AN: So I', super excited about this, just thought you should know. This is very AU, and this is a very different Rachel Berry. This is kind of Glee meets X-men. (it was really bound to happen at some point with me) Specifically I borrowed from the character Laura 'X-23' Kinney and messed with her back story and gave it to this Rachel. If you don't know who that is, that's cool, not everyone reads comic books, you won't need to have read them to understand what's going on though if you have it may give you an idea of how the story is going to go. Anyway, very AU Rachel, though I will be trying to keep most of the rest of the cast as similar as I can (with the addition of some of them having super powers.) I don't own Glee, I'm nowhere near cool enough to own X-Men, and I don't own the song Defeated by Anastacia, which helped inspire this fic. So please enjoy and I would love to hear from you if you have any comments. Have a good one.

You can tear me apart, you can rip me to pieces

Try breaking me down but I'll never be beaten

You can say that you won, but I'll never believe it

Cause I can't be defeated

Made a mistake, swore I'd never repeat it

Lost my heart for a second but it never stopped beating

I smile through the tears so the way that I see it

I can't be defeated

Age 7

This was to be her first solo mission, everything she had been trained for and all that she was was riding on how well she executed her task, how well she executed her target. Of course she had gone out before this, but always with her group, and now she was the first to branch off. She wasn't even the oldest, but she was the best. The others knew it, and feared her for it even if they never said. She wasn't sure what this would be like, without the others, but she liked that they had a chance to not go out on mission, she hoped they got a little rest.

The black leather of her uniform fit snugly against her small body, it felt like a second skin, and after performing a few of her more advanced techniques she learned that it moved that way as well. This one was new, she had grown recently and her last uniform had needed to be replaced, the leather wasn't as soft or as flexible as her old uniform. After lacing up her black steel toed combat boots and tightening the straps to her weapons belts, she felt ready. Giving herself one last look over in the mirror, were she knew the white coats where watching her, she saw the smaller than average girl she was. The twin pistols latched to her thighs looked too big, but the weight was familiar, the two extra magazines on the back of her belt were she could easily access them felt safe, she knew she wouldn't need them but she was still technically new, with only a dozen missions to her name, and the white coats didn't want her to make them look bad to the black coats.

Her hair long brown hair was pulled back into an almost uncomfortably tight pony tail on the back of her head, and over her right shoulder she could see the hilt of her katana. She didn't really need it, and if she had to resort to it then the target was much more than what the black coats thought. She was a master marksman and a black belt in the six different fighting styles she knew, but when the white coats had first put the sword in her hand it was like watching an artist, and artist that only used red. Looking down at her hands, and adjusting her fingerless gloves for the eleventh time since she had put them on, she looked at her hands, the hands of seven year old girl who was about to become a murderer and wondered how many more times she would dawn this same uniform before someone better came along and she didn't make it back. She hoped it was soon.

The door clicked as the heavy lock unlatched and the door to her quarters swung inward, looking up she saw her mother, in her white lab coat, she's not your mother right now. She was a beautiful woman and as she got closer and crouched down in front of the girl, she couldn't help but hope that one day, if she managed to make it, she would look just like her.

"Are you ready?" Her mother put a heavy hand on her shoulder, looking her right in the eyes, the matching deep Cinnamon brown staring into each other, she just nodded, fisting her hands tightly. She wasn't even nervous, she knew she wouldn't fail, there were even doubts that she ever would, and her mother could see it. "Come along then." Her mother took her hand and stood up with a deep sigh and lead her from the room where they were immediately flanked by two large, well equipped, men who were there so that she would be put down quickly if she ever tried to make a move to escape. Truthfully she had no idea why she would ever try to escape, she would rather just die.

She was lead down the hall and past where she knew the quarters of her comrades were, J was two years older than her and should have been the first of them to be approved for solo missions, he was all they would have wanted, cold and calculated, a genius hacker and master of all things stealth, but he was also quick to lose his temper and when that happened he didn't always stick to the plan. He was unbalanced, and had never quiet learned how to take orders. B was a year younger and at only six years old was still in training, though he seemed to hold so much promise that he was approved for group missions a whole eight months before she had been. Her mother finally led her into the briefing room where three black coats waited for her looking over the file that would soon be handed over to her.

