Title: Snow

Rated: K+

Its winter in San Ricardo. The most rarest moment actually, since San Ricardo's usual weather is sunny and sometimes rainy..

"Kitty, please?" plead Puss. He was asking Kitty to play snowball fight with him. Kitty of course, declined Puss offer. Because she thinks that snowball fight was for children only…

"Pleeeeeaaasssee?" asked Puss, with his signature move, green orb puppy eyes.

"Puss.. seriously? You demanding it like a child." said Kitty, who started to realize that Puss do 'the eyes' on her. Puss's puppy eyes getting even larger as Kitty tries to resist from his 'cuteness'…

"Mi amor.. please?" asked Puss.

"Fine.." said Kitty, after completely 'hypnotized' by Puss's eyes..

After getting snowballs hit Kitty's head, Puss got drown in the ice water, making a snowman, and a few other snowballs hit Kitty again…

"Kitty? Are you okay?" asked Puss as he saw Kitty looked shivering.

"I..I th..think ..n..ot.." said Kitty, trembling because of the cold situation.

"Oh! I'll get you some hot chocolate. Now we have to go home.." said Puss. He then circling a scarf on Kitty's neck. Kitty now feels less cold, but not even close to warm..

Kitty then realized something, when she looked up. It was like a coincidence or it have been prepared before?

"Puss, is that.. what I think it is?" asked Kitty, pointing her claw less finger to the 'thing' that had been tied up on the tree branch above them.

Puss looked up right to the direction of what Kitty just pointed. He suddenly grins nervously when he looking back to now nervous Kitty..

"Yeah.. that is the mistletoe.." said Puss, nervously. ".. so.. since we standing under the mistletoe, should we..?" before Puss can say anything, Kitty suddenly planted a kiss right on Puss's lips.

"You're idiot.." muttered Kitty, grinning mischievously after the kiss.

"I know.. but I am your idiot…" said Puss, grinning as well.

Kitty looked to the mistletoe, then to Puss again.

"You do realize that we just kiss under the lettuce?" said Kitty, pointing to the mistletoe, which actually indeed a lettuce..

"I can't find the mistletoe, so I used the lettuce instead! It's still the same, right?" said Puss, nervously.

Kitty just gave Puss some mischievous look before, they shared another kiss…

AUTHOR NOTE: So… I'm planning to stop this fic right away! Cause I have some trouble with my school homework, test, and another more test! And my parents was deeply disappointed my latest school result, so yeah.. I quit from this fanfic writing activity that I have been done for over.. 8-9 months? I dunno.. So, it was great to see you guys. Really! And I guess if you guys want me to continue this fanfic, PM me, write a review, and write petition( just ignore this one!) if guys really likes my fanfic.. So, farewell..