This is the tiniest drabble I've ever written, but I wrote it for a friend of mine and figured I'd post it. Enjoy!

"Mai! For the last time, we are not getting a cat!" Zuko shouted. The room quieted, and Zuko shifted uncomfortably.

"Oh. I get it," she said coldly. "You just care about your stupid dignity. You're no fun anymore, Zuko. Before all this Fire Lord stuff you used to actually care about what was fun instead of what was best for the Fire Nation."

Zuko's proud shoulders drooped a little in shame as he took in his wife's words. "Fine. We can get a cat, but I have to have a say in which cat we get. Deal?"

Mai's mouth quirked in a small smile. "Deal."

Zuko was amazed at how many types of cats the pet shop had. Ginger, calico, grey, black, white, all in a kaleidoscope of whirling cat hair. He sneezed once at the onslaught, and looked at his wife.

"Well, Mai? Any ideas?"

She reached out and scooped up a calico kitten. He had a patch of ginger over his left eye and a disgruntled expression. "I don't hate this one," she said, amusement twinkling in her eyes.

"You're not serious!" Zuko shouted. "I said yes to a cat! Not a small furry version of myself! Look! It even has the scar on the right side!"

Mai smiled again. "Exactly. I want this one, Zuko, and you won't make me change my mind."

He sighed. "Fine. Just give it a good name, ok?"

"Fire Lord Zuko!"

Zuko sighed and rested his head in his hand for a brief moment. "What is it?" His tired voice rang out through the wide audience chamber.

"Fire Lord, we believe we have found what you've been looking for all this time. We've found Your Honor!"

He shot to his feet, excitement sparking through his limbs. "Where?" he demanded, and the servant led him through the palace at a run.

After a few moments of breathless jogging, Zuko emerged into the courtyard to find the turtleducks quacking in panic as a small, calico cat splashed about in the water.

"Your Honor!" the servant shouted, and Zuko cursed under his breath. The cat's ears perked up, but it didn't make a move to get out of the pond. Instead, it swam further in and ignored them.

"Well, I guess the little guy acts like you too." Zuko turned to see Mai leaning against the doorway, struggling not to smile.

"Why did you have to name him that?" he spat, ignoring the spectacle in the pond.

"Because it was obviously the best name for it," she answered calmly. "You've been searching for your honor for so long, I thought you might appreciate actually being able to find it sometime."

"Fire Lord!" the servant shouted, drawing Zuko's attention. "Your Honor's climbing the trees!"

Zuko gritted his teeth. "This is humiliating," he growled, stalking away from his wife.

"You're starting to act like him, too!" she called after him.

"Fire Lord, we've caught Your Honor!"

Mai smiled. "That never gets old," she murmured.