"Ah yes, Gentlemen, this is Project R, she shows the most promise out of this bunch, only seven years labor went into building this one." The Black coats talked about her like she wasn't there, like she couldn't understand them, like she was some kind of tool to be brought out when they required her; which she guessed she was. "As you know, there are still a few kinks to work out with Project J, so this will be the first solo mission; as such we have chosen a target that should challenge the program and test the limits of Project R's ability." The Black coat handed the manila folder to her mother to give to her and when she opened it she saw that there wasn't only one target, but a family of five, and not just any family, but the oldest male was running for congress. This was high profile, meant to make a statement; she looked over the layout of the building where the targets would be, a plan already forming. It wouldn't be very difficult at all.

Present Age 17

Rachel didn't understand why she had to go to high school, she had gotten her diploma at the time when most of the children she would soon be spending time with were still learning their multiplication tables, and she probably knew biology and anatomy as well as any practicing surgeon. Yet her mother insisted, apparently it would be good to interact with people her own age without being ordered to kill them.

Rachel liked the feel of her heavy denim jeans, they were sturdy, and though they weren't the second skin of her leather uniform, she could get used to them. And she was, she had only been out for two years, things took time. Rachel laced her worm steel toed combat boots, with a sheathed knife tucked into her right boot. Her mother had tried to get her to like girly shoes, but she couldn't fight in them, well she could she just didn't want to have to. It also just felt wrong to go anywhere unarmed, though her mother would take the knife if she knew Rachel planned to take it to school. Rachel had decided on a dark forest green tank top to wear under her worm leather jacket, with another knife sewn into a secret pocket just under her left arm.

Grabbing her messenger bag, Rachel ran through what she had one last time, her notebook and pencil, the books she was told to acquire for her classes though she would need to get her textbooks from the school itself, an extra tank top and underwear rolled together with four protein bars in case she was found and needed to disappear, another knife and her trusted Glock 19 with extra magazine sewn into the bottom of the bag, and a hundred dollars in tens and twenties for random emergencies. All she needed was the bag lunch her mother was packing for her down stairs. Rachel grabbed her practically indestructible and solar powered military grade wrist watch from her bedside table and put it on while making her way down the ladder from her attic bedroom.

"Good morning Rachel." Shelby said as Rachel walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl, she had come into the room purposefully scuffing her feet on the floor as not to startle the older woman, again, but sometimes the girl would forget and could walk so silently that it made Shelby nearly jump out of skin when Rachel was suddenly beside her. Her daughter merely nodded and Shelby handed the girl the brown paper bag with her lunch then held out her hand and rose an eyebrow. Rachel silently pulled the knife from her boot and handed the weapon over to the woman and shrugged at her before tucked her lunch in her bag then finished her apple. After tossing the core in the garbage and saluting her mother, Rachel left the house to walk to school.

Rachel had registered at school as Rachel Berry, instead of Rachel Corcoran, that way if her mother was found that only people who looked into her specifically would make the connection between the two. There was no denying they were mother and daughter if standing next to each other, but as long as that didn't happen, and Shelby had an extra phone she knew to answer as Mrs. Berry to, then everything would be fine.

On her way to school, Rachel went over her mental map again. She had broken into the building a few nights before and walked to halls, picking out the fastest routes to and from certain classes, and from all her classes to all the exits. Then she had gone over picking the locks of certain rooms and windows, she had also found all the walls weakest points in case she had to make her own exit. Rachel was as prepared as she could be, but she still felt like something was going to happen, she was anxious and nervous, but not scared, Rachel didn't get scared.

Rachel had never seen so many teenagers in one place before, there were at least a hundred milling around the front entrance alone, all looking at her. It made her itch to be invisible, to just disappear and run from this place and never look back; she just wanted to live in peace. Rachel was never going to have peace in a place like this. Rachel made a quick sweep of the grounds, taking in the locations of all the children, and deciding which were possible threats, none seemed particularly daunting, though neither did she.

There a few of the bigger boys, who all wore matching jackets, putting some smaller boy into the garbage and laughing; Rachel wondered what the point of that was, deciding it was probably metaphorical, but ignored them as they did her. There were also a large group of girls that all had the same uniform on, and though Rachel did note that it would be easy to move in as there was only a short skirt, it didn't offer enough protection from attack, so Rachel just frowned at them in confusion. Teenagers made no sense.

