Love Of Two Angels.

Andrew, "Monica you are my life, my soul and you have my heart."

Monica, "Andrew you bring light inside my heart, and you take away

The dark, please believe me when I say I love you always, till the end of age."

Andrew, "Well you shine like a star in the sky, I never could of just walked

on by."

Monica, "Our first meeting wasn't like most, I'm sorry for not being so nice,

I wasn't so sure our love would be right."

Andrew, "That for sure is very true, but you always bring a miracle or two."

Monica, "But every miracle that was made, you were there to give your say

Always around to save the day."

Andrew, "That as it was I've never had such a friend like you, and to that I will always

Be true."

Monica, " You help me to be strong, and you make me feel like I belong."

Andrew, "Every time I gaze into your eyes it's like magic, and I know things will

Turn out fine with you by my side."

Monica, "Let us return back to heaven, and shine our love to let them all see,

You bring out the best in me."

Andrew, "Yes let us walked back into God's loving arms, and his warm embrace in this life

Will run till we finish the race. You are a shooting star and I will never let you fall, I'll be there when you call."

The End