Star Trek: Maverick

Chapter 3: Asteroid Reprieve

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Author notes: Okay the Y'Tang is an actual Bird of Prey name. From here on out, all Klingon ship names will be unique, but fitting, of their particular shiptype.

Also a tossout to El Tigre Supremo.


"Ensign, how're we doing for time?" Captain Choiseul asked, looking slightly nervous.

"For the fifth time, our emissions are under control. Also I've reconfigured the hull polarization module to change the hull's composition slightly to change how sensor scans react with us. It's reduced our hull profile, but we still look like an Intrepid-class ship to anyone who gets close enough. As for exterior noise, we have two birds of prey hanging around the immediate area. One is a B'rel class calling itself the Vongruw, the other is the T'Egac, Norgh class."

"Norgh? I'm not familiar with that ship type."

"It essentially is a bigger and meaner bird than the B'rel's that we're used to captain. There's two more birds hanging around in this sector, looking for the Y'Tang, the Brangotu and the P'Enguc, a B'rel and Norgh respectively. Now as I'm listening to this comm traffic, it looks like all four birds are being commanded by a fifth bird, possibly named the Nek'tao. All the comm traffic is constantly ID'ing this ship successively. I'm unable to provide more detailed information at this range, but the Nek'tao looks even bigger and nastier than the Norgh class."

Juli'enne is lost in thought as she mulls over the information that Ensign Seraph is rattling off. "And you're positive they can't see us just quite yet?"

"Between the asteroids and my improvised stealth systems, it's still only a matter of time before one of our two shadows passes close enough and gets a good look."

Juli keys the comm system. "Lieutenant Mira, how're we doing on repairs?"

"I estimate we need another two hours for repairs. Weapons and maneuvering thrusters still need some love and attention, but all other systems are operational. There was a major hull breach on deck five that we have a patch on, but without hull pieces, that patch won't hold up in a firefight."

"Thank you Mira. Bridge out. Williamson, you look like you could use some exercise."

"Uh, no ma'am, I'm alright. Thanks."

"Nonsense. I bet you would like to hook up with one of the repair teams working on weapons, and help get them back to 100%."

"Well, I have been slightly interested in how the weapons on this ship ARE put together. Thank you captain."

"Anytime. Lieutenant Iverson, please hook up with a repair team working on the maneuvering thrusters and help get that system back to 100% as well."

"Aye captain." Both Lt. Iverson and LtCmdr Williamson depart the bridge, their stand-in officers taking their place at the stations.

"Ensign Seraph, work with Lt. Mira down in engineering and build us a real stealth system. Try to build something that doesn't involve Klingon tech first."

"Aye captain." Seraph responded, calling up a private commlink with Lt. Mira and putting an earpiece in his left ear.

"Captain," Cmdr. Tanner spoke up, noticing that the captain was getting up. "Where are you going?"

"Why, I'm going to see my doctor of course. I want you to coordinate the final repairs."

"Aye captain."

As Juli was about to board the turbolift, she turns around, and almost as an afterthought, throws in one last comment. "Oh, and please don't try anything funny. Ensign Seraph is kind of indebted to me with a life debt. And he has a wicked-accurate throwing arm."

"Whatever do you mean captain? I'm behind you one hundred percent..." Cmdr. Tanner stops mid-thought, as he finally notices a small table knife quivering ominously in the side of the seat next to him.

"Now you two children play nice now okay?"

"Yes captain." Tanner responds nervously, the knife having clearly shaken him up. Juli departs the bridge, and Tanner looks between the knife, and Ensign Seraph, who is tooling away at his station like nothing happened. Cmdr. Tanner then tries to yank out the knife, but it resists his efforts for a bit before finally succumbing.

"Ensign, you are aware of how scary you can be, right?"

Ensign Seraph looks up with a look of confusion on his face. "Commander, whatever are you talking about?"



Klingon Hegh'ta class Bird of Prey, Nek'tao
Commanding Officer, Captain Brigh'tak

Captain Brigh'tak is sitting in his seat on the bridge of his mighty bird, the [italic]Nek'tao[/italic], in what can only be described as a dismal, yet important, assignment handed to him from KDF Command: locate the Y'Tang, which had stopped reporting in 18 hours ago. "Report."

