Not Him Again

~This takes place after the war with Gaia. However it happened...~

Chapter 1: A new Piper

Piper's POV

Piper was waiting in line at a shop she had just quickly run into to get a bottle of water. She was extremely tired, but she was pushing herself to keep running. When battling Gaia, she'd learnt to try to push her limits and comfort zones. It had been four years since the battle against Gaia, and she was now nineteen. But she still liked to keep in shape and be ready for a fight. Piper couldn't help but wonder what the gods would say if they saw her know. She could easily imagine her mother saying: "Oh, that is defiantly not my daughter! Look how sweaty and ugly she is! How could she be my daughter?" Although Aphrodite didn't mind the rest of her life.

Piper hated her life! Sometimes she wished she could just take a memory potion like her dad and forget everything. Heck, sometimes she wondered if she should have given into Gaia's wishes, because she had been telling the truth. Piper had lost everything! Sure she had some new friends and a job, but those friends were in their happy little dream worlds. And Piper had lost her boyfriend? And who to? A strict, bossy, arrogant, daughter of Bellona. What did Jason say when he saw her again? Oh yeah: "She can fight and take care of herself, she takes charge of the situation! A true Roman."

Piper was disgusted! What did she see in him? Well. Piper thought. I took down Medea and saved your butt! I brought you back to life when you were stupid enough to look at Hera in her true form! I can use a knife fine! I was one of the Seven and Reyna was not...oh and what else? Oh yeah, I beat Reyna's butt in a duel! Not to mention I helped you with your memory! What do I get for all that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Piper paid for her water and started running again. She ran past all the other runners, beating all of them. She was challenging herself after all. And she had to get ready for tonight...


Now, Piper knows she always hated acting like a daughter of Aphrodite: Obsessed with make-up, cloths, jewellery, weak, scared and sluts.

Well, Piper now worked at a strip bar. Now she knows what your going to say. 'What the fuck?'
But Piper only did this for self confidence and she only teased men, she never had sex with them no matter what. She had standards and she wanted the first man she had sex with to be special. Yeah that's right! She was a virgin Striper! So anyway it gave her self-confidence and once she found the right guy she was going to quite and get a proper job. Her dad could help with that. But no matter how popular she was at the club, no mater how beautiful she was, understanding, kind and never mind strong no man at the club or anywhere around gave her the time of day. Piper convinced herself it was because they were nervous or were just awful men wanting a one night stand which she would never deliver.

So here Piper was at the strip club serving drinks in her bra and short shorts. She wore the most out of all the girls and she somehow got most of the attention. Just in case Piper always put a wig on and contact lenses. Hey you never know when you might come across someone you know. Also Piper's knife was tucked in a fabric belt around her thigh where men put their tips and money for her. It could be seen by demigods and monsters obviously but Piper knew how to take care of herself and mortals just saw a Rose, condom or lipstick. Her mum had altered the mist pacifically for this reason. She had mixed feelings about the stripper job but she helped Piper none the less. Piper served the drinks to the table she was told to and made sure her hips swung so she could get some tips. She served the drinks at a table and almost gasped when she saw Jason with Leo and two other guys she had seen around here before.

"Well hello Blondie." One of them said with a purr trying to sound seductive. All the men on this table were handsome, obviously Jason and maybe Leo, the man had also taken account to remember her, Blondie was her stage name. Piper fluttered her eyelashes at the man and he invited her to sit.

Piper tutted. "Sorry can't do that." She said seductively. "It costs to have my attention or maybe a little tease." She pointed to one of the curtained rooms and fluttered her eyelashes to the boys.

Both men with Jason and Leo looked hungry. "Blondie here is the best one." The first man told Jason, whom Piper remembered was called Blake.

"Yep." Agreed his friend, Rad. "She is the most beautiful and actually has feelings, she actually talks to you if you want you can just have a normal conversation and get to know her but just fool around." Rad said with a blush.

Blake slapped him. "I meant about teasing you!" He faced Jason and Leo who were looking at her sheepishly, blushing like hell. "She really knows how to give you a boner." He sighed. "But sadly she'll never let anyone do more than touch her."

Piper winked at Jason. She loved how she made him blush. If he was here then he was all hers for the taking. "If you come with me I'll tell you why with a little extra for a tip." She started but quickly added once she saw Jason's worried face. "Or we can just talk." She said it casually as if they were friends and smiled warmly not at all seductively.

Rad nodded. "Do it, man. She's nice, she won't push you for money and she won't force you."

"Plus if you get the confidence she's the best you can score here." Blake added.

Jason looked at me sheepishly.

"If you don't I will." Leo said.

