Summary: Bo's volatile darkness glimpsed at the end of season two lacks impulse control, but will the good intentions of her true nature shine through?

I'm of the opinion that this new facet of this heroine will offer a look at her as a real fae, mature in her talents, and not a villain per se.

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A succubus is a beautiful creature. It is sometimes easy to forget that behind the smooth, lyrical voice and warm skin is raw power, a pure intensity of being. At least, such was the case with this one, the heir of the Blood King.

Lauren sat quietly on the overstuffed couch as Bo paced restlessly across the room, watching her turn on her heels and toss her long hair over one shoulder. She moved with an unchecked preternatural grace, softening her usual brash demeanor, commanding attention. Her presence was a near tangible element in the air around them, an irresistible pull that made the fine hair on the back of Lauren's neck rise.

It was an unconscious mechanism of her biology, perhaps a response to stress. Lauren had felt it before. Bo's tension was manifested in the way that the room was charged with her energy, an intoxicating mix of old magic and chemical triggers that calmed as well as excited her prey. She looked every bit the huntress, a predator wrapped in black leather.

It was difficult to be around her when she was like this. Lauren knew that with even one touch, she would be hopelessly lost to the succubus, caught within her thrall, her mind gone.

It was like she had reverted back to the untamed, lost girl Dyson and Hale picked up and brought in months ago, with abilities she couldn't hope to control without help. But this Bo was dangerously overconfident, no longer unsure or confused by her own nature. She simply didn't bother with acting 'normal.' Lauren first noticed the effect after the defeat of the Garuda. Now it happened often.

Bo and Kenzi had returned to business as usual in the past weeks while the Light government scrambled to right itself for the second time in as many years. The political landscape was changing rapidly after Aife's attack and the death of two Ashes. If things continued as they were, it wouldn't be long before the Ash and the Council took orders from Bo, not the other way around.

Something was wrong.

"What's going on, Bo? Why did you ask me to come here?" she spoke softly, curious as to what had Bo nervous enough to call her, a human, when she obviously needed another kind of…support.

Bo had certain needs, which she alone couldn't sustain, no matter what they may feel, or may have felt, for each other. She took no small pleasure in the knowledge that no fae had yet been able to either.

"I saw the Black Thorn today." She stopped in front of Lauren, who visibly stiffened.

"So the Council wants to crown a new Ash," She couldn't meet Bo's eyes, feeling the weight of the amulet around her neck like that of a lead boulder rather than the intricately designed silver charm. It might as well have been a brand. The new lord would also be her third master.

"I've found a way for you to be free, Lauren, the perfect opportunity." Something about her tone was wrong, dripping power.

"What do you mean?" She had a bad feeling about this, those dark eyes, that smile, "Bo, what did you do?"

"I'm the Stag."

Neither said anything for a full minute while Lauren turned the words over in her mind, letting them echo and still not believing what she heard. "That's not possible. You're not Light Fae. You're not even a woodland species."

Bo just smiled sweetly. "Says who? I've been camping."

"That's not funny," Lauren snapped.

The smile faded, and Bo took the seat next to her, suddenly withdrawn. "You're right, it's not. You know what else isn't funny? The way he jumped at the chance," She should have been angry, shouting and hurt. Instead, she was perfectly calm, with all the cold beauty of an ice sculpture.

"They hold on to their precious, 'balanced' dichotomy of light and dark, and I'm some dangerous anomaly. After everything I've done, I'm still a threat."

Lauren listened in silence, wondering what brought this on, and how she planned to survive, unarmed, against three of the most influential and deadly of the Light fae. She was too close, it was becoming hard to concentrate, and this was too important.

"I won't pick a side," There was so much force in that statement, it made Lauren cringe to hear it. "So I volunteered. No prisoners have to die. The morning of the hunt, when all eyes and arrows are on me, you can escape the Ash's compound."

Shaking her head slowly, blonde curls tumbling about her face, Lauren turned towards the succubus, every nerve ending aware of her proximity. "You have a greater destiny than this, Bo."

"Then they can't kill me," she said quickly, obviously having rehearsed several possible arguments, "I'll be fighting for my freedom as much as yours, and if it gives you the chance you need, I'll do whatever it takes."

"You can't take that chance."

"I can. I will. For you," Bo's single-minded determination towards an end was typical, but this was different. She knew that Bo cared, maybe even loved her at one time, but she wasn't talking like someone fighting for love. Her voice was too hard, too cold. This was about power.

Then again, maybe this was Bo's way of fulfilling her role, upsetting the balance, doing away with old traditions, and ultimately dissolving the split between the Light and the Dark. However, coup d'état? It wasn't like her at all.

"What does Kenzi think about this?"

"She won't even look at me."

It felt like electricity was surging over her skin in snaps and static, and Bo was the conduit. Her lungs burned and Lauren had to make an effort to breathe normally. Surely, she wasn't the only one struggling against it. But Bo's eyes were their normal, dark, velvet brown.

She was in complete control, Lauren realized. She couldn't decide if she were impressed or terrified.

With that thought, Lauren took Bo's hands into her own, and suddenly she could breathe again. Bo's skin was warm, but Lauren didn't feel the spread of pure sensual heat that accompanied a succubus's uninhibited touch. Bo held herself back. Finally, it was like clean air rushed back into the room as soon as she touched her.

Lauren took that as a good sign and proceeded to shamelessly use the only bargaining chip she had that might change Bo's mind, that might save her - herself.

"And if you fail? They'll hunt me down. Easily. There's nowhere to go that they won't find me." The light fae elders would never let her leave and live. Part of her wanted to try, if only to have one last taste of freedom before she died. Half a dozen times, she had found herself packed and ready to flee. But for whatever reason she held back, and she hated herself for it.

"What if I don't want to leave my work, this world…you…"

"All the more reason for me to live. I can do this. Trust me." Blue flashed around dilated pupils, the light behind them a glimpse of eternity.

Leaning forward, she disentangled her hands from Lauren's so that she could reach up to cradle her face between them. "I only ask one thing. The night before, come to me. Wherever they're holding me, one last time."

Bo's thumbs swept away tears. Lauren hadn't even realized she had started to cry.

"Please, Lauren." She whispered her name like a prayer.


This time, her smile was genuine, and her kiss tasted like ambrosia.

Thoughts? Just a note: the title is a reference to the song Energy by Austra, whose other work, Lose It, has been used in the show.

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