Red splattered the white of snow as smoke rose into the azure sky nothing was left but sadness and despair... Five years later a young girl looked around her eyes shadowed with the sadness but seemingly bright to the normal onlooker. I threw my jet black hair over my shoulder and examined one of the blue streaks while holding it with one of my hands each nail was short and jet black. My eyes were greenish blue eyes that stood out against my naturally dark eyelashes and pale white skin. In front of me stood a young man wearing strange clothes his blonde hair and green looked slightly unnatural but he also looked like one of those princely types that always pissed me off. How had I gotten here? Last I remembered I had been in New York with my best friend talking about anime and discussing why Light should have lived in Death Note. When suddenly a bunch of my other friends burst in with a few six packs and packs of cigarettes. They were having a great time until I had passed out from drinking to much.

And then I was here I cocked my head to the side and asked "Who the hell are you?" the man stared at me obviously not understanding. I growled in annoyance and muttered "great an annoying fucking dream at least for once its not a nightmare..." So that meant that I could kill him right? I grinned at the thought of his neck being ripped out. Okay yes that was a bit creepy but I wasn't really in the best of of moods right now. I stepped forward I knew that I looked very intimidating although I was only five foot four... and a half. So there. He yelled something in a strange language and ran away in absolute terror I laughed I couldn't help it. I fingered one of the three piercings on my right ear and spun in around. I sighed and started walking and I started regretting my choice of footwear black boot platforms were really not a good idea. Neither was the tight ripped jeans but the Three Days Grace shirt was perfect and comfortable it was bloody hot here. I cursed loudly as I walked on the dirt path. I was glad that I at least had my bag it wasn't one of those annoying inconvenient purses it was a large messenger bag black of course.

Obviously these paths weren't meant for goths who had been recently out partying with friends. My friend would be worried to tears about me after the incident two years ago we had been absolutely inseparable we were roommates we were best friends we were like sisters very close sisters.

I started shaking I wasn't used to the feeling of never being able to see her again, I needed her hear wherever I was. Suddenly I was surrounded by big men with spears and swords. You know what I said about this not being a nightmare? Scratch that. One of the men charged at me aiming the spear towards my throat I ducked. I also thanked God that I knew how to fight with weapons. I grabbed the wood part of the spear being careful not to get cut and yanked with all my strength now I had a weapon. But being surrounded honestly it didn't give me much of an advantage.

My black and blue hair whirled around in the wind as I spun around in a circle keeping them at a distance then I went for the weakest shortest looking one I stabbed him in the throat and ran. Regretting the choice of footwear even more now. My feet protested like there was no tomorrow I was begging them to hurt tomorrow not today though. I ran as fast as I could but I wasn't fast enough to outrun muscular military men. They swiftly caught up and when they did I refused to scream or cry both of those were signs if the weakness that i refused to possess. One of them tied my hands behind me I resisted but to no avail there was to many and they were to strong honestly there was no point. But when one man tried sliding his leg down into my pants I used the strength in my arms to use the men who were tying my hands I pulled myself and kicked him in the head. He hit me hard right on the face nevertheless he didn't try it again.

Blood was coming from my mouth bastard he might have knocked one of my teeth loose. Since my hands were tied I couldn't wipe it so it dripped down onto my favorite shirt and I thanked God that it was black. They dragged me to a big wall made of what looked like mud but that was just because of the color and I was guessing that it was made by hand not by machines like they had been in my time. I sighed this looked like the past honestly like ancient Egyptian pyramid days. What was this a manga or an anime? From the sharp bite of pain in my wrists I decided against it, it obviously wasn't a dream either. I sighed well wasn't this inconvenient? Not to mention annoying then the voices in my head decided to start talking one of the decided that it wanted bacon another one was saying that it wanted fried chicken one of them wanted chocolate one of them didn't want anything to eat just wanted a glass of wine and the last one to speak said and I quote "SHUT UP ALL OF YOU I WANT COOKIES" I laughed at the conversation in my head. The men were staring at me as if I were nuts. Although I probably am they didn't have to make it so apparent what they were thinking.

well you see this is a fanfiction based on Red River the main character is an OC I'm thinking RamsesXOC or RusafaXOc their both awesome characters so tell me what you think

BTW I do not own Red River though I do wish that I did