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Fast Car

Chapter Four

"You got a fast car
And we go cruising to entertain ourselves,"

Clare's POV

Entering the motel room, I sighed as I realized Eli was still passed out. I walked over and looked down at him, smiling when I noticed how he was positioned. His head was tilted to the side as he lay on his back, one of his legs sticking out of the sheets. His chest rose and fell softly, and I giggled when I noticed the small pool of drool on his pillow.

Climbing on top of him, I began to sing, "On the road again – I Just can't wait to get on the road again." Though I'm sure I sounded nothing like Donkey off of Shrek, I giggled to myself, anyways.

Eli shifted, and I watched as he blinked multiple times before his beautiful eyes opened to look at me tiredly. "What?" he asked groggily.

I bit my lip; his sleepy voice is so sexy.

"Come on, its time to get up. We have to get on the road," I answered, pressing my chin to his chest. He closed his eyes again and rubbed the bridge of his nose, his face scrunching up as he did so. As he was busy waking up, I reached over and into the bag I had brought in. I grabbled two bottles, and I knew Eli wasn't going to like the smaller of the two.

"I got your pills from Morty," I explained softly, watching his arm drop on the bed. He stared at the ceiling for a bit as I took out a pill and held it in my palm.

"I forgot about my pills." He sounded a bit shocked, though his voice was laced with disappointment, and I hated knowing that it was towards himself.

"Well, it's a good thing you have me, then," I smiled at him.

Eli looked at me and sighed, "I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to do this."

I frowned and sat up in his lap, Eli following so our faces were mere inches away from touching.

"What do you mean?"

Eli looked at the sheets, "I feel like a five year old who has to take vitamins. You shouldn't have to look out for me like this. I'm not a kid – I should be able to take care of myself."

I sigh as I place the pill in his hand.

"Eli, forgetting to take your pills isn't a big deal. Just because I'm looking out for you doesn't mean that you're not taking care of yourself, because you are. You're eating healthy and working out and learning to keep your emotions in tact. You're making progress and in doing so, you are finding out who you really are," I say as I wrap my arms around his neck. He turns his head to look at the bottle of water I placed on the nightstand. "Besides, I happen to love who you are."

"A bipolar freak who has mental breakdowns and drives a hearse – oh yeah, I'm a real catch," Eli said with a fake grin. My hand reached up to lightly slap his cheek. He frowned and touched his cheek, "that was rude."

"Stop putting yourself down, Eli. I don't care about that stuff. I care about you and who you are and who I am when I'm with you. Now please, take your pill," I say as I shove the bottle of water in his face.

He takes the bottle and unscrews the cap, "You're too good for me, you know."

I blush and say nothing. Because in my mind, he's the one whose too good for me.

I burry my head into the crook of his neck as he takes his pill, chugging back the water afterwards. Eli's arm is wrapped around me, and we sit there for a few minutes. And so I place a kiss on his shoulder, and turn my head to place another on his neck.

"I love you – please don't forget that," I say as I lift my head to look into his eyes. He smiles a sad smile, and nods. I climb off of him and clap my hands, "Alright, now we have to go. Hurry up and get ready."

He groans and swings his legs over the edge of the bed. "Let me have a shower first," Eli stood up and turned his head to look at me with a sly smile and a raised eyebrow, "Would you like to join me?"

"I had a shower while you were sleeping," I say, and stick out my tongue.

"I could always get you dirty…"

"Eli," I warn.

He shrugs and turns to walk into the bathroom, "I had to try."

"Clare, do you have any idea as to where you would like to go?" Eli asks from the seat beside me.

We had been driving for a few hours now, and I understood where he was coming from with his question. But in all honesty, I had no idea. I just wanted to get away, and having Eli by my side made it all worth not knowing anything.

"I'll know when we get there," I reply.

Eli sighs. And the car gets silent for a few minutes. I turn my head and lift my hand to tangle it in his hair. He's too concentrated on something else to push me away, and I take that to my advantage. I trace his ear with my finger, and graze my nails over his neck softly. He shivers lightly and I feel my lip twitch.

"I'm going to trust you on this…" he says and I smile.

And so we keep driving, hoping that we'll find where we're going sooner than later.

The next day – after we leave a different motel – we decide stop in a little town for breakfast. The houses are beautiful and the weather is perfect. Everyone seems genuinely happy, and I wondered if it was just because of the atmosphere. As we stepped out of Morty, I smiled as the wind brushed through my curls, and took in a deep breath of the fresh air. It gets kind of stuffy in the car.

"I'm starving," Eli said as we stepped into the little restaurant. A waitress took us to our table and I took a glance at her name tag, which read Katie. Her hair was shoulder length and black, her bangs coming down just above her eyes. She smiled at us and handed us our menus before asking us what we would like to drink. After she had received our answers, she turned and walked away.

