This is Season 2 of "Next Generation" it will stop of at Season 1 finale. This season will be more shocking and surprise. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Charlene Buchanan-Morgan was at the Buenos Dias Café picking up some food that her mother order and bring it to the party. When Charlene got the bag, she turned and saw Ryder Ford and Tammy Evans walking in together.

"Charlene." Tammy said. "How you doing?"

"Good. I'm just picking up some food to the party."

"Oh that's right. Drew mention about the Buchanan's get together."

"Drew? My brother mentions that to you?" asked Charlene.

"Yeah, He calls me while he was at your parents place."

"Oh." said Charlene.

Charlene still does not trust Ryder Ford especially when he threw her to a glass mirror but it was Byder not Ryder. She do not think that he cure yet.

"Look I know you don't trust me and I don't blame you for it. I just want to make it up to you the way I hurt you."

"It wasn't you. Ryder" said Charlene.

"I know, I know. But it was still me and I'm really sorry Charlene, you're my cousin I shouldn't done that to you."

"It's ok Ryder. I forgive you."

Then Ryder and Charlene hugged and make up.

"Thank god that's over." Tammy replied. "Have you and James make up yet?"

"I don't want to hear his name!" Charlene yelled.


At Matthew and Destiny's apartment. Drew and Monica were talking to Matthew, Destiny and Kaya.

"Drew." Destiny said. "I'm so glad your ok. How long you have to stay in this wheelchair?"

"For a while." said Drew.

"What do you mean by that?" Matthew replied.

"Like nine months."

Kaya gasped. "Oh my god Drew. I'm really sorry."

"It's ok sis. I'm just glad I'm living right now and get to still see my family, my friends and my girlfriend."

Drew and Monica share a romantic kiss.

Destiny and Kaya both say Aw!

"Remember you was in a wheelchair when you was a teenager?" said Destiny.

"Yeah." Matthew replied. "I couldn't walk ever since I was in a wreck with Cole that night. I couldn't even dance with you at the prom."

"Yeah, but we did dance at our senior prom and you had the DJ to play our favorite song "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo."

"Aw. Daddy you did that for momma?" asked Kaya.

"Yeah. It was nothing."

"It was to me. It was so special and you did all that for me. I'm just happy I've married the man I loved.," said Destiny.

"I'm glad I married you too, Des. I rather spend the rest of my life with you."

Matthew and Destiny kiss. In addition, Alania, Randy, Drew and Kaya both say gross.

"Hey, that will be you when you guys get old like us." said Destiny.

"When I get old I'll make sure I'll look thirty then sixty like mom and dad." Kaya replied.

"I beg your pardon.," said Matthew.

"Sorry Daddy."

"Where Charlene she should be her by now." said Destiny.

"Charlene text me and say she on her way." Alania replied.

"I hope she be here before we start the party." said Destiny.


Molly and Luaus surprise the kids, Joshua and Hilary but want to know what they are talking about.

"What you mean promise to not tell mom?" asked Molly. "What are you two hiding from me? Are you doing drugs, Joshua Asa Buchanan?"

"No mom, it's not like that. Dad you really are here."

"Of course I am. Look at you; you look like a younger version of your Grandpa Matthew."

"Don't forget act like Grandpa Matthew." Hilary added. She was talking when Matthew killed Eddie Ford when he was a teenager. Joshua did the same thing when he killed Ashton Chase. Joshua shoved Hilary to shut her up.

"Look at my baby girl." said Luaus. "You look just like your mother."

"Thanks daddy. Where are you going to stay?" asked Hilary.

"No where yet."

"No where? Poor Daddy, how about you can stay with us?"

Molly looks at Hilary to shut her up.

"I don't know it's really up to your mother.," asked Luaus.

"Mommy please?" asked Hilary.

"Yeah, we haven't seen Dad since two years.," said Joshua.

Joshua and Hilary did a puppy face and Molly cannot resist it.

"Ok, Ok. He can stay with us till he gets his own place."

Joshua and Hilary hugged their mother, "Thank You, Mom."

Joshua told them that he has to get ready to perform with his band called "Llanview 5." Moreover, Hilary invited her boyfriend over.

"They still act like little kids." said Luaus.

"Always." Molly replied. "Let's get some punch."



At Ryder's apartment. Tammy and Ryder are doing invitation to invite on their Weeding day. Ryder had on a plain white T-shirt, Levis jean and a pair of Nike shoes. Tammy had on a navy blue Apple Bottoms

One Shoulder Top with Graphic Print with a Tied dyed wash skinny jeans and beige

Canvas Lace-Up Wedge Peep Toe Booties.

"Who else should we invite? How about your cousin Liam?" asked Tammy.

"I don't think Liam would come.," said Ryder.

"Why? He is your cousin."

"I kidnapped him, Tammy. And I don't think Him and Sarah would forgive him."

"Liam will forgive you. He will understand of your illness."

"I'm just guilty; I lie to you and everyone else in LlanCharles."

"You did not lie to anyone. Byder was the one how control you. He's the one who did all this stuff." Tammy protested.

"I still think I should go to jail."

"No you shouldn't. You have an illness disorder. We pose to get married and I don't want our kids to grow up without a father!"

Tammy gasped. "Ops."

"Kids? Tammy is you pregnant?" asked Ryder.

"I guess me am.," said Tammy.

"When you find out?"

"About two weeks."

"How come you didn't tell me?"

"I wanted to be a surprise for on our weeding day. Now it's not a surprise."

"So, I'm about to be a Dad?" asked Ryder.

Tammy nodded. "Yes."

Ryder was so happy and yelled, "Yes! I'm about to be a Dad!"

He picks up Tammy and start spending her around, "I'm never going to leave you or our child. I love you, Tammy."

"I love you too, Ryder Ford."

They share a Romantic Kiss.

To Be Continued…

Part 2.