Jason shot up and followed Piper to the a curtained area, Piper swayed her hips and closed the curtains behind her. This was Piper's area. A pole came down on the table in the centre when she pressed a button and there was a plush couch around the circular table. Also if you wanted you could go into a room with a private hot tub and bed, but Piper had never once used it, but she was a little bit tempted tonight.

Piper crawled on the table and showed him my leg with the dagger and belt. His eyes widened when he saw the dagger, he might have recognised it but never mind he was mine tonight.

"It's twenty for the privacy if you want a dance it's an extra thirty."

Jason shakily put twenty in the fabric. Careful not to touch the knife. "So you're a demigod?" He asked.

Piper's eyes widened and she slipped her hand towards the knife. Making it appear like she thought he was a monster and didn't know him.

"You think I'm a monster?" He asked.

Piper raised an eyebrow. "Well usually the monsters are the sweet, kind and beautiful or in this case extremely, majorly handsome gentleman before they try to eat you." Piper reasoned.

"Good point. I guess you've been on a few quests?"

"One or two." She trailed her finger across his jaw.

"Cool. Are you Greek or Roman?" He swallowed.

"Greek. You?"


"That would explain the sexy muscles." Piper reasoned, squeezing his bicep.

Jason blushed. "Parent?"

Piper ran her hand down his arm. "Aphrodite, and yes I know I'm at a strip bar, but I'm only here for self confidence." Piper found herself defending herself. "No man seems to want me. But I'm hoping once I find the right guy, if I ever find him, I'll get a different job. This is just an easy way to get money with my only talents, being a daughter of Aphrodite."

Jason held up his hands in defence. "Hey that cool. One of my best friends was a daughter of Aphrodite her name was-"

"Piper McLean."

Piper had rendered Jason speechless.

"I know who you are Jason. You hurt my sister, you know that?"

Jason swallowed. "Y-you met Piper?"


"Oh." Jason looked down. Then sighed. "I know I hurt her. But when I realised my mistake, and broke up with Reyna, she was gone. Like she had vanished off the globe."

"It's okay. But why are you here?"

"I'm still searching for her. Leo and some friends of ours who are new to Camp Half-Blood thought I should come out and take a break, get my mind off things."

"Jason... I'm not trying to make you feel worse but you have no idea how much you hurt her. She left Jason. You do know she loved you."

Jason whimpered.

"Jason I'm going to tell you something. It is true but I don't want you to freak out."

He nodded, looking downright scared.

"She loved you so much, Jason, she thought you were going to finally ask her out after the quest. She was confident and put Drew in her place. She made sure none of the Aphrodite cabin made a move on you so you could be hers. She was determined for you to be hers. That's all she wanted."

Jason whimpered again and tears sparkled in his eyes.

"When she saw you so happy..." Piper took a deep breath. "with someone else. She snapped. Heart break Jason... She... She... She tried-" Piper took a deep breath everything she had told Jason was the truth, and what she was about to tell him was also the truth and it was hard for her to admit to Jason just how much she loved him and how selfish she was.

"She tried what?" Jason asked, his voice terrified and angry.

"She tried to kill herself." Piper admitted

Jason froze. His eyes were wide, his bottom lip trembling, his whole body was shaking. He threw his head into his hands and his shoulders trembled.

"What stopped her?" He asked.

Piper paused wondering what to tell him, but she decided on the truth. "Leo."

Without warning Jason burst out the room towards Leo. Pier followed nervously, noting how Jason's military, Roman, powerful aura had set in, plus he was angry.

"How could you?!" He screamed. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Tell you what?" Leo asked shakily.

The whole bar was watching and the owner of the place was looking at Piper sympathetically. Lots of fights started about her; different men wanting her, Bets on who could get sex from her. That sort of thing. The owner came over. He was a nice man and kept the bar in check. It wasn't a wild, out of control bar, and it had limits and rules so the women were treated with respect.

"Do you want me to call security?"

Piper shook her head and continued to watch.

"She tried to kill herself! And you didn't even have the decency to tell me?"

"I didn't want to make you feel worse." Leo defended himself.

"You knew where she was!"

"She didn't want to see you."

"You could have told her I wanted her! I loved her instead!" Jason's fists were on the table and Leo looked scared. But he took a breath and told him.

"You didn't deserve her Jason. You hurt her once you couldn't do it again. Just because you miss her doesn't mean you love her. Love is a strong word."

Jason's face was red with anger. "You could have told her! Stopped her from killing herself! Where is she? You know where she is don't you?!"

"No. I don't, Jason." He said, his voice shaking. "Even if I did she doesn't want to-"

"Where is she?!" Jason yelled forcefully.

Leo trembled and wrote down Piper's address.