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Ch.1 The Dead of Night

Dana Mercer opened the door to her apartment, letting in the chilly autumn air into her apartment and she entered the dark hallway.

She hung her black jacket on the coat hanger by the door "I'm home!" she called out but she got no response.

Dana flipped on the light switch to illuminate her small home.

It was cramped. It had a small kitchen, a living room, one bedroom, a closet and a bathroom. Dana discovered a small note taped to the fridge.

She plucked it off the fridge and read it.

"Out of groceries, be back soon- Sam, P.S Left you something in the fridge, Happy anniversary!"

Dana smiled and placed the note on the counter. She opened the fridge and studied its contents. There was only a case of her favorite beer and a large piece of cake.

Dana's smile widened "Thanks Sammy" she pulled out the cake and a bottle of beer, she closed the door and went into the small living room.

She plopped down on the small sofa, kicked her feet up on the small coffee table and flipped on the flat screen TV with the remote.

After a long day of working at the Blue Paradise Casino, Dana always returned home to her boyfriend Samuel Caldwell making dinner or asleep on the sofa due to a long day of working at the aerospace lab across town but this was the anniversary of their first date, he would usually arrive home later in the night after doing whatever he dose.

The only things on TV at this time of night were infomercials, re-runs of old television shows and the news.

Dana stopped on the news, on the screen was a blond anchorwoman woman with blue eyes "…In other news the Justice League is celebrating the anniversary of its founding, we go live to with our man on the scene, James Howell" the images changed to a red haired man standing in a spacious hall that had massive golden statues behind him and rows of glass cases "Thanks Sarah, we are here at the Hall of Justice, where-" but Dana just tuned the reporter out.

The cake lost all its sweet taste and Dana's hand gripped the arm of the sofa tightly.

Five years ago she had believed that the Justice League were heroes just like everyone else on the planet but after the outbreak in New York, she had grown to hate them.

Dana's brother Alex was blamed for the outbreak but he and the Justice League found proof that he wasn't entirely responsible for it.

When the outbreak had ended, people began looking for those responsible to focus their rage on and that person was Alex.

The nation slandered Alex relentlessly, turning him into a terrorist. True he did some horrible things but he did it to survive and to protect Dana. At first Dana thought the Justice League would present the evidence and clear Alex's name but they just sat there and did nothing.

Dana tried to contact them and ask why didn't they prove his innocence but they just ignored her.

In the end she became fed up with the constant harassment of the media and the League's silent treatment, so she packed up and moved west till she settled in a small dank apartment in Las Vegas.

Dana had changed her name so no one would annoy her with questions and accusations about her brother.

After a few years she ran into Samuel Caldwell, the super soldier formally apart of BlackWatch.

After the funeral for Elizabeth and Alex, they parted ways. But a few years later they ran into each other in the street. After a while they started dating and on the anniversary marking the end of the outbreak, they would get together with Ragland, Cross or Heller and they would have a little dinner to remember Alex.

Dana decided to play a game, she would take a swig of beer every time the reporter praised the Justice League or at least mentioned their name. She had emptied the one bottle within a minute and pulled out another, the reporter walked through the Hall of Justice pointing out most of the exhibits and he pointed one out that made Dana's blood boil.

The reporter was standing in front of a glass case that had a large piece of misshapen grey metal.

The edges of the metal were melted and blackened, beneath it was a blurry photo of Alex standing atop a mound of slain hunters with his bloodstained blade arm held high "-and the latest addition to the Hall of Justice's displays, is a piece from of the USS Reagan, the same ship Alex Mercer destroyed in his rampage on New York. This is piece is a reminder of one of the darkest events in the history of our country"

Dana growled at the TV "If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be a hall of justice, there wouldn't be anything"

the reporter just continued on "This piece and a few others mementos of the outbreak will be on display to the public for the duration of the anniversary celebration. Back to you Sarah" and the camera cut back to the studio.

Dana just downed the beer in her hand till it was empty she tossed the empty bottle aside and opened another, she raised her drink in a toast saying sarcastically "Long live the Justice League" she heard the door open then close.

Without looking up from the tv she just waved "Hey Sammy, how was work?"

"Fine" came the reply from all the way from down the hall.

Dana frowned, the voice sounded different. It sounded like Caldwell's voice but it also sounded a little like a low growl mixed with sandpaper but Dana just shrugged.

She heard soft footfalls approach "Anything good on?" asked the voice

"Nope" grumbled Dana "nothing but shit" she flipped the channel to another station.

