Disclaimer: not owning any of this besides the plot and rico's awe-inspiring form, i am a sad egg. Oh, but i'm fine without owning the electric slide.

Hisoka was wandering through the desert with his trusty(?) sidekick, Rico. Dehydrated, they soon stopped at a conveniently placed oasis, when a horrid thought struck the boy.

'Byakko has a human form. so did Seiryu. Tsuzuki did said they did. Does that mean all? Then...'

"Rico i hate to ask... but... can you take ...human form?" The cactus froze( he'd been doing the macarana)

"I'm sorry, Hisoka. I tried to hold back but you had to ask." The ground started shaking violently. It got so bad the blond had to close his eyes. When it finally stopped, an eyelid hesitantly lifted, revealing a green orb. He was surrounded by mist. A silhouette was all he could make out. Then came the rumbling. Soon he figured out that this was music, of a sort. Sitting on the ground, Hisoka saw the figure stick its arms out.

Adeep booming voice called out "Slide to the left." The being slid and so, to his immediate horror, did Hisoka. "Slide to the right." VIP! "Take it back now y'all." Hisoka crashed in to the tree. "One hop this time! One hop this time!" Unable to resist, the boy fell forward. Flop! Tumble. The mist was clearing. Exactly one hop in front of where Rico had been stood a man.

His skin was a dark toffee. His eyes and hair a deep brown. He was wearing green shiny satin pants, a black sequined vest over a dark red shirt with ruffles down the chest. His shoes were gleamed. In his hands were maracas. Out of his mouth... THE NEXT LINE!

"Right foot two stomps, Left foot two stomps. Hands on your knees, hands on your knees." This one being a bit hard as his knees were currently under his chest, the boy still managed. This cruel and unusual torture lasted until the mist had all dissipated, taking the music with it.

Hisoka lay gasping on the ground. The man stood there, putting his maracas through loops on his belt. "Are you okay?" The youth didn't answer, merely dragging himself to the pond and dunking his head. After a minute and a half of this( Rico, for who else could it be, forgetting humans can't breathe water), he lifted his head. The shiki started jabbering. "Ah, um, yes well, sorry about that i suppose." While the cactus had had a high scratchy voice, this form produced a deep baritone.

"you see, when i take human form i release all the water i had stored up. This caused the mist, which for some reason brings a great tune with it. Unable to help myself i always start singing the words and dancing. Everyone around does too. you're just lucky i hadn't a chance to soak in the water yet, or that could have been long. And that it was the electric slide, not the tango."

With a deep breath, Hisoka stood up. "Change back. NOW." The cactus returned with hardly a puff of smoke. The boy glared down, and suddenly stuck his foot out, squashing the talkative foliage. a growl escaped his lips. "Don't you dare... EVER... do that again."