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Chapter 1: School Project

The moment she became champion of justice her life, hobbies, friends, future dreams all came to a halt and became buried into the deep recesses of her mind. Everything Usagi was at that point had been hidden and she had to become something she was truly not. A klutz, ditz, and a crybaby is what people thought perceived her to be. Having responsibility of saving the world was a huge weight on her teenage shoulders.

Several long nights of fighting the Negaverse left Usagi exhausted. She yawned and struggled to keep her eyes open while she sat in her desk at school, trying to listen to Haruna-sensei. She couldn't help as her eyes drooped lower and lower as the soothing voice of her teacher was slowly putting her to sleep. If I just close my eyes for a moment won't notice I have not been paying attention. It was common for Usagi to normally to hear a high-pitched squeak from Haruna-sensei yelling at her when she was late, forgot her homework, or was sleeping in class. Usagi swore her teachers voice broke her ear drums on more than one occasion possibly rivaling her very own wail. Maybe sensei's voice is why I can't hear my alarm clock in the morning. However today was different, Haruna-sensei's soft tone allowed Usagi's head to loll to the side, her arm no longer propping her head fell limply off the side of the desk making a slight noise as the weight shifted the desk.

Usagi was now in the land of dreams, misty clouds and a distant silhouette reached toward her, closer and closer. Haruna-sensei whapped her ruler on the side of Usagi's desk. The young girls' eyes shot open; she nearly fell out of her desk seeing her teacher so close to her. She clutched the locket pinned securely on her uniform, having though that the loud noise was a monster attack. Uh, oh, I was totally wrong this is worse than a Negaverse attack. Looks like Haruna is on a rampage and I'm the innocent victim. Her date must have dumped her last night. I bet if she were up against the nega-creep I fought last night she would have creamed the monster with that ruler she's holding.

"Ms. Tsukino Usagi! I do not appreciate it when you use class time to take a nap. There is an important project I want to share with everyone, and you might want to listen in if you don't want to fail my entire class." her teacher glared at her.

Usagi's face went red with embarrassment. Aw, now Makoto and Ami are giving me a disapproving stare. I'll get a lecture tonight at the Scout meeting for sure, "Sorry Haruna-sensei." she mumbled.

The brunette teacher shook her head at her, then turned and walked up to the chalkboard, "Class your project for the next few weeks following with learning about mythology, fairy tales, and fables. Your assignment will be to write about 'Why you would like being a superhero'. I want details on: goals, motivations, powers, and anything about a superhero you can think of. I want you to create a background history on your superhero, include how they became one. Be original! This assignment will be a large part of your grade. This will be a semester long project. So I expect something written and turned in each week for every day of the week. The basic statistics of your superhero turned in by Monday. Remember be original! You will fail if you use a comic book superhero or even the Sailor Senshi as an easy out! Here is a paper outlining the course and what is expected on the first paper. Remember it is due Monday!"

Some of the class members groaned at the restrictions as they read their assignment. The bell rang and Usagi shoved the paper into her bag not caring if she crinkled the paper. She was thankful her teacher did not give her detention this time, and wanted to get out to the hall as fast as possible before she jinxed herself.

Ami and Makoto arrived in the hall shortly following Usagi.

"You dodged a bullet in their Usagi." Makoto chuckled.

"Yea, it was too close for comfort. The fight last night really drained me. I didn't get any sleep after I went home." The blond replied.

Ami put a hand on Usagi's shoulder, "Next time please be more careful. We need be alert at all times, even when tired. Besides this assignment is extremely simple for us after all we have firsthand experience. Although I am suspicious that this could be another Negaverse ploy to gather information to easily weed us out and discover our identities."

The blond giggled "Chill out Ami. I am no genius but the Nega-creeps are too stupid to cook up a plan like this. Besides Unazuki Furuhata you know she's Motoki from the arcades sister? She did this same project for her class last year far before the Negaverse started appearing and tearing things up. I remember her working on it at the arcade. You can ask her about it if you are still worried Ami. Come on lets head to the arcade before we have to meet up at the shrine."

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