Inside the building, Rachel made her way to where the principal was located so she could check in and officially get her schedule, the stolen copy she had printed off in her first trip here had been burnt after she had memorized it, this was merely a formality.

The glass walls of the main office made Rachel more nervous than the two adults in the room, anyone could walk by and see her and while it looked strong enough for a grown man to throw himself against and not shatter, it defiantly wasn't bulletproof. Rachel hugged her leather jacket closer to her body as she fisted her hands in her pockets; the weight of the knife under her arm was little comfort against the thought of a semi-automatic. The man in charge of the school, a Mr. Figgins, was smaller than she expected he, he also slightly frightened by her cold attitude towards him, but at least being feared was something Rachel was comfortable with.

After a long winded welcome, and slightly disturbing once over of her body, Mr. Figgins released her to find her first class. After leaving the main office Rachel was stopped by a red haired woman from across the hall, who also had glass walls to her office. Didn't these people know anything about safety?

"You must be Rachel Berry." The woman was taller than Rachel, but still small, and had large eyes and what seemed to be a carefully put together appearance; though Rachel only saw the tactical disadvantage of Pencil skirts, and large broaches made excellent targets for snipers. But Rachel only nodded, Shelby once told her that most people don't think about that sort of thing when getting ready for the day, and mostly saying anything of that nature would just upset them. "I'm Ms. Pillsbury, the Guidance Councilor here at McKinley, and if you ever need anything or just want to talk to someone, you should know that my door is always open."

She smiles then, but Rachel tries to keep her face the neutral if slight frown that she had been wearing since before she could remember. Rachel can't help but think about if she were to tell this woman things, that she would most likely call the police and Rachel would either be right back in the hands of those she has been running from, or just killed.

"Here, how about I find someone to help you find your way around." The woman looked around the hall of passing students, most trying to avoid eye contact and the job of looking after the new kid. Her face lit up as she seemed to spot someone, but Rachel stopped her.

"That will not be necessary, thank you." Rachel wasn't quite sure what she was thanking the woman for, but it seemed the right thing to do, then she started walking off, leaving the woman behind. After making her way through the crowded hallway to her first class, Rachel saw that the seat she had chosen before, back row center, was already taken. Rachel frowned at the Latina girl who wore the same uniform she had seen earlier, but deiced that the seat in the back corner nearest the window would just have to do. There were 23 kids already seated, and 30 desks, so most of the kids were already there, Rachel just made her way to the back silently and put her bag next to her, she scanned everyone in the room, some of the students looked fit enough to be possible threats, but most were looking at her and Rachel knew that most assassins would ignore the target to not give themselves away. The teacher was an older man, who looked fragile, so she saw no immediate threat. Rachel felt eyes on her then and turned, the girl who was in her seat was scowling at her, but then the teacher walked in.

"Class today we have a new transfer student." The older man who would be her Physics teacher said as the last of the students filed in with the bell, Rachel noted that a blonde girl who also wore a uniform sat next to the Latina girl. "Ms. Rachel Berry, would you like to say anything about yourself?"

"No." There was a smattering of snickers, but the teacher didn't seem angry that she had caused a disruption, maybe he could tell she hadn't meant any disrespect.

"Alright then, class please make Ms. Berry feels welcome and as it is the middle of the semester don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it." Rachel knew it was said more towards her, but she felt that it could also be a subtle shout out to those students that may be struggling. "Let's jump in then, shall we."

Rachel hadn't studied in a very long time, and knew that if she wanted to pass with a satisfactory grade then she should at least take a few notes, but once things got rolling things seemed to click back into place and her notebook only had half a page worth of writing. The bell rang before she knew it and Rachel tucked her notes and pencil back into her bag before making her way to her next class. Rachel was pleased to see that this time the seat she had pre chosen was not taken. After sitting down she noted that this was another class were she would need a textbook, she would have to go to the library during her lunch period and acquire them.

"Hey." The blonde from her other class was also in this one, and seemed to have choose the desk next to hers. Rachel breathed in slowly through her nose and reminded herself that this was a school; these children didn't have reason to be afraid of her, then turned and looked into a pair of the most striking hazel eyes she had ever seen. "I'm Quinn, Rachel right?"

"Yeah, hi." Rachel noted that the blonde was looking her right in the eye, not many people had the nerve to do that. It was quiet then, Quinn just looking at her as if Rachel were going to offer up something for them to speak about, but she wouldn't, then Quinn pushed the open book on her desk towards the edge.

