Chapter 15 - Tick Tock

The entire house is silent. Everyone in their beds, trying to fall asleep. Hearts beating nonstop, eyes open wide. My head is hidden under the covers as is Rini. Ada is on the the carpet, her eyes depressed, everyone's is. My mother is sitting on the end of the bed, my father clutching her shivering hand to comfort her. My mother's eye's are filled with tears of fear, my father frowns as his attempts to help is not working. Aunt Wendy is in in the living room, watching the news.

The grandfather clock in the living room booms with a loud dong. Everyone in the house's hearts fall dim. With that loud dong comes a realization, this is the last day of my human life. I uncover the sheets from my face. Before I was bitten, I had regular human skin, eyes, hair. Now I have pale violet skin, my eyes are pupiless with white irises and purple scleras. On my forehead lies a small gem. My tail has grown longer. My hands and feet have become Espeon like, it's hard to stand, but possible.

My teeth have sharpened, my canines teeth literally look like they are from a canine. I almost begin to cry, but I feel Ada nestle against me. I take my paw-like hand from the covers. I stoke my hand against Ada's head. Ada purrs witch makes me chuckle a bit. "I'm sorry Ada," I said.

"Sorry!?" Ada said surprised. "Your the last person to be apologizing to anyone Sam." I gave another small chuckle.

"I made you worried about me," I said. Ada gives me a small dose of water gun on me. I wipe the water of my face. 'It's been awhile since you last did..." Ada runs into my arms.

"I'm sorry Sam, I'm so sorry this had to happen to you," Ada cried.

I made a small grin. "It's okay Ada. I wanna go through this last day as a human with nothing but a smile on my face, and I want you too as well," I said.

"Your such a lovable idiot you know that, Sam," she said her face nuzzled onto my chest.

"Come on, we still need to go to sleep," I said lying my head against the pillow. "Goodnight Ada."

"Goodnight Sam...," Ada said looking at Sam worried.

The alarm goes of as the clock reads 6:00 a.m. I wipe my tired eyes and look to see Ada missing from the bed. I look to my right to see a tray of cereal, orange juice, and two pieces of bread with jelly slapped on it. I knew it was made by mom because she is the only one who knows my favorite cereal. After I eat, I get up and stretch my back.

I put on some cloths, my tail makes it hard to put cloths on, but it's bearable for one last day. I don't waste another second and walk out of the room with Rini waiting outside to greet me.

"Hey...Sam," Rini said after looking at my now mutant body.

"Hey Rini," I said. "Today's the day huh."

"Yeah I guess," she said rubbing her arm. "Look Sam..."

"You don't have to Rini," I said. "Ada already gave me the speech. You don't have to worry about me."

"Oh...okay. Even though Jack and Jon couldn't come, they know today's the day so they sent you this letter," Rini said handing me a letter; I open it.

"Dear Sam. Today's the last day of your humanity, so we decided to write your letter. We've been friends for years and to know that our friend will be a pink cat for the rest of his life saddens us. We wish we were with you to right now to help you like most friends should, but life's not fair. Remember that even when your a pink cat, your always be our best friend." Love Jack and Jon. "P.S, this letter was written by Jon and not his idiot brother Jack."

"Those two could create their own nation," I joked. "I hope to see them soon, how bout you?"

"Yeah," Rini said. "I usually get irritated by their constant antics, but after days of not seeing them, I think I kinda want to see them again."

"Me too," I said. Aunt Wendy walks up behind me.

"Aw it seems your up," Wendy said. "You eat the breakfast I made for you?"

"You made it!?" I said confused. "But how did you know all my favorite foods?"

"Your mother wrote letters to me from the day you were born," Wendy said. "I know your favorite breakfast cereal, your favorite hockey team, I even know your favorite T.V. show."

I begin to blush as I hear my mom's voice calling. "Oh, I think that's mom, I'll see ya," I said waking to the kitchen. Wendy looks at Rini.

"So, what was his favorite T.V. show?" Rini asks.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," Wendy said. "My sister said his favorite character was Michelangelo." Rini tried to hold her composure, but couldn't hold it and began to laugh, Wendy begins to laugh as well.

