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Aright, story time!

Arrival back to the clubhouse found the brat and the monkey eavesdropping on Doburoku teaching Yukimitsu his own personal use (need a new nickname, he's not bald anymore). The blond sprayed them both with barbeque sauce and let Cerberus go to town. Doburoku questioned his decision, but it was for the best; he needed all his players focused on their own specific roles. Which they did, pulling out all the stops during practice. Even Demon could be seen, pushing his shared body to its limits.

Then Kurita disappeared. Again.

Hiruma pulled out the flamethrower, fucking fat ass was never hiding in the shitty vaulting horse again, (old man seemed impressed that Anezaki had already prepared a fire extinguisher) before Musashi told him to leave it. Kurita would learn to man up on his own, but for now… well, Shinryuuji was special.

Of course, then the kids all wanted to know what the big deal about Shinryuuji and the fat ass was and, as usual, the old man had no qualms about telling them everything. Everything. About the original plan to attend Shinryuuji. About the sports merit program.

About Agon.

The look in Demon's eyes was calling for Agon's blood on the ground, and the blond almost worried. Worried for what would happen to Sena if he went after Agon, to his body if he lost and his sanity if he won (because Sena could win. He would win). But it was okay, because after Musashi finished the story, Kurita came out of the clubhouse with a determined look on his face and dressed one of the tackle dummies in the Shinryuuji uniform. He then tackled the dummy so hard, the uniform shredded to bits and the kids couldn't help but cheer.

Rage, anger, hurt; it would all be put to good use in the upcoming match.

The day before the match, the blond found that the brunette's intuition was amazing. Hiruma knew roughly when the Shinryuuji Naga would go over their battle plans for Deimon's individual players, he was even 80% sure that Agon would show up (maybe not to actually participate, but he'd be there). But Sena knew none of that, and he still got shivers shooting up and down his spine right around the time that Hiruma predicted Agon to see Sena's face on the school's waterfall projector. The boy brushed off the worry of his friends (where did Anezaki pull all that cold medication from?) and when the blond texted him later that night about his fears, he got a digital chuckle in return, saying that Suzuna asked about the same thing not two minutes earlier.

Apparently Suzuna also suggested giving a good luck kiss and getting one in return. The more that girl hung around, the more Hiruma liked her.

Game day dawned beautifully, and the stadium was packed. More importantly (and miraculously) was that Agon was early. Of course the fucking dreads had to show off and change right there at the bench, revealing muscles upon muscles and a large dragon tattoo across his back.

And now Demon wants a go at the fucking dreads. At least the display hadn't intimidated original Sena.

Speaking of individual rivalries, Ikkyuu had come over to the Deimon bench probably to get a close-up look at Anezaki. Of course, wherever the manager went, the monkey went panting after her and bam, the receiver and the cornerback make contact. Just as they were getting serious with each other, Yamabushi came over and dragged his underclassman back over to his own bench, berating him for getting to see the girls first- err for slacking.

Shitty brats were so busy focusing on the enemy, they forgot why they came to the field. Oh well, Hiruma would remind them. Deimon did not come to defeat Shinryuuji. They came to kill Shinryuuji. YA-HA!

With the Nagas' kick-off the game began and because of the monkey's catching ability, it started with Deimon's ball. And the Monta-Ikkyuu rivalry at the forefront.

As is typical of a natural genius, Ikkuu was incredibly reluctant to recognize Monta as anything other than an arrogant wannabe. To be fair, on the first play the cornerback more or less destroyed the monkey and was less than impressed with the fight that the receiver had put up. The second play resulted in Shinryuuji's interception.

The teams then set up for Shinryuuji's offense so that Sena was marking Agon and Monta was on Ikkyuu. The problem was, while Sena did what he was supposed to and rushed to bump Agon, it would take Demon and all his rage-induced ferocity to effectively stop the fucking dreads.

Hiruma, playing safety, ran to meet Agon after he caught his pass. The blond predicted and took the first chop, and proceeded to entwine his arms around his nemesis' leg, only to have said nemesis brutally smash his blond head into the ground. Agon scored a touchdown.

However, there was another point to the blond attempting to stop the dread head; to taunt him, bait him into playing both offense and defence, even on the kick team if possible. If they let that monster rest, there was no way they would win.

Agon graciously rose to that taunt and proceeded to cut Sena down once again with an arm chop and Hiruma knew it was only going to get worse. Sure enough, Shinryuuji's next offense set up as the unstoppable Dragon Fly. Three plays later, both Sena and Monta had that holy fucking shit this is why they're the strongest look on their faces and Kurita was ready to burst into tears. Fucking dreads' commentary was not fucking helping, so get your ass back to your own bench, shithead!

Instead of saying such, Hiruma took the opportunity to taunt Agon some more, which did in fact result in his playing the kick team. Of course, Agon made a point of telling the blond that he knew exactly what the quarterback was up to, but said quarterback already figured he did so it didn't bother him. The teams set up for the next play.

It was Shinryuuji's kickoff again, but instead of kicking to the side opposite from Eyeshield 21 in their usual by-the-book style, the ball sailed straight into the brunette's arms. But this was no miss-kick, as was obvious by the smirk on Agon's face as he rushed to meet the small running back. The small player accepted the challenge, using everything in his repertoire to slip through Agon's fingers (and twice at that!) only for the dread head to chop the ball out of Sena's arms.

The idiot Taki managed to break away and grab the ball, but was tackled in Deimon's end zone, resulting in a safety and another two points for Shinryuuji. He looked upset about it, but was swiftly told that a safety for the Nagas beat another touchdown for the Nagas.

Unfortunately, it only went downhill from there. The line had developed a way to counter Kurita's strength. Ikkyuu was blocking the monkey at every turn. Even when Deimon switched to land tactics with the Wishbone, Agon stopped them cold. The Devil Bats were beginning to realize why Shinryuuji had gone to the Christmas Bowl for nine years running.

The score had widened to 32-0 for the Nagas by halftime and the team was starting to lose hope.

Until, for the first time ever, someone other than Hiruma noticed Demon.