you took an extended vacation, I was being dumped in America for five fucking years! And as far as Him coming after me, let him! I'm sick to death of running scared! If you want to set back and not do anything, go ahead! But I refuse to hide and run from him or anyone else!" she roared, getting up and storming out the door, leaving her mother in shock.

Neville stood, leaning down to kiss his mother's cheek.

"I'll be back, I got to find her before she does something…" he turned to Rowena, his usually warm, hazel eyes stony.

"I know it was stupid, but she's right, you know…. We're all targets here. But if anyone has the right to have their say, it's her," he said, turning on his heel and following his girlfriend.

Rowena sat there a moment before breaking down in tears.

"Row…" Frank said, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Why did you do that? She's almost grown, luv! You know she won't take you chastising her like that!" he said, exasperated. Alice glared at him, hugging the redhead to her.

"Frank! Don't -!"

Rowena sat up, hiccupping slightly. "No, he's right…. I shouldn't have…. " she sobbed, covering her face with her hands.

But the girls' words came back to Frank, and his eyes widened.

"Row…. What did she mean? She – she said she was raped…?" he whispered, making Alice gasp.

Rowena just cried harder.

Before she could answer, Neville came back in. At their look, he smiled slightly.

"She's with Gran," he explained, coming back over, and sitting down.

Frank aimed the question at him.

"Neville… she said she was raped… what happened?" he asked, watching as anger and sadness took over his face.

"She was…. It was – it was when she was in America. This guy, Roger Pucey, he knew her when she was growing up and pretty much followed her…. Dumbledore didn't stop him, and when she was fourteen, he – well, he raped her..." he explained softly, tears coming to his eyes.

"Did anyone do anything?" Alice asked in a horrified whisper, but Neville shook his head.

"No, not unless you count Will attacking him last year… Nothing was done, but after everything we found out about Dumbledore, I'm not surprised." He added bitterly.

Rowena had slowed her crying, but at his words they began again, harder this time.

"It- it's m-my f-fault!" she sobbed, "I l-left her!"

Alice didn't know what to say or do to comfort her, but Neville sighed, shaking his head.

"No, it's not… It's Dumbledore's and Roger's fault. You thought leaving her would protect her. She knows that, but she – she's just tired of having her motives questioned, and of everyone acting like she's weak," he said, making the red head look up at him. "I do it too sometimes…. I know it's cause you care about her, because it's the same reason I do it. She's just too damn stubborn for her own good," he said, laughing slightly. "I know she loves you, and she knows that you love her. She just needs us to support her and not call her out on her idiotic plans," he chuckled.

"Idiotic? Please, I'm, a master mind!" Willow huffed from behind him, making Neville squeak.

She stood at the door with Augusta, grinning slightly at him.

"Can't even trust you…. soon as you leave my side, you come in here and gossip about me!" she huffed playfully. She walked over to her mother, sighing as she next to her.

"I'm sorry I said that, but I know what I'm doing, Mum! I've dealt with dear ole Daddy before and I'm not scared of him!" she said, making Rowena give a watery laugh.

" I know that, lass, but I – I don't want ye to – to –" she broke off, crying again. Alice got up, gently nudging her husband over.

"Comfort her, Frank…. You're the only one that ever could," she whispered with a smile, leaning in to kiss his temple.


Wormtail hated having to bring his Master the Daily Prophet.

If there was bad news, he was punished.

If there was good news, he was tortured in celebration.

Either way, he was fucked.

But today, well, today he feared for his life.

He had taken the paper from the owl, unrolling it to glance at the headlines to prepare for what was to come, feeling as if life itself was draining from him as he read the bold print taking up most of the page.


Wormtail gave a womanly scream, dropping the paper as if it had burned him. He debated on incinerating it, and getting rid of the damn thing, when he heard his Master call for him to bring the paper.

"I know it has arrived, Wormtail!" he snarled, making the man quiver. He grabbed it off the floor, scurrying to his master's chamber, at last handing it over with dread.

Voldemort looked at it for almost two minutes before he did something that scared the Animagus to the bone:

He laughed.

He laughed like a crazy man. Literally held his sides and laughed like it was the world's greatest joke, his white face pink from the effort, and scaring Wormtail all the more.

"Are – are you going to kill her, My Lord?" Wormtail asked, wondering what he was going to do to her for this insult.

But Voldemort just shook his head.

"No… While this bout of insolence is annoying, my daughter will remain unharmed…. She is blinded against our cause, but I believe that she will soon see that we offer her more than the Light does," he said, his tone soft and deadly.

He grinned evilly, looking up at his servant, his wand aimed at him faster than the former Marauder could blink.

"But… I can punish you in her stead…"

The sound of the Dark Lord's high, cruel laughter could be heard over Wormtail's anguished screams, sending the others in the house scurrying.

With the help of Rowena's spells and potions, along with Neville and Willow's Herbology knowledge, the Longbottoms were up and moving in a few days. Slowly, mind you, but they were able to do things, which made both of them happy. Rowena herself had worked for three days and nights, trying to help them get back to normal, huffing when Frank said he didn't care how he looked, just as long as he was able to get around again.