I walk into the kitchen. My mom is fixing up soup as dad is reading the newspaper by the couch. "Hey, mom, you needed something?" I said. She turned towards me and looks back at the stove.

"Yeah, I was wondering whether or not you wanted mac and cheese or regular vegetable soup?" she said.

"Oh I'm not hungry, Aunt Wendy set me up some breakfast," I said.

"I thought I could at least make you some breakfast as well," she said.

"Oh...okay," I said. "I'll have vegetable soup please."

"I thought you'd want that," she said readying the soup. "Go watch T.V. while I make it."

I sit next my father who has his eyes pinned to the newspaper. On the T.V. is a basketball game pitting the Toronto Raptors against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Toronto Raptors are up by 6 points as the 2nd quarters ends. Toronto Raptor's center Martin Gormek shoots a 2 pointer ending the quarter at 31-23. My father flips the page in the newspaper.

"Remember when I took you to that amusement park a couple of years ago," he said still looking at the newspaper.

"Kinda, it's been awhile since we last went there," I said. He flips the page of the newspaper.

"I remember taking you this one time, you were around 4-5 years old. You and I were walking around all the different games and you suddenly walked to this game. You were supposed to throw these small plastic balls into the mouth of a mechanical Munchlax," Dad said. "The owner of the game gave you three plastic balls. You through all three into the Munchlax's mouth. The owner gave you a large Munchlax plushie. I tried my luck into doing it and all three missed. I tried it again and again none of them went in. Another father and his son came and tried and neither of them could do it. The owner said that since he opened the game up, only you have ever made all three balls in, after that day I realized something."

"What?" I said confused.

My dad puts the newspaper on the table. "You can do things that no other person can do," he said. The both of just stood there until mom came over with my soup.

"Thanks mom," I said. I began eating the soup. After eating the soup I walked out and take a stroll through the backyard. With my new ears I could hear many things I couldn't before; the chirping of Chatot in the sky two blocks away, under my feet I could hear the Dugtrio digging underneath me. I try out my new psychic abilities. The gem on my forehead glows as I close my eyes. A massive amount of energy builds up in me.

It's so powerful, I can nearly contain it. I open my eyes and look at a tree in front of me. The tree rises from the ground and into the air, I am lifting a large tree using my mind. My shock nearly makes the tree fall, but I keep the composure to keep still. I make the tree do front flips and back flips.

"Having fun with your powers?" a person said behind me making me lose control and the tree crashes to the ground. I look behind me and Aunt Wendy is looking at me.

"My powers, they feel stronger," I said.

"That's what happens on your last day," Wendy said looking at the tree. "It seems you're getting the hang on your psychic abilities."

"Yeah, I've had a lot of time to myself here. It's just...," I stutter. "It's just every time I use them, I wish harder that I didn't have them; that I was a normal 12 year old and not a...a."

"A Poke-Human, I know. Every time I released a serge of electricity I wanted nothing more than to go back to my regular life," Aunt Wendy said. "My wish for a normal life was the main reason my husband wanted to come out and tell the world about us."

"Your husband," I sighed. "Wasn't killed by the government."

"Some sort of virus," Wendy said. "Caught all of us by surprise. We couldn't go to the Poke-Center because of the fact that he was a Poke-Human and it wouldn't have ended well. Dam fool wanted to continue his plan to come out, but it never happened."

"He died," I said.

"Yes, leaving me here to hold onto the memories," she said.

"Is...is that why you don't want me to come out too?" I asked. "You think I might die?"

"That my boy...is the last thing I am afraid of for you," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The world that your parents tell you is in fact not real, the world we live in is full of governmental greed. Every government tries to make a quick buck while trying to make sure it's citizens are enjoying their pitiful life," Wendy said.

"Is the world that cruel?" I ask.

"Where do you think they get the catchphrase "life's not fair", government's biggest job is to control fear," Wendy said.

"Fear?" I said confused.

"The weapon of many governments," Wendy said.

"I'm confused. What are you saying?" I ask.

"People want to feel safe in this world, governments want to make sure that people continue to feel safe. When the Poke-Virus comes out, people will never want to leave their homes, people don't leave their homes, people don't go to work, the economy relies on people going to work so when people stop working so does the economy, this works for all nations. Governments will target you," Wendy warned.

