Deeep inside his mind Nowaki was fighting a mental battle against himself. After finding an open love letter mixed in with Hiroki's research books Nowaki had began to doubt not Hiroki's faithfulness but his own ability to keepd his Hiro-san happy. So after some online research on how to woo your partner Nowaki set to work on providing the perfect evening for Hiro-san. He got flowers, wine, he cooked a perfect meal - Hiroki's favourite : lasagna. He bought the best key lime pie he could find - another of Hiro-san's favourites - and even lit some candles. He drew a bubble bath and put the good sheets on the bed. With just seconds to go Nowaki had barely enough time to set the table and pour the wine when the handle turned, Nowaki hurried to light the candles and dim the lights as Hiroki came in and set his briefcase down.

"Nowaki," he began, his eyebrows furrowing into his signature frown "What is all this?" he asked, his gaze settling on the table full of food.

"A romantic evening." Nowaki smiled.

Hiroki's eyebrows furrowed further, "why?"

"Because." Nowaki's expression didn't change.

"Ok." The elder's face became peaceful but the younger's now contorted inconfusion.

"Hmm?" Nowaki questioned, blinking rapidly as if in a daze. "Come again."

"I said ok. I know I'd normally kick and scream about this kind of thing and probably throw a book at you but this honestly looks really nice, you even made my favourite meal."

"And your favourite dessert," Nowaki interjected, blue eyes glittering with happiness.


"Mmhm. And I ran a bath for us."

"Eh? That'd better not be a ploy to act out your fantasy about us washing each other!"

"Maybe." Nowaki grinned cheekily. "But it's more about you." He swooped down and kissed his Hiro-san passionatly.

After a wonderful dinner, bath and some bedroom fun Hiroki's curiosity peaked.

"Ah, Nowaki?"

"Hai, Hiro-san?"

"Ano," Hiroki started while sitting upright, leaving Nowaki laid back with his arms folded behind his head. "Why did you do all this romantic stuff?"

After a full minute of silence Hiroki grew angry, he turned to glare at the blue-haired man, "Nowaki!"

"...the letter..."


Nowaki sat up quickly, "That love letter I found mixed in with your class material!"

"...y-you found that?" Hiroki blinked.


"And why exactly did that prompt you to all this?"

The younger drew his knees to his chest and whispered, "It made me doubt that i was good enough for you."


"I thought that because you've accepted a love letter that you don't want me anymore."

"Nowaki, that love letter was just a silly crush from a student, it doesn't mean anything. I've had it before but I always turn them down. You may have some faults but in my eyes you're perfect. I may not say it as often as I should but I love you Nowaki." He averted his eyes as his cheeks flushed red.

"Hiro-san," Nowaki, eyes sparkling. "Hiro-san." He leapt forward and wrapped his arms around Hiroki.

"Hey! Don't let that go to your head!"

"Hiro-san. Hiro-san. Hiro-san!"