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It finally rained. It's been forty minutes since Kuroko went off to see Kagami and left Kise. His dog had his fur all wet but didn't complain. The boy didn't want to open his suitcase to take his umbrella, and was in the same state. He believed the weather wouldn't stop his former teammate from Seirin to play. And he was right, once again. To his usual training ground, the red haired tall boy was playing alone. For a few minutes, the phantom player stood and watched him play. Kagami was doing what could be called image training : he visualized players defending in his mind and played. It was really impressive. Kuroko never thought he would grow even stronger in the short time he left the team.

'I should go now.'

At the moment he decided to come to Kagami, he froze when he saw his next moves. His focus rose up extraordinarily.

'Ok now… Aomine… What can I do ? A simple drive isn't enough, using my height only neither. There is only one solution left, what I've been practicing until now. I don't master it yet but…' Was thinking Kagami with a lot of concentration

Kuroko's eyes showed his surprise. Kagami seemed to have entered the Zone by himself. Using a way of dribbling Kuroko thought only Aomine could come up with, Kagami went for the dunk at a frightening speed, turning around the invisible Aomine in such a beautiful and precise way that one could think the defender was really present.

« So, you came to say goodbye ? »

Kagami's voice rang in his ears.

« Eh ? » Kuroko was surprised, thinking he was unnoticed until now

« Remember, the first time we played ? I told you. You have absolutely no scent, there's no way I can't notice someone like that anymore. »

The blue haired boy smiled, and the dog ran towards Kagami who stumbled a bit before regaining his composure since the situation needed it.

« My train is leaving in two hours. I thought I'd come and apologize before leaving. »

Kuroko was really nervous. He didn't talk to Kagami since he said he stopped basketball, he didn't know how he felt other than the punch he received at first.

« I know, that Kise sent me a message. There's no point in apologizing only, there's truth behind words only if they are supported by actions. »

Since they began to talk, Kagami didn't turn in his direction yet. He was still showing his back to Kuroko, the ball in his hands under the basket.

« I see. Well, I'm sorry but I can't come back now. I've decided to do something and I won't back down even if it pains me because of what I impose to you. »

Finally Kagami faced him.

« It's ok. I remembered last night that before the game against Midorima, I thought about what I would do, what I would become if you weren't there. I just need to become the strongest and become number one in Japan without you. »

« Will you become like one of them ? » Asked Kuroko

The sound of the thunder could be heard. The raining didn't stop and even increased. Kuroko's dog eventually sheltered under a bench to the basketball ground's side.

« Like hell I will, dumbass ! They all piss me off, you included ! » Angrily replied Kagami, making the other boy smile

« As long as you still play with everyone in Seirin like you did with me, I can only support you and wish your objective comes true. »

« It will, just you wait idiot. You just have to read the newspaper someday and you'll see my name in it ! Then I'll come to where you live and kick your sorry ass. »

« No thanks. »

« I'm not asking for your opinion, I'll do it because you deserve it ! »

« I don't want. »

« Keh ! You want to make me even angrier before you leave huh ?! »

« No, that's not it. »

« Baah ! Forget it, get lost now ! »

« That's not kind, Kagami-kun. »

« Grrrmblmbl…. »

Kagami's anger materialized as steam coming off from his head and Kuroko's dog came running towards them while barking, which immediately calmed the red haired boy.

« Well, I'm going now. Goodbye Kagami-kun. »

« Hai hai, now I can resume practice. Don't get lost on your way to the station, stupid. And don't interfere in other people's situations because you feel like it, I won't be here to save your ass from thugs now. »

« Hai. »

Kuroko was still feeling awkward. Something was off in him with this situation between him and Kagami. It was still not clear, but he had to leave anyway. Carrying his suitcase behind him, he left under the rain and the roaring thunder. Kagami had stopped in his drive and let the ball roll away. He stood there like a rock statue, his head up facing the sky.

« What… It's not a dream after all. Shit… »

A season has passed. People changed in such a short time. Those people could be compared to butterflies. They evolve very quickly, going through totally different states. Spring brought the flowers to bloom, the trees to have leafs again and a pleasant lukewarmness. This season announced the beginning of harsh training for the basketball teams too for the interhigh which takes place every summer. The winter cup passed. It was last year, if we can say that even though it wasn't so long ago. It was a special tournament for all the teams which participated. In the courtyard of a near highschool, a page of a newspaper flew over to a student who read quickly what was written before throwing it away.

« A first in the history of the Japanese basketball's Winter Cup ! The three Kings defeated and a middle tier school winning the championship ! »

If we were to resume things, Senshinkan, Seihou and Shutoku each lost by one point to lower schools. Touou Academy lost in the preliminaries without Aomine, Kaijou lost to Kirisaki Daichi High 78-69, Seirin lost to Rakuzan High 92-76, Yosen High was excluded from the tournament in the match against Rakuzan who won by default, because of Murasakibara Atsushi who violented an opponent on purpose and got him in the hospital. Rakuzan lost in final to Onita High, the middle tier school mentioned in the newspaper. They lost 61 at 58, having one of their 'Uncrowned generals' hospitalized, and their Captain benched for five fouls. The unexpected happened.

Kuroko Tetsuya had read the events on the Internet, in his school's library. He couldn't help but feel guilty. It might not seem his fault from an exterior point of view, but his departure definitely had something to do with all this. He had one more year in high-school before graduating. His school has a basketball club which goes each year to the inter-high but gets defeated before entering the top 8. He heard they had talent. But they needed a little push, something to make them work harder and go beyond their limits with passion to succeed and enter the finals. The boy still pondered whether he should enter or not the club and what to do with it. He still had three months to decide.

And the "declaration" arc is over with this chapter ! A new story unfolds now, beginning with the next chapter. Will Kuroko join his high-school's club ? What will become the members of the Generation of Miracles after such a defeat : How will Akashi bear with his first loss ? How will Kise regain motivation without his Kurokocchi ? How will evolve Midorima from now on ? Will Aomine and Murasakibara really stop basketball ?