The first time Hiruma Yoichi saw Kobayakawa Sena, he decided the shrimp was nothing special. Still, he hauled the fucking fat ass out to toss him in the air, steal his number, and acquire his address because at this stage of the game Hiruma couldn't afford to be picky.

The second time, Hiruma watched a pathetic little worm of a person transform into what he knew was going to become his ace running back. From quivering to resolved, terrified to determined.

Victim to Take-No-Prisoners-style kick ass.

Hiruma decided as he watched, started plotting how the next few days were going to unfold. The kid would join team, become the secret ace player Eyeshield 21, and Hiruma would steadily chip away at the pathetic persona his prize had encased himself in.

That evening, after roping and shooting and bullying the kid, Hiruma thought back. Thought back to the transformation he had seen. He didn't replay the running this time, but the shorty's face. The moment the brat had stopped looking tearful and terrified and confused, the moment the determination and resolve took charge, the moment his stance was set and just before he took that first step, Hiruma saw something else in his eyes. Something he didn't really take notice of after the shrimp started moving. Something he had forgot about during the following activities. Something he almost didn't recognize because the last time he saw it was in the eyes of that fucking dreads whom Hiruma doesn't like to think about. Something he should've found shocking but didn't. Something…


Rationally speaking, it made sense. The brat looks like the type to have endured physical and emotional torment most of his life. Kids like that came out of high school in one of three ways: A, in handcuffs after perpetrating a school shooting. B, covered in bruises, blood, and shit from fighting back. Or C, on a gurney, under a white sheet, having killed themselves. Hiruma figured the shorty to fit into the third category at first, but now he wasn't so sure. That look definitely said school shooter, but then why?

Why run from danger when one glimpse of that inner demon could send it fleeing back into its hidey holes?