So I'm taking this on a less bubbly and romantic path, and making it dark and somber. I've tried to make this different, and I have an interesting plan for the end of this story, so please bear with me. I will try not to disappoint.

Disclaimer: oh Collins, I am not worthy! I definitely do not own the hunger games

I'm waiting, waiting for something, anything. Since our evening on the roof, Peeta's hardly spoken to me. I try to plan out ideas, but I don't know how to come up with something good. I just hang around, hoping Peeta will come up with and idea. We've started our training, and I make sure to stay away from the dazzling silver bow and arrow. Instead, I find myself at the knot tying station with Peeta, and I can proudly say that I've almost perfected a noose.

Not showing off has helped my case with the boy from 2. He's stopped staring at me like a meal, but every once in a while he'll glance my way.

On our third day of training, Peeta and I decide to confront the girl from eleven. Her name is Rue, and she can't be more than twelve. She has mocha coloured skin, and curly black hair. She looks so sweet and kind, and graceful. I took to her immediately, and after watching her, discovered that she is quite clever. Her kind face and eyes remind me so much of Prim.

We approach her slowly, not trying to seem threatening. Peeta smiles warmly, and a grin breaks out onto the tiny girl's face.

"They're not the only ones who can form alliances" I tell her, looking towards the careers, who presently stand in a huddle.

"You guys want me for an ally?" she says in disbelief, warm brown eyes wide open.

Peeta nods, clutching my hand. Rue smiles widely, and follows for the rest of our training. We all work together on snares, and knife throwing. Little Rue proves good with a slingshot, Peeta can throw heavy weights with spikes. And by the end of the day, we all know more poisonous or edible plants than any of us can count.


Finally it comes to our private training sessions, Haymitch's only advice being. "Make sure they remember you"

I sit nervously on the bench, watching as each tribute goes in, and comes out. Stony expressions on their faces. It takes a painstakingly long time, since district twelve is last.

When Peeta is called in, he stands up robotically, giving me a nod. I wish him luck as he walks down the sinister metal hallway.

I wait, hands sweating in anticipation, becoming more nervous as every second passes. Peeta's session seems to be taking much longer than the allotted time. Minutes go by, and I finally see the glowing halo of blonde hair coming down the hall.

His expression is sober, cold. I stand up, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"What did you show them?" I ask.

"I showed them what they wanted to see" he replies icily, pulling away from my grasp.

And then I understand. Peeta hasn't changed his mind at all, his hatred for the Capitol burns through his words, he's waiting for his prime moment to set the spark. And I'm prepared to feed the flames of rebellion with my own training session.

My name is called, and I prepare myself for my session, taking in deep breaths. I will not let them see how I feel.

I step into the room, calm and collected. I'm firstly overwhelmed with the smell of alcohol. It drifts through the room distastefully. I wonder what Peeta managed to show the drunken Gamemakers.

I reach for the bow, it's sleek silver frame fitting me perfectly. I take a few shots, getting used to the feel of it as I prepare my plan. I look up to the Gamemakers, but they aren't even watching. Instead, they chuckle at the sight of a large roast pig that has just arrived on their table.

Anger flares in my veins as I watch the Gamemakers stumble drunkenly towards the table. I decide to make my move. Grabbing a bunch of select plant fibers, berries and such, I grind them into a fine paste. Smearing the mixture onto the tip of my arrow, i pull a match off the table. I walk to the back of the room and light the match, letting the delicate flame flicker. And then I light the arrowhead, quickly stringing the arrow into the bow and shooting. The flash of silver whizzes, hitting the apple in the pig's mouth. The apple gets pinned to the wall, exploding in an elegant dance of red, and orange. The Gamemakers stare in shock, the fire isn't big, but I know I've left an impression. I keep my gaze firm, dropping my bow onto the ground..

"Thank you, for your consideration" I say, bowing slightly before walking out.

I feel a victorious smile creep onto my face as I get in the elevator, making my way to the twelfth floor. Fire surges through me, I feel ready to take on anything.

When I walk inside, I see that everyone's been waiting for me. Peeta is sitting on the couch, eager to hear what I did. I walk out into the middle of the room, and their eyes follow me.

"I shot a flaming arrow at the Gamemakers" I say, plopping down on the couch.

Peeta stares at me wide eyed. "No, Katniss" he pleads. "You didn't... You shouldn't have done that!" he exclaims.

Effie nods with a scowl, Cinna stares politely. Haymitch doesn't say anything, he sits there thinking to himself.

"I showed them what they deserved to see" I say. Peeta takes my hand, pulling me close.

"You certainly are making my job difficult" he mutters.

"How so? I'm doing what we planned"

"This is not what we planned!" says Peeta. "showing it off to the Gamemakers was not a good idea. No one other than us and them will know about this, it does nothing to help you. They will target you in the arena, make it a living hell!"

"if i die, I die. That's it, I don't care!" I yell.

"But I do care" Peeta whispers.

"Let's just wait until we see the scores, ok?" says Cinna. This brings Peeta and me to our senses. We both settle back down, turning on the tv.

I watch the faces flash across the screen, the careers score high, with nines and tens. I'm especially happy that our ally Rue gets a seven. I had underestimated her before. Peeta's face flashes on screen, and he couldn't be more uninterested. But sure enough, a big shiny 8 appears beside his name. Effie claps, giggling, and Haymith grunts in support. I squeeze Peeta's hand, assuring him that it'll all be ok. And then it's my face, and everyone holds their breath, all eyes are glued to the screen. And then it's there, two digits, an 11. My eyes widen in surprise, mouth agape. Effie gasps happily, throwing her arms in the air, then Haymitch comes over, punching me in the shoulder.

"Guess they liked your fire" he slurs, stumbling off.

I guess they did. After all, I am the girl on fire.