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Sweat was dripping from Akashi's chin and crashed on the ground several times, while he had his scissors in front of Kuroko's eyes.

« Akashi-kun, you're incredibly sweaty. » Remarked the former sixth player from Teiko

« As always, you're so calm Tetsuya. I'll let you buy me a drink to solve that problem. » Said Akashi, getting his scissors back in his pocket.

« Gomenasai, I don't have any money. »

« Liar. »

« I'm not. »

« You are. »

« Am not. »

« You definitely are. »

« Definitely not. »

« Che. It could go on forever. Fine, I get it. I'll buy you one as well. » Concluded Akashi, leading towards the convenience store.

Kuroko followed him willingly, his dog cautiously behind his master, growling from time to time at Akashi. His animal instinct already sensed danger coming from him the first time the little dog saw him. They eventually arrived at the convenience store and entered to buy something to drink and to eat. Akashi bought two juices and Kuroko bought one ice-cream.

« Hmpf. So you did have money for ice. » Told the captain of Rakuzan High

« Of course. I didn't have money for a drink though. » Typical Kuroko's answer.

A grand figure appeared behind them, arms full of candy bags.

« Kuro-chin, Aka-chin, you're way too long~~ please hurry I need to pay for those before eating… probably… »

Murasakibara Atsushi was there, and while saying that, he was eating one of the candies from one of the bags. The vendor complained to him but quickly changed of attitude when he saw Atsushi's aggressive face appear out of nowhere.

« Now, we'll get going Murasakibara-kun. Have a good day. » Said Kuroko, turning around and getting out.

« Ne, Akashi. What are you planning to do ? » Seriously asked Murasakibara

« … »

Akashi didn't answer and got out as well, waving his hand when his back was turned. Murasakibara frowned his eye brows.

'They all make a fuss over Kuro-chin stopping basketball… What's so good about basketball in the first place ? It's annoying to see everyone so worked up upon this.' He thought, while eating his beloved candies.

Akashi and Kuroko (and his dog) were drinking their juices and walking back to the library since the Shadow wanted to go there originally.

« What are you going to do now, Tetsuya ? Giving your all in your studies ? » Asked the red haired boy

« Yes. I'll probably try to play basketball in Kyuushuu's district too, if any team stirs up my attention. The only way we'd meet again would be on the court at the All Japan tournament. »

« You're going to Kyuushuu. How fitting… but I won't permit it. »

« But… It's my decision, what does it have to do with you, Akashi-kun ? » Asked Kuroko, finishing his juice

« Each member from Teiko isn't accepting this very well. I guess Atsushi wouldn't care though. » Explained Akashi, throwing his juice can into the trash can further

« Why ? »

« Because each player led Teiko to victory those three consecutive years. We couldn't have won against a few teams if you weren't here. The same goes with each member. When Yosen had acquired the best forward back then, we couldn't have done it without your coordination with Aomine. Now that this supremacy is gone by each of us going in a different team, we thought we'd still challenge ourselves by competing against each other. With you gone, it'll only leave a hole. » Concluded the boy with heterochromatic eyes

« I see. It makes sense, but that reason isn't enough to keep me playing against everyone. I just… couldn't find a solution. The only one I didn't play against is you and you were the last one I thought of convincing to change. I know you wouldn't. So it was about time I stopped what I planned and recognize my failure. »

Kuroko bit in his ice. Akashi sighed and stopped on the stairs to the library. He looked up to the sky and put a hand in front of his eyes to block the sunrays.

« I think the only one who truly wished for us to play together even after middle school was Ryota. Now that something finally moved from the stillness installed since we began high school… I think… I too, think it would be great to order you all again. »

« That's not kind, Akashi-kun. We're not slaves or soldiers. » Reacted Kuroko throwing his stick towards Akashi who got his scissors out at a frightening speed and cut it in half

« It was truly enjoyable. When I remember your pitiful faces during training, cutting Shintarou's items, making Ryota cry, waking Aomine up in the morning and giving you extra laps to run… Kehehe. »

He had, somehow, a sadistic smile across his lips. Kuroko stayed silent. His dog was running up and down the stairs.