On the screen was a blond man in a blue suit, sitting at a news desk "-and welcome back, for those of you just joining us, this is G. Gordon Godfrey with my coverage of the Justice League anniversary celebration" the man's brow creased "I mean really, do we need to celebrate them? I know that they do a lot for the public and I applaud them for that, but recently I have been having some doubts. I mean with the recent attack on the UN and with the recent discovery of little aliens masquerading as humans, I seriously doubt the League's credibility. How do we know that they are being entirely truthful with the public?" he leaned forward, closer to the camera "How do we know that they are on our side?"

"Amen, Godfrey" mumbled Dana.

She felt a hand on her shoulder "you look tired" said the voice softly

"I do?" said Dana

"Yes, you should rest" said the voice.

Dana nodded "Yeah I should" she looked up at the owner of the hand and a chill ran through her. The hand belonged to a tall, slim figure whose face was covered by a shabby hood.

The stranger tightened his grip on Dana's shoulder "Who are you?" demanded Dana

"A friend" said the intruder as he leaned in closer to Dana's face.

Dana squirmed in his grip but she was held in place "G-get away!" the intruders eyes gleamed in the faint light from the television

"Sleep" soothed the intruder. A sweet scent invaded Dana's nostrils, causing her eyes to grow drowsy. Dana's limbs grew heavy and the whole world grew dark.

As she slipped into unconsciousness, she saw the hooded intruder smile and said in a soothing tone "Don't fret, just sleep and dream of better times" then she finally faded into unconsciousness.

Pariah draped Dana over his shoulder, carefully not to wake her.

The new ability he gained worked, he was able to knock her out without so much of a fuss.

He strolled out of the small apartment, carefully stepping over the unconscious form of Samuel Caldwell outside the door muttering "Don't worry Dana, when you awake you will be among family and you will take your proper place among us".

James Heller sat out on the porch of his house staring up at the stars.

James held a picture of his wife and daughter in his hands.

He sighed, "I miss you Colette" he glanced up at the sky "more then ever". James Heller heard nothing but crickets and the sounds of a soft breeze.

After he had put his daughter to sleep, he would usually sit out on the porch and contemplate things.

After the outbreak James and his daughter, Amaya, moved to California to get away from the bad memories of the outbreak. For a while they had lived in peace but lately James had been feeling a little restless.

Something made him feel on edge but he couldn't put his finger on it. James stood and he went back inside to get a beer.

When he entered the kitchen he heard glass shatter and Maya scream.

James grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and rushed to Maya's room.

He burst through the door and he saw standing there was a slim figure wearing all black with a hood obscuring the intruders face.

Maya was draped over the intruder's shoulder, unconscious "Maya!" exclaimed James.

The intruder turned to face James, the intruder's eyes glowed a faintly.

James noticed long strands of black hair hanging out of the hood "Whoever the hell you are, put my daughter down and get the hell out of my house!" growled James.

The intruder just turned away and began approaching the window. James lunged with the knife, the blade sunk into the intruder but the intruder just seemed unfazed. The intruder just turned and swatted James with one arm, sending him flying across the room.

James hit the wall and slid to the floor. James's got back up, wincing in pain and he saw that the intruder and Maya were gone.

James went to the window, he looked around and saw nothing, the intruder was long gone.

James's thoughts raced through his head. That intruder was no regular intruder, they were completely unaffected by a knife wound and they escaped quickly. There was a sick feeling in his gut that made him uneasy. There was more to this than a simple kidnapping.

Whoever they were, they weren't human and they only wanted Amaya. He clenched his fist and promised himself that no matter what, he will find Maya and kill whoever took his daughter.

In New York dawn was approaching and Pariah stood atop the old ruined hive that was once used by Elizabeth Greene.

He admired his mother's handy work and he was proud to be continuing her work. He glanced back at the unconscious form of Dana Mercer and he saw his associate deposit the unconscious body of Amaya Heller beside her

"Any trouble?" asked Pariah.

His associate shook her head "Nope but he did see me and tried to stop me"

"Doesn't matter" said Pariah dismissively "Its too late for anyone to interfere".

The two stood on the edge of the roof, the woman looked to Pariah in shock "you mean?"

Pariah nodded "Yes, it all begins" he waved his hand out towards the city "Now".

As soon as the word had left his lips, columns of dark black and red smoke arose and began to blanket a small section of the city. Car alarms went off, coughs and screams could be heard all across pre-dawn New York.

The two watched as the sun slowly rose over the dark New York skyline "With the dawn" said Pariah triumphantly "Comes the first steps towards Paradise".

End of Chapter

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