I turned to face Eli who already had his nose stuck in his menu. I watched him intently as he bite his lip in concentration as his eyes skimmed over the menu in his hand. The way his fingers tapped against the plastic on the pages intrigued me. The way his leg shook under the table made me wonder how he was feeling; was he anxious, nervous, hesitant? We still had no idea where we were headed and he put his trust in me, but I'm not so sure that that was a good idea. I don't even trust myself with this right now.

Looking at the distance between us, I realized just how much I was longing for his touch right now. And so, I reached over and softly grabbed his hand from the menu. He didn't look at me as I played with his fingers; he let me do as I pleased as he mouthed the words on the menu. But as I brought his hand to my lips and kissed it softly, his eyes lifted to look into mine. Giving me an odd look with his eyebrows pushed together, he smirked and tangled his fingers with mine.

"You've been awfully touchy lately. Are you okay?" he asked with his head tilted.

I hide behind my bangs and lean back in my seat, sliding my fingers out of his as I did so. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Truth is, I've been craving to touch him every chance I could get. Something changed the night we had gotten intimate, and now he's suddenly completely irresistible to me. I mean, he's always been so very attractive in my eyes, but now it was getting to the point where I wanted to rip his clothes off just to see his perfectly built body and kiss every inch of it.

I placed my head in my hands. What was happening to me?

"Ready to order?"

I look up to see the waitress named Katie, and I realize she and Eli are both staring at me expectantly. I order without knowing what I had even chosen and Eli orders after me. When Katie leaves, Eli leans over the table and looks at me, though he says nothing. I shrink back as he stares at me and I blink nervously. He's studying me, and I don't like it. Eli's a really good people reader, and unfortunately, he can read me like an open book.

He lifts his hand to place on his lips, and he opens his mouth to speak, though nothing comes out and he snaps it shut. Finally, he leans closer and raises an eyebrow, "Are you… horny?"

My face flushed up to my ears and I barked out a laugh, causing him to jump slightly. I covered my mouth and cleared my throat, realizing I completely gave myself away.

I shook my head. "No… I just… I kind of really want to touch you," I whispered, and it was his turn to blush.

Eli looked behind me and saw the girl Katie coming with our food. Turning back to me, he winked and whispered, "Later."

My eyes widened.

"Here we are!" Katie says cheerfully as she places our food on the table. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

Eli shakes his head and gives her a smile, and she nods and disappears into the small restaurant. He digs into his food and I finally snap back into reality, looking down at my plate. Looks like I had ordered a plate of pancakes. I pick up my fork and dig in, though I'm too concentrated on the fact that Eli's foot is playing with mine under the table.

Once we finished our meals, Katie came back to collect our dishes and bring us the bill. And as Eli is paying, I look outside and notice just how amazing this town looks. It feels so comforting and has a warm aroma to it that just makes me feel good. Turning back to Eli and Katie, I notice she's just about to walk away, I call out to her.

"Yes?" she asks politely.

"Um, what can you tell me about this town?" I ask, ignoring Eli's curious stare.

She taps her pen on her chin, "Hmm, well my boyfriend and I just recently moved here about six months ago, and I honestly love it. It's quite peaceful. Everyone is so nice and welcoming; I've made plenty of friends in no time."

I hum with a nod.

She smiles, "May I ask why?"

I look up at her, "Oh, I was just wondering. The town is beautiful."

Katie nods, "It is. But I do have to get back to work now. It was nice talking to you." She smiles and walks away, leaving me with Eli's questioning look.

I look out the window again, taking in everything Katie had said.

"I can see the wheels turning in your head, Clare. What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" Eli asks.

I look at him and smile, "Nothing. Come on, let's go."

When we begin driving again, I watch as the town passes by. The houses fly by one by one, and I watch as little kids play in a playground behind a school. And when we turn down a street, I smile at all the nice houses. It was like this town was built to perfection.

Then, as we pass a certain white house with a brown rooftop and a For Rent sign stuck in the grass, I open my mouth and yell, "Stop the car!"

The tires screech as the car comes to a halt, our bodies jerking in the process. Eli's heavy breathing was heard, but I didn't pay attention.

"What the fuck?" He asks loudly.

I ignore him and step out of the car. My eyes scan over every inch of the house and I listen as Eli opens his door and steps out. I can feel him staring at me from behind, his eyes burning a hole in the back of my head, but I pay no attention.

Because we are here.

"Clare, what the hell are you doing? What's going on?" Eli asks frantically from behind me.

I turn and look at him, noticing he is resting against his side of Morty, his arm lying on the top of the car. I smile and he gives me a look, telling me he is still waiting for an answer.

"This is it. This is the place. This is where I want to start my life with you, Eli," I say, the smile on my face growing with each word.

Eli raises his eyebrows and his lips tug up, "You mean…?" His eyes travel behind me and I watch as he studies the place. I wait, as he takes it all in. I could see how he loved it more with each passing second, and I knew what he thought before he even looked at me.

He runs over to wrap his arms around me and give me a kiss as I say, "This is our new home."