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Title: Drawing

Rated: K+

In life, people has secrets, including our favorite black tuxedo cat, Kitty Softpaws. Nobody, not even Puss know that Kitty could draw .. Every time she wants to draw something, either it could be just a sketch or a real life drawing, she always secretly pulls out her tiny sketch book from her belt pocket and begin to drawing without everyone, including Puss, noticing her.

She did not want everyone to look at her sketch book or knowing that she could draw pretty well. She always manage to hide the fact that she can draws. She was too nervous to let everyone knows that. Until…

Puss found her sketch book..

It was another normal day, or supposed to be normal, Kitty already finished drawing a sketch on her sketch book and completely forgot to put her book back into her belt pocket. Kitty suddenly realized about her sketch book, when she examining her belt pocket, noticing that her sketch book wasn't there. She return back to the big tree, her usual spot to hang out. And there, she not just found her sketch book, she also found Puss. Reading her sketch book..

"Kitty? Did you draw this?" asked Puss, showing Kitty her sketch book.

Kitty looks embarrassed at this point. She never let anyone sees her drawing before, because she too shy to do that. And now, she looked flushed and yet nervous when Puss keep flipping the pages from her sketch book, seeing all of her sketches..

"This draws, it actually pretty good.. Why you didn't tell me that you can draws?" asked Puss, after he read all of the pages from Kitty's sketch book. (mostly her sketches are about Puss, if you know what I mean..)

"I..uh.. I'm afraid.." said Kitty, stuttering.

"Why are you afraid of?" asked Puss again.

"Because, I'm afraid that nobody likes my drawing… or people will starts to laugh at me because.. I'm a thief, and thief is not an artist…" said Kitty, looked away from Puss.

"Are you kidding me? Your drawing are nice! People are gonna love this!" said Puss, happily. "Or you could be an artist if you decided to retire from your thieving way."

"You really think that my drawing are really that good?" asked Kitty.

"Positive!" exclaimed Puss."But.."

"But what?"

"Why there is lots of your drawing are about me?" asked Puss, confused about seeing many sketches of him on Kitty's sketch book.

Kitty blushed at this point. She has no idea how to respond that question…

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