Lukan stalked through the tall grass, carefully watching a butterfly. Making no noise at all, he pounced on the creature. It flew away quickly, and Lukan sank into the grass. Life was boring in his pride, but one day he would rule it all.

"You're getting better," Donker said, smiling. He nudged his son.

"Dad! It's so boring!" Lukan complained, rolling in the grass.

"Son, we've got some more coming. Two families were sick of the pridelands, so they're coming over here. They'll be here soon," Donker smiled. Lukan perked up.

"Really? Oh, thanks dad!" He smiled, tackling his dad. Donker laughed and pushed him off easily. Luna wondered next to him.

"He's growing up fast," She said, grinning and brushing her head under Donker's, purring affectionately.

"Mum!" said Lukan in disgust. Luna chuckled.

"Love you too!" She said sarcastically. Lukan looked annoyed. There was an awkward silence.

"They're here!" Donker yelled, breaking the silence. They took off down the hill to greet their new pride members. Soon they got down and Lukan was delighted to see there were three cubs his age; Two girls and one boy.

"I'm Lukan," He smiled, introducing himself. He stretched out his body showing off his darker features. The prettier and darker of the girls smiled at him broadly.

"I'm Milite!" She said happily. Her face lit up showing off her lime green eyes.

"I'm Kyant!" A light boy said. He had a grumpy expression. A lighter young lioness cub walked up next to Kyant.

"I'm Alicia!" She grinned happily. Kyant and Alicia had the same features but Alicia's happy face made them seem very different. Lukan was confused as there were three cubs but only two families.

"Are one of you a stray?" He asked. Kyant grunted.

"Yeah. I'm Milite's adopted brother. I was a stray but her family took me in." He said shyly, as if he wanted to change the subject.

"Oh," replied Lukan, unsure of what to say. There was an awakward silence.