"A basterd's work is never done." Lt. Aldo Raine gripes, fidgeting in his makeshift seat that is an empty crate in the back of a military truck. He reaches in his pocket, fishing for what is left of his stogie. He wedges the cigar between his teeth, lighting it with a matchstick and scans the faces of the other Basterds, all looking quite agitated to be bouncing around the back of a truck.

They were on their way to an American military base hidden deep in the wooded countryside of France to meet with a soldier of sorts. An apparent professional in special ops and can be described by superiors as unconventional. Well, that's exactly what the Basterds are all about… Being unconventional. This is all they know… All but Raine who has been keeping all the sticky little details to himself…

Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz eyes his leader through a cloud of cigarette smoke, scowling as the truck hits a pothole. All he knows is the bare minimum Aldo spat at them this morning as they piled into the back of the truck. Hard enough for him to trust people on a normal day, Stiglitz is not too keen on the game plan.

After a good hour of riding around, Stiglitz can't keep his frustration in any longer. "So who is this soldier?" His German accent is thick and muffled by the sound of the truck rattling.

Aldo cocks his brow at his German cohort. He chews on the end of his cigar, thinking about how to answer before speaking. "Well…" He looks at the group of men staring at him expectantly. Might as well spill the beans, they're going to find out eventually. "First off, I'd like to say that she came highly recommended." He pauses, waiting for their reaction.

"She?" Donny Donowitz exclaims, unsure if he heard correctly.

"You're kidding… Right?" Utivich scoffs.

"Her name is Daphne McGee…" Aldo begins.

"A woman?" Hugo swears under his breath. Coming all this way for a woman?

"Now, nothin' set in stone." Aldo raises his voice over the small commotion. "We're just going to check things out… See what's what…"

"But who is she?" Donowitz pries.

"She is one of the best in the business." Aldo states, signaling it the end of the conversation.

As soon as the truck comes to a screeching stop, they are hustled into a garage, bustling with soldiers working on military vehicles and the likes. A burly commanding officer stalks up, eyeing up with Basterds in amusement.

"Lt. Raine, I presume?" The officer extends a hand.

Aldo glances down at the hand before extending his own and gripping it tightly. "You must be Col. Johns." Aldo gestures to the group of men behind him. "These are the Basterds."

Johns leans to look around Aldo at the motley crew and smirks. "I believe you are here to meet our girl, McGee." Hugo snorts at this.

"I'm sorry, soldier. Did I say something to amuse you?" Johns cocks a brow at the barrel-chested German.

"What kind of soldier is a woman?" Stiglitz meets the eye of the Colonel.

"She's not a soldier so much as… A machine." Johns begins. "Her father was an American General. She was born and raised on bases, an Army brat if I ever saw one. Without her mamma around, the General raised her as a boy." Johns walks as he talks, leading the Basterds further into the garage towards a tank, currently being worked on by a welder. "She's small, she's quick, she's damn good with a gun…" He pauses to look up at the welder. "McGee!" Johns hollers over the noise of the blowtorch.

The welder halts, switching off the torch, stands and turns to face the men. The form of the welder is petite under the heavy jumpsuit, smeared with grease. Hugo eyes this mystery welder as it climbs from the tank, throwing down thick welding gloves. The welder couldn't be more than five and a half feet tall, a head shorter than most of the men milling about.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Daphne McGee."