"I'm sorry Aunt Wendy; but the things you tell me won't change my goal," I said. "I will tell the world."

"And the enemies that you make; what will you do if they win," Wendy asks.

"They won't," I said.

Wendy sighs. "Hm, you truly are 12," Wendy walks away as I look at the knocked down tree.

12:00 a.m; we're all sitting in the living room watching the news. Still talking about the trouble taking part back home. Mom looks nervous, her own province without it's premier. It's gotten so bad that the Prime Minister, Christian Buttle, has visited Saskatchewan to settle the public down. A part of me is happy we're leaving tomorrow, any longer and we'd be seeing angry mobs.

Mom's phone rings and she gets up and walks into another room. She closes the door behind her and answers the call. "Yes, who is this?" she asked.

"Hello Susan," the man on the other end said.

"Prime Minister," Susan said shocked.

"Come Susan, we're friends right now," the Prime Minister said. "Call me Christian."

"O...okay, Christian," Susan said.

"I'm guessing where ever you are on god's green earth you are, I'm sure you know what's happening in Saskatchewan," Christian said.

"Sir...I mean Christian, I am terribly sorry for this. Something very big came up and I had to rush away from the paparazzi and media," Susan said.

"Aw, it's that important," Christian said.

"Yes," Susan said.

"Family," Christian said.

"Yes," Susan said.

"Then, you mind telling me then," Christian ordered.

"What?" Susan asked.

"Susan, the province your supposed to be running is on the verge of riots, now as Prime Minister, I'd really like to know what the hell is going on!" Christian ordered.

"I..I uh...I...," Susan stutters.

"Spit it out please," Christian said.

"I...," Susan opens the door and looks out to see everyone including me watching the news. "I...I'll give you my reason in a press conference the day I return with my family back in Saskatchewan."

There is silence on the other line. "...fine...," the phone hangs up. Susan puts her phone back in her pocket. Susan lets out a long sigh.

"Oh Susan," a voice coming from behind her. "What have you done."

Susan looks back to see her sister Wendy. "Wendy...," Susan sighs.

"Do you know what you have just done?" Wendy asks.

"I just gave my son his opportunity to come out," Susan said.

Wendy turns her head in frustration, Wendy begins to walk away, but comes back in a fury. "You may believe that just because of a pretty title above your head, that will protect him, that it will stop all the countries from taking action and protecting their citizens," Wendy yelled.

"Protecting from what!?" Susan yelled.

"From fear," Wendy yelled. "The minute Sam goes up stage and talks, governments from around the globe will be wanting to destroy him and all the other Poke-Humans because of fear."

"Your making it sound like my son is some sort of disease," Susan laughs.

"HE IS A DISEASE!" Wendy yells. "I am a disease, Ada is a disease, my husband was a disease, the Espeon that infected Sam was a disease."

"How dare you call my son a disease!" Susan yells.

"I am not calling Sam a disease, the governments and countries are," Wendy yells. " They will once Sam goes up there. It's just like what I said back in the dining room. Lab rats, that is what we'll be LAB RATS!"

"Your only saying this because you think everyone in the world is like our parents, well news flash Wendy, not everyone is a fucking anti-Pokemon extremist okay," Susan lashed out. "I believe there are good people in this world, Sam believes there are good people in this world,...Charles believed there were good people in this world too."

"Charles is not 12," Wendy said. "A 20 year old would be able to do this, a 30 year old, 40,50, but not a 12 year old."

"You make it sound like he's doing this alone. Sam has me, his father, Ada, Rini, he has the entire Saskatchewan province on his side," Susan said.

"What ever happens in the next week, I pray your doing the right thing and not fucking mess with Sam's already damaged life," Wendy walks away. "Now if you please, I am going to lay down."

"You do that," Susan says with a pinch of anger. Susan walks back into the living room, everyone is still watching the news. "Come on everyone, lets do something better to do than watch boring news."

"Hey Sam, you wanna go to the game room," Rini said getting up.

"Sure," I said. "Come on Ada,"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Ada said rushing along.

As we left my parents give a long stare at each other. What happened?" my dad asked.

"We have trouble on the horizon," mom said.

