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Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League were up in the Watchtower, watching the live news footage of the completion of the reconstruction of Manhattan on a massive holographic screen.

It had been nine and a half months since the end of the second outbreak and the death of Pariah.

After the air force had fire bombed the Red Zone, BlackWatch, the Military and the Justice League combed the charred ruins of the Red Zone for survivors. But they found no trace of any surviving Infected or Evolved.

However, they found a hidden laboratory, which contained blueprints to the cure for the strain of the Black Light virus that was currently plaguing Manhattan.

During the debriefing, Nightwing told Superman and the League that Alex Mercer and Elizabeth Green were alive. He explained that the two had been alive for the past five years and Alex had convinced Elizabeth to give up on trying to exterminate humanity.

Superman asked what happened to them after the bombing but Nightwing shrugged and replied, "I don't know".

When Nightwing told the league and the Team that Pariah was Elizabeth's son, needless to say, nobody saw it coming.

Public relations between the League and the world had slowly returning to normal. Three days after the bombing, an anonymous tipper gave Godfrey some evidence to prove the League's innocence and reveal that the true culprit behind the outbreak was Pariah.

Even though Godfrey corrected himself and apologized to the league, he still was able to make the league somehow responsible for part of the outbreak.

Despite that, the League was happy to have the public on their side and they had Alex to thank for it.

Superman, Batman and a few of members of the League made Alex and Elizabeth honorary members of the League. If they could find them, the league would make them official members.

The casualties for Pariah's attack on the Green Zone was staggering. Hundreds of soldiers and civilians died, thousands more were injured badly.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the League, the Military and several non profit groups, they were able to heal the wounded and cure those infected with Black Light by using the vaccine they created based off of the blueprints found in that they found.

Manhattan slowly rebuilt and was able to recover from the outbreak.

As the League watched the mayor give a speech commemorating the completion of the reconstruction and honoring those who died in the battle, Superman glanced to Batman and asked, "Where do you think they went? Mercer and Green?"

Batman answered, "I'm not sure. They're very elusive. They can be anywhere in the world right now".

Alex and Elizabeth sat on a bench in Central Park, waiting for Dana, Caldwell, Heller, Amaya and Ragland to arrive.

Elizabeth was cradling a small bundle of blankets in her arms.

Alex glanced to his wife "How is she?" "She's sleeping," said Elizabeth.

Alex sighed in relief muttering "Finally".

Several minutes passed. A couple passed them, children were playing nearby and a woman jogged by.

Life in Manhattan had returned to normal.

Alex, Elizabeth, Dana and Caldwell managed to escape Manhattan and the firebombs. A few Infected and Evolved had followed them, begging to go with them. Most of the Evolved had no homes to go to and some of them were too young to fend for themselves. The Infected had no leader to guide them and would eventually die off or would start another plague somewhere.

Reluctantly, Alex and Elizabeth agreed to let them go with them.

They traveled north until they found an isolated area in a isolated mountain range where they settled down and avoid human civilization.

As the months passed, Alex and Dana parted ways. She wanted to tie up some loose ends before she wanted to start her new life.

Alex later heard that Dana and Caldwell got married. He jokingly threatened to bio-bomb the super soldier if he mistreats Dana.

Several more minutes passed and Dana and the others arrived.

Dana looked healthy and happy. Amaya was a few inches taller and looked a little older than the last time they saw her. Ragland was the same.

Alex and Elizabeth greeted them.

Dana noticed the small bundle in Elizabeth's arms and asked "I-is that what I think it is?"

"Yep" said Alex, nodding. He gestured to the bundle "Dana, meet your niece".

Elizabeth carefully handed her daughter to Dana. Dana carefully inspected the infant. She was small, pale and had some strands of black hair.

She cooed "Aww, she's adorable"

"She's beautiful" commented Ragland.

"What's her name?" asked Heller

"Sabrina" answered Elizabeth "Sabrina G. Mercer"

Dana smiled "Nice name".

Alex spoke up "So…what are we doing here?"

"I thought that we should have a little lunch together" said Dana "You know, to catch up and enjoy ourselves".

Alex, Heller, Ragland and Caldwell nodded. "Sounds good to me" said Alex.

Elizabeth asked, "What's for lunch?"

"How about…pizza?" suggested Amaya. She pointed to a pizzeria that just opened a cross the street.

Dana smiled "That's just perfect". Together, they left Central park and went to the pizzeria. Caldwell and Dana were busy debating on who's going to be holding Sabrina and discussing the possibility of settling down and starting a family.

Elizabeth and Alex were being lectured by Heller on being parents and how to properly raise their daughter, considering that their last child unleashed a horrible plague and tried to exterminate all life on the planet. Ragland and Amaya followed closely behind them.

When they reached the Pizzeria, Caldwell said "Not buying"

"Not buying" chimed Heller, Elizabeth, Dana and Ragland. Alex sighed "Fine, i'll pay for the pizzas" as they all cheered, he quietly added "Freeloaders".

The end.

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