Knock, knock. Yes I'm again here with a new story. This time it will be focused on Queen Catherine and Princess Mary. There will be also Charles Brandon, Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, Gregory Cromwell, the Boleyns, the Seymours, Lady Lucia (my OC) and maybe some other characters and OCs. I really have to thank Coronna, for the help she gave me with the idea of the story.

I hope you like it, please let me know what you think :)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Tudors or History... Otherwise they could have both been as this story shows.


The rocking chair seemed to follow the rhythm of the oscillations of the rosary in her hands. Except for sewing, reading and speaking with the few ladies in waiting she still had, Catherine, during the four years since she had been banished, seemed to had really few things left to do, if not the most important, the one she should have done more and the one she would have never wanted to do: pray and think. And yet she had so many things to think about: her husband that had repudiated her but whom she was still deep in love with; her daughter she hadn't seen in years and she didn't know anything about; her world that seemed to fall slowly to pieces more and more. The last event was the cardinal Fisher and her dear friend Thomas More's execution and the only thought made the state of deep pain she was in, grow. Why was Henry behaving like this? Was it really the same boy she had fallen in love with, the one who sent to death without apparent sense of guilt her trusted and beloved advisor?

The sound of the door woke the Queen up from her thoughts: Lady Elizabeth Darrell, her most loyal lady, entered the room like hurricane, without even knocking. Catherine widened her eyes surprised by the so unusual behavior, but it took giving a look to the letter that the young woman kept in her hands and the familiar seal on it, to clear any doubt.

"It' a letter from the King, my lady!" Elziabeth exclaimed smiling hopeful, passing the paper to her mistress, inviting her to read it.

Catherine hesitated for a moment, trying to control the silly joy she was feeling, for fear of watching another fragile hope disappear again. As a girl at her first love and at the same time as a prisoner waiting for death sentence, she ran through the words of that short but revealing letter.

But after all, Catherine was a prisoner and the man who wrote to her was actually her true first love.

"Speak, My Lady, bad news?" Lady Elizabeth asked anxious after some minutes of silence.

The other woman shook slightly the head, while a sincere smile was forming on her lips. She finally looked up and now her lady could see even the joyful tears sparkling in her eyes.

"He wants my return to Court…" whispered then without stop smiling, as if in that moment saying it aloud, the sentence could seem less real.

"So, do you have nothing to say?" asked Mary a bit impatient.

Hatfield Castle was plunged into the deepest darkness and silence, except for the light of a candle and whispers in one of the room of the servants' quarter, and the light crying of a baby softened by the distance of the room it was from.

"It seems Elizabeth has just woken up again" Lucia simply commented, hearing that weeping and letting a paper fall on the bed.

Mary raised an eyebrow, she couldn't believe her ears. Could it be possible that she had nothing else to say? During those years at Hatfield as mere lady of her stepsister Elizabeth, she had found at least the comfort of a close and true friendship. Lady Lucia, daughter of an Italian faded earl, arrived in England at the age of ten and now that she was eighteen, had become one of the ladies at the service of the new little princess. The eldest Princess instead in that moment kept on be silent, letting the letter waved in front of her friend's eyes, speak for her.

"Seriously, Mary, I don't know what to think" Lucia said finally.

"Arent' you happy for me?" asked again the other girl a bit confused by that strange reaction "My father asks me to return home, maybe my dark days are over… Don't you understand? I knew he couldn't have forgotten me!" continued then, not able to hold a smile, letting her head fall on the pillow.

"Yes, of course, I'm happy for you" Lucia interrupted her quickly making a hint of a smile herself "But I can't not worry… It all sounds so strange… You must be careful, that's all!" added then slightly hesitant, afraid that her words could have been misunderstood.

But Mary perfectly understood, she knew that her friend's feeling was nothing but sense of protection towards her and she couldn't be anything but grateful: with her mother far away, her father suddenly become nearly a rival, she would have felt literally alone in the world without her.

"You don't have to worry, I'll be fine!" she reassured giving her a hand.

Lucia took it and then slowly lay down beside the Princess without saying a word. But only for a few moments.

I'll come with you!" said suddenly, turning to see Mary with her two big dark eyes.

And after some moments, both of them burst into laughers.

The sun was shining in the sky that morning and it seemed a prelude for what was soon going to happen. She didn't sleep much that night and she was still quite afraid that the clever plan she had made, could somehow fail since its beginning. But now, watching the sun, the Queen was hopeful and totally optimist for the future, a bright future that could have only two obstacles called Catherine and Mary.

"So, have you sent the letters?" she asked in a whisper, giving a look around to be sure that nobody was near enough to hear the conversation.

"Don't worry, darling" answered her father with a triumphant smile on his lips "In a few days, they will be exactly here…"

"And some moment later, there won't be any "they" anymore" Anne finished bursting in a liberating laugh.