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"And we're live in 3...2...1..."

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"Good evening to the Capitol! As you all know, we've got the 73rd Games coming up in a matter of weeks. There have been many, many Hunger Games over the past three quarters of a century. There have been triumphs, successes, blood, gore, love and death. Lots and lots of death. But there have also been quite a few Games that have been banned from showing on the television, for many reasons. Some are simply too horrible to be shown on the air. Some have been Gamemakers' mistakes - that will never be repeated. Some were simply too funny to show the dignified people of the Capitol. But for the next however-long-this-broadcast is, I, Caesar Flickerman, your host for last year's, this year's and next year's Hunger Games, will take you through 72 years of...

The Games That No One Ever Talks About!

Gamemakers' Horrible Mistakes - the 1st and the 2nd Hunger Games!

The time when a certain District escort couldn't pronounce a Tribute's name!

Mass suicide by Tributes - was it a plan or were they just stupid?

A blast from the past - the year when the Gamemakers decided to incorporate a historical event!

Why do the Gamemakers almost never use water-landscapes for arenas? The shocking secrets are revealed!

The Infamous Twelve-Second Games!

What happens when a little too much lava is used?

Why President Snow just won't talk about chicken mutts - featuring an interview with Snow himself!

A certain Games that has everyone bleeding to 'deaf'!

When tracker implants become time-bombs: eleven Tributes' nightmarish six hours of waiting!

Cannon mis-firings!

When a Tribute becomes 'Queen of the Mutts'!

And much more!

Coming to you live from the Capitol, this is Caesar Flickerman - welcome to 'Never Talked About'!"