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A Really Short Chapter

Stevie walked towards her seriously old hideout. I guess it was a bit cheesy to turn into mist, she thought, but what's a good revenge without cheesiness, right? The fact that you might fall in love with him without knowing it. Stevie shook her head and dismissed the thought. No way would she fall in love with the same wolf who brought her shame to her. Nu-uh. No way in hell. When Stevie reached her secret hideout, which she made when she still lived amongst the Lunar pack, that is if you could call what she went through "living". Stevie had only one burning question in her mind. It was so flaming hot she just had to scream it.


Zander was literally screaming inside his room. Kyle had come to check on him multiple to see if his friend was okay. After all, it is pretty weird to come back after disappearing for one night of when the moon shone brightly then screaming your lungs out.

"Are you sure you're okay darling?" Lulu asked her son with that soothing voice of her's for the millionth time.

"I'm fine Mom! Go sing to dad or something." Zander shouted through the door. It used to be hard to resist Lulu's orders, but as he grew older, there wasn't anything alluring about it anymore. Lulu knew her boy very well and excelled in how to detected when something was off with her sweet son, but decided no to push it too far... this time. Which is why she left with much resistance.

Zander had kept questioning himself for the past eight hours. He couldn't quite understand exactly what his problem was. Was it because he was so dishonored when he was younger? Or was it because of old plain stupidity? It was probably none of them. The next Alpha Male of Pack Lunar does not make mistakes... right?

Zander took his ukelele and began strumming a song.

Why do you make me feel this way?
Is it in the all words that you say?
I'm trying to grasp hold of meaning,
To truly understand what I'm feeling,
But I keep letting it go,

"Ugh!" Zander was frustrated. He put the ukelele down. He couldn't understand why. Why won't the stupid unknown feeling go away? Zander hit the wall repeatedly. It vibrated many times, but didn't break. When you have magical protection as strong as the one in Zander's room, the wall becomes stronger and emotionless. That's it he thought, if I can beat my dad in a battle, I can definitely beat Stevie as if she was paper and I was a cinder block!Zander then decided to have a fun day before training like a crazy man. Zander speed dialed a number on his phone.

"Yes?" the voice from the phone questioned.

"Meet me at A Slice of Chris. (A/N: What does this remind you of?)"

"'Kay cupcake." The phone went dead, but Zander was already in his closet room getting dressed for this last day of happiness. Zander threw on a tight black t-shirt black skinny jeans and a red flannel shirt. He then walked outside rocking is red Jordan sneakers. Along the way to the restaurant, he was attacked by several girls who tried to seduce him and they weren't exactly... subtle. When Zander finally reached the restaurant, he walked straight towards the table which was occupied by a girl with long brown hair. She turned around when she heard Zander's footsteps. Zander smiled his famous million dollar smile. The woman smiled ever so slightly and said two words before their evening together began.

"Hello Zander."

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