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"I did that once, too. Well, kinda. For a little while."

He can't exactly remember why he began talking to her, spilling his guts out in front of her, all of his secrets. He thinks it's because she felt different, not the same as the rest of the kids at his school.

Like him.

"What do you mean?"

Maybe it was her eyes. Maybe he could tell she was hiding secrets deep within them, some that others would never understand.

Of course, maybe it wasn't that; maybe it was just the fact that she had a violent shade of blue for hair. So peculiar, just like his own. So strange...

"Well... you wouldn't believe me," the girl says, shying away from him.

She's still hiding secrets. He already told her he can see ghosts; why won't she tell him her secrets?

"I stopped a zombie apocalypse. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I can believe."

She laughs. "You remind me of Wybie," she grins. "In a way."


She frowns slightly. "A kid at my old school in Ashland. We were friends. He helped me stop her -"

She cuts off suddenly, and there's a silence. He can't think what to say, and waits for her to finish.

"...her hand."

Now it's his turn to frown.

"Whose hand?" he asks.

She turns around, and her brownish eyes look into his blue ones. "Promise you won't tell?"

He smiles. "Of course."

"The other mother."

The temperature in the room seems to drop a few degrees when she says the three words; he can sense the new tension.

"You see," the girl continues, "she's got a whole world where everything that's wrong with your life is right. Everything's good... too good. She traps people there, sews buttons into their eyes, and then kills them, or eats them, or something like that. I saved the ghosts that were trapped there and set them free."

He frowns. Her story is crazy. Of course, who can believe that he sees ghosts? He can't prove it to anyone, and neither can she.

"She's an evil witch," she concludes.

He frowns. He fought an 'evil witch' once, too. But she wasn't truly 'evil' - just a scared kid who had had wrong done to her.

"Are you sure she was evil?"

"She almost killed me, and she stole my parents."

He smiles.

"We've got a lot of secrets to share, don't we?"

She smiles back at him, her blue hair framing her face.

"I suppose we do."

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