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Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G: Aiko's Beginning

Section Two- Meeting the Heroine, Aiko

Name: Ootori Aiko

Age: 14-15

Alias: The Bold Fighter, Ninja of the Stars, Blader Extraordinaire(refers to herself), and The Brave One

Family: Ootori Tsubasa(Father), Ootori Seanna(Mother), Ootori Hiroki(younger brother),Ootori Kasumi(younger twin sister), Tategami Ayame(cousin), and Tategami Cici(aunt)

Occupation: Blader/Bey Mechanic

Friends: Kurogane Zero, Mal, Hiryuin Shinobu, Unabara Eito, Unabara Kaito, and Kurenai Ren

Rivals: Tategami Ayame

Love Interest: Hiryuin Shinobu

Beyblade: Wild White Ninja 1056-AF029 (Badass Bey Name)

Bey Type: Attack Type

Beyblade Special Move(s):

Starlight Blade Strike- Ninja rapidly attacks the opponent from all angles

Midnight Renegade: While glowing white and dark purple, Ninja attacks the opponent at Mach 9 speed.

Background Story: Aiko is the eldest child of Seanna and Tsubasa. She vows one day that she will surpass the strongest bladers that ever lived. She trains highly.

Personality: Aiko is very outspoken. She likes to say what's on her mind. Like her mother, she is also a tsudere. She tends to have a calm personality when battling weak opponents.


- Aiko's birthday is on May 5th

- Aiko's bey is white, purple, and gold.

- She tends to be serious like her father.

- She's semi-tall(not taller than her dad)

- Her favorite color is dark blue

- She treats Zero like a little brother

- She's able to Synchrom with Zero and Ren

- Unlike her twin Kasumi, Aiko is brave and strong

-Hiroki and Aiko are the only two bey mechanics in the family.

- Aiko happens to be the older twin.

-Aiko and Ayame's relationship is similar to Kyoya and Seanna's relationship


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