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New Life

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Katniss' POV

It has been exactly 5 years since the rebellion ended. Everything is slowly getting back to normal. Although this new life is better for everyone, I'm still trying to cope with the fact that Prim isn't coming back; she's dead. Haymitch is trying to become sober (very surprising) but is finding it hard, so he looks after his flock of geese to take his mind off the alcohol. My mother is living in district 4 with Annie and her son, she says that there are too many bad memories here and that she has a good job in 4 as a doctor so it would be better to stay there. Gale…well I don't really like talking about him, after all it was his bomb that caused Prim's death. Peeta and I have come back to each other. Peeta even moved in soon after we moved back to district 12. I don't know what I would call us, lovers? Boyfriend and girlfriend? I really don't know.

Peeta's hijacking is almost gone. His flashbacks are a lot less frequent than before and his last one was almost a year ago. Peeta is finally himself, my Peeta. My nightmares are still bad though. Except from the fact that whenever I wake up screaming or crying, Peeta is there to hold me in his arms and comfort me until I remember that it's only a dream and that it's not real.

I finally understand my feelings towards Peeta. I now know that the moment since we were in the cave together in our first games, that I loved him and I couldn't live without him. I just didn't realise it then. I guess I was just to caught up in the fact that I had to look after Prim and that was all that mattered. Or maybe I was just too afraid to fall in love. Anyway, all I know now is that Peeta loves me and I love him.

We've been working on the book of everyone that died in the war. I found it hard to make Prim's page but it made me feel better afterwards having a piece of Prim to hold onto.

Sometimes I think my life will never be the same again. And to be honest, I'm completely right. But that doesn't mean my life can't become better again. After all I still have Peeta.

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