Author Quick Note: This will start a bit before G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra. I'll bring it through the movie, but this story will not be strictly movie-verse. I am planning on a lot of between scene chapters. I will also be writing after the movie, and I plan on writing into G.I. Joe : Retaliation, but when I get to that point, I'm going to pause the story until the sequel is released. Reviews and messages are welcome. I am not familiar with the comics of G.I. Joe, but I loved the movie and I love this story idea. :)

Full Summary: Innocent. Thats how most would describe Sirena O'Hara. But then again, the majority of people who know her are not G.I. Joes. Younger sister to Scarlett, Sirena hasn't found her place within the Joes yet. Of course, she isn't an Alpha Dog like Scarlett, Breaker, Heavy Duty, and Snake Eyes. What series of events finally cause her world to come crashing down? Is she responsible for it herself, or does someone else have a darker plan for her? Follow Sirena as she finds out who she really is. Will she like what she sees in the mirror once she's truly revealed to herself? In her darkest hour, will she transform into someone completely unrecognizable to everyone, including herself? Who, if anyone, will be there to pull her back to reality, back where she belongs? Will she be crawling and fighting on her own, or will someone go out of their way to help her once she finds out that the downfall is much worse than she ever could have expected?

Also, I have 3 nicknames picked out for this character. Since I cannot decide which to officially give her, after a few chapters I will have a poll so you beautifully awesome readers can pick her nickname! :)

[Introduction to the Story]

The room was dark, quiet and the door was shut. The only light in the room was coming from the lights in the hallway. The light almost seemed to peek into the room, not wanting to intrude on the current occupant. The queen sized bed didn't make a sound as Sirena sat up, twisted, and leaned against the cool wall. As she glared at nothing in particular, a sigh escaped her lips. This bed was big for her, and she always felt so alone. The extra pillows and her lucky sock monkey didn't help much anymore. She felt nearly abandoned even though tons of people are inside the headquarters constantly. Too many people, in her opinion. She shakes her head a bit, slides to the edge of the bed and stands, stretching all over and cracking her back. She puts on her plain light blue, almost white, slightly baggy pajama bottoms on. She quickly slips on a bra underneath her nicely fitted pink tank top. Hello Kitty socks and worn old pink converse come next before Sirena unlocks her bedroom door. She locks and shuts it behind her, slipping the single key into her pajama bottoms pocket before turning around and staring down the hallway. Even though she's not an Alpha Dog like her sister, Scarlett, she still rooms in their area. The room closest to hers is empty. Not too far down the hallway is Breaker's room. Sirena walks to the end of the hallway and turns right. On the left side of the wall, the first door is Heavy Duty's. The first door on the right side is Scarlett's door. The last door at the end of the hall belongs to Snake Eyes. She's only seen inside his room once, and that was by accident on his part. He had left his door open to grab his sword, and she happened to be passing by and curiousity had gotten the best of her. He appeared seemingly out of thin air, like the ninja he is, and gave Sirena a good scare. Needless to say, Snake Eyes got a dirty look that could have made him push up ninja daisys, and she got a finger shook at her as he locked his door back. Thinking back to it now, Sirena smiles to herself, finding the event funny.

She continues down the hallway, and turns to the right, her destination being the training room. Once she reaches the door, she looks down both directions of the hallway. Knowing that she isn't breaking any rules doesn't help her shake the feeling that someone is watching her. She opens the door and turns on the lights, her intentions being to hopefully improve her hand to hand combat a bit, in hopes of one day being an Alpha Dog like her sister and her friends. Are Breaker, Snake-Eyes, and Heavy Duty her friends? She likes to think so, but sometimes that bad voice in her head wants her to think otherwise. Shaking her head once again this evening, Sirena went to the punching bag. Glancing around once more to make sure she was alone, but still never shaking the feeling of someone watching her, she cleared her mind and began punching. She would throw in a few kicks here and there, but Sirena was really giving it her all. She was thinking back to bad experiences so she could channel that anger, hoping to see an improvement in her skills. After a reasonable amount of time, Sirena stopped her attack and steadied the punching bag. Suddenly feeling a bit more tired, she takes off her gloves and lays them back where she found them. She shuts the door behind her and walks the direction she came. A quick, but hot shower, helps her muscles relax, urging her to go to the lonely bed. Giving into her body's protests, she ends the scolding hot shower, dries off, gets clean sleep clothing on, and walks towards her bed. Locking the door on the way, she also grabs her MP3 player, turning it on. Even though her body is tired and slightly aching, her mind is wide awake and racing. Hopefully, the slow heartbreaking rock songs will be her lullaby tonight...


Snake Eyes watched as Sirena glances both ways before opening the training room door. He sees her turn on the lights and put on a pair of gloves. The room he's in is currently dark, and the door is shut. She couldn't see him if she was looking directly where he was standing, and he knows this. Curious, he watches her. When she begins hitting the punching bag, he hopes she's improved a bit. As he continues watching her, hes impressed. She's much better than she was the last time he saw her train. He's even a bit impressed at her improvement. He would go as far to say he's even proud of her. Not only of her physical acheivement, but he also noticed a slight change.. like she found something she can use during battle to help accelerate her skill. Anger, maybe? He doesn't want to think that she's using pain to fuel the fire while she fights. He's snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of her shutting the door. She goes in the direction of her room, and once she's around the corner, he quietly opens the door and slips out, silently following her from afar. He's noticed her sleeping problems, yet he's been hesitant to ask her about it. He doesn't want to overstep his boundaries, but she's his friend, and he's getting concerned.

Scarlett hears quiet footsteps going pass her room once again, and she sighs, thankful her sister is going back to her room.

The trio were trying to accomplish the same mission : Get some sleep!

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