Okay guys and gals! So I'm here with my first story called Alphas Can't Mate Omegas. Just so you're wondering, this is a werewolf story and mate means a wolf's husband or wife. Cheesy much? Yeah, well, suck it up. So... basic plot Alpha and Omega are best friends and their parents don't approve. When they reached the age of 13, the Alpha found out he was mated to his best friend who is now ugly and was also the Omega(you'll understand why) and so the boy rejects her. This is the story of what happened next. Okay maybe besides the prologue, you get my drift. So here is the character page! Yeah~! BTW, everyone is a different type of werewolf and so whatever the type is, you get specific powers to match, for example, Zander is a Litra werewolf.

Pack Lunar


Zander Robbins- He is a very cocky Alpha and the ladies man. Zander can woe any girl. He has brown hair, brown eyes, the "chiseled features of a god". Has the best grades in his grade. Prefers to wear flannel shirts, skinny jeans, sneaker, and combat boots. Loves music and is a singer songwriter. Zander plays electric guitar, ukulele, and key-tar. He is next in line for Alpha Male of the pack. Zander is a Litra werewolf, a werewolf of Light and Astronomical things, which allow his werewolf's fur to be white with some tattoos of blonde fur. Zander found out his mate was his childhood friend at the age of 13 and decided that she wasn't worthy enough be his mate, thus ending their friendship. Zander is still single and moves from lady to lady because his official mate left him 3 years ago. Zander's current girlfriend is Molly Garfunkel.

Max Robbins- Zander's father and current Alpha Male of Pack Lunar. Runs a tight shift in the pack, but is also fun and caring (as well as a big prankster). Max is the same as his son, a Litra werewolf. Max didn't like the fact that Zander was once friend with an Omega, but is now over that mishap. Max is married to Lulu Robbins.

Lulu Robbins- Zander's mother and current Alpha Female of the Pack Lunar. Is sweet to everyone, but can still threaten people with a genuine smile on her face. Loves music since she is a Harmisc werewolf, a wolf of Harmony and Music, also her werewolf's color is a relaxing purple with tints of blue.

Molly Garfunkel- Zander's current girlfriend, and not to mention, a real snob. Queen of the Perfs who only cares about the social ladder and clothing. Is a Sociad werewolf, a werewolf of Socialness and Greed, which is why her fur is a pink and red.

Grace King- Molly's second in command for the Perfs. Grace is a smart, nerdy, and completely sweet girl, but has to pretend like she an air-headed girl 'cause Molly says that guys fall for girls like that. Grace is a Swerdy werewolf, a werewolf of Nerdiness and Sweetness. Grace's fur is pink and light purple. Has a one-sided love for Nelson.


Stevie Baskara- Last seen as a nerdy little girl with her brown pigtails in braids. As well as, braces, thick glasses, flat-chested, geeky, and weak. Loves music, but can't sing and can't play any instrument. No one truly knows what her wolf was because she wasn't there at the 'Coming of Age' ceremony when everyone who turns 14 finally gets to know what elements they got as a werewolf. Stevie was happy when she found out that Zander was her mate, but cried waterfalls when he rejected her. One week after Zander rejected her, she left and never came back...

Kevin Reed- Stevie's other childhood friend that misses her dearly. Kevin can play the drums and rap. He's also loves video games which is what put him down in the Omega's Section. His werewolf is the Beatp, a werewolf of Beats and Rap, his fur is blue and yellow. Stores a secret crush on Kacey.

Kacey Simon- Stevie's only childhood friend that's a girl. Kacey sings very well, she was also kicked out of the Perfs for harboring a secret crush on someone and not telling Molly. Kacey cares a lot about clothing, but pass that she is actually nice and would do anything for a friend. Kacey's werewolf is Cloice, a werewolf of Clothing and Voice, her fur is purple and magenta. Is growing close to Kevin...

Nelson Baxter- Kevin's bestest friend and shares the same love for video games. Nelson also plays the keyboard. He is a very shy and caring friend, he's also good with technology. Nelson is also friend with Zander, just not out in public. His werewolf is the Tecames, a werewolf of Technology and Games, his fur is Green and Blue. He likes Grace, but she's an Alpha.

And so that concludes our character introduction! Who's excited for How to Rock Cee Lo special? I know I am! So if I don't get 5 reviews that say that I should continue the story then I'm gonna try a new story line. Yeah... Sorry... I just like really mean and constructive criticism. Like it? Hate it? Review! Don't be shy! I won't kill you! I don't even know where you live! Follow me on twitter SupahClassyCat