To his right, Lieutenant Trel'ghan, is poring over the sensor data coming in from the two search teams. "Bird Team 2 located the wreckage, as well as an anomalous warp signature that leads to an asteroid field. Team 1 has been searching the asteroid field, but hasn't found anything. It's clear that the Y'Tang engaged in combat, but was destroyed."

"Unfortunate, I knew her captain well. Inform Team 2 to assist Team 1 in searching for the Y'Tang's conquerer. I want those dogs brought before my knees."



Maverick Ordin, sickbay

Lieutenant Isalena Volonick, the chief medical officer of the Ordin, stands with a half-dazed look on her face. The human/betazoid hybrid is busy not only monitoring the ship crew, ready to assist as counselor, but is also working on some new drugs to better assist in the triage process, having just gone through a shoddy triage procedure. However she puts down her hypo's and test tubes, and moves to pick up her medical tricorder, just as the doors slide open and Captain Choiseul walks in.

"Please have a seat on biobed 3 captain. 1 and 2 will be needed in about 15 minutes. I assume you're here for your checkup? You did kind of brush off my medic on the bridge yesterday."

"How did you..."

"...know that? I am half betazoid after all. Father's side."

"Right." Captain Choiseul says with a half confused face. She shrugs her shoulders, and hops up onto the biobed as Isalena pulls out the scanner from the backside of the tricorder and starts passing it over Juli's various body parts.

"So captain, what brings you to my little corner of the universe today besides your checkup? You seem troubled. It wouldn't happen to have anything to do with Commander Tanner would it?"

"Yes actually. He do I want to put it?"

"He seems a little like a Terran, is that it?"

"Yeah, actually. He seems to have it in his head that what happened to us, I engineered."

"But clearly, you didn't, which is why we test new equipment. To iron out the kinks."

"This was no kink though. It was an..."

"Oversight, captain. You can't plan for everything. I also suspect there's a deeper problem than just the engine. As for Commander Tanner, give him some time. He does trust you, after all there is an unspoken rule within the Empire. When you meet someone, always have a plan to kill them. If you can't kill them, don't trust them."

"So he only trusts me because he's got a..."

"...plan in his mind on how to kill you, correct."

A tiny thump is felt throughout the ship, and Isalena's commbadge chirps. "Lieutenant Mira to sickbay. You have wounded incoming. Two of my repair technicians were near an EPS conduit when it overloaded."

"Roger. Sickbay standing by. Lieutenant Isalena to all medics, I need four medics in sickbay on the double. Two wounded incoming. That is all." Lt. Isalena closes the comm channel. "Well captain, there's nothing wrong with you, but I did enjoy our chat, please feel free to come to me again to talk. Now if you'll excuse me, my attention is needed elsewhere."

"Thanks lieutenant." Juli hops down off the biobed and starts making her way to the door.

"Oh captain, could you please take two steps to the right please?"

Confused, Juli does just that, and after she does the door opens, and a squad of engineers rushes in carrying two wounded technicians.

"Please place this young man on biobed 1, and the lady in the containment chamber please. She needs serious attention."

Just then four medics rush in with kits in their hands. "I want two of you to attend to the gentleman on biobed 1, the rest of you with me, prep for surgery. You're free to go captain, the corridor is clear now."

Captain Juli does just that, following the procession of engineers out of sickbay as the five medical personnel get to work stabilizing and treating the two injured technicians.


Two hours later

Ensign Seraph is busy putting the final touches on the Ordin's new stealth systems, part of his attention on the sensor readings to his left, when he notices some anomalous data coming in from the sensor grid. He stops what he's doing and cycles to the sensor displays. "Captain, we got a problem."

"Go ahead Ensign."

"It appears there are now four birds of prey making their way through the asteroid field. It still doesn't look like they've found us, but maybe, just maybe, they found our approximate area due to us leaving behind a warp trail to follow."

"Damn. Commander Williamson, how's our weapon systems?"

"Back to 100%. I also managed to sneak in some tweaks to improve performance by 5%."

"Excellent. Lieutenant Iverson, how's the engines?"

"Engines are operating 110%. Efficiency was boosted 15%, our turn rate is now better than a normal Sovereign."

"Still not turning on a dime, but who's complaining? Ensign, we need information if we're to make it out of Klingon space. Exactly what would it take to do that cyber electronic thing of yours again and get everything we need?"

