You'd imagine my surprise when my rival of 6 years appeared passed out at my door. A strange pulse of magic disturbed the wards and I spelled the bricks part, hoping it was not an obsessive fan that somehow tracked me down to 12 Grimmauld Place. I slipped my hand near my wand just in case it was someone more dangerous than expected. After all, only people I made sure the wards were familiar with could make such a nonviolent effect on its magic. However, the person I least expected fell into my arms-in a very pathetic way, mind you. SO there I was with Draco Malfoy passed out in my arms, in the middle of a snow storm. A sudden heaviness settled into my chest that almost physically brought me to my knees, full with arousal and an innate feeling of protection and possessiveness. I didn't know how to handle such a random response to any person. It tested my self-restraint when I drew him a bath to warm him up and prevent frostbite. All that smooth, wet skin, compliant and vulnerable beneath my hands. It's seduction practically wrapping around my body, luring me and forcing me to dominate our kiss before I even knew our lips connected.

I was still very much freaking out after our kiss and with even more self-restraint instructed Draco to put on some clothes I left on the headboard and quickly walked out of the room before my body does even more stupid, strange, delicious things to that man. After shutting the door, I headed to my room, closed and locked the door, and flopped onto my back on the bed. Who knew that one kiss with Draco Malfoy could take so much out of you?


After Harry's escape and murmured instructions to get dressed, I realized I'd probably have to be clothed in order to have a reasonable (and less embarrassing) conversation with him. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and let the pathetic excuse for a towel drop to the floor, not at all ashamed. I actually hoped Harry would walk in on me like this. Who ever said Submissives couldn't be a little mischievous? Ugh. I let out agroan and buried my head in my hands. Submissive? To the Savior? I'm older than him, aren't' I? How did that happen? Usually the Dominant would be older than the Submissive in order to be superior in every way. Unless they were an extremely powerful wizard that exceeded their partner's magic. Crap. I had read a vast amount of books on Veela's; specifically Dominants. It's not like I expected to be Harry's mate, I just never took into account that I could be the Submissive in my mating. The entire Black Veela lineage consisted of pure Dominants, whether male or female, so it was just expected of me. Veela inheritance within the Black family usually presented itself every other generation. Here, now, submissive and totally uninformed on how to cope with the situation, I at least remembered the few books I read on Submissives. However, I only read how to handle a Submissive as a Dominant. It shouldn't be too hard, really. Now explaining things to Harry, that's going to be different.

I decided to explore my feelings on the subject later and just focus on one thing for now. What was that again? Right. Clothes. I turned my head toward a small dresser to the right of the bed. I stood and was once again reminded of my current situation after feeling cool air brush against my bare body. Maybe letting Harry catch me like this wasn't a very good idea. I grabbed the first items on the dresser, which happened to be a green button down pajama top. After putting my arms through the sleeves and securing all the buttons I looked at myself in the full-length mirror opposite the wall the dresser was pressed against.

My hair was really messy and still a bit damp from all the snow. My eyes were slightly red and made me look tired. I was actually quite exhausted. It's bad enough having to recover after a transformation, but to wake up no less than 12 hours later and frantically search for your mate could drain anyone of any kind of energy left inside your body.

I could feel my Submissive starting to yearn for Harry's comfort. That little rendezvous before calmed it down but now that we're closer to each other, it will start to desire physical contact. I only know so much because I thought I was going to care for my own Submissive, not be taken care of. Ugh. My head is starting to hurt. Is this what it feels like to PMS? Do Submissives even have that?

Perish the thought. I turned back to the dresser only to realize there was nothing left to put on. I switched back to the mirror and looked at myself again. The pajama top was wide enough that the fabric didn't touch my skin and long enough that the cuffs passed the tip of my fingers by at least an inch. It was obviously too big for me, but the back reached up until the dip of my arse to my thigh, splaying the entirety of my long white legs. This is ridiculous, am I supposed to look ripe for the taking? The little fucker. I feel like before he comes back inside I should prepare for his dick or something.

I opened the door smelled the bitter aroma of coffee put on for too long and shakily followed it down a line of stairs into a shabby kitchen. I guess I'm still recovering. Peeking outside the corner of a wall, I could see Harry's slump form hovering over a mug of coffee on the tall counter, still scratching his mop of hair as if he were trying to solve a clue for a mystery. He suddenly let out an annoyed groan and pulled his hair back with both his hands. He started pacing back and forth with his hands still in his hair.

Well I'm sorry if I'm a fucking problem. I didn't think kissing me was so undesirable you'd think there was something wrong with you. More sad than annoyed, my Submissive wanted more of my mate. Or at least I thought it was my Submissive making me feel this way. Whether we liked it or not, I knew he was my mate, and he'd want no one but me.

The desire for my Dominant was increasing and my heart felt such a tight pull I almost whined for the attention. Small droplets of tears pricked my eyes at the thought of my mate neglecting me. Goddamnit. "H-harry?" he stopped abruptly and sharply turned his head toward me. It scared me a bit and I jumped further behind the wall. Confusion seemed to flit across his face until he gave me a once-over. I recognized the signs of arousal I read in my books. The first encounter with your submissive will be powerful and instinctual. His eyes pondered over my eyes and flitted down to my lips that seemed too dry. However, it is advised that you have them recover from their search no matter how strong the desire is to copulate.Once I licked them, his gaze seemed to become more heated as he followed the path of my tongue. Once awakened, your Submissive will also instinctually feel the need to consummate the bond. His gaze slowly shifted down the expanse of my neck and peek through the small dip of the neckline revealing a bit of my chest. If you do not want to mate right away, you can lightly-or roughly, depending on the intensity of the Submissive- bite his/her neck in an attempt to satiate their submissive nature. He followed each contour of the shirt against my waist and hip until it seemed to stop at my bare thigh. Be warned your Submissive will almost always feel the need consummate the bond and will continue to crave attention, physical or... His eyes seemed to stare more at the curve of my ass than my thigh, but once I noticed his fascination I jutted out my leg a little more, revealing my inner thigh and maybe something a little more. I was too aroused by Harry's eyes on me that I forgot about what would happen next and what it would mean.

With an abruptness I would have thought impossible, Harry held me up against the wall with his body tight against mine. His right forearm carried my thigh and kept rubbing his hand against my arse repeatedly. He viciously attacked my mouth with his tongue, licking every part of me that now belonged to him. I could feel his hardness pressed against mine that was embarrassingly tented in the top. The way he played with my ass made we want to give him my everything and fully dominate me. I wanted more. More of his heat. More of his kisses. More of the intense pleasure he gave me that made me weak and compliant. I'm pretty sure if his body wasn't pressed against me I would have collapsed already.

Harry used the hand not currently occupying my ass to massage my tent. "aaah…Ah!" Our lips disconnected and moved to my neck and placed numerous small bites. "Mmm…haaaAh" He began to take out his member and rub it against my own, shamelessly humping me against the wall. "Fuck. Harry!" Now freely able to speak, nothing sensible would come out except a moan for every thrust and whine for a slower pace. I tried to press back into him, but I was trapped between a wall and a hard place. This feeling of utter submission, to give all control over to my dominant and receive was too much. Too much heat. Too much pressure. Too much of everything he made feel good and came in long frequent squirts. Now that I think about it, it was probably the first of my many lengthy orgasms I would start to crave. And receive.