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Chapter 3 - The Question

Peeta's POV

I wake up to see Katniss sleeping peacefully with a small smile spread across her face. She mustn't have had any nightmares last night. I get out of bed and walk downstairs as quietly as I can; according to Katniss I can't keep quiet to save my life.

I pour myself some hot chocolate and then get started on breakfast. I want this breakfast to be perfect. I want the whole of today to be perfect; because today is the day that I am going to ask Katniss Everdeen a very important question. Today I will ask her the question and it needs to be perfect. I've got a whole day planned and at sunset, I will ask her. I just hope she says yes.

Breakfast is almost ready and I can hear Katniss getting up. She walks into the kitchen and smiles when she sees me. "Good-morning beautiful." I tell her. "Good-morning." she says as she comes and wraps her arms around my waist and gives me a light kiss.

"What's all this for?" she asks. "It's just breakfast." I tell her. "Well it looks very nice, thank you."

We eat in silence for a while until she asks "Do you have any plans today?" Yes I do but it's a surprise. "I do actually and they include taking a certain Katniss Everdeen on a date." I say while grinning. "I guess that's what I'll do today then!" she exclaims with a smile on her face. I love her smile. She used to rarely smile but now she let's herself be a lot happier; and I'm so glad.

I offer to clean the dishes so she goes and gets ready.

Katniss' POV

Today is going to be perfect. Peeta made me the most delicious breakfast and now he's taking me on a date. I've never felt particularly cheery about things like this but today I just feel so happy. If Haymitch was here he'd make some stupid comment about it but right now all I care about is Peeta.

I take a shower and get dressed. I want today to be special so I put on a pale blue knee length dress and brown ballet pumps instead of my normal T-shirt and jeans. I even leave my hair down in soft, gentle waves instead of a braid.

I make my way downstairs to see Peeta. "You look nice." he says. "Thanks." I say. "Ready to go?" he asks. "Yes." I reply.

We leave the house and walk through the woods, it really is beautiful at this time of year; the trees are covered with cherry blossom and light green leaves in the springtime.

"So where are we going exactly?" I ask him after a few moments of silence.

"It's a surprise." he tells me.

"You know I hate surprises! Just tell me." I moan.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise would it?" he says.

"I guess so." I mumble.

It's not long until we reach the lake. I haven't been here in years. The lake-looking beautiful as ever-is surrounded by flowers primroses I think to myself.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Peeta asks.

"Yeah. I used to come here with my father when I was younger. That's how I learnt to swim." I tell him.

We sit in comfortable silence until Peeta speaks. "Could I ask you something?"

"Yeah, definitely." I reply

"You love me. Real or not real?"

"Real of course." I say, wondering why he's asking this.

"You want to be with me?"



"Real. Where is this going Peeta?" I ask, really confused by his sudden outburst of questions that he already knows the answer for. Before answering he stands up pulling me up with him. He gets down on one knee and my hearts start to race.

"You want to be my wife. Real or not real?"

"Real." I tell him, because it's honestly true.

"So." he says. "Katniss Everdeen, will you marry me?"

Oh my god. I think. He just proposed.

"Yes!" I say, as tears of happiness stream down my face. He slips a ring on my finger and as I look at it I see a pearl. My pearl he gave me in the quell in fact.

"I hope you don't mind." he says "I used your pearl to get a ring made".

"Of course I don't mind, it's perfect. Absolutely perfect."

And with that we walk home in peace, replaying the recent scene in my mind and thinking, now I know my place.

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