"Do you want to read from my book until you get your own?" Rachel just nodded and gave a small quirk of her lips into what she thought might be a smile. Then a boy was sitting down in front of the pair and had turned to face them.

"Ah, you must be the new girl that I've heard about, Kurt Hummel." Rachel looked away from Quinn and towards the small boy she had seen being put in the garbage earlier, and once they made eye contact she felt a slight pressure in her head. Rachel eyes widened for a second before she furrowed her brows at the boy. He looked startled and confused before his eyes darted to Quinn's for a second, the boy remained silent though so Rachel carried on as if nothing had happened.

"I'm Rachel." Kurt was looking at her as if she had two heads, before the teacher walked in and called them to attention. The class was boring, and Rachel probably knew more about American History than her text book, but she stayed quiet, as the last thing she wanted to do was call attention to herself. When the class ended, Rachel thanked Quinn with a slight tilt of her head as she packed up her things before making her way out of the room. It took no time at all for her to realize that Kurt was following close behind her. Rachel just looked over her shoulder at the boy who was gently trying to push his way into her brain without her noticing. When the two made eye contact, Kurt stopped moving as Rachel projected all the pain and anger she could out past her mental shields and towards the boy, causing to stumble and almost fall to the ground. But Rachel was beside him, holding him up, and whispering in his ear before he knew what was happening. "You want to stay out of my head telepath, I might not be as gentle next time you try. Understand?" Kurt nodded dumbly, before he found his feet and brushed the invisible lint from his fancy looking grey blazer.

"You call that gentle?" When Rachel said nothing Kurt's eyes widened slightly before he looked slightly ashamed of himself. "I'm sorry, it's just that I've never meet someone who was able to keep me out before. I was intrigued."

"That's understandable, there probably aren't any other telepaths for a hundred miles, and while there must be at least ten other mutants in the building, telepathy is a rare gift." Rachel glanced down at her watch and noted she needed to get moving if she didn't want to be late for her next class. Tardiness was unacceptable. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have class." Before she even made a move to leave Kurt was snatching the class schedule from her hand and looking at it before lacing one of his arms through hers.

"We have AP English together, I can show you were it is." Kurt looked Rachel over for a moment before he just could hold his tongue anymore. "So how do you know how to block me? You aren't a telepath." It wasn't a question, and Rachel knew that if she had been a telepath Kurt would have sensed her the moment she at stepped within a hundred yards of him. "You didn't even make a big deal out of know what I am, so I'm guess you're a mutant too. What can you do?"

"I am none of your concern, and if you knew what was good for you then you would just leave me alone." The tone Rachel used wasn't very threatening; in fact she said it like she was talking about the weather and Kurt was taken aback by it. This girl was defiantly something else.

"Well I never have done what was good for me."

The two walked in silence then and when they did finally make it to the next class Rachel broke off from the slight boy. He had chosen a seat more towards the middle of the room, and while he looked like he was expecting her to join him, that was not the seat that was the most strategically safe. Kurt made no move to get back up though and Rachel just shrugged when he looked back at her. Then a girl was putting herself in the chair next to her, Rachel felt eyes on her, and when she looked up the brunette Latina from her first class was glaring back at her.

"Look, I know you're new here and everything and that you don't know how things work around here yet. But this is my spot, and no one ever sits next to me, so you're gonna want to move your ass unless you want it handed to you on a platter." The girl seemed very sure that she was the boss; Rachel didn't want to cause a stir with the schools populous, that would just get her more noticed than she already was. But when Rachel looked up to look around the room to find a new seat for herself and she saw that there were none, she just looked back at the girl who was still glaring at her.

"It seems to me that the reason no one ever sat here before was because they all had their own seat, but now that I'm here there are no other open places. So you are just going to have to deal with me unless you want to sit on the floor." Rachel may have come across as slightly rude, but if it really came down to violence than Rachel was sure she could dispatch this high school girl quiet easily. The two just looked at each other for a moment and Rachel took her time to really see the girl, she was quiet beautiful and her dark brown eyes had an almost feral quality to them, Rachel wondered if anyone had ever stood up to her before.

The teacher walked in then, but Rachel still refused to look away first, it was a dominance game now, and she knew that she would be perceived as the loser if she looked away first. Submissive was something that Rachel had promised herself years ago that she would never be again, the context didn't matter, Rachel needed to be in control of herself after years of having no choice. When the girl scoffed and shifted in her seat to face the front, Rachel barley kept the small grin off her face.

