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Music used : 30 - 脅威 (CD1)

« 173 to 31, the victor is Fuka High ! Bow ! »

Two lines of high schoolers were facing each other in the middle of the court and bowed while saying thanks for the good match. Fuka's team and Goshijima's team. Then each went back in their respective locker room. After such a crushing defeat, Goshijima's members felt like they shouldn't even play basketball. There was nothing they could do, their opponent wasn't supposed to be this strong ! They couldn't even advance very far in the inter-high last year !

« What was wrong with this annoying number eleven ?! The second I took my eyes off of him he was either doing a decisive pass or a shoot ! I didn't even hear about him last year ! » Whined one of them, punching the locker's door

On the other wing of the gymnasium, was Fuka's locker room. The room was as silent as Goshijima's one. It didn't feel like they had won at all.

« Tetsu-nyan, when is the Winter cup again… ? » Suddenly asked a boy of average height with black hair, brown eyes and a short ponytail.

« Kiri-san, I already told you this morning. It's in Tokyo in a week. » Answered Kuroko Tetsuya, the former player from Seirin High School.

« Eeeh… Really ? »

« There goes Kiri's usual forgetting attitude. » Commented another boy, a tall boy of around 188 centimeters with dark orange hair in a bowl cut and eyes with the same color : Miyano Eichi

« That's not fair, Miya-nyan… I'm not that much of an airhead, am I ? » Reacted Kiri Ryuya

« That's an understatement, Kiri-san. » Said Kuroko, straight as always

« Enough boys. Pack your things and let's go home. » This boy seemed to be older than the rest of them. He was the captain of Fuka High, Orihara Maki, and had a dark shade of pink for hair color and spiky hair. He was very muscular and his eyes were of the same color.

« Nice game, Tetsuya-kun. Do you want to stop by my house for doing homework ? »

« Arigatou. I'll come if that's what you wish, Shiromi-san. »

« Of course ! I'm glad you're coming » Answered Shiromi Kai, a surprisingly white haired boy with grey eyes. He was a second year like Kuroko and arrived this year too. That similarity brought the two boys to become close friends.

« I'll see you Wednesday for practice, I'll watch the recordings I got today for our first opponent for the Winter Cup. Everybody ! Eat well and sleep early. » The tall black haired coach of Fuka High said before leaving the gymnasium, his long straight hair moving under the wind's influence, while a couple of girls passing by were looking at his back, full of desire.

Miyano sighed, his head down.

« Why is the coach so popular with girls while I've never had a girlfriend yet ?! »

« Maybe because you need to be more stylish and the orange on your head scare them all. » Said the captain, laughing a bit and evading Miyano's punches

« Well then, we'll go now. » Kuroko excused himself and walked away with Shiromi, who also bowed and went with him.

Music used : 20 - ミスディレクション (CD1)

Aomine Daiki was playing a game in the street with random people he met there. It was just a way to kill time, since he had nothing else to do. His team was currently playing against Rigasaki High, but he didn't go.

« Ah… Enough, it's no fun when you're playing ! Can you leave please ? » Complained one of the guys to Aomine.

How misplaced.

« Heeeh ? What the fuck did you say little shit ? It's not my fault you're not even able to make a shot or to run. If anything, you can leave weakling. »

Aomine had grabbed him by the collar and let him go, pushing him away. The guy swore and left, the others following him while looking at the Generation of Miracles ace with fear.

« Aaah… Aaaah… Now I have no one left to play with… Shit. »

« Kise-san, could you take that pose please ? »

A photographer was taking photos of Kise Ryota, dressed as a butler with glasses. The model was still at top popularity in his line of work.

'I hope this will be over soon… I have to practice with senpaï… Faster please… !'

Murasakibara Atsushi was hanging out with Himuro Tatsuya in a huge shopping district. Munching on his sweets as usual, walking lazily behind his teammate who was looking at the shop right next to him.

« Atsushi, what do you think of those shoes ? » He asked, turning towards the tall boy

« Hmm… It looks nice, Muro-chin… Are you finished soon ? »

Himuro sighed.

« I guess I should give up on you giving any decent answer. I'll take those and we'll go home… »

« Yatta ne. I'm so tired and bored. »

« I win. »

Ten minutes later…

« My win. »

Six minutes later…

« Victory achieved. »

Another five minutes later…

« You're defeated. »

Akashi Seijuro just won four Shogi games against members of the Shogi club in Rakuzan High. The captain of the Generation of Miracles didn't even smile once. How could he forget his loss in the inter-high ? His very first loss in anything he ever did.

'I am absolute. TOTALLY ABSOLUTE. There's no way I'm going to loose again ! It was just a fluke.'

The red haired boy looked angrily around, seeking another opponent to crush. Thankfully for himself, the last member had escaped while Akashi was playing his fourth game.

« I laced my right shoe first, my fingernails are perfect, I have today's lucky item a gold cat figurine, I… »

« Shin-chaaaan ! Stop being obsessive and come play ! » Shouted Takao Kazunari, taking Midorima Shintarou's hand and dragging him along

« Takao. »

« AOUCH ! »

Midorima had whacked his head hard with his other hand, and forced him to let his hand go. He sighed and adjusted his glasses as usual.

« You'd better play well today Takao, if you want to be of any use. »

« Eeeh ?! How mean… » Pouted the boy, looking away from the green haired shooter

« Hmpf. » Midorima smirked and got into his uniform before coming on the court under the cheering of the spectators and the Shutoku supporters

« Let's go ! » Roared Otsubo Taisuke, Shutoku's captain, raring to go.

Kuroko was sitting on the ground in Shiromi's bedroom, next to a small table where their homework was placed. It was a room full of posters of NBA players from Michael Jordan to Allen Iverson and today's stars like LeBron James. Shiromi really loved basketball from the bottom of his heart.

« Did you see Tetsuya-kun ? We have a big opponent right from the start next Sunday for the first match. » Said the white haired boy, pouring tea in Kuroko's cup

« Hai. We'll do our best together. Fuka is a good team, we can do it. »

« You're right… When I think of us, I can't see us loose to anyone. Let's beat Shutoku and make an outstanding start right from the beginning ! »

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