Me, Rini, and Ada play games in the game room. In the game room, there are many different consoles to play, we have consoles from 1980s to now, and many games that are considered extremely rare and valuable are here. It's weird how when ever we play shooter-based games like Halo and Ultimate Duck Hunt, she is terrible,yet when we play racing games she beats me to a bloody pulp.

As she beats me in another match on ModNation Racers, I could here Ada laughing in the background. I look at the clock, it reads 2:00 p.m. Time has to go extremely fast today doesn't it!?

"Let's play another game, you pick the next one," Rini said. I look at her.

"Sure," I said. I get up and look through the collection of games. I glide my finger through the many stacks of games. I take one game out, Dead Space 2, we both have never played horror-based games as children fearing that afterwords we world have nightmares. Now that we're teens, I believe the fear of the dark has subsided and it's time to take a swing at a survival horror game.

2 hours later-

"HOLY HELL," I scream in terror." GET AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY! Rini shoot the stupid thing!

"I'm out of ammo," Rini cried out. "AW ITS COMING TOWARD ME!"

"Do something," I said. "Crap, I'm out of ammo as well, time to use my useless pistol...it's out of ammo as well."

After much terror and screaming we finally decide to turn off the game. "Never again," Rini proclaims.

" Agreed," I said. "What time is it?"

Rini looks at the clock. "It's 4 Sam," Rini said.

"What should we do now?" I ask.

"I don't know," Rini said. Both me and Rini begin thinking then Ada comes up.

"I know what we can do," Ada said.

"What,?" I ask.

"Let's go exploring," Ada said.

"Exploring?" I said confused.

"Your backyard is enormous, there must be some cool things we could find," Ada said.

"Nice idea," Rini said. "Just one problem, what do we do when WE GET LOST!"

"Easy there," Ada said. "I bet there are many Pokemon that live around here, when we're ready to come back we'll just ask one where the house is."

"You gotta admit Rini, she makes a good idea," I said.

"Well," Rini said. "If we get lost, Ada's the first to get eaten."

"Are you sure about that?" Ada asked. "We Vaporeon have a terrible flavor when eaten." Ada walks over to me. "As for Espeon, their taste is...exquisite."

"Can we go back to you flirting with me instead of eating me," I said skittishly.

"I've been waiting for you to say that for a long time," Ada said.

"Say what?" I asked.

Ada walks to the door. "That you actually enjoyed my flirtatious advances."

The three of us walk though the tree infested forest. Behind us in the distance is the house. Rini took a pocket watch with her to let us know what time we should head back. We pass many Pokemon, mainly Grass-type, but we might see a few Electric or Flying-Type. It's amazing what you might see when hiking. It's one of the things I am actually grateful for my parents enrolled me into the camp.

I look back to see if I can still see the house, but it seems the trees block my sight. I turn back and cover my eyes as a flash of purplish light covers my eyes. I regain my eyesight and see that Ada and Rini have vanished. I turn to the right and then the left, but they seem to have completely vanished. I try to use my psychic abilities, but I can't sense them. I also notice that there are no Pokemon what so ever around me. A moment ago there were many Pokemon on top of the tree branches, but when I look at the trees, there are no Pokemon in sight.

I begin to freakout. "ADA!RINI!" I scream.

No response. I begin to run in search of my lost friends. As I run there is an uneasiness in me, it's telling me that something bad is happening. Just my luck, the last day of my human existence and I get lost in the forest. I try using my psychic abilities again, but they don't work.

"What's happening?" I say to myself. "Am...am I dreaming!?" If so then this is some messed up dream. I bite my finger, it hurts, but I seem to still be in the forest alone.

"RINI...ADA WHERE ARE YOU!" I yell out.

Still no response, I begin to get really scared. I look up at the sun; I stop running, something feels wrong. The sun seems weird to me, like it's different somehow.

Me and Rini used to look up at the sun to see who could last longer, Rini would mostly win, the sun I see before me doesn't look like the same sun I stared at with my missing friend. It's like...alien. My long stare at the sun breaks as I begin running to try to find my missing friends.

Close by in the shadows, a Pokemon watches as I run in circles. It's yellowish eyes glaring at me wickedly as it draws back into the shadows.