The class passed slowly, English had never been Rachel strongest subject; she just could not seem to relate to any of the characters on any terms, she blamed her upbringing, like she did most things. But when the class finally ended and Rachel made her way into the hall Kurt was beside her again immediately and leading her to a bathroom; when they made it and found it empty Kurt just looked at her for a second.

"So they girl you just smacked down was Santana Lopez, and I know that name means nothing to you, but she's basically in charge of the school. She's one of the co-captains of the Cheerios, and you simply do not mess with her unless you want to end up in the hospital." Rachel just looked at the boy and furrowed her eyes brows slightly.

"What's a Cheerio?"

"It's our schools Cheerleaders." When Rachel's brows wrinkled further Kurt couldn't stop his jaw from dropping slightly. "You do know what a cheerleader is, right?"

"I've been, homeschooled, since before this year." Which was sort of not to far from the truth, and really Rachel didn't see any reason to be honest with this boy, he had shown far too much interest in her and she didn't know if he was a spy sent to bring her back yet or not.

"But that doesn't," Kurt just stopped and huffed out a long breath before speaking again. "They sort of, encourage and boost the spirit of the sports teams. It's all gymnastics and cheering, but more than that, is that they can get away with basically anything at this school because their coach is a mad woman who even the Principal is afraid of and you basically just spat in the queen bitch's face."

"Is that what the uniform was about?" Kurt just nodded and tried not to yell at this new, strange, girl who had giving him a headache for the first half of class just by projecting her thoughts so loudly at him while keeping him out of her head at the same time. He really didn't want to pick a fight with her, but she shouldn't want to pick a fight with Santana either, she had claws and she knew how to use them. "Thank you for the warning about her, but I'm not afraid of some high school girl with a superiority complex. Now I have to get to my next class, see you around Kurt." Then Rachel walked out on the boy, who was still just standing in a girl's bathroom, she hadn't brought it up to him, but she thought it strange that he was comfortable enough with himself to be in there.

Her next class passed faster than the one before it, but mostly because math had always been easier for her, it was all equations that when executed correctly came out beautifully and cleanly. No one had made a fuss with her, and she even got a smile from the Asian boy who she had seated herself next to. They hadn't spoken and that was just the way Rachel liked it. After Calculus was over Rachel had her lunch period, and after that she had a free, it seemed ridiculous to her to have a school give a student a free period. What was she supposed to do with an hour?

Rachel had walked by the lunch room, it was filled with laughing teenagers and disgusting looking food, so Rachel just kept walking and went right by it. Rachel needed a little peace and quiet after the loud morning she had had and her usually quiet days, so she went in search of a place where she could find it again. She stumbled upon the auditorium by accident, but it was big and Rachel knew it would be just what she needed. Making her way up onto the stage, Rachel looked up at the cat walk; no one would see her up there if anyone did happen to walk in. This would be her lunch room.

Rachel climbed up the two ladders and sat herself down at about two stories above center stage with her feet dangling over the edge and her shoulders pressed against wire cables. Her mother had made her a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich; she also had a bright red apple and a sunny delight. Rachel smiled to herself and made a note to hug her mother at some point later that day, physical affection wasn't common for Rachel and it always made Shelby extremely happy when she hugged her, or even just leaned against her. Rachel didn't understand it, but it made her mother happy so she would do it anyway.

Lunch was ten minutes away from ending when a group of students disrupted her peace and quiet. The group made their way to the stage quiet loudly and just stood in a lose circle, Rachel recognized Kurt and Santana immediately.

"Give it up fairy boy, everyone in the school felt the backlash of your little episode this morning and my sources say that you where with the new girl when it happened. Is this chick a mind fucker like you or what?" Santana was standing in between two blonde girls in the same uniform, though the arm or one of them was around her waist, the other Rachel recognized as the nice girl Quinn that had let her share her book.

"She's no telepath, but she's diffidently one of us." Kurt had paused for a second them before saying again. "Sorry Quinn, she's diffidently a mutant, but when I asked her what she could do she wouldn't say."