"I know ye don't, daft man, but it will help you get back to yer life! Think of Alice, at least!" she argued, making Willow hide a smile at how much they sounded like an old married couple.

Alice, to Willow, was amazing.

The woman just seemed to love everyone. The Weasley's, along with Harry and Hermione, arrived a few days after to visit them at the two's request, and Harry was set upon by a weeping Alice, who couldn't get over how much he looked like Lily.

Harry, who had only ever heard that he looked like James, seemed to fall apart at hearing her words, crying his eyes out as his mother's friend hugged him.

Willow had shooed everyone out of the room, leaving the two of them alone to talk.

The hard part was explaining all the deaths that had come after they had been attacked. To say that they were crushed was an understatement, but Frank said it was to be expected, what with Voldemort being as he was and Albus having his hand in all of it, too.

The funniest thing was during their visit, Voldemort had decided to send a message to his daughter.

Willow had to hand it to him; he had a sense of humor and could apparently take her mouth as well.

An owl arrived half way through the visit, bearing a large, thick roll of parchment addressed to her.

As she read it, she started laughing, making Neville tug it out of her hands, his eyes widening as he saw who it was from.

"Is – is this f-from…?" he began, looking fearful. She nodded, but couldn't get any words out, making Hermione take the letter and read it aloud.

"Dear Daughter,

I saw your wonderful quote on the front page of the Prophet the other day, and I must congratulate you. None have had the nerve to speak of me in such a way, but you being my heir, I expected nothing less. While I am angry, I must say, I did laugh when I saw it. To say the Wizarding World is undoubtedly in a frenzy would be an understatement; my sources say that parents are demanding your expulsion, while others are declaring you a hero, one almost as important as Potter. I do hope you're enjoying your bit of fame, daughter, but do not expect it to last. You are my heir and my child. They will turn on you faster than they have Potter , and they will be out for your blood. If that is the case, and you find yourself in the midst of the anger of our world, maybe you will come to realize that your only way out will be your 'jackass' father, and I might accept your apology, if you beg enough.


Your Father.

The room went quiet, with the exception of Willow's laughter.

"He – he's not angry?" Rowena asked faintly, holding onto Frank's shoulder for support. Willow shook her head, calming some.

"No, didn't think he would be, honestly." She laughed.

"Why not?" Harry asked.

She shrugged, taking the letter back.

"Don't know, but I've come to assume from the way Albus talked that he was so intent on me taking his place that he would look over most of my rebellion." She said, looking back down at the thick, expensive parchment with a smirk, knowing it was probably the Malfoy's that had paid for it.

"Well, I haven't felt him do anything lately, if it helps," Harry added, looking slightly confused, "I mean, with everything going on, I thought he'd be mad, but there's been nothing going on, except – well, the day I'm guessing the paper came out with your quote, I felt – " he broke off, closing his eyes as if trying to remember.

"I felt him laughing – not the normal, psychotic one either; this was a genuine laugh," he said, making Willow start chuckling again.

Rowena looked at her daughter oddly, finally just shaking her head.

"Lass, stop with yer laughing; it makes me think too much of yer father," she said, causing her daughter to glare at her over the parchment. She went to retort, Neville already dreading what was going to come out of her mouth, when his father spoke up, cutting her off.


She looked over at him, his eyes on her, shaking his head slightly, just enough to let her know to keep quiet.

She huffed, but didn't say anything, making Frank grin slightly.

"Right now, though," he said to the room at large, "We need to figure out if he's going to try and do anything to her or retaliate."

"Honestly, Mr. Longbottom, I'm with Willow on this… I don't think he's going to bother just yet. Maybe in the future or if she keeps running her mouth," Harry said, glaring at her, "But for now, I think she's safe."

Willow flipped him off, making Mrs. Weasley and Augusta both smack her upside the head.

"My best advice is for her to keep her mouth shut; if she's quiet, she won't be on his mind," Harry added.

Willow smirked slightly.

They wanted her to be quiet, did they?

Lord Voldemort sat at his opulent oak desk, or rather Lucius's former oak desk until they graciously handed it over to him, that is… the thought still made him feel smug.

But, he sat at the desk, his long, spindly fingers steepled together, just like his father was prone to do, thinking about what his daughter had said to the papers.

He could understand where the girl was coming from, of course; thanks to Albus, he'd never gotten to enact the plan he'd formed when she was born.

He had wanted to raise her in the Dark. To be surrounded by it, so that by the time he had "retired" so to speak, she would have been well versed in how he liked things ran.

But of course, his father had insisted they leave her as she was when he got her from the Longbottoms. Albus wanted her alone and self-loathing; Voldemort had wanted her confident and surrounded by those he deemed worthy, and he was starting to blame his father more and more for her current attitude.

He heard a quiet tapping on the window, looking up in confusion as he saw an owl sitting there, it's dark eyes staring at him blankly.

He got up, going over and letting it inside, taking the letter from its beak before it flew off into the night once more, leaving him to red his missive.

He unrolled it, his red eyes scanning down the parchment, laughter quietly filling the room as he read.

"Dearest Father,

I still think you're a jackass.