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Chapter 11: Wrath of a Fiery Priestess

Two golden tails of long hair flapped in the wind like two kite tales as the blond skipped happily down the sidewalk. "I got an 85%! I got an 85%! Sweet victory and it is now the weekend; what more good things will happen today?" Contrary to everyone's belief, I am quite smart however I feel if I do excel in academics I'll be treated like a parading performing pony, and I am totally uncomfortable about being a spectacle under the spotlight where everyone is watching what I do. I don't know how Ami does it everyday. Luna always says we had past lives on our respective planets we represent. I was probably a court jester; after all I do klutz out a lot "To celebrate I should go to the arcade and treat myself to a chocolate shake, I may even miss the jerk if I time it right."

She glanced down at her watch, "Whaaaa, never mind. I am late for the scout meeting. I think my good luck will end when I get barbecued by Rei again for being late." She sped off towards the Hikawa shrine.

"These are the best desserts you have made so far Makoto."! A dark-haired priestess commented as they munched on the snacks laid before them.

Makoto smiled at her new friends. It had been hard moving to a new area after being kicked out of her old school. These girls did not care about her past, and the truth of being a Sailor Scout made it easier for to accept that her super strength was not some fatal flaw with herself, "Thanks, it was a new recipe I couldn't resist trying. Although I think I might tweak it a little more next time I make them."

"We should start studying to get ahead and not sit and wait for Usagi." Ami interjected.

Rei's eyebrow's scrunched in annoyance, "Don't remind me. Why is she late this time?"

The brunette answered, "Our teacher called her up after class I guess she somehow got detention despite surprising everyone by being early to school."

"What odango early to school? Yea, like that would ever happen. How can she pass her classes when she gets that many detentions? I mean it's annoying we have to wait for her every time she has to stay late. I say we should eat all the best goodies that Makoto, made before vacuumed mouth Usagi arrives and does not leave a crumb." Rei snatched another treat.

"I heard that pyro." An annoyed voice came from behind the priestess.

Rei jumped about a foot in the air losing her grasp on the snack she just procured. They all watched as the treat sailed high in the air only to be swiped gracefully out of the air by Usagi and swiftly disappear into the blond's mouth.

"Hey that was mine!" Rei protested.

Usagi smirked enjoying the flavor burst from the treat she claimed as a prize, "You snooze you lose pyro."

"Usagi you made it." Ami scooted her books on the table over to allow a spot for her friend to put her stuff.

"Yeah, Haruna had me stay after for a bit." The blond plopped down next to Ami. "Oooh Mako-chan did you make these? They look super yummy!" She helped herself to a couple more goodies which were sitting on a plate in the middle of the table.

Rei rolled her eyes, "What is this 50th detention you received in a month, how you can pass anything in school with your track record is a mystery to me?"

"Harmp dis is so derisious rita… are da besht cook!...Yummy." Usagi finished her treat; Rei's jabs had not gone unnoticed by her.

Sometimes her dark-haired friend's comments really hurt her deeply. Usagi was always very aware of her faults, and had always been extra hard on herself for the things she couldn't get right. When people would nitpick or tease her she knew she shouldn't take it personally, but sometimes it was hard not to since she always felt she needed to act a certain way; to not disappoint the ones she cared about.

Usagi pulled out her books and assignment and carefully set them down on the table, "Sorry I was late. However I did not get detention today for once, thank you. Actually Haruna-sensei wanted to talk to me about my superhero paper. I got approval from her to for assignment a little differently, and she gave me the information on the next part of our assignment; so I can start on it early before the rest of the class. I figured I would share it with you Ami and Makoto to help you get an early start on it as well."

Makoto was surprised that her blond friend actually got homework in advance; she wasn't going to complain though if it helped her as well, "Wow Usagi that's great."

"I only have one copy so you both will want to copy it down in your notebooks otherwise you will be getting the same info on Monday when she hands back all the assignments. She gave me mine back early see I got an 85%." She beamed as she showed it to her friends.

'Wait a minute!" Rei scowled when she glanced at the title of the paper and promptly snatched the papers out of Usagi's hand as she was handing them over. The fiery priestess began swiftly scanning the contents of the paper, her eyes narrowing in anger as she progressed down the narrative. When she finished reading Usagi's paper she slapped it down on the table and slammed her palm hard on the table, "Are you an absolute moron? This practically is screaming easy target for the Negaverse. Why don't you just write tell all books on us…"

"But I didn't say-," the blond had tears forming in her eyes.

Rei continued pointing her finger at the blond while Usagi hung her head, "This is exactly why she should not be the leader of the scouts. I mean someone who is a complete air-head and revealing her identity should not be in charge."

Ami pulled the paper away from Rei, swiftly skimming the contents, and calm as water set the paper down near Usagi on the table. "Rei apologize to Usagi."

She flipped her black hair over her shoulder, "Me apologize to her, about what? She's basically blaring the siren to evil to come and get her putting us and the princess in danger."

An icy chill settled over the room, "Listen well Raye-"

"Why should I…" She began.

"Unless you want me to ice over your mouth, I would suggest you be quiet." Ami's glare turned cold and dark; something none of those girls had ever saw. The room got steadily colder and Usagi could see her breath in the air. Res purse her lips and sat still.

"Your concerns are unfounded. I found no evidence of her confessing any sort of identity of us or of her in any of the contents. Usagi, Makoto, and I have an assignment of creating superheroes, their back stories, and ext. as the next section of our unit in our school. This assignment is a larger part of our grade and is nothing new as earlier years students have done the same unit as we are doing now. However I do caution all of us that we not show our own superpowers or references to current attacks to protect our identities. Now with that settled lets study, and Usagi thank you for sharing the next assignment notes with us." The cold atmosphere lifted from the room, but it left Usagi and the other girls slightly chilled and hesitant to speak.

The dark-haired priestess never liked it when things did not go her way; however despite her explosive temper she knew that this was a battle she wasn't going to win,"Fine look, I apologize for my outburst odango. I can't help but be concerned; as we never know when the Nega-creeps will strike or if someone around us could be a spy. What I mean is we can never be too careful, fellow classmates or even a teacher could be in with the Negaverse. You have to understand my suspicions especially when an assignment like that is concerned."

"Haruna-sensei is not a nega-creep; she may pick on me, but she is defiantly not with them. How many times have I saved her from those creeps alone?" Usagi took a moment to think while using her fingers to count,"She has been saved by me at least twice. Who knows how many more times I will have to do it again, but that is my duty. Besides how many times have we heard about her being saved by the scouts in class; or even describing how one of us looked? I may not look like I pay much attention in class but I would say our worry is nil. Mako-chan can you pass me some more snacks?"

"Sure Usagi." She passed the snacks. "I agree with what you said about our teacher not saying anything about her rescues since I joined the team. It is however still early in our assignment she might still mention them in an upcoming exercises. I think what all of us can agree to is we need to still be discreet and have a little caution with this project; however being careful doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with including our hands on experience's in our assignments, we just fudge our truth a little more. What time is it?"

Usagi glanced at her phone. "It's 5:30 why Mako-chan?"

"Oh, shoot I'm gonna be late for my Karate class if I don't leave now." She gathered her things. "Thanks for the notes." The brunette got up and left in a hurry.

"Oh, dear I should get going as well; I have cram school in an hour." Ami also packed up her things and left Hikawa shrine.

Usagi and Rei were left to clean up, "In the future remind me never to get on Ami's bad side. She's as scary as facing a nega-creep when she's mad." The blond rubbed her arms, "I still have goose bumps."

"For once Usagi I agree with you."

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