Part 12:

Bree Ball up her fist and getting ready to punch Kelly in the face till Liam McBain stops it.

"Whoa, what's going on here?" asked Liam.

"She was trying to punch me in the face Liam; I try to stop her as best I can. But she won't stop." Kelly replied.

"You liar." said Bree.

"That's enough, Bree. I will deal with you after I talk with Kelly." Liam yelled.

"That's bull shit! You pose to be my cousin? What happened Buchanan stick together?" asked Bree.

"Not when it comes to my job. You stay right here."

"Whatever." said Bree.

Liam and Kelly move away to talk in private.

"Thank You Liam for everything. I just hope that bitch will be charge for what she deserve." said Kelly.

"Well I will make sure I'll good care of my new Commissioner of LlanCharles police deportment."

Kelly smiled, "Thank you again, listen I have to get to my daughter, Caitlyn so I'll see you soon?" asked Kelly.

"Sure you will." Liam replied.

"I'll see you later, bye."


While Kelly left. Bree walk over to her cousin and confront him.

"What the hell was that? You know that was I lie." said Bree.

" I know, But, between you and me I found evidence of the Manning's really didn't bought out The Buchanan's we still own the Police deportment and Buchanan's Enterprise." said Liam.

Bree was so happy, "Are you serious?" asked Bree.


Bree hugged her cousin, Liam so tight, "This is the biggest news I've heard in along time. It's about time the Manning wills pay." said Bree.

"I know as soon I tell Matthew about everything, he can sue all the Manning and get rid of them once and for all."


"I hope Kaya will be free and not be charge for hit Kelly Manning. Speaking of Kelly I spoke to her at Buenos Dias Café."

Tammy didn't like it when her husband mentions his ex, Kelly Manning. She couldn't her ass since Kelly pushes her down to the stairs while she was pregnant with her first child with Ryder. When Ryder took her to the hospital and check the baby and make sure it was ok. But it was too late she has miscarriage. It was the hardest thing that Tammy has to deal with of loosing a child that was growing inside of her. Of course that Ryder was pissed too. But, he makes sure that he will be at Tammy side no matter what. And he deal with the Kelly issue but now, Kelly is back and who knows what if she wants hurt Tammy again since she pregnant with Ryder again. Tammy wants to stay away that woman as possible.

"What she wants this time?" asked Tammy.

"I saw her with my daughter, Caitlyn." said Ryder.

"Oh you did. How did it go?"

"Not good, my daughter hates me because I wasn't there for her."

"But, you didn't know anything about her till now." I added.

"I know, Kelly told her that I left her when she was pregnant with Caitlyn. I didn't know anything about any baby." Ryder got angry.

"Why would she do that to her daughter like that?" I asked.

"She getting me back threw my daughter but putting lies in her head by hating me."


Aunt Bam got close to AJ Chandler and whisper to his ears, "I'll be waiting for you." She walks off and Victor Jr. and James Morgan laughed at AJ Chandler and he got mad and yelled at them "It's not funny!"

"Whoa chill Chandler we was just playing we know you still love Jade and trust me she will forgive you of you and Charlene scandal." said James.

"The hell I won't!" yelled a woman.

When they turn their head they saw a woman that had red hair wearing a white dress and black heels.

AJ Chandler knew who it was and he couldn't believe she came all the way from Pine Valley.

"Jade it's that really you?"

"Of course it's me. I will make sure you pay that's why I call Bam the first place."

"Wait you call Bam to the strip club?" asked AJ.

"Yes I did, you don't have half the custody of Harry. I got full custody of Harry and you will be on child support. Now where that bitch Charlene Buchanan? I want to beat the living hell out of her!"


While Todd was walking to the park, he saw Caitlyn Ford sitting on the bench alone and was crying. Todd sat beside and make sure she was ok.

"Hey are you ok?" Todd asked.

"No, I just saw my real biological father at Buenos Dias Café." Caitlyn replied.

"Is that pose to be a bad thing?" asked Todd.

"Yes, My father abandoned my mother when she having me. He didn't care about me he just cares about his Buchanan Fortune."

"That's terrible. But, did he even apologize for what he did?"

"Who cares it doesn't matter. It's not like he can change or anything. He still is dead beat father and I hate him for that!" Yelled Caitlyn.


"That's horrible honey." said Tammy.

"Yeah I know me just trying to make things right and hoping she will forgive me but I guess it's too late." Ryder replied. He was looking sad and was about to cry.

Tammy touches his face and was confronting him. "It's never too late, even she is upset about you wasn't there for her during her childhood you can still make things right. Someday she will forgive you just have to keep trying. I never thought we will never have a baby together but now us about to have a baby on our own."

"Yeah, I guess your right. Thanks babe, I love you so much."

"I love you too Ryder Ford." Tammy replied.

Ryder and Tammy share a romantic kiss.

Kelly Manning saw Ryder and Tammy making love and she was very upset right now.

To Be Continued…

Part 13.