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Ramses POV

I watched the girl in front of me, her whole existence and appearance was strange. She had threatened me and was not scared of me or my power as general but hopefully the little show I put on for Mursili was good. His woman interested more than he did though, she thought better than most men I would have to look into this further but my little display would make him less suspicious of me if I were scared by a mere girl then I would never try to oppose him and his army of Hittites. I would have to test this Yuri girl she interested me as it turned out Kail's eye for women turned out to be true. The girl who had said her name was Brianna looked straight at me in the eye not diverting her eyes "Lets go unless your planning on staring at Yuri forever until your turned into stone" this girls rudeness was rather annoying but honestly slightly amusing however Yuri was who I was going after now, she was smart and brave, my kind of girl. I easily got onto the horse after the strange girl she sighed and I heard her mutter "Finally" I ignored this and we got going the conflict here was over now.


His actions seemed strange if he were truly afraid of me he wouldn't be acting the way he was now, but unless he was putting on an elaborate show for the Prince for some reason I couldn't think of why. I wondered if Yuri was okay her wounds were serious and the medicine back now weren't as good as modern medicine. I put my annoying hair back up it was getting messy in this sweat and heat I had removed it when we were on our way to the battle field because when we were riding fast it felt nice to have the wind in my hair. I leaned back into the muscular chest behind me just to annoy him, he recoiled slightly and when he realized what I was doing calmed down.

"... Weird woman, one minute your screaming your head off at me next your relaxing on my chest, so... like what you see?" I looked him over with a critical eye that would make almost anyone squirm but to his credit he did no such thing.

"Hmmm well I have seen better but your not bad" I smirked I win.

"I doubt it" he said looking me over, he was starting to sound like a high schooler now he was getting desperate so I was winning

"Ahh well believe blindly or do not believe and do not trust either way your a fool" He was twitching I loved getting on his nerves and what could he do? I wasn't scared of death I wasn't afraid of pain and I wasn't afraid of him really.

"Brianna? What is the world your from like?" why did he care? And he was calling me by name? What was going on? "Its nice" I said simply there was no way that I was giving him ammunition against me by describing my home and my life neither were very nice. He glared

"I was being serious" he said

"so was I" with a sigh and a tug on my ponytail and my rubber bracelet I started talking for real "Well if you really want to know its corrupt terrible sad and disgusting suicide was common murder thievery lying were all common when you grow up in that environment you don't turn out to be a little princess , you learn how to take care of yourself, anyways how about you? What kind of life has the Oh so Great General led?" he sighed as I couldn't even say a little without a jab at him. "Boring really life in beautiful Egypt a noble life however corruption runs rampant here too seems like corruption seeps in through the cracks and consumes every country"

"Mortals slashing away taking other mortals like themselves lives away. Its all so pointless humans are such stupid creatures, unneeded blood is shed by those who understand not what they are doing. Tears are shed by those who grieve on both sides. Though the humans that kill and those who die all have red blood. Why must they fight then? They are both protecting the country that they love that is why these actions are condoned. They are fighting for what they believe. In the only way they know." I said quoting a poem that I had written and its so true, wars are fought over money and other things yet we are all the same grieving everywhere and yet war is necessary to get rid of evil but war breeds evil, it doesn't make sense, life doesn't make sense, nothing makes sense this world is just a bunch of atoms molecules and questions.

"What was that?" Ramses asked and I awoke from my psychological turmoil over good and evil.

"Just a poem that seemed to fit the moment" I replied turning slightly so I could see his expression. He looked troubled his tan face had a line in the middle of his forehead. I lifted on black tipped and and smoothed it out "The women won't like you if your all wrinkly" I said with a faint smile playing upon my lips.

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