« Say Tetsuya… If you hadn't disappeared that day at the end of middle school championship, the third year… What would have happened to all of us ? Would we have gone to Seirin together or another school maybe…? We would have continued to win in our high school years, perfecting our undefeatable basketball and maybe going pro in Japan. What do you think ? » Asked the captain of the most titled middle school team

« I wouldn't have disappeared if the policy used in Teiko was different than what it was. We lacked something important in team sports. The team that represents the best what Teiko was would be Aomine-kun's team, Touou Academy. They just focus on each player's abilities, like we used to do. I don't want to play in a team like that, or even against that kind of team. »

Akashi began to go down the stairs. He stood under Kuroko and his dog.

« I understand your point of view, but your basketball won't dominate. The policy you seek is an utopia which won't develop in this sport. It's all about skills, strength, speed and tactics. Tactics involve deceiving the opponent, making use of a strong player even if it means him playing alone, and being selfish. If you want to play nicely, play basketball as a hobby with your friends in the street. »

With those words, Akashi Seijuro left, hands in his pockets. No one saw how tightly closed they were, to the point of shaking.

Chip ! Chi chi chip !

The bird's singing announced it was the morning. Momoi Satsuki yawned a bit and woke up. Saturday. The day she decided to meet with Kuroko. She needed to get herself ready quickly before he left his district for any reason. The manager of Touou Academy got up and immediately went to the shower. A bit of perfume and make up, some casual yet appealing clothes and some bread for breakfast. All set.

« Itekimasu ! » She shouted while getting out of her house.

She got into the train and off she went to Kuroko's district. It was eight in the morning when she arrived. Momoi knew her Kuroko was a morning person. He liked to get up early and going out for a walk, for reading in a park nearby or getting the dog out. As soon as she got out, she unbelievably saw him wanting to go in the very same train she was in.

« Tetsu-kuuuuun~~ ! » She called

« Momoi-san. » Said the boy, turning around, a bit unpleased with the current events

He planned to get out of here before she came. The plan failed now, and he didn't have the guts to get in and leave her out.

« Where are you going~ ? » She asked, locking her arm with his

« I was going to buy a book. »

« Even when you have the biggest library next to your house ? » Said Momoi, suspicious

« They didn't have the book I wanted anymore. » Replied Kuroko, not flinching even one bit

« I'll go with you then ! Ok, Tetsu-kun ? »

« It isn't, Momoi-san. »

« Why is that ? Mou… » Complained the young woman, pressing herself even more onto him

« It's an ero book. »

Kuroko said that without blushing, which took an extraordinary amount of courage out of him. Momoi, though, went bright red. Looking away and fidgeting, she blurted something Kuroko couldn't quite get.

« Summimasen. Could you repeat, Momoi-san ? »

« I… can… come and… see… with you… it's… ok »

Kuroko didn't expect that at all. So this was the extent of her will. He smiled.

« It was a joke. I just wasn't ready to face you yet, Momoi-san. Gomenasai deshita. » He apologized with a bow

« Aaaah… hahaha… Eeeh so that's what it was, silly boy… » Momoi was still uneasy with the situation. She was a bit angry and sad inside.

« Gomenasai deshita »

« Ma… Ma… Forget it~ How about I stay with you for a while ? I promise I'll be understanding. » Momoi tried to reassure him, since he said he wasn't ready before.

« Alright, how about we get something to eat for breakfast ? I'm sure you didn't eat much since it's early. » Proposed Kuroko, a little more confident

« Yay~~ Arigato Tetsu-kuuun ! »

She instinctively took his hand. It got him a bit surprised but he couldn't let her hand go. People in the train, most of them being adults going to work since it was early, smiled while looking at them. For the first time, Kuroko visibly blushed.

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