"But then how did she cause what happened this morning?" Rachel recognized the boy from her math class, who was standing next another boy who had a Mohawk

"She was blocking me somehow pretty much all though history this morning, then we had English together after so I offered to show her the way. Well actually I kind of just followed her at first, but then it was like she sensed me in her head, which she had probably felt all through class too then, and then she then she turned and looked at me and I felt this intense pain, which is what everyone else felt, almost knocked me over. But then she was there and just said that she had experience with telepaths and that if I ever tried to poke around in her head again she wouldn't be as gentle next time." Everyone was quiet then and Rachel felt slightly smug as she put her rolled up brown paper bag in her messenger bag. Then the second blonde that had been hugging Santana's head snapped up.

"You guys, she's up there." Then every other head snapped up to try and find her, Rachel just contemplated the drop and if her weight would make the floor brake beneath her or not. Then Rachel secured her bag across her body and pushed herself through the gap in the cables. The air wiped by her ears and she heard a few shrieks as she kneeled into the landing one hand bracing her bag and the other stretched out to a three point kneel before standing straight and crossing her arms under her chest; she had landed right in the middle of their circle. A few of her toes had broken in the landing, but Rachel stretched them back out as they healed inside her boots.

Rachel took in the group then. Rachel recognized Kurt, Santana, Quinn, and the boy from her math class, but there was also the mohawked boy who was grinning widely at her, a blonde boy who looked like he might have just wet himself, and the second blonde girl who had seemed to sense her. Rachel made eye contact with the second blonde girl and tilted her head slightly to one side.

"How did you know I was there?" the girl just looked confusedly back at her before shrugging.

"I could feel that you were smug that everyone was a little scared of you." The girl just looked at Rachel then before adding. "I can't feel you now though, how did you do that, people can't normally just turn off emotions." It clicked then for Rachel and she frowned slightly.

"You're an Empath then." The girl smiled then and bounced forward a few times on her toes.

"I'm Brittany."

"Sorry, but how did you just do that. You should have a broken ankle at least." The blonde boy asked a little too fast, casing Rachel to think for a second to decipher what he meant. Then she just shrugged.

"I just did." That was all she offered, but the boy looked like he may ask again, so Rachel just sighed slightly. "You are all mutants." Rachel had known by the way they talked about it, casually, like it happened all the time, there was also that they knew about Kurt. Rachel made eye contact with each of them before finally landing on Quinn's hazel eyes and frowning. "You aren't." It wasn't a question, but Quinn shook her head no, Rachel guessed the girl was close with the other cheerleaders and that was how she knew about mutants at all. Then she addressed the rest of the group. "What I am is my business, and none of any of yours, understand?"

"What if I just beat it out of you? Maybe you'll feel like talking if your black and blue." Rachel just shook her head as she looked at the floor.

"Wow, you are supper subtle with your feelings; I had to really focus to tell that you just wanted to laugh at San." Brittany was frowning when Rachel looked up at her, Rachel really hated Empaths, her feelings were the one thing no one could take away or manipulate, and Empaths, if powerful enough could make you feel anything they chose. "Wow, I got angry and frustrated from you then."

"Stop that." Rachel clenched her jaw then and focused on her mental blocks, the girl may not be a telepath, but as long as her mind was in lock down no one could get in and that's all that mattered.

"Don't talk to her that way." Santana snapped then and Rachel saw that her eyes were now those of a cat and her nails where slightly longer than they had been a second before.

"Shape shifter, makes sense." Rachel looked behind her then; the circle had slowly morphed so that the group was now all in front of her, leaving the back door open.

"I think you don't want to tell us what you can do because you have a crap power." Santana barked out a laugh as her nails shrunk back down and her eyes became more human again. "What do you do, glow in the dark or something?"

Rachel didn't know why that made her suddenly so angry, but then she stopped slowly moving backwards and saw that Brittany had grabbed onto Santana's arm just as her eyes flashed to the brunette girl. Rachel reached into her jacket then and pulled the knife from the hidden pocket, the whole group jumped back then, but Rachel just held up her hand and pulled the blade across her palm before holding it out for the group to watch as the skin nit itself back together. Then Rachel used her thumb to wipe the blood from the blade and stuck her thumb in her mouth as she stowed the blade again. The group looked on in stunned silence.

"I knew it, that's so lame." Santana's voice shook slightly as she took another hesitant step back and pulled Brittany with her. "What hell can you do with that?"

"I can be fearless." Then Rachel turned and walked away from them.