The tale of two prides - chapter one - In the beginning

There once was a happy family of respectable lions. The mother and father were the King and Queen of all lions, and their names were Trots and Maan. They had a son and a daughter; the son's name was Donker and the daughter's name was Killisto. They grew up happily and both married.

But this was where the prides split. Donker married a lioness named Luna, who wanted to start a pride of their own. Donker, madly in love, agreed and left his family to start a new pride; The pride of the Mawakabies. Soon Luna fell pregnant with a cub, Lukan, the rightful heir to the Mawakabies throne.

Meanwhile, Killisto was the only heir as her brother had left. She married a young lion from the other side of the continent, who her parents arranged for her to marry, if she liked him. She was swept off her feet and soon married the young lion by the name of Juno. They became King and Queen of the pridelands as it was now known, because of the other newly started pride it could no longer just be called 'the pride'. Trots and Maan happily stepped down to watch their daughter and her husband bloom as King and Queen. Killisto soon fell pregnant with twins; Mirian and Jamp, who were the same age as Lukan. Jamp became heir to the throne. This is the story of the cubs and their desendants.