"Electronic warfare, captain, and it would take a miracle. If by some chance I can hack into the correct ship, I could access just about anything in the Klingon data network. There's just one major problem with that however. The moment I attempt a hack, we're visible on the sensors of everyone within range. I would literally only have one shot at it. Also if I can take control of the correct ship, I can virtually cripple every other ship that's connected to it via a comm network."

Captain Juli looks like she's deep in thought, and Cmdr. Tanner sees this. "Captain, what exactly are you planning?"

"Lieutenant, how many MACO are onboard, and how many would be needed to subjugate a bird of prey?"

"We have two platoons onboard, and at most, 2 squads, if the Klingons are really going all-out. My MACO are the best there is captain."

"Wouldn't have it any other way. Iverson, can you pilot us out of this asteroid field without our four shadows noticing us?"

"With luck, and and the skill of both Ensign Seraph and Lt. Mira, da."

"Captain, I demand to know what you're planning."

"Commander, what I'm planning is a salvage operation. We're going to board this command bird of prey, the [italic]Nek'tao[/italic], we're going to kill her crew, steal all of their data, and then strip the ship down to its skeleton of parts and weapons."

Tanner stops and thinks about this for a moment. "If you're going to go through with this crazy-ass cockameemee scheme of yours captain, might I recommend...three...squads of MACO troops, perhaps Ensign Seraph and LtCmdr Williamson to lead the assault?"

"Ensign Seraph can't go with the marines. He needs to remain here and operate his...uh..."

"...Cyberwar Suite, captain."

"Thank you Ensign. That...and Williamson has a bit of a limp, he would hold down the MACO. As for the three squads, I like that idea, and you can go with them."

"Very well captain. If that is what you ask."

"Oh come now commander. Yours is the most important job. You have to ensure that the Ensign has unfettered access to their data. Torture the Nek'tao's command codes out of her captain, then ensure that Ensign Seraph gets them."

"Aye captain."

"Ensign Seraph, how's our new stealth systems looking?"

"It's shoddy, but we now look like a Venture-class scout ship to anyone looking. Maybe if we had a Klingon cloaking device I could modify it to further reduce our profile. A bird's stealth module wouldn't be able to cloak a vessel of this magnitude, but in conjunction with the modified polarization system, we'll be unlocatable except by anyone looking out their viewports."

"Thank you ensign. All hands, yellow alert. Stealth systems to maximum output. Lieutenant, take us out. Ensign, locate the Nek'tao and pass the coordinates to helm control. Williamson, weapons at the ready, and gather your MACO squads, we're sending three, and make sure Commander Tanner here gets kitted out properly."

"Aye captain." Everyone shouts back in response, as power flows through the ship, now fully repaired, and she starts drifting forward slowly on impulse power, reaction thrusters firing to nimbly fly around the asteroids, and slip past the four birds of prey attempting to locate her.

It would be a shame that their departure is almost completely unnoticed.


IKS Nek'tao

"Captain, word from the Vongruw. They've located the vessel, but they are holding back from engaging, as it appears to be a Federation ship. About the size of a Sovereign class actually. They also reported that there are strange yellow markings all over the ship."

Captain Brigh'tak strokes his beard in heavy thought, wishing the targ he has with him was at his side, but is instead sleeping in his quarters.

"I've only heard rumors of Federation-looking ships with yellow markings. It sounds like a Mirror Universe Terran Empire ship. A grand prize indeed if we are able to take it back to Qo'nos. I imagine they would even assign me to a Negh'var on the front lines. All hands, prepare for war. Recall the scouting teams to our side. Today is a good die."


Author Notes

Quiet chapter, noisy chapter, back to quiet chapter. Bit more character development in this one, and the next battle is lined up for the Ordin. As for where the ship names came from, these five were selected out of ten that I got from the random name generator in Star Trek Online for a Bird of Prey. The Norgh class and the Hegh'ta class are also featured in STO, so Cryptic/Perfect World/CBS/whomever...please don't sue or use me in a voodoo ritual or whatever you would do thank you please.

Anyways yes I know I'm horrible at picking out Klingon names. Believe me it'll get infinitely worse come Romulan and Cardassian ships and characters.[/spoiler]

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